10 Best Water Purifiers in India 2023

Since 2016, we have been extensively testing over 20 water purifiers from popular brands like Pureit, Aquaguard, Kent, AO Smith, Livpure, and others.

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Before you buy a water purifier, make sure you check the TDS levels in your water source. If the TDS is above 300ppm RO water purifier is required, if the TDS is below 300ppm, a UV UF water purifier will suffice.

Our Top Recommendations

Among all the water purifiers we have tested, The HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver saves most water and gives an excellent water taste that is similar to a Mineral water bottle. This model comes with a 10L Storage tank and is suitable for Medium and Large Families. 

best water purifier in india

If you are on a Budget and looking for an RO that comes with a TDS Controller, you can go with Sure From Aquaguard Delight Nxt. This model wastes a lot of water.

Kent Supreme is also a good model that is suitable for high TDS water. Select this model only if the TDS levels in your water source are above 400 ppm. Unlike Pureit models that come with Mineralizer, Some raw water skips the RO membrane and passes directly through UV UF chambers to maintain TDS in water. This approach is not recommended if your Groundwater contains toxic impurities.

Pureit Vital Max is also good and Compact RO that comes with a Mineralizer and is suitable for all kinds of water sources but we only recommend RO water purifiers for high TDS water.  This Pureit model is also good at water savings. 

HUL Pureit Vital water wastage

If you are on a Budget and looking for RO models that give excellent water taste like Mineral Water, Livpure Glo Pro++ and V-Guard Zenora are good options. Both these models are suitable for all kinds of water sources and give a good water taste as minerals will be added at the end of the purification process. Water wastage is on the higher side when compared with the Pureit models mentioned earlier.

Livpure Glo Pro++ Water Purifier review

If you don’t have any budget constraints and you are looking for a reliable RO that can dispense Hot water, AO Smith Z9 is the perfect option. This model not only gives you Mineral water but also dispenses hot water instantly at two different temperatures so you can make soups, Green tea or coffee in a jiffy.

If the TDS levels in your water source is below 300 ppm, you can simply opt for an AO Smith X2 UV UF water purifier. This model is ideally suited for low TDS water, Municipality supplied water. There is no water wastage and maintenance is also low.

How did we test these models?

best water purifier in india

We purchased and installed these models in our office and home kitchens. We chose our water purifier model according to the water source quality.

We connected the RO water purifier to the groundwater source and the UV water purifiers to the water source supplied by the municipality.

We tested each model for one year before reviewing its performance, features, pros, and cons.

Aquaguard vs Livpure

Besides testing their performance levels, we checked the longevity of the filters and membranes. That gave us an idea of each model’s maintenance costs and AMC pricing. In addition, we experienced first-hand the services offered by the top water purifier manufacturers.

Best Water Purifiers in India

1. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver

HUL Pureit ECO Water Saver

This RO is the best water-saving model in India suitable for a Large family. If budget is not your criteria, you can go with this model

Water wastage is the prime drawback of any RO water purifier. While RO water purifiers can remove TDS up to 2000 ppm, they waste a lot of water in the bargain. So any RO water purifier that promises less wastage becomes instantly popular.

The HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver appliance is ideal because the manufacturers claim this machine reduces water wastage by 60%. However, the water wastage percentage depends on the TDS levels. The lower the TDS levels, the lesser the wastage.

Comparing it with other RO water purifiers, we found the HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver to be better. Otherwise, the water purification technology is the same as other RO water purifying appliances.

Instead of a TDS controller, this machine uses a mineral enrichment cartridge to replenish lost minerals like magnesium and calcium. This appliance can handle up to 2000ppm TDS levels to purify all water sources.

The 10L water storage tank is sufficiently large to cater to the requirements of large-sized Indian families. The water purification rate depends on the TDS levels. During our testing with 800ppm TDS levels, the tank got filled in 30 minutes.

The wastage was around 8.5L for every 10L of water purified. The reject water had around 1100ppm TDS, whereas the RO-purified water had 150ppm.

The Germkill kit replacement indicator is handy because it alerts us beforehand to change the cartridge. Besides, the machine stops working when the filtering power gets exhausted. This safety feature is of the HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver purifier’s highlights.

The design is flawed because the storage tank does not have a transparent window to ascertain its water levels. Instead, it has an LED indicator that flashes only when the tank gets filled up. Otherwise, you cannot estimate the water levels in the tank. So it can be a significant problem during a power cut.

Maintenance costs are high, especially with the Germkill kit costing around Rs 3,000. Another drawback is that the machine cannot purify water when the source pressure is less than 10psi or above 30psi. So it would be best to have a pressure-enhancing pump or a pressure-reducing valve.


  • The water purifying performance is excellent.
  • This machine reduces water wastage considerably.
  • The filter change indicator is handy.
  • The HUL Pureit machine consumes less power than other RO water purifiers.
  • Excellent design and good storage capacity


  • High maintenance costs
  • No transparent window to ascertain water levels.
  • It needs a pressure-enhancing attachment if water pressure is below 10psi.
  • Customer service needs improvements.

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Drawbacks will be present in every RO water purifier. However, while the maintenance costs are high at almost 50% of the machine’s price, this HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver RO water purifier is one of the best for under Rs 15,000.  

2. Sure from Aquaguard Delight NXT

Sure From Aquaguard Delight

This RO is the best budget model but it wastes water and comes with a TDS Controller

Usually, RO water purifiers are expensive when we go shopping for them in offline stores. Sure from Aquaguard Delight NXT is the best budget RO water purifier as it is available for under Rs 9000 in e-commerce retail stores like Amazon. This budget-friendly water purifier is ideal for small and medium Indian families.

We advise checking TDS levels in the source water before finalizing your water purifier because TDS levels below 400 ppm do not require RO water purification. But this product from Eureka Forbes is an ideal choice on a low budget because it offers multiple water purification technologies like RO, UF, UV, and carbon filtration. Besides, the I-filter removes suspended impurities, and the Chemi-Block filtration arrangement removes chlorine and other VOCs to enhance the water taste.

Water wastage is a recurring problem with all RO water purifiers. Still, the product manual of the Sure from Aquaguard Delight NXT says that it uses advanced water purification techniques to reduce water wastage by 60%. However, we tested the machine and found it is more of a marketing gimmick. Nevertheless, water wastage depends on the TDS levels in the input water source.

Besides the regular RO, UF, and UV water purification, this machine offers a Taste Adjuster feature, MTDS, to adjust the water taste depending on the water source. It is like the TDS controller feature offered by Kent and other machines.

Reintroducing raw water to the RO-purified water can re-contaminate it, but it replenishes the lost minerals like calcium and magnesium. However, tweaking the MTDS feature requires technical expertise, and consumers cannot change the setting after they fix it. Instead, the technician must reopen the machine and adjust the levels.

This machine does not occupy much space in the kitchen as you can mount it near the water source. It is beneficial because the water purifier cannot work if the pressure is lower than 5 psi. LED alerts are excellent features because you know when the filters and membrane need replacement.

The maintenance costs are high at around Rs 4,500. Depending on the water source quality, the filters, and RO membrane require frequent replacements. A free AMC is available for the first year.


  • Adequate storage tank capacity of 6 liters
  • 8-stage water purification and excellent performance
  • Budget-friendly appliance and stylish looks
  • Sensors and LED indicators are handy features.
  • Free AMC for the first year


  • Water wastage is usually observed in all RO water purifiers.
  • High maintenance costs
  • Ordinary after-sales services

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Despite the drawbacks, the Sure from Aquaguard Delight NXT is a popular water purifier available at a reasonable price. So it is the best water purifier available at budget prices in India.

3. AO Smith Z8

AO Smith Z8

If you are looking for an RO Water Purifier with a Hot water dispenser, the AO Smith is the best option.

Water purifier technologies keep improving, with the latest models like AO Smith Z8 offering hot water dispensing facilities for added convenience. This machine can deliver normal and hot water in the 45 to 80 degrees Celsius temperature range. This feature enables the AO Smith Z8 to qualify as one of the best water purifiers in India.

Performance-wise, the AO Smith Z8 ranks at the top because of its exciting additional purification facilities like ACMT and ZX dual filters. In addition, the side-stream RO membrane is a unique feature where the source water enters the RO membrane from the sides. It improves the water purification process by preventing the accumulation of salts in a single place. Otherwise, the RO purification is the same as in other similarly equipped appliances.

Water wastage is unavoidable, but AO Smith claims its Advanced Recovery Technology saves more water than other RO machines. We have tested it and found it valid to a certain extent. However, water wastage depends on the water source quality. Nevertheless, this claim by AO Smith is better than the marketing gimmick, Zero Water Wastage, by Kent RO.

The unique feature of this AO Smith Z8 is the ZX Double Protection filter comprising SCMT and SAPC to harness the anti-microbial powers of silver and provide better quality drinking water. SCMT is an advanced version of Mineralizer technology that replenishes lost minerals in RO-purified water.

Other exciting features include the Advance Alert System, where the machine alerts you to replace the filters and RO membrane. Besides, the Auto Cleaning feature is innovative. Installing the machine is simple because of its versatility. But this machine occupies more space than other water purifiers.

AO Smith has a one-year warranty on the product, with the option of continuing with an AMC. However, the maintenance costs of the AO Smith Z8 are high, averaging around Rs 5,000 per month. In addition, the appliance is the most expensive water purifier on this list.


  • Ability to dispense hot water at varying temperatures
  • Patented side-stream RO membrane to enhance performance and membrane lifespan
  • Silver Charged Membrane Technology to prevent microbial contamination.
  • ZX dual filter for enhanced purification
  • Night Assist feature


  • The hot water dispensing mechanism takes time to acclimatize.
  • The machine occupies more space.
  • Small hot water tank capacity

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While the AO Smith Z8 is expensive, it delivers excellent performance to qualify as India’s best water purifier under Rs 25,000. While the Z8 is a good machine, AO Smith has introduced an advanced model, Z9, with sensors.

4. HUL Pureit Vital Max

Pureit Vital Max

Good and Compact RO that comes with a Modern Design and is suitable of all kinds of water sources.

All RO water purifiers function the same way. However, each appliance has a unique feature that distinguishes it. Like its contemporaries, the HUL Pureit Vital Max offers a 7-stage water purification cycle. But it offers additional FiltraPower Technology to remove toxic chemicals and bacteria from RO-purified water.

Installing this machine does not require any elaborate process. The company offers free installation, with the technician demonstrating its operations after the installation. The machine has a compact design and appearance that suits your kitchen ambiance. Depending on your customized preferences, you can wall-mount it or place it on the counter.

Performance-wise, it is good and compares with other RO water purifiers. HUL claims that its FiltraPower technology kills bacteria and removes toxic chemicals, but it is not innovative because all UV lamp-equipped water purifiers perform similarly. HUL also claims that its Eco Recovery technology saves water wastage by 60%. It is partially true because we have tested this machine, and the water wastage percentage is less than contemporary water purifiers.

This water purifier can handle TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. So, it is ideal for purifying all types of domestic water sources. Besides, this appliance features a mineralizer attachment to replenish the lost minerals in RO-purified water. This feature is better than the TDS controller offered by Kent RO.

HUL claims that this machine requires less maintenance, but much depends on the TDS levels in the water source. The RO membrane and filters require replacement every 18 to 24 months. These components are expensive. Besides, the mineralizer cartridge needs regular replacement. So the maintenance costs are like any other RO water purifier.

Features like Smartsense indicators are useful because they alert users about replacing the filters a fortnight in advance. Secondly, the machine stops functioning after the filters lose their potency. So it caters to the hygiene factor well. Finally, the mineralizer and RO membrane can function up to 6000L of water purification.

The 7L storage tank is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the average Indian family. The water purification rate is excellent at 24L per hour on average. However, much depends on the TDS levels present in the water source. The water storage tank is made of engineering-grade, non-toxic plastic. Hence, it lasts long.


  • Good water purification performance
  • Sleek looks and compact appearance
  • Smartsense indicators are handy.
  • The machine wastes less water than other RO water purifiers.


  • This machine is expensive compared to other RO water purifiers.
  • Maintenance costs are high but unavoidable.

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HUL uses fancy terminologies to describe the usual UV purification process. So it is more of a marketing gimmick. But it does not affect its performance. Though expensive, the HUL Pureit Vital water purifier ranks among the best under Rs 15,000.

5. Livpure Glo Pro++

Livpure Glo Pro++

This Livpure RO gives a better taste to water as it comes with a Mineralizer instead of a TDS Controller

Homes depending on groundwater or other resources deal with high TDS levels reaching 2000 ppm. This Livpure Glo Pro++ water purifier can handle all water types and deliver pure water for daily consumption.

The versatility of the Livpure Glo Pro++ design makes it the most convenient to install. You can place the machine on the kitchen counter or mount it on the wall according to your preferences. Unfortunately, the tap design is faulty because we experienced water dripping after releasing the lever. A convention tap design could have been better.

While Livpure does not offer the best after-sales services, especially for installation, the company offers a decent warranty and AMC facilities. However, RO water purifiers are expensive to maintain because of regular filter and membrane replacements. In addition, Livpure does not offer a pre-filter with the package. But I advise people to purchase one separately because it traps suspended impurities and protects the RO membrane.

Features-wise, this machine is no different from other RO water purifiers concerning RO water purification. However, it features a unique Taste Enhancer facility to improve water taste after RO purification. Besides, the UV disinfection feature destroys bacteria and ensures 100% purified water. Furthermore, silver-impregnated membranes ensure high-quality water purification.

The 7L water storage tank is a handy feature and ideal for small Indian families. In addition, this water purifier takes around 15 to 20 minutes to fill the water tank. Exciting features include Power-On, tank-full, and water purification indicators.

Water wastage is not a new phenomenon with RO water purifiers. However, the Livpure model also wastes water, depending on the TDS levels present in the water source.

Maintenance costs are high because the RO membrane is expensive. Regular replacement is necessary every 12 to 24 months, depending on the input water source TDS levels.


  • It can handle all water types, even with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm.
  • Exciting design with excellent operational indicators
  • The Taste Enhancer feature improves water taste after RO purification.
  • This machine is priced reasonably.


  • Water wastage is a common drawback of all RO water purifiers.
  • The tap design is not up to satisfactory levels.
  • The after-sales services need improvement.
  • No pre-filter with the package

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While the Livpure Glo Pro++ functioning and performance is not different from other water purifiers, the Taste Enhancer feature is better than the TDS controller Kent RO offers. This feature does not re-contaminate the purified RO water but adds essential minerals. Hence, this kitchen appliance is the best water purifier for Rs 10,000.

6. V-Guard Zenora

V-Guard Zenora

Quality RO Water Purifier with No fancy features. Suitable for High TDS Water.

Installing the V-Guard Zenora is simple because you can comfortably mount it on the wall or place it on the counter. Besides, the machine has an exquisite design that matches your kitchen ambiance. Moreover, the flashing LED indicators and the ergonomic faucet arrangement make it look sleek.

The LED indicators enhance user convenience levels. The flashing blue lights indicate that the purification process is active, whereas the red lights denote a lack of water supply or absence of purification. The 7L storage capacity should be ideal for the average Indian family.

Performance-wise, the 8-stage water purification including RO and UV, this machine ranks among the best water purifiers in India under Rs 10,000. It can handle TDS levels up to 2000 ppm and purify all types of water.

Depending on the water source quality, this machine can achieve a water purification rate of 15 liters per hour. However, the machine cannot function when the water pressure is lower than 4 psi. Therefore, you need to install an additional water pump that costs extra.

V-Guard Zenora does not have a TDS controller. Instead, it features a novel arrangement, Calcite Mineral Balancer, equivalent to the Mineral Enhancer cartridge used in other machines. It balances the pH levels and replenishes the lost minerals in the RO-purified water to make it taste like Bisleri mineral water.

This water purifier has a unique UV lamp arrangement enclosed in a glass chamber, whereby the RO-purified water does not touch the UV lamp. Thus, it prolongs the lamp’s lifespan. Besides, pre and post-carbon filters remove VOCs and foul odor from water to enhance its taste.

Maintenance costs are expensive because the filters and membranes require replacement regularly. Generally, it costs around Rs 4,000. But consumers can opt for an AMC from the company to ensure genuine replacements.

The machine has a comprehensive one-year warranty covering all filters, electrical parts, and RO membranes. V-Guard also offers one free re-installation facility, free replacement of two pre-filters, and two pre-emptive maintenance services.


  • Ideal for water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm
  • Excellent flow rate and adequate water storage
  • 8-stage water purification plus Mineral Balancer feature
  • LED indicators
  • Easy to mount and good faucet arrangement,


  • High water wastage
  • High maintenance costs
  • It cannot work under low water pressure.

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These features make the V-Guard Zenora a favorite, with consumers living in areas with water sources containing more than 400 ppm TDS levels. In addition, its reasonable pricing qualifies the V-Guard Zenora as the best water purifier under 10,000.

7. AO Smith X2 UV Water Purifier

AO Smith X2

Excellent UV Water Purifier that is suitable for Low TDS Water.

RO water purifier is not essential, especially when the TDS levels in water are less than 400 ppm. Moreover, many municipal corporations in India undertake to purify water using RO purification plants before distributing it to its residents. Under such circumstances, you do not need an RO water purifier. Instead, a UV water purifier like the AO Smith X2 can work wonders.

The purification process is simple because it does not have any RO membrane. Instead, it has a pre-filter, a carbon block filter, a UF membrane, and a UV lamp. The pre-filter traps large, suspended particles, whereas the carbon block filter removes VOCs and eliminates foul odor. UV radiation kills bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.

Installing the machine is not an issue because AO Smith offers free installation. However, AO Smith has few service centers in India. So instead, they rely on third-party service providers who may charge separately for the installation.

This water purifier occupies sufficient space on the kitchen counter. So I advise you to mount it on the kitchen wall. The AO Smith X2 has a sturdy ABS plastic body that encloses all the machine’s components, including the pre-filter. The unique water dispenser design allows users to fill regular-sized glasses or bottles. The 5L storage capacity is ideal for small to medium-sized Indian families.

This water purifier delivers good performance, but I advise you to check TDS levels in the source water before purchasing this appliance. Since it can work in an extended pressure range of 5psi to 30psi, this appliance is ideally suited for high-rise buildings. The water purification rate of 30L per hour is excellent, with the 5L tank taking around ten minutes to get filled.

While the tap water taste does not change, this appliance kills pathogens and microorganisms to purify the water and improve its hygienic quality.

Unlike RO water purifiers, the AO Smith X2 does not require much maintenance. But, on the other hand, the AMC costs around Rs 1,400. Besides, AO Smith offers a one-year warranty on the machine. But the warranty does not cover the filters and the UV lamp.


  • Ideal for purifying water with TDS levels of less than 300 ppm
  • Excellent water filtering rate and can work in an extended water pressure range.
  • Compact design with digital display for providing crucial information
  • Good storage capacity of 5 liters
  • Lower maintenance costs and no water wastage


  • The pre-filter arrangement is inside the machine. Hence, it is uncomfortable to change it frequently.
  • After-sales services are not satisfactory.
  • This water purifier cannot remove TDS and heavy metal impurities.
  • The tap water taste does not change.

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The AO Smith X2 is an ideal water purifier for purifying water with low TDS levels. So you can opt for this appliance if you get RO-purified water from the municipality in your taps. This appliance is one of the best water purifiers under Rs 10,000.

Models to avoid

Besides the seven models reviewed above, we tested another model, HUL Pureit Copper, to gauge its performance and efficiency. HUL has marketed this model extensively, extolling its virtues to the maximum. But we found that this water purifier did not meet our expectations in many ways. Therefore, we do not recommend the HUL Pureit Copper water purifier to anyone.

Though the performance levels are the same as any other UV water purifier, it has significant drawbacks.

  • The machine does not have any storage capacity. Therefore, it will not be helpful during power cuts.
  • Secondly, water dispensation takes a lot of time. One must wait 40 seconds to a minute after switching on the machine.
  • Since it has no storage tank, you must fill water bottles and store water separately. That increases your inconvenience levels and enhances the chances of water re-contamination.

Therefore, we suggest users avoid purchasing this UV water purifier. Better models are available on the market. We have also reviewed some in our article.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best water purifier appliance for home use?

Much depends on the water source and the TDS levels. An RO water purifier is essential if the TDS levels exceed 400 ppm. Under such circumstances, Sure from Aquaguard Delight NXT is the best for budget consumers. Otherwise, the AO Smith Z8 is excellent because of its hot water dispensing feature. The AO Smith X2 is the best water purifier if the TDS levels in the water source are less than 400 ppm.

2. Which is the best water purifier under 10,000?

The V-Guard Zenora and Sure from Aquaguard Delight NXT are the best water purifiers under 10,000.

3. Which is the best water purifier for a home without RO?

Various UV/UF water purifiers are available on the market. Though expensive, the AO Smith X2 is the best water purifier for homes without RO.

4. Which is the best water purifier under 15,000?

HUL Pureit Vital Max and Pureit Eco Water Saver are the best water purifiers under Rs 15,000 because these machines reduce water wastage by nearly 60%.

5. Which is the best water purifier under 20,000?

The Pureit Vital Max is a good machine that qualifies as the best water purifier for under Rs 20,000.

6. Which is the best water purifier machine for borewell water?

The V-Guard Zenora, Livpure Glo Pro++, Pureit Vital Max, Pureit ECO Water Saver, and the AO Smith Z8 are the best water purifiers for areas depending on borewell water. These RO water purifiers are the best for purifying water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm.

7. Which is the best water purifier appliance for municipal water?

Municipal water usually has less than 300 ppm TDS levels because they use RO water purification plants to treat water before distributing it to the residents. Under such circumstances, the RO-purified water can collect sediment impurities, rust from pipes, and suffer bacterial contamination en route to your homes. Therefore, a UV water purifier is the best. The AO Smith X2 is the best water purifier for municipal water.


  1. which water purifier brand is best based on the basic 4 stages of water purification with minimal Maintenance cost. we have a TDS of 350 but we live on rental and might have to switch house and hence prefer a RO. Also, is there a way to preserve the RO waste water and use it for other purposes.


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