10 Best Top Load Washing Machines in India 2022 (Fully Automatic)

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The debate between the front-loading and top-loading fully automatic washing machines will last for eternity. However, while the front-loading machines have their benefits, the top-loading models have their share of admirers.

This post compares the best top-loading fully automatic washing machines available in India.

An extensive range of top-loading Models are available, with Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool being the most popular brands. Similarly, we have other brands, like Panasonic, IFB, and Bosch. Let us compare the features available in these brands to help us decide on the right option for our homes.

Brand / FeaturesSamsungLGWhirlpool
Capacity Range6.2 Kg to 16 Kg6.2 Kg to 12 Kg6.2 Kg to 9.5 Kg
Inverter TechnologyAvailable in select modelsAvailable in almost all modelsSome top models feature Direct Drive motors.
Wash QualityEco Fabric Care package in the top models Different wash programsLG Smart Motion Various wash programs6th sense smart sensors 360 Bloomwash Multiple wash programs
Power Consumption – kWh/kg/cycleNAAround 0.0113Around 0.0123
Water Usage – L/kg/cycleAround 140L per washAround 23L/kg/cycleAround 21L/kg/cycle
Hard Water washCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Inbuilt HeaterGenerally, not availableSteam wash available in some modelsAvailable in some models
Drum TypeDiamond Drum technologyTurbo DrumStainless Steel drum
Spin Speed Range680rpm onwards780rpm360rpm to 740rpm
Other TechnologyWobble technology
Center jet technology
Built in sink
Magic dispenser
Powerful filtration
Stainless steel pulsator with six blades
Aqua Preserve Mode
Eco Tub Clean
ActivWash+ technology
Smart diagnosis
Jet Spray+ technology
Punch+ 3 pulsator motion technology
Smart Diagnosis
Tub Clean facility
Fuzzy Logic
Air Dry
Turbo Soak
Health+ filter
Zero Pressure Fill Technology Auto Tub Clean
Hexa Bloom impeller Agitator feature
Catalytic soak
Smart sensors
Magic Lint filter
Noise levels – WashingAround 50dbAround 48dbAround 63db
Noise levels – SpinningAround 59dbAround 74dbAround 72db
Energy Rating5-Star rated models available5-star5-star rated models available
WarrantyUp to 3-years on the product and up to 12 years on the motorUp to two years on the product and ten years on the motorUp to two years on the product and five years on the motor

Samsung Top-Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Here are some top Samsung top-loading fully automatic washing machine models.

6.5 Kg capacity
Amazon Price
ideal for small families
Center jet technology
Six wash programs
LED control panel
Diamond drum technology with plastic base
Features like Air Turbo, Auto restart, water level selector, child lock, magic lint filter, tempered glass window, rat mesh

7.0 Kg capacity
Amazon Price
suited for small families
Wobble Technology
Inverter motor
5 Star Rating
Diamond drum technology with plastic base
Magic filter, smart check, Aqua Preserve, child lock, Monsoon wash, Quick wash, Eco tub clean

Samsung top-loading washing fully automatic washing machines are available in sizes ranging from 6.2 Kg to 16 Kg, with the 6.5 Kg and 7.0 Kg proving to be the most popular.

SAMSUNG 6.5 kg Washing Machine Diamond Drum
SAMSUNG 6.5 kg Washing Machine With Diamond Drum

In addition, Samsung offers inverter motor technology in various models. As a result, these machines save power, vibrate less, and make less noise.

The prime characteristic of Samsung washing machines is Diamond Drum technology. The machines equipped with this technology have smaller holes in the washing drum to ensure that the fabric fibers do not get entangled in them. Thus, this technology ensures the fabrics’ safety, besides ensuring a thorough cleaning job.

Diamond Drum
Diamond Drum

The latest Samsung top-loading fully automatic washing machines work on Wobble technology. This technology comprises a unique structure of pulsators to create a multidirectional water flow to offer an efficient wash. It prevents frictional damage and is perfect for washing your frequently used clothes like school uniforms, etc. Moreover, this technology eliminates the clothes from tangling and is ideal for washing delicate clothes.

Many Samsung top-loading fully automatic washing machines use an impeller or pulsator instead of an agitator for efficient washing. In this technology, powerful jets of water emanate from the center of the pulsator to create turbulent currents as the pulsator rotates. These currents spin your clothes through the water to remove dirt.

Samsung Diamond Drum Impeller Washer with No Agitator
Samsung’s Diamond Drum Impeller Washer with No Agitator

The top-end models come with stainless steel pulsators with six blades to create a powerful water shower and eliminate dirt efficiently. In addition, the scratch-resistant steel blades prevent bacterial growth and thus adds to the hygiene factor.

The top-end Samsung top-loading fully automatic feature Eco Fabric Care package ensures a perfect washing experience while saving water and energy. The digital inverter technology saves up to 40% power. In addition, these machines save up to 21% water and offer complete protection to the clothes using the Diamond Drum technology.

Samsung washing machines feature ActivWash+ functionality that includes a unique sink to place delicate fabrics and pre-treat heavily soiled clothes. As you press a button, the water jet starts to flow, helping you in the process.


The Magic Dispenser is another unique feature available in Samsung machines. This system creates a water vortex to ensure proper dissolution of the powder and liquid detergents in water and disperses it evenly before the commencement of the wash cycle. Thus, you do not have any detergent residue on the clothes.

The magic lint filter gathers lint and other dust particles from the clothes and prevents them from clogging the drains. The Aqua Preserve Mode saves water for the subsequent wash cycle.

Samsung top load with Digital Inverter technology

The smart diagnosis feature identifies problems with the machine’s functioning and helps diagnose them for easy repairs and maintenance. Finally, the Air Dry feature removes excess moisture from the washed clothes and enables them to come out as dry as they emerge from a front-loading washing machine.    

  • Low noise levels
  • Range of wash programs available
  • Specifically made to suit Indian conditions
  • Customer service issues persist.

LG Top-loading fully-automatic washing machines

Here are some decent LG top-loading fully automatic washing machine models.

6.5 Kg capacity
Amazon Price
suitable for small families
Smart Inverter motor
5-star rated
Multiple wash programs
Turbo Drum with normal pulsator
Fuzzy logic control
Other features like smart diagnosis, child lock, 3-step wash, memory backup, auto restart, automatic tub clean

6.2 Kg
Amazon Price
ideal for couples and individuals
Inverter motor
Range of wash programs
Aqua Reserve feature
Turbo Drum with Punch+ 3 pulsator
End delay feature, Auto tub clean, Child lock

8.0 Kg
Amazon Price
Suitable for medium-sized families
Inverter motor
5-star rating
Jet Spray+ technology
Turbo drum
3-smart motion, Smart diagnosis, Smart closing door, Child lock

7.0 Kg
Amazon Price
Perfect for Indian families
Smart Inverter motor
5-star rating
Multiple wash programs
Jet Spray+ technology Punch+ 3 pulsator Fuzzy Logic, Turbo soak, Air dry, Auto balance system, Turbo Drum

Like Samsung washing machines, the LG top-loading fully automatic washing machines are available from 6.2 Kg to 12 Kg capacity.

Almost all the LG washing machines come equipped with inverter motor technology. Hence, these machines vibrate less and make less noise. They also save power because of the varying speeds of the inverter motor.

LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG washing machines usually come with pulsators that rotate in the opposite direction of the wash drum to produce power water streams and enable quick cleaning.

The Punch+ 3 pulsator wash ensures that the detergent reaches every fiber of the clothes to deliver a clean laundry-like washing feel. Simultaneously, the three mini pulsators generate microcurrents to ensure a perfect washing experience.

Many LG washing machines feature Jet Spray technology to remove the detergent stains from your clothes altogether during the rinsing cycle. Instead, the water is sprayed through a nozzle provided at the top.

Some of the LG washing machine models, especially the top-end ones, come with a steam wash feature using an inbuilt water heater.

LG machines feature Turbo Drum technology where the wash drum rotates in two directions during the wash cycle to reduce the wear and tear of clothes. Simultaneously, the pulsator moves in the opposite direction to that of the drum.

Fuzzy logic is an intelligent feature observed in LG washing machines where the machine checks for the dirt and grease on the clothes to help add the proper amount of detergent and water. Furthermore, it balances the washing load to ensure proper spinning and reduces the spinning speed if there is an imbalance. Thus, it provides a decent washing experience while reducing noise simultaneously.

LG Tubro Drum washing machine
Tubro Drum

The Turbo soak feature allows you to soak your excessively dirty clothes for extended periods. Other features like smart diagnosis, automatic tub clean, and filters are present in almost all top-loading washing machines.

  • LG top-loading washing machines come with inverter technology.
  • BMC motor protection protects the motor from humidity, dust, and insects.
  • LG washing machines consume less power.
  • Compared to Samsung machines, the LG washing machines make more noise, especially when spinning.   

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Whirlpool Top-Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machines

7.0 Kg capacity
White Magic Royal Plus 7.0
Amazon Price
suitable for the average Indian family
5-star energy rating
12 wash programs, including Aqua Store 1-2-3 wash system
ZPF technology
Power Scrub technology
Hard water wash technology
6th sense smart sensors
Other features like auto tub clean, magic lint filter

6.5 Kg capacity
Stain Wash Pro H 6.5
Amazon Price
suitable for small families
5-star rating
12 wash programs
In-built heater system
LED display
Dynamix technology to ensure better mixing of water and detergent through agitation Hard water wash
Other features like ZPF technology, magic filter, express wash, auto tub clean

360-degree Bloom Wash Pro
Amazon Price
Direct Drive technology
360 degree Bloom wash motion using 3D Turbo impeller
Catalytic soak
Hot water wash facility
12 wash programs
Power Dry feature
ZPF technology and Dynamix technology
Other features like hard water wash, 6th sense smart technology, Express wash, soft close lid

Whirlpool offers a range of top-loading washing machines in capacities ranging from 6.2 Kg to 9.5 Kg. While these machines come equipped with features like 6th Sense technology, they generally do not have inverter motors.

White Magic Royal Plus 7.0

However, the top-end models like 360-degree Bloomwash Pro work on Direct Drive technology, an inverter motor technology that reduces vibration and noise while consuming less power.

Whirlpool 6th sense technology uses unique sensors for monitoring the wash load size to enable the machine to adjust the water and detergent level, temperature, and cycle time accordingly. In addition, Whirlpool machines use Power Scrub technology to create better agitation and hence, remove tough dirt quickly. Finally, these machines offer a range of wash cycles for your convenience.

Whereas many Whirlpool top-loading washing machines come with an agitator, the latest models, Bloomwash and 360-degree Bloomwash Pro work with impellers. This technology envisages the clothes rubbing against each other to remove dirt instead of using an agitator. It helps protect the fabrics and ensure their longevity.

Whirlpool machines offer 1-2-3 wash technology to set the entire washing and spinning cycle in three simple steps to get a thorough washing experience. In addition, some of the latest Whirlpool models come with inbuilt heaters to provide a hot water washing experience to remove allergens and bacteria from your clothes.

Stainless Steel drum in whirlpool washing machine
Stainless Steel drum

One of the significant features of Whirlpool top-loading fully automatic washing machines is that they offer Zero Pressure Fill (ZPF) technology where the wash tub fills up to 50% faster even if the pressure is as low as 0.17mpa. This feature can prove helpful to people living in high-rise apartments as the water pressure can be low on the top floors.

Whirlpool washing machines display spinning speeds of around 740rpm, suitable for quick drying. These machines come with other features like Auto Tub Clean, water softener and detergent dispenser, magic lint filter, delay wash, aqua store, etc. Some of the Whirlpool washing machines feature the control panel at the back portion to prevent water from spilling over it.

  • Can work with water at low pressure
  • Ability to tackle hard water
  • It comes with agitator and impeller options
  • The noise levels are slightly higher.      

Here are some popular Whirlpool top-loading washing machines.

While Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool are the most popular top-loading fully automatic washing machines, you have alternate choices with reputed brands like Panasonic, IFB, and Bosch also offering products in this category.

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Other Brands

Here is the comparison between the lesser popular brands.

Brand / FeaturesPanasonicIFBBosch
Capacity Range6 Kg to 8 Kg6.5 Kg to 10.5 Kg6.5 Kg to 12 Kg
Inverter TechnologyNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable in some models
Wash QualityECONAVI technology
Active Foam System
Multiple wash programs
3D Wash technology
Multiple wash programs
Eco Silence Drive
Multiple wash programs
Power Wave wash system
Power Consumption – kWh/kg/cycle0.010.013Not available
Water Usage – L/kg/cycle101L overall17L/kg/cycleNot Available
Hard Water washCompatibleAqua Energie featureCompatible
Inbuilt HeaterAvailable in some modelsAvailable in some modelsNot available, but it supports hot water wash through a separate inlet.
Drum TypeSazanami Stainless steel DrumStainless steel crescent moon drumStainless steel drum
Spin Speed Range680 to 702rpmAround 720rpm680rpm to 1400rpm
Other TechnologyEco Aquabeat
Aqua Tide Pulsator StainMaster+
Aqua Spin Rinse
Fuzzy Control logic Magic filter
Air Dry
One-touch smart wash
Auto imbalance system
3D Wash
Triadic pulsator
Deep Clean technology
Smart Sense
Lint Tower filter
One-touch start
Magic filter
Soft closing lid
Child lock
Noise levels – WashingNot availableNot available55db
Noise levels – Spinning72db75db75db
Energy Rating5-star rated5-star rated available5-star rating available
WarrantyUp to two years on the product and ten years on the motorFour years warranty on product plus ten years on the motor plus ten years on spare partsInfo not available

Panasonic Top-loading Fully automatic Washing Machines

8 Kg capacity
Amazon Price
suitable for large families
Inbuilt heater
5-star rating
ECONAVI technology
Multiple wash programs
Active Foam System
Eco Aquabeat to produce an agitating effect

6 Kg capacity
Amazon Price
ideal for small families
5-star rating
Eight wash programs
Aquabeat Wash
One-Touch Wash that selects appropriate washing cycle depending on the load
Unique water cube tub design to reduce tangles
Magic filter, Fuzzy logic, auto tub clean and dry, and air dry

Compared to Samsung and LG, Panasonic has a limited range of top-loading fully automatic washing machines in capacities ranging from 6 Kg to 8 Kg.

Panasonic Washing Machine

The top-end Panasonic washing machines work on ECONAVI that saves water and energy using advanced technology. This technology uses advanced sensors to adjust its operations automatically and save energy and water. In addition, such machines come with inbuilt heaters.

Active Foam technology ensures the creation of fine, high-density foam before the start of the washing cycle. This foam penetrates the fabrics quickly to remove dirt from deep within to ensure an efficient washing performance. The 2-step cold and hot wash cycles are ideal for your white clothes.

Panasonic washing machines offer a range of wash programs like gentle handwash. Eco Aquabeat generates a strong water splashing effect by agitating it to remove stubborn dirt.

Panasonic Washing machines wash programs
Wash Programs

The Aqua Tide pulsator features six wings to create a powerful vertical water flow in the tub.

Other features like Aqua Spin Rinse, anti-tangling system, Sazanami stainless-steel drum, and soft closing lid make for a comfortable washing experience.

  • It uses less water and saves energy
  • The inbuilt heater in select machines kills 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Offers multiple wash programs
  • Panasonic does not offer inverter technology.

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IFB Top-loading fully automatic washing machines

6.5 Kg capacity
6.5 Kg TL RSS Aqua
Amazon Price
6.5 Kg capacity, suitable for small families
5-star energy rating
Six wash programs
Aqua Energie function
Crescent Moon drum
Triadic pulsator and 3D wash
Auto imbalance system
Tri-Shield warranty protection

10.5 Kg capacity
10.5 Kg TL SDIN Aqua
Amazon Price
10.5 Kg capacity, excellent for large families
5-star rating
12 wash programs
Crescent moon drum
Inbuilt heater
Triadic Pulsator with 3D wash Aqua Energie

IFB is more renowned for manufacturing front-loading washing machines. However, it also offers top-loading fully automatic models ranging from 6.5 Kg to 10.5 Kg capacity. IFB top loaders do not use inverter technology.

IFB Top Load Washing Machine
IFB Top Load Washing Machine

IFB washing machines come equipped with a unique technology, Aqua Energie, to deal with hard water. It is a filtering treatment that converts hard water into soft water and enables easy dissolution of detergent in water. Hence, it ensures against depositing detergent residue on clothes.

These machines come equipped with stainless steel drums with crescent moon-shaped grooves on the inner surface to create gentle water cushioning during the wash cycle. In addition, it absorbs the washing machine action and prevents fabric damage. 

3D Wash technology in IFB Washing machine

Triadic pulsators available in some top-end IFB machines comprise soft scrub pads to remove stains gently. In addition, the 3D wash system aids in the stain removal process by generating powerful water swirls to dislodge dirt from every corner.

Other features include Deep Clean technology, smart sense technology, magic lint filters, etc.

  • Good for dealing with hard water
  • Auto imbalance system redistributes the load to enable a consistent wash.
  • Offers the best warranty program amongst its contemporaries
  • Customer service issues can be a hindrance.

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Bosch Top-loading fully automatic washing machines

Like IFB, Bosch has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality front-loading washing machines. However, it does offer a decent range of top loaders ranging between 6.5 Kg and 12 Kg capacity.

Bosch top load washing machine

Bosch washing machines feature Eco Silence Drive that reduces friction and thus ensures quieter operations. In addition, these motors are durable, powerful, and energy-efficient.

The one-touch start feature involves an automatic selection of the optimal program and settings. Bosch machines also feature Delay Start that helps reschedule the wash cycle anytime within 24 hours.

The top-end models work on inverter motors and offer PowerWave Pro technology. This four-way cloth movement feature ensures a thorough wash performance while protecting your delicate fabrics from damage.

Some top-loading models support hot water washing by supplying hot water through a separate inlet to deliver a hygienic washing experience. In addition, all Bosch washing machine models offer various wash programs to ensure that the machine is ready to handle all kinds of loads.

Other salient features include different water levels depending on the load, automatic tub clean, soft closing lid, and reload function.

  • Delivers a quiet and friction-free performance
  • The inverter motor ensures efficient power savings.
  • It saves energy and water
  • You should check out the after-sales service with Bosch.

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