A washing machine is a utility appliance. Seldom would you find a home in India without a washing machine?

The only difference would be in the size, capacity, and cost of the device.


Like all utility appliances, the price of the washing machine depends on various factors like usage, frequency of use, number of people in the house, its features, and the budget.

In this article, we shall be discussing washing machines available under Rs 30,000.

It is a reasonable budget to have because it gives you the desired flexibility to go for the top-end models of some of the reputed brands.

Best Washing Machines Under 30000

1. LG 8.0Kg 5-Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – FHN1208ZDL

LG offers washing machines for almost all kinds of budgets. This front-loading washing machine might cost a couple of thousand more than your budget but is worth every additional rupee you spend on it.


  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • 5-star energy rating
  • A capacity of 8.0Kg, ideal for average-sized families
  • A spin speed of 1200 rpm
  • Inverter direct-drive motor

LG brings the future of washing technology to India with its 6-motion direct drive inverter motor.

The direct-drive technology ensures that the engine is connected to the drum directly without the use of belts and gears. Therefore, there is less vibration, noise, and thereby less wear and tear.

The 6-motion control technology enables the drum to move in multiple directions to ensure proper turbulence. Thus, your fabrics come out cleaner.

This washing machine comes with a heater option to increase the temperature of water to 60 degrees Celsius and remove the most stubborn stains.

Keeping the water at 40 degrees for 15 minutes and washing them at 60 degrees removes bacteria, thereby ensuring proper hygiene for your baby’s clothes.

The stainless-steel drum does not rust or attract bacteria/germs. Hence, it lasts long. The Tub-Clean feature is a welcome addition. It heats the water to 85% and removes the dirt and detergent stains because of the high rpm speed.

The waterproof touch panel allows you to fix the settings without worrying about drying your hands. It is safe enough to touch them with wet hands.

The child lock feature will enable you to disable the control panel to keep your settings tamper-proof.

One of the highlights of this washing machine is the Auto Restart feature that allows the device to restart from where it stopped functioning because of a power cut.

The Smart Diagnosis feature enables you to connect the machine to the Smart ThinQ app and diagnose up to 86 errors.

  • Direct Drive motor technology eliminates noise and saves power.
  • High-quality performance
  • Water heater facility
  • Does not dry clothes fully

2. Bosch 8Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WAT24463IN

Bosch, an international brand, brings the best of German technology to deliver an excellent washing machine. Its exciting features can entice anyone to purchase this incredible machine.


  • Fully-automatic Front-Loading washing machine
  • Capacity of 8Kg
  • Vario Drum
  • 12 years warranty on the motor

Bosch appliances believe in inspiring innovation to ensure a better quality of life. This machine comes with an Allergy Plus program that washes the clothes at 60 degrees Celsius to kill the germs and provide a hygienic laundry experience.

Besides the inbuilt heater option, one of the highlights of the Bosch washing machine is the Express Wash feature that ensures hygienically cleaned laundry in 60 minutes.

The EcoSilence Drive, along with the Vario Drum feature, ensures high-quality performance without damaging the environment in any way.

The Vario Perfect feature reduces cleaning time by 65% and consumes 20% less energy. The Eco Perfect feature saves up to 50% power while washing.

The dual-sided system provides a thorough wash for the most delicate fabrics. The paddle and the drum move in opposite directions to remove stubborn dirt from clothes.

The Active Water Plus technology optimises water usage to the maximum.

Bosch Unlock and Reload function allow you to open the door and remove/add clothes early in the wash cycle.

The superfast 15/30 minutes programme ensures quick cleaning of your laundry. The advanced technology reduces washing time by nearly 65% without compromising on the quality aspect.

The machine comes with a unique anti-vibration design to keep out the noise as much as possible.

  • Excellent wash programs
  • Not much vibration and sound
  • Incredible washing performance
  • The pipe supplied with the machine is short.
  • The power cord is also short.

3. Samsung 8Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WW80J4243MW/TL

Samsung offers an exhaustive range of washing machines to suit all budgets. This front-loading washing machine is one of the best in its niche because of its excellent features and user-friendliness.


  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 8Kg, suitable for the average Indian family
  • A high spin speed of 1200 rpm
  • Eco Bubble Technology
  • Digital Inverter Motor

Samsung front-loading washing machines come with incredible features like hygiene steam, digital inverter motor, and Eco Bubble technology to deliver a superb washing experience.

Digital Inverter technology increases the machine’s efficiency while making less noise, thereby ensuring long-lasting performance. This technology uses magnets to optimise sound performance.

The 5-star rating certifies the energy efficiency of this front-loading appliance.

The presence of a ceramic heater is advantageous because it avoids scaling. Therefore, there is energy saving because of the less time taken to heat the water.

The Eco Drum Clean technology ensures to keep your drum clean without using harsh chemicals. The best aspect is that the machine alerts you automatically when it needs cleaning.

The Diamond drum comes with a unique design where the diamond-shaped ridges clean your clothes as gently as possible. The drum has small water exit holes to protect the clothes from getting trapped.

The Quick Wash feature is a highlight because it saves crucial time by cleaning your soiled clothes quickly and efficiently. The LED Panel allows for an easy clean view.

The Delay End feature enables you to delay the end of any cycle for up to 24 hours. The Child lock feature disables the buttons and the control panel to prevent children from tampering with the controls.

  • Excellent appearance complemented by a remarkable performance
  • Attractive on the cost front, when compared to other machines
  • Energy-efficient appliance
  • No gentle wash mode
  • Some of the wash cycles take hours to complete.

4. Bosch 7Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WAK24168IN

This Bosch machine is similar to the one discussed earlier. It comes with similar features and the same German technology to deliver an exciting washing experience.


  • Front-loading fully-automatic washing machine
  • A capacity of 7Kg, making it ideal for a family comprising three to four members
  • A high spin speed of 1200 rpm
  • Vario Drum and LED Display
  • 12-year warranty on the motor

Bosch manufactures some of the best washing machines in the world. They come with unique features like Vario Drum, Allergy Plus Program, and Foam Detection, and others.

This appliance comes equipped with an in-built heater to enable hot water wash at 60 degrees Celsius, thereby ensuring a germ-free and hygienically clean laundry.

The Express Wash feature cleans out your clothes within 60 minutes and saves up to 65% time. Thus, it is an ideal machine to use when you are busy.

The Allergy Plus Program ensures the elimination of detergent residue and irritants to deliver allergy-free clothes.

The EcoPerfect feature saves up to 50% power, thereby adding to its efficiency. The VarioPerfect feature consumes 20% less energy while reducing cleaning time by 65%.

The Vario Drum is an exciting innovation. It comes with paddles that move gently in a direction opposite to the drum’s rotation to ensure high-quality cleaning.

This washing machine comes with a super 15/30 minutes wash programme to clean your laundry in 15/30 minutes accordingly. Simultaneously, there is no compromise on the wash quality.

The Reload program is an excellent feature because it allows you to add or remove clothes after starting the wash cycle. This feature allows you to pause the process in its early stages.

The Anti-vibration design ensures the least noise while spinning. The Eco-Silence drive minimises the motor’s wear and tear to deliver powerful results.

  • High spin speed ensures quick drying of clothes
  • Anti-vibration design reduces noise
  • Exquisite performance
  • The hosepipe and the power cord are short.

5. IFB 7Kg 5-Star Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Neo Diva BX

IFB is a household name all over the world when it comes to washing machines. Some of the best front-loading washing machines are available with IFB branding.


  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • 5-star energy rating
  • A capacity of 7Kg, ideal for a family of three to four members
  • Eleven wash programs
  • Four years warranty on the product and ten years on spare part products

This IFB washing machine comes with gentle care and a hot wash facility to deliver hygienically clean clothes. The Cradle Wash feature is an innovative one, as this machine ensures the maximum hygiene standards for your baby’s clothes.

The 3D Wash system soaks your clothes thoroughly to enable easy removal of dirt, thereby enhancing the washing experience.

The Aqua Energie feature is a built-in device that helps the detergent dissolve better in the water to ensure a softer wash. Another exciting feature is the Express Wash facility that is a specially designed programme for lighter loads, such as your gym and workout laundry.

This front-loading washing machine allows you to add clothes up to 15 minutes after starting the wash. This feature is an innovative one, not available in all models made in India.

The High-Low Voltage Protection feature protects the appliance from extreme voltage fluctuations.

One of the best aspects of this washing machine is the Ball Valve Technology. The Float Ball Valve allows the water to drain out while retaining the detergent in the device. It prevents wastage of detergent and enhances the wash experience.

  • Remarkable performance
  • Full value for money
  • Excellent when used in areas with hard water
  • The customer service is not up to the necessary standard.

6. LG 10Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – T10SJSS1Z

After reviewing some of the best front-loading washing machines, here is a high-quality top-loading machine that can match the models discussed above, feature-by-feature.


  • Fully-automatic Top-loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 10Kg, ideally suited for large families
  • 5-star energy rating
  • A range of wash programs
  • A spin speed of 780 rpm

LG top-loading washing machines come with a high-quality smart inverter that makes less noise and vibrations to ensure a better washing experience. This washing machine is amongst the safest ones to use.

The inverter motor adjusts the energy consumption, depending on the load and wash cycle selected by the user. This washing machine is amongst the best when it comes to saving water and time.

The Jet Spray technology saves up to 70% water and 40% energy, as the powerful water spray washes off the excess detergent and dirt from your garments.

The Turbo Drum rotates in a direction opposite to the pulsator to create the ideal turbulence required for a powerful wash. The Punch+ 3 feature makes water streams in the vertical direction to mix the laundry up and down repeatedly for a uniform washing experience.

This appliance comes with a unique feature, the smart closing door. It prevents unnecessary injuries to the user and damage to the equipment.

The stainless-steel drum does not encourage the formation and accumulation of bacteria. It does not rust and hence lasts long.

The Tub-Clean feature ensures that your tub does not have an unpleasant smell because it thoroughly sterilises the inner and outer tub.

The Auto-Restart feature is a useful one to have during a power cut. The machine restarts from where it left off.

The Child Lock function disables the control panel to keep the settings safe and tamper-proof. The compatibility with the Smart ThinQ app helps to diagnose up to 86 errors.

  • Saves water and power
  • Exemplary performance
  • High-quality Turbo Drum
  • No hot water washing facility

7. LG 8.0Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – T80SJFS1Z

LG is one of the most widespread washing machine brands in India. You can find LG products in almost all categories of washing machines.

This 8Kg washing machine offers some of the best features in its niche.


  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • 5-star energy rating
  • A capacity of 8Kg, ideal for the average Indian family
  • Turbo Drum and Jet Spray technology
  • 10-year warranty on the motor

The Turbo Drum is the highlighting feature of this washing machine. This drum rotates in a direction opposite to the pulsator to eliminate the toughest dirt, while being gentle on clothes.

The smart inverter technology adjusts the energy consumption level, depending on the load. It also makes less noise because of low vibrations. While being a safe appliance, this washing machine delivers a fantastic washing experience.

One of the exciting highlights of this appliance is the Jet Spray technology that removes manual scrubbing.

A powerful jet of water washes off the dirt and the residual detergent powder to deliver an excellent washing performance. It also saves up to 40% energy and 70% water.

The unique Punch+ 3 system uses three pulsators to direct three vertical streams of water to ensure a better wash.

This machine comes with a high-quality stainless-steel drum that does not encourage the accumulation of bacteria. As it does not rust, the drum lasts long.

Another highlight is the hygienic Tub-Clean function that sterilises the drum and keeps your clothes free from contamination.

The Smart Closing Door is an additional welcome feature where the door closes gently. No one can force the door to close abruptly, thereby preventing unnecessary injuries to the user.

The compatibility with the Smart ThinQ app enables the user to detect and diagnose up to 86 errors, thereby saving precious time when repairing the machine.

The Child Lock feature is an innovative one that prevents anyone from tampering with the controls after confirming the settings. Another highlight includes the Auto Restart feature that enables this washing machine to start from where it left off during a power cut.

  • Excellent power saving and water-saving features
  • High-quality washing performance
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • No hot water wash
  • The spin cycle is a bit on the slower side.

8. LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine FHM1207ZDL

LG, true to its reputation, offers some excellent washing models in every pricing range. This fully-automatic front-loading washing machine comes with exciting features and is priced attractively.

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • 7 Kg capacity, best for bachelors and couples
  • 5-star rating
  • 1200rpm spin speed
  • Ten washing programs
  • Inverter direct drive motor

The inverter motor in LG front-loading washing machines play an active role in providing a high-quality washing performance. The 6-Motion Control technology involves the moving of the drum in multiple directions to jerk out the dirt from the clothes while taking care of the delicate fabrics. Thus, your clothes come out ultra clean every time.

The advantage of the inverter direct drive motor is that it attaches to the drum directly, thereby preventing vibrations, noise, and wear and tear.

This washing machine is one of the safest in its category because of the waterproof touch panel that allows you to change settings, even with wet hands.

This front-loading washing machine is better than most of the top-loaders because of its heater feature. It heats the water to 60 degrees Celsius to remove stains and eliminate bacteria and ensure a hygienic wash.

Washing machines have become intelligent over the years. This appliance is compatible with a mobile app, SmartThinQ that allows it to diagnose up to 86 errors. Hence, it saves time and labour whenever you encounter an issue with the device.

The Auto-Restart option is an intelligent one as the machine restarts from the same point in the wash cycle it left during the power cut. The Tub Clean feature allows the water to heat to 85 degrees Celsius to auto-clean the tub after a hectic wash cycle.

On the hygiene front, this appliance comes out tops because of its stainless-steel drum. It discourages accumulation of bacteria and does not rust, thereby enhancing its lifespan.

The Child Lock feature allows you to lock the settings and prevent it from tampering. Homes with babies should love the Baby Care feature where the clothes are soaked in water at 40 degrees for 15 minutes before washing them with water at 60 degrees, thereby eliminating bacteria, viruses, and enzymes.

  • Amazing washing performance
  • Saves water and power while making less noise
  • Most comfortable to use
  • Not the ideal machine for big families

9. Samsung 7 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-loading washing machine 

Here is a Samsung model to rival the LG washing machine discussed earlier. This business rivalry is beneficial for customers because it gives them excellent options to purchase the best washing machines under Rs 30,000.

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • 7. 0 Kg capacity, suitable for small, Medium families
  • 1200rpm spin speeds
  • Excellent wash programs
  • Hygiene Steam Wash
  • 5-star rating

Every washing machine brand is unique in its way, thereby offering fantastic options to customers. This Samsung machine features an energy-efficient solution with Hygiene Steam feature that envisages washing clothes using steam, thereby enhancing the wash quality.

The Digital Inverter technology delivers a superlative performance using robust magnets that also reduce vibrations and sound. As a result, this appliance consumes less electricity to rank as one of the most energy-efficient washing machines today.

Samsung washing machines feature Diamond Drum technology to protect your clothes from damage. The unique soft curl design goes soft on the clothes while eliminating dirt effectively.

The ceramic heater is a plus point because it prevents build-up of scale deposit that could affect the performance. This machine offers excellent features like Delay End where you have the option of delaying the wash cycle by up to 24 hours whenever needed.

You can prevent anyone from tampering with the settings by enabling the Child Lock settings. It helps in safeguarding the settings, especially from children who tend to play with them.

This washing machine offers different wash programs, depending on the fabrics. The Quick Wash Mode is the perfect one if you want your clothes washed in double-quick time. This wash cycle runs for a mere 15 minutes.

The cotton and wool fabric wash cycles are the best for cotton and woollen garments, respectively. The machine decides the quantity of detergent you use for these washing cycles.

Similarly, the Delicate Wash mode is perfect for your expensive garments and silk clothes.

This washing machine is compatible with a smartphone app, Smart Check, that doubles up as an error-monitoring system.

  • Range of wash programs to suit your different demands
  • Steam wash cycle is an innovative one.
  • Excellent purchase as this machine offers full value for the amount you spend
  • Though it is has 7 Kg capacity, it is not the best for large families.

10. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-automatic Front-loading washing machine – WAK20166IN

Bosch is a renowned international brand that brings the best of German engineering to Indian shores. German motors have fantastic durability. This washing machine imbibes these qualities to deliver an impeccable washing performance.

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • 6. 5 Kg capacity
  • Ten wash programs
  • Active Water and 3D aqua spa programs
  • Two years warranty

Bosch washing machines are unique because they offer washing programs like Allergy Plus that washes clothes at 60 degrees Celsius. The hot water kills germs and bacteria to result in hygienically clean laundry.

The Bosch machine is perfect for those who do not have much time at their disposal. This appliance can do your laundry in 60 minutes using the Express Wash feature.

The AllergyPlus program uses intensive wash cycles to eliminate detergent residue and other irritants to deliver hygienic and allergy-free clothes.

The VarioPerfect feature is a stunning highlight as you save valuable power by reducing the cleaning time by 65%. The EcoPerfect feature goes one step ahead and saves up to 50% power.

The Bosch washing machine is famous for its VarioDrum feature. The flat side of the paddle is useful for cleaning delicate fabrics, whereas the steep side ensures a deep clean with its unique wave-droplet design. The drum spins in both directions to provide the perfect settings for the paddle to do the washing job.

The Active Water Plus feature determines the quantity of water necessary for a specific wash cycle, depending on the fabric and the amount of dirt. Thus, it ends up saving water.

A general complaint with front-loading machines is that you cannot open the doors to add/remove clothes after the washing cycle starts. This Bosch machine offers you the facility in the early stages of the cycle.

If you face time constraints, the Super 15/30-minute program should prove handy. The Speed Perfect feature saves time by consuming 65% less time without compromising on the wash quality.

The anti-vibration design ensures that the machine does not make much sound to disturb the household. The Eco Silence drive motor minimises heat and wear-out, thereby enhancing the appliance’s overall lifespan.

  • Best of German technology adapting to Indian washing conditions
  • Super quick wash cycle of 15 minutes
  • Silent operator, therefore, highly effective
  • The original Bosch spare parts can be expensive

11. LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – FHM1006ADW

Front-loading machines with 6 Kg capacity are ideal for couple and individuals, whereas a top-loader with the same capacity can handle more clothes. Nevertheless, front-loading machines priced are becoming popular in India.

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machines
  • 5-star energy rating
  • 6. 0 Kg capacity, ideal for couples and individuals
  • 1000rpm spin speed
  • Ten wash programs
  • Two years warranty

All LG front-loading washing machines come with similar features with minor changes. This 6.0 Kg front-loader features 6-motion control technology. This technology envisages the washing drum moving in different directions to create the perfect tumbling wash. Thus, your clothes come out clean without undergoing any damage.

A positive aspect of LG washing machines is the Inverter Direct Drive technology. The motor directly connects to the drum, thereby reducing vibrations. As it does not involve the use of pulleys and belts, there is less wear and tear.

LG washing machines connect with a specific smartphone app, SmartThinQ. This app helps you to monitor the usage ad diagnose any problem with the machine sitting at home. It can detect up to 86 errors, thereby making it easy for the technician.

The hot water wash is a hygienic feature because it eliminates bacteria and allergens when it washes clothes in hot water at 60 degrees Celsius. The water heats to 85 degrees for cleaning the washtub after the washing cycle. This Tub Clean feature is an innovative one.

A sterling feature of the LG front-loading washing machines is the steel washtub. It ensures zero contamination by bacteria. As stainless-steel does not rust, this washtub has an extended lifespan.

Power cuts are frequent in various towns in India. This LG machine features an Auto-Restart function that allows the appliance to restart from where it terminated due to the power cut. Thus, it saves considerable time and electricity.

Children cannot tamper with the machine’s settings if you use the Child Lock feature to lock the settings after starting the washing cycle. It prevents damage to the machine and protects the child from unnecessary accidents.

Washing baby clothes in this washing machine is an absolute dream. The clothes soak in water at 40 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. The temperature rises to 60 degrees when the wash cycle starts. Thus, you have hygienically clean clothes at the end of the wash.

  • Performance of the top-drawer stuff
  • One of the safest washing machines around
  • Comes with easy-to-use settings
  • The capacity is not enough for large-sized families.

Buying Guide For Washing Machines Under Rs 30000

The prime duty of a washing machine is to make your job of washing clothes simple. Washing machines are broadly classified into two categories.

  1. Semi-Automatic Washing Machines
  2. Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

We will not go into the details of the differences between the two categories. In short, we shall state as follows.

Fully-automatic machines are those that do not require any manual intervention other than setting the washing cycles, inserting, and removing the garments.

On the other hand, semi-automatic washing machines need a higher degree of manual intervention. These appliances come with two separate washing and drying tubs.

The semi-automatic machines do not offer many washing cycles. Hence, these devices are available under Rs 15,000.

Note: If you are looking for More Semi Automatic Models, Here is the List of Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines from top Brands like Whirlpool, Lg, Electrolux, and Onida.

As our budget is in the range of Rs 30K, we shall concentrate on the fully-automatic washing machines. These appliances are available in two configurations.

  1. Top-Loading Washing machines
  2. Front-Loading Washing machines

Besides the principal configurations, these machines are as different as chalk and cheese, with both of them having their merits and demerits. We shall discuss these machines in brief, as it could help you in choosing the appropriate one for your home.

Top-Loading Washing Machines Vs Front-Loading Washing Machines

Almost all the reputed washing machine manufacturers offer top-loading and front-loading washing machines.

According to your requirements, you can select either of them. Let us now compare both these appliances and decide which of the two is the better option.


Compared to front-loading washing machines, the top-loaders are convenient to use because you do not have to bend over for loading and unloading clothes.

People with back problems can find it inconvenient to use a front-loading washing machine. A probable solution to this issue is to place the front-loaders on a pedestal.

Some of the other benefits of top-loading washing machines are that you can stop the washing cycle from adding or removing clothes. It does not affect the process, as it restarts from the same position.

Top-loading machines also offer better facilities for removing lint and fluff from your garments. They also allow you to dispense garment softeners better than the front-loading appliances.

Thus, top-loaders have the upper hand as far as user-friendliness is concerned.

Washing Performance – Quality of wash

Compared to the top-loading machines, the front-loaders are gentler on your garments, especially the silk and woollen clothes.

It is also a challenge to wash heavy clothes like pillows, bedsheets, and blankets in the top-loading machines because they do not immerse into the water entirely.

The front-loaders are better equipped to handle tough cleaning jobs.

Besides, the front-loading washing machines come with more washing cycles. Almost all the front-loaders have facilities for delivering hot water wash. Some of the top-loading appliances also come with hot water washing features.

On the washing performance front (Quality), the front-loading washing machines are ahead of the top-loaders.

Note: If you are looking for More Front Load Models, Here is the List of Best Front Load Washing Machines from top Brands like IFB, Bosch, Lg, and Samsung.

Washing Performance – Speed of Operation

Top-loading washing machines are available in two configurations.

  • Machines with agitator
  • Machines with impeller

An agitator is a rod-like plastic device attached to the motor on the inside portion of the washing drum. This device creates a unique kind of motion by shaking and forcing water through the drum.

It causes turbulence in the water, thereby helping to generate more lather. At the same time, it also leads to vibration.

The top-loading machines are also available without the agitator arrangement. Under such circumstances, the impeller takes over the job of creating the ideal turbulence to enable a better cleaning job.

Compared to the machines with agitators, the devices with impellers do a better cleaning job. The agitator occupies precious space inside the machine, thereby reducing the overall capacity.

There are chances of clothes getting entangled in the agitator while washing, thereby leading to probable damage to the garments. The machines with impeller arrangement use less water in comparison.

The front-loading machines do not come with such features. However, they have a higher number of wash cycles. Therefore, they take more time to complete the washing job when compared to the top-loading washing machines.

When you compare the speed of operations, the top-loading machines have the edge over the front-loaders.

Efficiency – Water Usage and Electricity Consumption

Compared to a top-loading washing machine, a front-loader consumes less water.

Similarly, front-loading machines are better when it comes to consuming electricity. Front-loading washing machines are also environmentally friendly.

On the efficiency front, the front-loading washing machine can beat the top-loaders, any day.

Efficiency – Water Extraction

The spin speed is a crucial aspect when it comes to extracting water from the clothes and drying them.

The semi-automatic washing machines come with a separate spin tub that spins at a tremendous speed. Hence, they are better than fully-automatic washing machines when it comes to extracting water.

When comparing the top-loading and front-loading washing machines, the front-loaders spin about 33% faster than the top-loading appliances.

Therefore, front-loaders are better. However, many people are wary of the fact that these machines vibrate more when spinning, thereby causing greater noise.

When it comes to drying clothes, the top-loading machines are no match for the front-loaders.

Maintenance – Formation of moulds and mildew

Consumers who have used front-loading washing machines have a common complaint.

These machines require greater maintenance when compared to the top-loaders. The main issue is the build-up of moulds on the drum, especially in the area around the door’s rubber gasket.

Regular cleaning of the area can prevent the accumulation of moisture in those areas.

One can also keep the door slightly ajar between cycles. Keeping the washing machine in airy surroundings can also prevent the formation of moulds.

The top-loaders do not have any such issue.

In matters concerning maintenance, the top-loaders are preferable to the front-loading washing machines.

Ease of Installation of dryers – Occupation of space

Both front and top-loading machines are easy to install. They do not require dryers, especially if you have enough space in your homes to dry the clothes on a clothesline.

If you wish to invest in a separate dryer, it can cause space issues.

Front-loading machines are better placed because you can stack the dryer above the washing machine comfortably.

It is not feasible in the case of the top-loaders. The dryers need to be installed separately. It will end up occupying more space.

When it comes to installing dryers, the front-loaders are better placed than the top-loaders.


The front-loading washing machines are expensive when compared to the top-loading appliances of similar capacity. It is because of the additional features available in the front-loaders.

When it comes to purchasing a washing machine within the budget of Rs 30,000, one should also look at the capacity.

If your family has four members or more, you should go for washing machines having a capacity of more than 6.5Kg. It can jack up the price further.

A top-loading washing machine thus becomes a viable option when you combine capacity and pricing.

On the pricing aspect, the top-loading machines have an advantage.

We have discussed various points that can help the consumer to understand the differences between a front-loading and top-loading washing machine.

Without being judgemental, we leave it to the consumers to decide which is the better option of the two.

Tips to Maintain your washing machine

We shall now discuss some tips on the maintenance of a washing machine to extend its longevity.

The washing machine is a substantial investment. As it is a utility appliance, there will be wear and tear on prolonged usage.

Generally, the motors come with a warranty of up to ten years. However, the other components of the machine might not last as long and therefore, the maintenance of the appliance is crucial.

These tips will enable you to take care of your washing machine well to allow it to last as long as its motor does.

Deep Cleaning

Washing machines are generally efficient. They can handle the toughest of clothes with ease. However, throughout usage, its efficiency reduces.

One of the primary reasons is scaling or accumulation of white-coloured residue on the drum and drainpipes. It is more prevalent in areas having hard water.

The best way to deal with this problem is to use a water softener. One can also clean the machine using a strong machine cleaner. It can help to remove the white deposits and enhance the overall efficiency of the device.

Cover the machine when not in use

Another issue with washing machines is that the body begins to rust and corrode. Now, humidity is the prime reason for corrosion.

You cannot keep water away from the washing machine. However, you can take care of the device by wiping it dry after every use and keep it covered with a washing machine cover of the right size.

It ensures that the machine does not come in touch with humidity.

One should be careful not to spill anything on the body. You should wipe it out immediately to retain the showroom-like shine on the body and instrument panel.

One should also avoid placing heavy objects on top of the machine to prevent scratches on the glass panel.

Clean the rubber gaskets.

Every washing machine consists of rubber gaskets on its doors to prevent leakage of water.

It also protects your hands and clothes from the machine’s sharp edges. However, this area is prone to the accumulation of humidity, thereby leading to the formation of moulds.

Thus, there is a build-up of bacteria. The ideal solution is to clean the gasket regularly. One can use a damp cloth to clean the area followed by wiping it dry with a napkin.

Leaving the door open is beneficial

As soon as you complete the wash cycle, it is advisable to keep the door open for around 15 to 20 minutes.

Many people think that keeping the door open would be equivalent to inviting dirt and dust to settle down. They are right in a way.

However, keeping the door open for some time after a washing cycle allows the drum and the inner portions of the machine to dry.

Thus, it prevents the accumulation of moisture inside the machine. Keeping the door open also ensures that the device does not have a foul odour the next time you use it.

Clean the detergent dispensers.

Fully-automatic washing machines come with different detergent and water softener dispensers.

These areas can remain dirty after a washing cycle because of the accumulation of detergent powder or solution residue.

Leaving them unattended can cause the build-up of bacteria. It is usually visible as a formation of a slimy, green-coloured layer on the plastic.

The bacteria can affect the quality of washing and contaminate the clothes. Therefore, one should ensure to clean the detergent and water softener dispensers after every wash.

Check the hoses.

The washing machine has two hoses, one at the point where the water enters the machine, and another where the water drains out.

One should keep checking the hoses for the accumulation of dirt and other solids that can affect the water flow.

One can easily remove the hoses and clean them. If you keep them unclogged, it goes on to improve the overall life expectancy of the washing machine.

Keep the filter clean.

Washing machines come with lint filters to collect the lint and fluff from your garments.

The filter plays a critical role, as it does not allow the lint to clog the drainpipes. However, one should ensure to clean the lint filters regularly, thereby increasing its efficiency.

You can clean the filters at least once a month. It is not a time-consuming job.

Use your washing machine carefully.

Many people tend to use the washing machine as a storage space for the used clothes. It should not be so.

Stocking up old clothes inside the device can cause a foul odour. It is advisable to allow free air circulation inside the machine when not in use.

Secondly, one should not dump more clothes than what the machine can bear.

The excess weight can cause the slowing down of the motor’s rotation, thereby affecting the quality of the wash. It can cause wear and tear and lead to damaging the engine.

The right detergent is crucial.

Many types of detergents are available in the market. You have liquid detergents and powder detergents. Generally, it is better to use liquid detergents in fully-automatic washing machines.

One should ensure that the detergents should not be alkaline or too harsh on the clothes.

Selecting the ideal detergent will go a long way in ensuring the machine’s extended lifespan.

The tips mentioned above should help you maintain your washing machine. There should be no reason why your fully-automatic washing machine should not last for more than ten years. It is also advisable to have an AMC to take care of minor repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the top brands of washing machines available in India under Rs 30K?

Almost all the reputed brands are available in this pricing range. They include LG, Bosch, IFB, Samsung, and many others. We have discussed the features of seven of the best washing machines under Rs 30,000 in the article.

2. Should I opt for a top-loading or a front-loading washing machine?

It depends on the user’s choice. Both these options are available in washing machines under Rs 30,000. If the front-loading appliances are efficient and consume less water, the top-loading machines are user-friendly. One should select the washing machine according to their preferences.

3. Other than the features, efficiency, and pricing, what aspect should one look at when purchasing washing machines?

Customer support is a crucial issue to consider. Almost all manufacturers offer free installation. One should also check out the warranty and get the card stamped and signed by the dealer. It is advisable to check out beforehand whether servicing facilities are available in the area where you reside. It saves a lot of trouble in case your machine needs repairing.

4. How is the inverter motor better than the conventional engine?

The inverter motor consumes less power than the traditional engines. They also make less noise in comparison, and hence, the inverter motor is a better option than the conventional ones, any day.

5. Should I use liquid detergents or powder detergents?

Liquid detergents are advisable for fully-automatic washing machines because they combine with water sufficiently to produce a good lather. They do not leave any stubborn residue on the device or the clothes. The powder detergents might not dissolve fully in the water. They can stick to the clothes and the machine parts. It affects the quality of your wash.

6. Can my washing machine work with hard water?

Yes, the washing machines today come with the capacity to work with hard water. Alternatively, you can install water softeners at the place where the water enters the machine. You also get water softener granules that you can add to the water to make it soft.

7. Should I opt for the AMC for my washing machine?

A washing machine is a utility appliance. There are chances of wear and tear to the machine parts. The manufacturers offer a warranty on the product for two years, whereas the motor comes with a ten-year warranty. It is good to opt for an AMC, as a qualified technician will be available to attend to minor repairs annually. It can extend the lifespan of the machine.


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