9 Best Washing Machines in India (April 2021) Top Brands!

There was a time in the past when every third advertisement you saw on TV was of a detergent bar.

Have you wondered where the detergent bar advertisements have disappeared today?

best washing machine

The Washing Machine has literally killed the detergent bar manufacturing industry.

Anyone who has washed clothes with his or her hands will surely appreciate the role played by the washing machine in the house.

Choosing the best Washing machine for your home can be a tough job. You have a variety of options available in the market. The number of models can overwhelm you.

However, after going through this guide, the confusion will clear and you will be able to make the right choice.

Best Washing Machine in India 

1. LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – FH2G6TDNL42

When it comes to home appliances, very few products can hold a candle to LG. This 8.0 Kg washing machine is one of LG’s most popular products.

Key Features

  • Fully automatic front load with excellent features
  • The capacity of 8 kg suits families of 5 people and more
  • Spin speed of 1200 rpm
  • 6-Motion Direct Drive Motor with touch panel
  • In-built heater for deeper cleaning
  • Smart Diagnostic features
  • Stainless Steel drum

The best aspect of the LG FH2G6TDNL42 washing machine is that it helps to get rid of dust mites, pollen, and pet allergen from your clothes.

This front-load machine comes with 6-Motion Direct Drive technology to enable various wash programmes.

Another positive aspect of this washing machine is that it senses different fabric types and offers the appropriate wash cycles accordingly.

The advantage of 6-Motion Direct Drive technology is that it moves the wash drum in multiple directions, thereby acting tough on the stubborn stains while taking care of the clothes at the same time.

As the motor directly connects to the drum, this washing machine reduces noise, as well as vibrations. This washing machine comes with a heater arrangement to get rid of tough stains and allergens.

The auto-restart function enables the washing machine to continue from where it left off during a power outage. Soaking your clothes for around 15 minutes at 40 degrees C helps to get rid of the germs and allergens.

The SmartThinQ app helps to diagnose up to 86 errors should anything go wrong with the appliance. This machine comes with features like waterproof touch panel and a rustproof body.

Cleaning the drum is convenient, as it can heat the water up to 85 degrees C. Disabling the settings panel using the Child Lock arrangement can make it safe for your child

2. IFB 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Senator Aqua SX

IFB is one of the top washing brands that manufacture front load washing machines. This machine comes with fantastic control options to deliver the best washing experience.

Key Features

  • The capacity of 8 Kg is ideal for 5-member families
  • High spin speed of 1400 rpm
  • Excellent features like wash care programmes for different fabrics
  • Energy-efficient and saves water

This front-loading washing machine comes with a unique Air Bubble Wash System that creates and releases agitated air bubbles to ensure a thorough cleaning job. These air bubbles penetrate into the layers of the cloth and get rid of stubborn grease stains.

The Aqua Energie feature is ideal for treating hard water. This system converts the bicarbonates in water into crystals, thereby making the water soft enough for the detergent to dissolve properly. The crystals formed are so small that they drain away with the water at the end of the washing cycle.

The exceptional 3D wash system uses nozzles to circulate the water 360 degrees around the drum. Thus, the detergent dissolves into the water and penetrates into the clothes better, thereby ensuring a deeper wash.

This washing machine drum comes with crescent moon drum that curves the water into a swoosh pattern thus ensuring that the clothes do not rub against the steel drum and get damaged.

The Foam Control System provides a better wash by identifying excessive foam generation and diluting it to deliver an excellent washing experience.

This machine allows you to add more clothes amid a washing cycle by pressing the pause button. The Tub Clean feature discourages the growth of bacteria and other germs by eliminating all impurities from the water.

A user-friendly LCD panel helps you to programme your wash cycles comfortably. The Time Delay feature allows soaking of dirty clothes for periods ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

3. Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WAK24268IN

Bosch is one of the best international brands of washing machines available in India. It comes with excellent features and supports different kinds of wash cycles.

Key Features

  • The capacity of 7 Kg to cater to the regular Indian family of three to four members
  • High speed of 1200 rpm to ensure lesser drying time
  • Super 15 feature to freshen up soiled laundry in 15 minutes
  • Energy-efficient washing machine

Bosch can be the ideal wash care companion because of its excellent performance. This machine comes with various innovative features to make washing clothes an enjoyable experience.

The Active Water facility saves water by automatically adjusting the water level using multiple load sensors that sense laundry weight and fabric.

The Anti-Vibration design is a unique one that reduces vibrations and ensures greater stability. The Variodrum feature comes with a unique design that acts tough on stains while being gentle with your clothes.

This washing machine is a time saver as well because the SpeedPerfect feature reduces the wash time by around 65%.

The Allergy Plus Programme ensures hygiene of the highest order by eliminating dust mites and other microscopic insects to keep your clothes allergen-free.

Apart from saving water and time, this machine saves energy, as well. This machine does not make much noise. Hence, it is best to use at night. It can work at a low input water pressure of 0.3 bars.

The Reload function enables you to add clothes early during the wash cycle. This machine has a large drum to allow smooth movement of clothes, thereby delivering better washing results.

The Child Lock feature allows locking of all features to prevent your child from tampering with the settings. This machine comes with a unique water filter to fit all kinds of taps.

4. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB washing machines come with front-loading features in various capacities. This machine has a capacity of 6.5 Kg. It comes with excellent features that qualify this appliance as one of the best in its segment.

Key Features

  • 6.5 Kg capacity to cater to small Indian families
  • 7-segment LED display to make it user-friendly
  • Different kinds of wash care programmes
  • Conversion of hard water into soft water to enable a better wash

The USP of this washing machine is that it offers a total of 100 wash programmes with every kind of fabric or stain having a specific wash programme.

The 3D wash system uses a unique water spray system to create a powerful 360-degree current in the drum. It ensures the dissolving of all detergents during the rinsing period and draws out the dirt with the soap efficiently.

The dynamic movement of the drum forces the water deep into the fabric texture to deliver a cleaner wash.

This washing machine features an Aqua Energie function that comes with a built-in aqua filter to treat hard water. This system converts the bicarbonates in hard water into minute crystals that flow freely along with the wastewater and do not form a layer over the surface of the drum.

The cradle wash system takes care of the delicate clothes such as laces, silk, and chiffon. The express wash system is the ideal wash programme for smarter and lighter loads.

It comes with a crescent moon cast drum to absorb the hard hits during the tumbling process, thereby giving the clothes a deep but gentle wash.

The design ensures that the water curves up in a specific pattern and that the clothes do not rub against the walls of the drum.

This machine features a Foam Control system to maintain the quality of the wash. It senses the generation of foam and dilutes it on reaching the desired level.

The Auto Imbalance feature ensures even distribution of clothes during the wash cycle.

Other features include the Ball valve technology to prevent wastage and Child Lock system to prevent tampering by children.

5. Samsung 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WW60M206LMW/TL

Samsung washing machines come with excellent washing options that make the device an energy-efficient one. It also saves much water in the bargain.

Key Features

  • 6 Kg capacity makes it an ideal appliance for small families or 2-3 persons
  • 1000 rpm speed is perfect for a machine of this capacity
  • Digital inverter technology and a user-friendly display
  • Ceramic heater prevents calcium build-up.

This Samsung washing machine works on a digital inverter motor that does not make much noise because of its low vibration. It also ends up saving electricity.

Samsung offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the engine. The Volt Control feature eliminates the use of a stabiliser. This feature protects the appliance from sudden voltage surges that are common in the smaller towns and cities in India.

Diamond Drum technology ensures tangle-free washing. The diamond-shaped grooves on the inner surface of the drum separate the clothes to prevent tangling. It also ensures to protect the delicate garments from damage. This diamond drum consists of small water outlets to drain the water quickly.

This washing machine provides a range of wash cycles to suit your busy schedules. You can select wash cycles for as low as 15 minutes to get a quick job.

The presence of the ceramic heater is an advantage because it prevents the build-up of calcium, thereby increasing the overall life of the washing machine.

Apart from its excellent performance, this washing machine has an exquisite external appearance with its elegant design exuding a premium feel. The ergonomically designed dial enhances your convenience level.[/su_note]

The touch buttons respond to the lightest of touches. The user-friendly display panel provides all the information you need.

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7. LG 8 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – T9077NEDL1

Though front-loading devices are becoming popular in India, most of the homemakers prefer a top-loading model. LG T9077NEDL1 is one of the best 8 Kg washing machine models on display today.

Key Features

  • 8 Kg capacity to suit large families
  • 720 rpm speed
  • Unique features like smart inverter motor
  • Three washing options that save 36% energy

This top-loading washing machine model features a revolutionary in-built jet-spray mode that lets out powerful jets of water to wash excess dirt and detergent residue from the clothes. This technology ensures that you can do away with the rubbing of cuffs and collars before placing your clothes in the washing machine.

This feature saves nearly 70% of water and 40% energy, making it one of the most efficient appliances in this category.

The inverter motor adjusts the energy consumption at the optimum level depending on the power required. This motor comes with BMC Motor Protection feature that makes it corrosion-free and protects it from insects, dust, and humidity.

The Turbo Drum and the pulsator rotate in opposite directions to give the most potent wash by removing the toughest stains with ease. The three mini pulsators create water streams in a vertical direction to deliver an even washing experience.

The machine comes equipped with a stainless steel drum that is not only rust-proof but also eliminates bacteria and germs, thus enhancing its life.[/su_note]

This machine features a Tub Clean function to sterilise the inner and outer tub after a washing cycle to remove unpleasant smell. The Auto Restart option allows the commencement of the sequence from where it left off during a power outage.

6. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine TL-RDW

Besides manufacturing some of the best front-loading washing machines, IFB has excellent top-loading models to cater to the needs of Indian households.

Key Features

  • 6.5 Kg capacity to suit medium-sized Indian families
  • 720 rpm speed
  • Eight water levels
  • LED screen display
  • 3D Wash and Triadic Pulsator feature

The 3D wash system of this automatic washing machine soaks clothes thoroughly to deliver a dynamic wash experience. The Deep Clean feature lends a magical feeling, as it acts tough on stains and gentle on your clothes.

It is possible because of the Triadic Pulsator that makes your clothes sparkle. This pulsator removes the stubborn stains using powerful swirl jets of water. The Mechanical Centre Punch action feature pushes the dirt out, thereby leaving your clothes sparklingly clean.

This washing machine comes with two new concepts, Aqua Energie and Aqua Spa Therapy. Aqua Energie energises the water to dissolve the detergent better and deliver a softer wash. The Aqua Spa Therapy exfoliates and rejuvenates your clothes by cleansing and hydrating each fibre.

The Crescent Moon Drum grooves on the inner surface of the wash drum create a gentle cushioning layer to protect the clothes and preventing it from tangling.

Auto softener dispenser and Bleach Dispenser are two innovative concepts, as well. The Bubble Leveller mechanism ensures that your machine balances perfectly to reduce vibrations, thereby enhancing its overall life.

The Auto Balance function distributes the clothes evenly to maintain consistent washing performance. Aqua Conserve feature reuses the water used for final rinsing to soak clothes, thereby preserving the environmental balance.

The Voltage Protection feature protects your appliance from high voltage fluctuations.

7. LG 6.2 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – T7281NDDLG/T7288NDDLG/GD

LG manufactures some of the most versatile washing machines. This 6.2 Kg appliance is ideal for doing a quick job, hence favouring bachelors and working couples.

Key Features

  • 6.2 Kg capacity that is ideal for small families and single bachelors
  • 700 rpm speed
  • Smart Inverter technology to reduce vibrations and power usage
  • Innovative features[/su_note]

All LG top-loading and front-loading washing machines come with an inverter motor, thereby dispensing with the use of belts and pulleys. It reduces vibrations and hence, is less noisy when compared to other machines.

The smart inverter motor can adjust the electricity consumption depending on the load. The BMC Motor Protection feature provides immunity from corrosion, humidity, dust, and insects.

This machine comes with a Smart Diagnosis feature where the SmartThinQ app detects and diagnoses more than 80 problems. The stainless steel drum is an advantage because it is rust-proof and does not encourage the accumulation of bacteria and germs.

The Turbo Drum feature ensures to remove the toughest of stains as it rotates in the opposite direction to the pulsator to provide an agitated flow.

The three mini pulsators create water streams in the vertical direction to eliminate the dirt from every fibre and ensure a 100% clean wash.

This washing machine features a Tub Clean Option to ensure that there is no soap or dirt residue after a washing cycle. It sterilises the inside and outside portions of the tub to eliminate any unpleasant smell.

The Smart Closing Door is another excellent feature that does not result in the swift banging of the door. It works gradually to prevent damage and injury.

The Auto-Restart feature is a convenient one because it restarts the machine from where it stopped, especially during a power cut situation. The Child Lock is an excellent function that prevents your children from creating mischief.

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8. Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – Ace Supreme Plus

Many homemakers prefer the semi-automatic washing machines to the fully automatic ones because they do not feel satisfied unless they scrub the collars and cuffs with their hands.

Hence, the semi-automatic top loading machines are still in demand in India. Whirlpool manufactures some of the best semi-automatic washing machines.

Key Features

  • 7.2 Kg capacity top-loading machines to cater to medium-sized families
  • Lint filter system to eliminate lint and fluff from clothes
  • Ace Wash Station
  • Multi-utility tray[/su_note]

The Ace Supreme Plus is one of the best semi-automatic washing machines in India today. It comes with exciting features like Ace Wash Station. This feature allows you to sort, stack, and carry your clothes on the machine itself.

There is no need to have separate containers. It becomes handy, as the semi-automatic mode requires you to transfer the clothes from the washtub to the spin tub.

This washing machine comes with an impeller system that agitates the water perfectly to ensure a clean wash every time. It does not have a separate pulsator, but the impeller provides the ideal motion for cleaning the clothes.

The multi-utility tray helps to sort out and carry the clothes. This tray comes with a unique vent that enables water to flow back into the washtub.

The lint filter arrangement is an excellent one, as it enables the machine to collect the lint and fluff from the clothes. It ensures that the clothes remain clean.

This machine comes with an in-built scrubber to scrub the collars and cuffs, thereby ensuring that your clothes get a perfect wash every time.

9. Samsung 7.2Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMP)

Samsung is another trusted manufacturer of semi-automatic washing machines in India. Performance-wise, Samsung ranks right at the top along with LG and Whirlpool. This semi-automatic top-loading washing machine comes with excellent features.

Key Features

  • 7.2 Kg capacity, ideal for a family of four to five persons
  • 1000rpm spin speed
  • Three wash programmes
  • Buzzer facility

This washing machine is one of the most elegant looking machines in the market. It is one of the most comfortable ones to move around in the house.

The EZ Wash Tray enables you to stack and sort the clothes while transferring them to the spin tube. It also serves as the ideal scrubbing pad to remove the stubborn dirt from collars and cuffs. Thus, you can scrub your clothes gently without disturbing the washing process.

This washing machine features three wash programmes, normal, intensive, and delicate. The Dual jet system ensures to improve the washing effectiveness by shooting vertical jets of water. It prevents the clothes from falling on the pulsator, thereby preventing any tangles.

This machine features accessories like lint collector to collect the lint and other foreign substances from your clothes for a clean wash. The Air Turbo Drying System lets go a blast of warm air to dry your clothes by nearly 40%.

The buzzer is a welcome accessory, as it alerts you after the washing process is over. This appliance comes with a sleek design and an anti-corrosive plastic body. The two-way inner handle allows you to move your washing machine with ease.

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Best Washing machine brands in India

However, before going into the intricacies of the washing machine buying guide, we shall list out some of the top washing machine brands available in the Indian market today.

LG: When it comes to electronics items, you always find LG at the top of the heap. This is mainly because LG knows the pulse of the Indian market and understands the Indian customer better than the others do.

IFB: A leading overseas brand, IFB has also arrived in India with a bang. They can give tough competition to the other international brands like Bosch and Siemens.

Whirlpool: Some of the most durable washing machines have come from the Whirlpool stable.

Samsung: You cannot leave this electronic giant behind when you discuss electronic appliances. They have their own place in the market.

There are other brands such as Godrej, Onida that concentrate on the economy part. Thus, if you have a constraint in the budget, you can very well opt for these brands as well.

Washing Machine buying guide

best front load washing machine

We shall now at the various features you usually encounter when you step into the market to buy a washing machine. This buying guide can help clear all your doubts on the matter.

Semi-Automatic vs Fully Automatic Machines

What does the word ‘Automatic’ signify?

When we use the word ‘Automatic’ in context with the washing machine, we infer that the machine not only washes the clothes but also extracts the water from them after the washing process is over.

The fully automatic machine has a program that takes care of all aspects of washing, spinning and drying.

In the semi-automatic machines, you have to transfer the clothes manually to the spin tub after the washing cycle is over. Thus, you find the semi-automatic machines having two tubs. Otherwise, the mechanism, as well as energy consumption features, are more or less same.

Front Load vs Top Load Machines

You must have heard these names many times when you refer to washing machines. The differentiation is very simple. As the name suggests, the front load machines entail loading of the clothes from the front portion.

In the top load machines, you load clothes into the washing drum from the top. Usually, you find people from the Western countries preferring the front load machines whereas Indian people prefer the top-loading ones.

The front loading machines are fully automatic machines whereas you have semi-automatic machines in the top load machines in addition to the fully automatic ones.

One has to concede that the front load machines use less water in comparison to the top load ones.

This is because you need lots of water to soak clothes. The front loading machines work with a tumbling action thereby requiring less amount of water for soaking purposes. However, the front load machines have longer cycles when you compare them with the top load machines.

The front load washing machines run for longer periods, but at a comparatively slower speed. Hence, they are more energy efficient as compared to the top loading machines.

These front loading machines have a hot water cycle to clean clothes. They make use of a dryer as well. As there is less water consumption, the drying of the clothes is more efficient. The dryer cycles are shorter thereby they use less power in the dryer cycle as compared to the top load machines.

Washing machines Technologies

You have just seen the main features of the washing machines. Let us no look at the different technologies in use.

Inverter Technology

This technology is a revolutionary one capable of saving power especially when you feel the need to use a motor.

Inverter Technology enables the machines to run at a speed optimum to the load.

In the normal course, your washing machine has a motor that is capable of running at a fixed load. Hence, it performs at the optimum level only when you have this particular load.

However, in the case of the Inverter technology, you have the machine running at variable speeds that is optimum for the load you have at a particular time.

This technology has a special electronic circuit that determines the speed of the motor based on the load. Hence, you end up saving lots of power because you do not have the same load every day.

Direct Drive Technology

In the conventional motors, you have movable parts like gears and belts. Whenever you use these parts, there is a lot of friction involved. This can affect the efficiency of the motor.

The Direct Drive Technology removes the use of such movable parts thereby resulting in the elimination of friction and thus saving electricity.

There is a disadvantage as well because the Direct Drive technology based motors can be heavier than the conventional motors.

However, they have a greater degree of efficiency and they produce less noise as well. Today, you have some manufacturers using a combination of both Inverter and direct drive technology.

This can be of great benefit as it saves considerable power especially when you have variable loads.

We have seen the advantages of using the inverter and direct drive technology in washing machines just now.

We shall now proceed with the key washing machine technologies used by various manufacturers.

These are the path-breaking technologies you witness in the best washing machines in India in 2019.

Using these technologies, you can expect your machines to remove the most obstinate stains such as the ink blot on your T-shirt pocket or the largest of bed-sheets and curtains.

These technologies not only help in cleaning them but also ensure in keeping them fresh and soft after the wash.

Flexwash and TwinWash

You might have great confusion between choosing the top loading and front loading machines because each of these machines has its inherent advantages.

How would it be if you have a washing machine that combines the benefits of both the technologies?

It would be a great experience.

Samsung has come up with the Flexwash option whereby you have the flexibility of using both the designs in a single machine. The main front loader machine has a capacity of 21 Kg whereas you have a miniature top loading facility as well with a capacity of 3.5 Kg.

This enables you to wash the heavy laundry items like bed sheets, blankets, and curtains as well as the delicate items like handkerchiefs, socks, and lingerie together in two different modes.

LG has also adopted this technique and has introduced the TwinWash facility that has two individual drums in its latest range of washing machines.

This technology involves the use of two separate drums, the main drum with a capacity of 20 Kg for cleaning heavy laundry and a mini section below the main drum for washing the smaller items like scarfs and inner garments.

This enables you to get the benefit of both the technologies in a single machine.

EcoBubble and O2 Wash

Washing clothes is important. It is also important not to damage the fabric while washing them. One way of ensuring the same is to unleash the power of bubbles in cleaning clothes.

You have this facility in most of the washing machines that have hot water cycles.

Electronic giants like IFB and Samsung have introduced this technique in machines using cold water as well. Indians use cold water while for washing their laundry items.

Samsung has pioneered the EcoBubble technology that converts the detergent particles into bubbles. These bubbles inflate around the clothes and penetrate the fabric to remove the most stubborn of dirt particles.

IFB has its own version, the O2 Wash where you can see the same technology in action.

6-Motion DD and Wave Motion

Different kinds of fabrics require different motion technologies to get an optimum wash. The washing machines have become smart today with companies like LG, Samsung, and IFB coming up with specific technologies to achieve a gamut of cleaning styles.

LG has introduced the 6-Motion DD technology that encompasses the following six wash motion types namely, Tumble, Stepping, Scrubbing, Swing, Rolling, and Filtration. You find this unique combination in LG’s premium range of models.

Whirlpool has come up with a new range of front loading machines. It uses the SoftMove technology that enables the machine to sense the load inside the drum and use the appropriate program based on the type of fabric loaded inside.

It uses the following types of motion technology, Energetic wash, Soft cradle, Power Shower, and Slow Motion depending in the fabric you load into the machine.

IFB cannot be very far behind in the adoption of such technologies. They have engineered the different types of wash styles like Air Bubble Wash, 3600 wash, Cradle wash, Steam wash, and O2 wash.

Innovative Drum technologies

One of the most important parts of any washing machine is the drum. You need your washing machine to give you a high-quality wash every time without damaging the fabric.

The design of the drum has to play an important role in this endeavor.

Different manufacturers have their own designs. Bosch uses a unique type of technology in its drum designing. Known as the VarioDrum technology, you can observe the diverse movements of the paddle as the drum changes its spinning direction.

As it spins in one direction, the machine employs the flat side of the paddle for cleaning the loaded clothes. When it changes its spinning direction, the steep side of the paddle comes into the picture by delivering a profound cleaning experience with its unique wave-droplet design.

Siemens uses a similar technology to the one used by Bosch.

This technology ensures that it takes great care of the laundry. Samsung employs the Diamond Drum technology in its top loading machines. These drums have 25% smaller holes. These holes are located inside a diamond-shaped depression that prevents the clothes from sticking out of the drum thereby ensuring its safety.

The smaller water exit holes can help protect the longevity of the fabric. The embossed washboard minimizes the exposure of the textile areas to the harmful effects of washing.

Soaking technologies

The quality of washing depends a lot on the soaking of the clothes in the right manner. The leading manufacturers have come up with special soaking technologies to improve your washing experience.

Samsung machines have the BubbleSoak technology that helps the machine to eliminate the dirt by soaking the clothes in bubbles with a press of a button.

The advantage of this technique is that the soft bubbles do not damage the fabric. Whirlpool has its own technology known as SuperSoak for ensuring the removal of tough stains as it activates the incessant soaking and scrubbing motion.

The Eco Drum Cleaning technology used by Samsung sanitizes the drum by eliminating the harmful allergens. They use a special technique whereby it removes the residue from the diaphragm through drum sanitization.

This system makes use of hot water and powerful jet streams. You can find these features in the higher end models. In addition to sanitizing the drum, this technique can increase the effectiveness of the detergents.

Built-in heaters in Washing machines

Hot water has great capabilities to remove the toughest of stains. You find the Western countries using this technique in their front loading machines. Until very recently, Indian washing machine manufacturers had not used this technology in their machines.

However, you have companies like Samsung and Whirlpool coming with innovative technologies in this aspect.

The front loading machines manufactured by Samsung come with ceramic heaters that have the tendency to prevent the build-up of stubborn calcium salts. As they have a quick heating capacity, these heaters are very effective in reducing the electricity consumption as well.

Whirlpool is the only Indian manufacturer that offers this facility in the top loading machines in the Indian market. These machines are capable of heating water up to 600C thereby ensuring the removal of the most stubborn stains.

Noise reduction and Anti-vibration technologies

Noise and vibration have been synonymous with washing machines right since their inception. One must admit that the noise, as well as the vibration, has always been one of the major problems as far as consumers are concerned.

The manufacturers are coming up with improved technology to reduce as much noise and vibration as possible.

Samsung has introduced its latest technology, VRT+ (Vibration Reduction Technology Plus), an improvement of the existing VRT. This is a useful technology because of the presence of noise-sensitive light sleepers. It strives to keep the noise levels and the vibration at the lowest.

The vibration levels are at its maximum during the spin cycle. Bosch has introduced the Ant vibration technology that aims to eliminate vibrations by employing high-tech sensors. They help in maintaining the load balance by adjusting the drum motion.

Tackling hard water

India has this problem of having to use hard water for washing purposes. The problem with hard water is that it becomes difficult to dissolve the detergents in it.

Secondly, you also end up with deposits of salt around the drum and supply pipes resulting in choking them. Therefore, you find Indian washing machine manufacturers employing innovative techniques to deal with this issue.

Whirlpool has a specific ‘Hard Water’ option in its latest semi-automatic machine series, Ace. This option allows eliminating dirt from the clothes even when the water is hard.

The present generation of IFB machines comes with a unique Aqua Energie technology that enables it to convert the hard water to soft water. The models come equipped with Aqua filter that helps to break the salts like bicarbonates in the hard water into fine crystals.

The small size of the crystals enables the blending of these crystals with the flow of water. This prevents the accumulation of scale on the critical machine parts thereby preventing its choking.

Maytag has introduced this technology in its front-loading machines whereby these machines adjust its performance depending on the hardness of the water.

Auto dispensing solutions

Many people face the problem of dispensing the right quantity of detergents thereby resulting in inefficient washing performances. Less detergent can affect the quality of the cleaning.

At the same time, a higher level of detergent can increase the requirement of water. There can be occurrences of discoloration and emission of bad odor if you use less detergent.

Hence, the manufacturers have started providing auto dispensing options in their higher end washing machines today.

Whirlpool comes equipped with the Auto Detergent Dosage technology that determines the quantity of detergent to use based on the load as well as the degree of soiling.

The washing machines have become smart today with manufacturers like Bosch using iDOS technology in its latest Series 6 and 8 machines.

This system evaluates the hardness of water and soiling of clothes and determines the right quantity of detergents thereby ensuring optimum usage.

Smart technology

The whole world is becoming smarter with the use of smart technology in virtually every field. You have smartphones, smart TVs and so on.

The washing machines have also become smart today with the introduction of various innovative features.

The latest LG machines come equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) tags that enable diagnosis and monitoring.

This facility helps in synchronizing the washing machine with the smartphone having Smart Diagnosis app.

This app enables the user to know if there is an issue with the washing machine. It then proceeds to educate the user by providing troubleshooting guidance.

Similarly, Samsung offers this facility to users enabling them to control their washing machines from their smartphones using a Smart Control app. You get the status of the machine at any time. You can also solve problems concerning the machine over the phone itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machines – Which is better?

Front Loading washing machines do not require much water and are more energy-efficient than top-loading machines. Also, the front loading washing machines are more expensive than the top load models because of their energy-saving and other features.

2. How to prevent tangling of clothes in washing machine?

The front load washing machines use a tumbling action as compared to the spinning action in the top load washing machines. The font load models do not have impellers and agiators. Hence there will be no tangling of clothes.

3. How much detergent do you need?

The amount of detergent depends on the condition and nature of the clothes. It also depends on water hardness. If you notice soap suds left on the clothes after the wash, you are using more detergent than required.

4. Washing Machine Powder vs Liquid detergent Which is better?

Liquid detergents are better than the washing powder as the liquid can easily dissolve in water than the powders. Also, they do not create white residue that stick on the clothes.

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    2) IFB Senator Smart Touch SX 8.5 KG – 1400 RPM
    3) IFB Senator WSS STEAM 8 KG – 1400 RPM
    Here is the weblink of these products which we can find at IFB Website. https://ifbappliances.com/products/laundry/washingmachine/front-loader/
    Appreciate your reply!

    • The Senator Smart Touch SX 8.5 Kg Model has more wash programs than the other two models. This model also have custom wash programs for removing tough stains.

      The Drum moment is different in both these front load models. The Smart touch model has cradle wash and executive plus has 9-swirl wash.

      If you want more wash programs and custom wash programs for removing stains and delicates, the Smart touch model is the right choice. Other than that, the performance of all the three models you have mentioned is excellent.

  2. I’m planning to buy a new washing machine with load of 6.5 kgs or 7 kgs with inverter technology. Budget is around 25k to 30k. Please suggest me the best suited ones.

  3. Hi,
    Looking for a front load with drier WM for a family of 7. Please suggest the best suited ones which maintains the fabric quality..

    • Hi There, Please have a look at the below models. These are suitable for a Large family and are equipped with Latest Washing Machine Technologies

      LG 9 kg Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Amazon link – https://amzn.to/2WGZnQ0)

      Bosch 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Amazon link – https://amzn.to/2ZKJPNg)

      LG 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Amazon Link – https://amzn.to/2CVrML4)

  4. Hi Kitchenarena,

    What about Panasonic front loading washing machines?
    How is their service backup?

    May I know Why they are not in list of best washing machines?
    Is it wise to buy Panasonic front load as their prices are budget friendly?

    Requesting an quick response.

  5. Please suggest which machine is best top load or front load. As we are 5 adults at home , so please suggest the best way of selectng amachine which gives best output and service too.

  6. Hi,
    Please suggest an efficient, robust washing machine around 20 K budget and the best after sales or least maintenance.

    • Hi There, Please have a look at the below models

      Front Load Models

      Bosch WAB16060IN – 6 Kg Washing machine suitable for a small family (Amazon Link – https://amzn.to/2lDxeK9)

      Samsung WW60M206LMW/TL – 6Kg Washing machine suitable for small family (https://amzn.to/2ld2vU7)

      Top load models

      LG 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine T9077NEDL1, suitable for a Large family (Amazon link – https://amzn.to/2jZxd2O)

      Samsung 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA75M4500HP/TL) – (Amazon link – https://amzn.to/2jZz4Vm)

      LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7581NDDLG) – suitable for medium family (Amazon link – https://amzn.to/2ld2Nub)

  7. Sir mimu washing machine thiskovali anukuntunnanu topload thiskovali anukuntunnanu kani whirlpool lg e rendu comapany lo ya company thiskovalo confusion lo vunnanu pls reply sir pls

  8. I want to purchase a washing machine, having 4 members.pls suggest me the brand,capacity,model and technology based. Pls suggest

  9. What’s your opinion on lg front load fully automatic machine with in built optional dryer
    Does any other brand have similar product
    Is it recommended

  10. Please never buy Panasonic.. I bought one and it’s always faulty. Though they service it for free, I had a hard time with it. Service 15 times in the first 1.5 years. Waiting to finish the 2 year warranty period to throw away the machine

  11. Looking for a sturdy automatic washing machine (top/front) for a family of four with hassle-free service and easy maintenance. Please suggest.

  12. Hi,
    I am looking for fully automatic all-in-one washer dryer machine for a family of 4. Is it recommended to buy all-in-one washer dryer?
    Otherwise if I buy the fully automatic washing machine (like Bosch WAK24268IN) will it perform at least 70% of drying?
    Kindly give some guidance.

  13. What is the best fully automatic washing machine for blankets and clothes (in terms of motor, drum, and etc.)? Also, what are the key things make a washing machine fit and fine for long term?

  14. What is the best washing machine for blankets and clothes (in terms of motor, drum, and etc.)? Also, what are the key things make a washing machine fit and fine for long term?

  15. Hi,
    I’m looking for top load washing maching, i narrowed my search now i decided to go with either Bosch 6.5 top load or LG 6.2 inverter top load.
    now service wise good reviews on LG. I’m worried in wash quality. reviews say LG’s wash quality is not that good. But for Bosch not getting good reviews on installation and service. my main concern is wash quality.
    can u suggest me whether Bosch gives better wash quality than LG then I will go for Bosch.

  16. i wish to buy a washing machine fully automatic. budget around 20k to 25k. whether front load or top load. which company kindly advise in detail.

  17. I want a good mschine with great features . Mostly top load and user friendly for family of 5 members, Confused between whirpool 360degree n LG. could you please suggest for the best. Budget 25k.

  18. i have a family of 5 ,so what should be ideal washing machine size (load) for me , other question is what is avg. power consumption in top load & front load fully automatic machine , thankyou

    • 6.5 – 7.5 Kg washing machine will be the right choice for you.

      electricity consumption of a washing machine depends on how you use them. Front load machines use less water and top loading machines use more water but the front loaders have longer wash cycles

      It is always a good idea to buy a 5 Star rated Appliance. Also, use the right detergent in required quantity only. If you don’t use the right amount of detergent then multiple wash cycles will be needed leading to both power and water wastage.

      Also, go for Inverter Technology washing machine if you are concerned about power consumption. This technology enables the washing machines to run at a speed that is optimum to the load thereby saving power.

  19. I want front load washingmachine for family of five members budget 25000 to 30000 simple function and not complicated function

  20. The dealer is suggesting haeir which has inverter technology with 2years guarantee and 20 yrs motor. Warranty. I am confused whether Haier or if, which is better regarding quality and service .can you please suggest me regarding this.

    • Is LG not a recommended product for 7KG? I am looking at FHT1207SWL , I am considering this over Bosch WAK2426SIN. Please suggest which is better?

      • This LG 7 Kg FHT1207SWL is more popular than the Bosch model. It comes with Inverter direct drive technology, 6 Motion DD that moves the wash drum in multiple directions for a perfect wash. This LG model also makes less noise and vibration. Also, there is wifi connectivity. You can go with this one.

        • Hi , Thanks for quick reply. I am seeing some user reviews about more vibration on this model. Shall I need to worry about it? Or shall I consider the FHT1007SWL? which is only 1000rpm
          One more query is Bosch dealer has given WAk2426SIN as the latest model number, but most reviews are about WAK24268. could you share which is better among ?

          • In the LG model with 1200ppm, the motor is attached directly to the drum and there will be less vibration. There will be some vibration if you place the washing machine on an uneven surface, it is better to install the washing machine on a stand so there will be less vibration, easy to move and clean.

            WAK24268IN is the popular model and it was launched way back in 2014 so there are more reviews as many people already purchased the model.

            WAK2426SIN is the latest model.

      • LG accompany stunning highlights like NFC Tag On, TrueSteam, Inverter Direct Drive Technology, Auto Pre-Wash, and that’s just the beginning. Accessible in various limits, the LG washing machines are an incredible mix of advancement, moderateness, and life span.

        Bosch is inseparable from the quality and if user reviews are to be accepted, their washing washings are truly outstanding in the Indian business sectors. They accompany various progress highlights and advancements like VarioDrum, ActiveWater Plus with 256 degrees of load detecting, EcoSilence Drive, and Anti-Vibration configuration to guarantee the most extreme accommodation and elite washing results.

  21. Hello,
    Any reviews and/or recommendations for washer/dryer combo in Mumbai, India? I have been researching a lot but couldn’t get a whole lot of reviews. Any suggestions?

  22. Hi, i live where the water is very hard.
    Could you suggest me a washing machine which tackles this issue.
    Also i m looking for something which consumes less electricity.

  23. Front load washing machines consume less water when compared with the top loading models. In the front load models, the rotating drum turns the clothes back into the water. Also, these machines sprays water while rotating the drum. Hence, the Front load washing machines consume less water. I have listed the top and best selling front load washing machines in this post. Please have a look and go for the brand that provides good support at your place.

  24. Bosch is a German Brand and Bosch Washing machines are quite robust and good in technology. The Service provided by Bosch is good in cities. But, Bosch only sells front load washing machines. In terms of popularity, Whirlpool is quite popular in India.

  25. Please suggest should I go for top loading or front loading machine. Also if you could list some 6.5-7 kg models. Thanks

  26. Hi
    First of all thank you for a detailed input on washing machines.

    I am looking for washing machine around 6.5 -7 kg. I was keen on whirlpool 360 degree Bloom was Ultra. While visiting the store the sales person showed me Bosch top load machines as well. Can you advise how Bosch is as compared to whirlpool ? Or is whirlpool better choice ?

    Thank you


  27. Only LG, Samsung and Whirlpool Washing machines have Inverter Technology. Also, the Direct drive technology is available only in LG Washing machines.
    IFB Washing machines are also good and have features like an inbuilt water softener, add wash that is suitable for Indian conditions. The LG Washing machines with 6 Motion direct drive have better wash options.
    You can have a look at the below LG models with 6 Motion direct drive technology and Inverter technology.
    LG FH0B8QDL22 (7 Kg) (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2DCmmkJ) (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/7o8lW2NNNN)
    LG FH0B8NDL22 (6 Kg) (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2DCmmkJ) (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/7o8lW2NNNN)

    • Hi There, You can have a look at the below models.
      Whirlpool Supreme care 9 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing machine with 7 Wash programs (E-cotton, Cotton, Mixed, Synthetics, Delicates, Wool, Colors), suitable for large family. This machine comes with Inverter Motor, 6th Sense touch panel, wave motion spinning. The Tub material is Stainless Steel.
      (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/NDBsMnuuuN)
      LG T1064HFES5C 9 Kg – Stainless Steel Best in class with 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology, Jet Spray Technology and 10 water level settings.
      (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/NPkNVnuuuN)
      LG T1077NEDL1 9 KG – Stainless Steel Fully Automatic Top Load model (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/NZbuTnuuuN)
      Samsung WD90K6410OX/TL 9 Kg Front Load Washer with Dryer. Digital Inverter Machine with minimal noise, Eco Bubble technology, Bubble soak technology and Add Wash technology.
      (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/u~DHxKNNNN)

  28. Check out the below models

    LG T7269NDDLH (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/4gzgxLuuuN) (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2EWk2Vu)
    IFB TL- RDW Aqua (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2F0M16c) (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/4hoLcLuuuN)
    IFB TL-RCG/RCSG 6.5 KG AQUA (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/QeyOz2NNNN) (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2CLxz02)
    Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/Q0dMs2NNNN)
    Have a look at this post for more top loading washing machines: https://www.kitchenarena.in/best-top-load-washing-machines/

  29. My requirements :
    6kg fully automatic (top)
    IFB / Samsung / LG / Sansui
    Budget 20k

    Which latest model do I buy and where can I get the best deals

  30. The Front Load Washing Machines are priced a little bit on the higher when compared with the top load models. You can know about the full difference between the fron load and top load washing machines here: https://www.kitchenarena.in/front-vs-top-load/
    Checkout the below Front Load models.
    IFB Diva Aqua VX (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/QyXLm2NNNN) (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2HP0Z17)
    Samsung WW60M206LMW/TL (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/4AsepLuuuN) (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2FaWnEg)
    Top Load Models 6.2, 6.5 kg
    LG T7269NDDLH (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/4gzgxLuuuN) (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2EWk2Vu)
    IFB TL- RDW Aqua (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2F0M16c) (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/4hoLcLuuuN)
    IFB TL-RCG/RCSG 6.5 KG AQUA (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/QeyOz2NNNN) (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2CLxz02)
    Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/Q0dMs2NNNN)

  31. My requirements :
    6kg fully automatic (front/top)
    IFB / Samsung / LG
    Budget 20k

    Which latest model do I buy and where can I get the best deals


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