The summer has arrived in full swing in India with places like Chennai and Hyderabad already feeling the heat. It is truly a great feeling to open the refrigerator and have a refreshing drink of cold water.

The problem arises when the children in the house invariably forget to refill the water bottles in the refrigerator. Thus, you have to face disappointment at times.

You need your share of cold water and it is just not there in the fridge. Maybe, a water dispenser could help you out. Yes, it can. We shall now look at the simple buying guide for water dispensers.

What is a water dispenser?

To put it very simply, a water dispenser is an appliance that dispenses water. You must have seen these water dispensers in offices, malls, shops, hospitals, etc.

Today, it has become commonplace for households to purchase these water dispensers so that you need not have to worry about refilling the water bottles in the fridge. You can as well have your glass of refreshing cold water directly from the tap.

What are the plausible reasons for deciding to purchase a water dispenser? We shall list out five simple reasons for investing in a water dispenser.


Is it not simpler to have your glass of cold water directly from the tap rather than opening the refrigerator and hoping to find a bottle waiting for you? Your kids will also be able to get their glass of cold water without having to open the fridge. In a way, you need not have to leave your other work just to ensure that you refill the empty bottles in the refrigerator.

Pure water

You have water dispensers that come attached with additional water filters. Hence, you get access to clean and pure water every time. This is not the case with tap water.

Instant Coldwater

Your refrigerators will take some time to produce cold water. In contrast, the water dispensers can get you cold water almost instantly.

Storage facilities

There are water dispensers that come with special storage facilities. This obviates the need for filling up bottles of water for storage.


There is less risk of contamination of water when you use a water dispenser.

Different types of water dispensers

Generally, water dispensers are of two types, electric water dispensers and non-electric water dispensers. The difference is that you have the option of getting hot or cold water in an electric water dispenser. You will not be able to do so in a non-electrical appliance.

You have the following different types of water dispensers available on the market.

Table-top water dispensers

As the name suggests, you can place these water dispensers on a table or a kitchen platform. Usually, you can use 5-litre water bottles for their water supply. These types of water dispensers use Peltier devices for cooling the water and an air pump technology for dispensing it.

Free-standing water dispenser

You will be able to place this appliance anywhere on the floor. The design is such that you need to invert the bottles while mounting on this dispenser. You have the 20-litre water bottles that have become very common today.

Wall mounted water dispenser

Mounted on the wall, such water dispensers rely on the continuous supply of water from the water source. The refrigeration unit attached to the appliance does the job of cooling the water. You have a small storage tank thereby enabling you to get cool water almost instantly.

Bottom-load water dispenser

This is not a very popular appliance in India. Nevertheless, they are available on the market. The advantage of using such an appliance is that you do not have to lift and place the heavy water bottles on top of the appliance. You have to place the water bottles below the dispenser.

What should you look for in a water dispenser?

Decide the type

Make up your mind whether you want to opt for an electrical or a non-electrical water dispenser. Your budget plays a big role in this aspect. The electrical water dispensers are comparatively expensive as compared to the non-electrical ones. You should also choose between buying a table-top, a free-standing or a wall-mounted water dispenser.

Power consumption

In case you go for the electrical water dispenser, power consumption will be foremost on your mind while deciding which water dispenser to buy. The water dispensers that produce extremely cold water have compressors of higher capacity. You can also go for a water dispenser with a smaller compressor. In that case, you will get moderately chilled water.

Hot / Cold water options

There are water dispensers that provide both the options for supplying hot and cold water. You should check out the various features like heating and cooling capacity and compare it with similar appliances available on the market.


The price of the appliance is a major factor while choosing the right type of water dispenser. Naturally, the non-electrical ones are inexpensive in comparison to the electrical appliances. The counter-top models are also the cheapest of the lot.

Child lock facility

This is an important factor because you will save not only power but also water when you buy water dispenser with child lock facilities. This assumes greater significance when you go for the appliances that dispense both hot and cold water. The Child lock facility will prevent the kids from accidental burn injuries.


Naturally, your appliance should be user-friendly. Check out the gap between the water faucet and the drip trap. The ideal gap should be one that allows you to fill up a 1-litre water bottle.

Outer Assembly

The plastic water dispensers are very common today. They are usually made of ABS Food-grade plastic. Hence, they are safe. But, opting for a stainless steel water dispenser is advisable.


There are water dispensers that come with filtration functions. They are comparatively expensive. You have water dispensers having filters like UV filters, carbon charcoal filters, and water distillers, etc.


Buying a water dispenser is not a problem. Maintaining one certainly is. Opt for a water dispenser that requires the least maintenance. There are water dispensers with features like removable drip trays and filters. They are better than the others.

Best water dispensers in India:

You have companies like Blue Star, Voltas, and Usha as some of the top water dispenser manufacturing brands in India. We shall now review around 5 different water dispensers for your convenience.

1. Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser with Refrigerator

This is a normal standard water dispenser with a 14-litre refrigerator at the bottom. You find such water dispensers in offices, malls, and showrooms. This water dispenser provides 3 types of water, hot, cold, and normal.

The important points to note are its 3-litre per hour cooling capacity and 5-litre per hour heating capacity. This is a hygienic appliance in many ways because of its ABS plastic body and its Food grade stainless steel tank. Placing the bottle over the top is not an issue because you need not open the bottle. Just invert the water bottle with its cap and the bottle piercer ensures that there is no spillage of water anywhere.

Available in white and blue colour, this appliance comes with a 1-year guarantee. The child lock facility is an additional advantage.

  • Presence of refrigerator for storing essential soft drink bottles and even fruit juices
  • Dispensing of cold, hot, and normal water
  • Child lock facility
  • It’s weight – 16 Kg

2. Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

This is a bottom-loading water dispenser capable of dispensing cold, hot, and normal water with great ease. The best part of this water dispenser is that it does not require any installation. It is a simple Plug and Play machine type of installation.

The heartening feature of this appliance is that there is no need for lifting and placing the bottle on top of the machine. You can just slide it into the cabinet at the bottom.

The body is made of durable ABS plastic. The tank is manufactured from food grade stainless steel. You need not pierce the bottle cap as well because the heavy-duty bottle piercer takes care of this aspect. This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

  • No need to lift and place the water bottle on top of the machine
  • Capable of dispensing hot, cold, and normal water
  • No installation required
  • No separate refrigerator for storing cold water
  • Cannot cater to 25-litre water bottles

3. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-F 500-Watt Watt Dispenser

This is a top-loading water dispenser. You get hot, cold, as well as normal water depending on your requirements. The heating capacity of the water dispenser is 5 litres per hour. The storage container can store a decent amount of water that should suffice for a family during the normal power outage.

This product comes with an auto shut off feature. The bottle cap piercer arrangement ensures there is no spillage of water at any stage while refilling. Consuming 500 watts, this product comes with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee from Voltas.

  • HBacked by strong Voltas technology
  • Capable of dispensing hot, cold, and normal water
  • Installation is not required
  • Placing the bottle on top can be an arduous task for people with back problems
  • No refrigerator

4. Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser

One of the better products available on the market, this Usha water dispenser can dispense hot, cold, and normal water at the flick of a tap. The cooling cabinet at the bottom of the machine acts as an additional storage facility for your water bottles and fruit juices, especially during the hot summer months.

The hot water dispensing facility is very beneficial because it saves you the trouble of lighting up stoves and heating water on kettles. The LED indicator is a welcome addition to this appliance. This is a well-insulated product and hence safe for use by children as well.

  • Dispenses hot, cold, and normal water
  • Refrigeration facilities
  • Easy to use with LED indicators
  • Child lock facility
  • Need to place the refilling water bottle on the top of the machine

5. Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-R 500 Watt Water Dispenser

Backed by the high-quality Voltas technology, this water dispenser caters to hot, cold, and normal water with ease. Having a cooling capacity of 2.5 litres per hour and heating capacity of 5 litres per hour, this appliance consumes 500 watts of electricity.

Three faucets of high-grade steel and the LED indicator make it a user-friendly appliance. This appliance comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

  • Dispenses hot, cold, and normal water
  • Voltas technology
  • Excellent design
  • No refrigeration

Best Water Dispenser – Inference

The water dispenser is a new entrant to the household with people now warming up to it. The fact that these water dispensers discussed above do not do any special purification of water can dissuade people from opting for it.

Nevertheless, it saves them a lot of labour and electricity as they need not use the refrigerator for cooling their drinking water. A flick of the tap allows them to get hot, cold or normal water within no time. No wonder, it is increasing in popularity in recent times.

VS Chaithanya is Kitchenarena's editor-in-chief. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and has been interested in computer hardware, software, and gaming right since the time he was a child.
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