In This Post, I am going to list down the Best Water Purifiers under ₹10,000 that you can buy online right now.

best water purifier 10000

If you are not familiar with water purification technologies, have a look at Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet, and Ultrafiltration technologies.

On a simple note, If the TDS levels in your water are low, you can buy a UV or Non-Electric water purifier.

If the TDS levels in your water are high or you are not sure about the levels of TDS, or you get water from bore wells, you have to opt for an RO water Purifier.

RO + UV Water Purifiers that comes with a TDS Controller/Mineralizer gives you not only safe but also mineral rich and tasty water.

Do not buy standard RO Water purifiers that don’t have a TDS controller. These type of water purifiers remove the useful natural minerals like calcium and magnesium along with Hard Metals.

If Budget is not your concern, here is the list of best water purifiers in India for 2019.

Check out the difference between the major water purification technologies below (RO vs UV vs UF).

RO Water PurifierUV Water PurifierUF Water Purifier
Requires Electricity to operateRequires Electricity to operateNo Electricity required
Kills and Removes all the Bacteria and Viruses from the Water.Kills all Bacteria and Viruses but their Dead Bodies remain in the Water.Kills and Removes all the Bacteria and Viruses from the Water.
Requires Electricity to Boost the Tap Water PressureUV Water Purifiers can work with Normal Tap Water Pressure.UF Water Purifiers can work with Normal Tap Water Pressure.
Removes the Dissolved SaltsCannot remove Dissolved SaltsCannot remove Dissolved Salts
RO Purifiers has Prefiltration system to work with the Dirty Water.Water should be clear for UV to work.Works with Dirty Turbid Water.

Best Water Purifiers Under ₹10000

1. Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Livpure is the new kid on the block. However, in terms of quality, it ranks right alongside the best in the business. A glance at its features shows that it is one of the handiest appliances to have in your kitchen.

When you get such exciting features at such a low price, it should make your head turn. Yes, Livpure Glo comes with excellent looks and has the performance as well to match up to its appearance.

This system can work in the absence of electricity because the storage tank has a capacity to store up to seven litres of pure water.

This water purifier comes with the state-of-the-art water purifying technology that includes

  • Sediment filter for filtering large contaminants
  • Pre-activated carbon filter for treating organic compounds and removing bad odour
  • RO membrane to eliminate TDS including heavy metal pollutants
  • Silver-impregnated Post-Carbon filter to sanitise the water and make it 100% pure
  • UV chamber to finish off the bacteria and disease-causing germs
  • Mineralizer to replenish lost minerals and enhance the pH level of water to make it tasty and healthy
  • The food grade plastic tank enables you to store pure water healthily.
  • Capable of treating water with TDS up to 1500 ppm
  • Delivery up to 12 litres per hour
  • High-quality purification
  • Arguably the best water purifier under Rs. 10000.
  • Does not come with a UF filter as do some of the other Livpure brands
  • No facility for recycling wastewater
Can this purifier purify bore well water?
It depends on the TDS levels. This appliance can handle TDS levels up to 1500 ppm.
How is the customer service department?
Livpure offers excellent customer service right from the installation to the annual servicing.
Can we adjust the final TDS levels of pure water in this water purifier?
No, you cannot do so because there is no TDS controller.
Does it have a UF filter?
No, this particular model does not have UF filter.
How is this model different from Livpure Pep Pro++?
Livpure Pep Pro++ has a UF filter and a taste enhancer in place of the mineralizer.

2. Blue Star Aristo RO + UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

Trust Blu Star to deliver high quality as they do with their premier products, the refrigerators and air conditioners. This water purifier performs as elegantly as it looks.

Blue Star water purifiers work efficiently on a six-stage water purification process.

  • The pre-sediment filter takes care of visible pollutants whereas the pre-carbon filter eliminates bad odour while treating the organic impurities.
  • The sediment filter enhances the life of the RO membrane by trapping large contaminants
  • The RO membrane eliminates TDS and heavy salts whereas the UV lamp demolishes bacteria and disease-causing germs.
  • Finally, the Aqua Taste Booster enhances the taste of the water after it passes through the post-carbon filter to get rid of the traces of organic impurities.

The copper-impregnated filters help in sanitising the water and making it healthy to drink. This water purifier comes with excellent features like alerts for displaying the purification process, a full tank indicator, and low pressure.

The child lock system prevents your children from wasting water unnecessarily.

  • Double-layered filtering
  • Alerts for all kinds of problems
  • Ample storage
  • Does not work well when water pressure is low
  • Not very efficient with water having high TDS levels
Can you use this Blue Star Aristo as a countertop appliance?
Yes, you can use it as a countertop appliance and mount it on the wall as well.
Does this filter require a special inlet tap?
No, it works with all kinds of inlet taps.
Do you need a water pressure pump?
If the inlet water pressure is low, you should invest in a separate water pressure pump.
Does it purify well water?
Yes, but the purification depends on the TDS levels of water.
What type of storage tank does it have?
It has a plastic storage tank made of food grade plastic. Hence, it is a safe and healthy product.

3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus 6-Litres RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes water purifiers come with tons of experience, as this company is the oldest water purifier manufacturing company in India. The experience is evident in the features you observe on this device.

Eureka Forbes maintains its legacy of providing the highest quality of products by introducing this range of water purifiers in the market. This product comes with a top-class 6-stage water purification process consisting of

  • Clarity Cartridge to remove suspended dirt particles
  • Chemi Block with an inbuilt trap filter to eliminate pesticides and other minute impurities
  • Membrane Life Enhancer to prevent scaling of dissolved calcium and magnesium
  • RO filtration to take care of TDS, hardness, and heavy metal impurities like lead, arsenic, mercury
  • Taste enhancer to remove organic residues from the pure water
  • UV chamber to deal with bacteria and disease-causing germs

The highlight of this device is the manual TDS controller that allows you to control TDS depending on the taste of water you require.

This appliance saves energy because a built-in sensor detects the filling up of the storage tank and switches off the machine.

The Smart Plus feature protects the device from voltage fluctuations.

  • Brand value
  • Excellent purification
  • Energy saving device
  • Requires purchase of water pump separately if water pressure is low
  • People have reported customer service issues
Can it purify all kinds of water?
Yes, it can handle all kinds of water, especially up to TDS levels of 2000 ppm
Do you need to buy a water pump?
If the water pressure is low, it is advisable to buy a water pressure pump separately.
How much does it cost in maintenance?
The quality of input water decides the maintenance cost. Changing filters once a year should cost around Rs 4K.
Does the price include free installation?
Yes, you have to contact Aquaguard customer service for installing the device.
Can you mount it on the wall?
Yes, you can mount the water purifier on the wall, and use as a countertop appliance as well.

4. HUL Pureit Advanced RO + UV 6-Stage 5-L Water Purifier

HUL Pureit is a high-quality water purifier that looks great on the kitchen walls. Its food-grade plastic tank ensures that you have clean and pure water without any post-purification contamination.

HUL Pureit looks like a small water purifier, but it packs tremendous power, as it can purify water with TDS up to 1800 ppm.

 The advanced 6-stage purification comprises RO and UV purification to ensure that you get pure water irrespective of how the source water is.

This water purifier is safe to use because the storage tank is of 100% food grade plastic. Hence, you do not have any chance of contamination of water even after the purification process is over.

The Advanced Voltage fluctuation guard protects the appliance from voltage fluctuations and makes sure that it works without the assistance of an external voltage stabiliser.

The power saving feature keeps the water purifier in standby mode once the storage tank is full.

  • Excellent appearance complemented by exemplary performance
  • Advanced 6-stage water purification
  • Ideal for all types of water
  • Annual maintenance cost is an issue
  • RO water purifiers tend to waste a lot of water
What does the annual maintenance cost?
Pureit GKK1 water purifier has a maintenance cost of around Rs 1.9K whereas GKK2 maintenance costs are higher at Rs 3.5K
Can you use this water purifier as a countertop appliance?
No, this water purifier is a wall-mounting device.
Can you opt for an extended warranty?
You can choose to have an annual maintenance contract to take care of the replacement of filters.
Does this appliance come with a filter change alarm?
No, there is no provision for filter change alarm in this appliance.
Does it have provisions to add minerals after RO purification?
No, there is no such provision to add minerals after the RO process.

5. Kent Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier

Kent has a variety of water purifiers to deal with all situations. This product is ideal where water does not have high TDS levels. Hence, you do not need an RO water purifier.

Not all places in India have water with high TDS levels. Many cities and towns in India supply treated water to its residents.

Such water does not have high levels of TDS, but it can pick up contaminants like bacteria, rust, and other impurities on the way. You do not need RO purification to remove these impurities.

 The UF filter can take care of the minute suspended particles whereas the UV chamber caters to the elimination of disease-causing bacteria and germs.

The 7-litre water storage capacity is a decent one capable of catering to medium-sized Indian families.

The detachable water storage tank ensures that you can take it on your outstation trips or picnics as well. This water purifier comes with ABS food grade plastic to ensure higher durability and longer life of the purifier.

The filter change alarm is an excellent feature to have.

The built-in SMPS can handle all kinds of voltage fluctuations to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance. This automatic water purifier can operate freely without any manual intervention.

  • Ideal where TDS levels are low
  • UV protection
  • A detachable storage tank of high quality
  • No Reverse Osmosis purification feature
  • Filter alarm keeps on ringing until you replace the filter
Does it have RO?
No, you do not need RO when TDS levels in water are within acceptable limits
Does plumbing fittings come with the product?
No, you have to procure them separately.
Can it purify well water?
It can, but it is better to have an RO water purifier if you use well or groundwater
Does this product run without electricity?
No, it needs electricity to function, but you can detach the tank and take it wherever you want.
What does the maintenance cost?
As it does not have RO, the maintenance cost is below Rs 1.5K per annum.

6. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard-Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes also has a product to cater to the section of the population that does not need RO purification of water. This product works on UV purification alone.

This Eureka Forbes water purifier is ideal for areas that do not have water with high TDS levels. It is perfect for purifying water supplied by municipalities through pipelines.

 This water purifier uses the innovative e-boiling technology whereby the water passes through a UV chamber to get rid of germs and disease-causing bacteria.

This water purifier can cater to impurities like pesticides while retaining natural minerals.

The Mineral Guard feature activates the water and prevents the deposits of calcium and magnesium salts on the UV Quartz glass.

This appliance comes with an advanced electronic monitoring system to scan the water continuously and shut off the system if there is an error in the purification process.

It saves power because the auto shut off features switches of the UV lamp if you do not use the purifier for ten minutes. The Backflush facility removes the stagnated water in the machine and keeps the filters clean.

  • Maintains the minerals in the water
  • Provides safe drinking water
  • Saves power
  • Long life
  • No storage of water
  • No RO purification
Is this appliance suitable for bore well water?
No, bore well water has high TDS levels. You should go for RO filters.
Can it work without electricity?
No, there is no storage tank. Hence, you cannot get pure water when there is no electric supply.
Do you need a pre-sediment filter?
The quality of the input water source decides whether you should go for a pre-sediment filter. If the turbidity levels are high, it is advisable to install a sediment filter.
What does the maintenance cost?
The UV lamps function for a long time. Hence, there are not much maintenance costs at all.
How many litres of water can the UV lamp purify?
On average, the UV lamp can purify between 9000 to 10000 litres of water.

We come across various news articles that show people displaying bottles of contaminated water supplied through municipality taps.

Do they deserve to get this water from the municipality? Of course, they do not, but these people should do better to invest in a decent water purifier that can safeguard their health.

Remember, you do not have to invest a fortune at all because you get some of the best water purifiers under Rs 10,000.

The List of Budget water purifiers under 10000 will be updated every month, and I have compiled the above list based on product specifications, Real user reviews, price and the water purification technology.

If you have any queries regarding water purifiers selection, post them in the comments section below, and I’ll answer them.

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Dear Team , What is your suggestion on Tata Swach Water Purify


Hi chaitanya

Very informative articles on the purification issues n respective brands. I don’t find the mention of havells in your article. My friends have bought it n they’ve praised it. Can u please help me in knowing the havells brand offering? They claim to have a ph level maintenance. Is it also there in livpure pro++?


Havells recently entered the water purifier market and the Purification process of Havells water purifier is very similar to what other water purifier brands are offering. Basically, Reverse Osmosis is the most common water purification method that is employed in all these water purifiers. Some of the RO water purifiers have a TDS Controller that retains natural minerals. In Some models, 100% water passes through the RO membrane and minerals will be added in the end. If you are residing in a very polluted area or near to a chemical factory, it is better to opt for RO water purifiers that offer 100% RO purification. Please check out the below articles for an in-depth explanation.


I’m varun and I am looking for a low maintenance water purifier but I have no idea about tds level in my water. It’s just submersible water in ghaziabad.
Can you please suggest something?


Hi There, If your water source is groundwater or Borewell or your water is hard (a little bit salty) it is better to go with an RO water purifier. You can also find the TDS levels in your water source using a TDS meter or you can take the water sample to the nearest lab. If the TDS levels are above 400, you have to go with RO water purifier. If the TDS levels in the water source are low, you can simply opt for UV/UF water purifier like Kent Maxx. The Annual Maintenance cost for RO water purifier will be around Rs. 3000. For UV/UF models, it will be low.


Best water purifier for the family 4 to 6 ppl under 10k


Hi There, You can have a look at the below models.

Livpure Glo (Amazon link –

Kent ACE Mineral (Amazon Link –

Pureit Mineral Classic (Amazon link –


Sir, i am in a village of U.P., my Hand Pump TDS is 400
what is your opinion – 400 TDS is Good or Bad
please suggest me best water purifier
what is your opinion about – Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier


TDS Levels 400 is Okay. You can simply go with a UV + UF water purifier. Kent Maxx UV UF water purifier with 7-liter storage tank is better than Whirlpool Destroyer.


hello sir
I m abhishek, looking for low maintainence water purifier, AT my place water comes with TDS level around 150 and after going through all your replies, I decided to buy Kent Maxx (Uv water purifier) but soon i will shift to some other place and if there TDS level gets higher then would it be possible to add RO technology in Kent Maxx purifier by any local service provider. Pls reply


It is not possible to add RO membrane to Kent Maxx Water Purifier. If you are unsure about the TDS levels or you from one place to other, It is better to go with RO water purifier that comes with a TDS Controller or Mineralizer.

iftekhar shaikh

i am living in surat and we got water supply from SMC.
TDS level is 238 please suggest some good water purifier.


As the TDS levels in your water are low, you can go with a UV/UF water purifier. The Maintenance cost for the UV/UF water purifiers will be low.

Kent Maxx (Amazon Link – (Flipkart Link –

Aquaguard Superb UV UF (Amazon Link – (Flipkart Link –!NNNN)


I reside at Malad West and I am receiving BMC water supply. We are 8 member family mm I am planning to buy a UV +UF water purifier. My main concerns are good looking and less maintainance.. I have checked online and found following four water purifiers..
Kent Maxx UV +UF 7Liter
Tata sawch viva silver UV+UF
HULPureit classic UV+
Livpure Glitz UV+
Please help me out to narrow my search
Thank you


All the models you have selected are good and are suitable for low TDS water. Kent Maxx UV + UF comes with a 7-liter storage tank and you will have enough water left in storage tank even if there is a power outage. So, It is better to go with Kent Maxx. Just make sure Kent Provides good support at your place.