Best Pressure washers in India (2021) For Cars, Home!

Cleanliness begins at home. In spite of all the sweeping and mopping you do every day, there are millions of minute dust particles that stick to crevices in the walls window frames, grilles, and the flooring.

best pressure washer in india

You need a pressure washer to remove these stubborn dust particles. Similarly, your car and two-wheeler could also benefit from these pressure washers.

Vacuum cleaners do a great job of removing a significant amount of dust. The Pressure washer completes the task perfectly. The best aspect of the pressure washers is that you can also use them to clean the exteriors of your house, your patios, paved gardens, and so on.

The pressure washer is thus a handy appliance to have around in the house. Let us now look at some of the best pressure washers available on the market before proceeding with the buying guide.

Best Pressure washers in India

1. Bosch AQT 35-12 1500-Watt Home and Car Washer

Cleaning your house and car should be fun and not a chore. The Bosch AQT pressure washer is the perfect assistant for you in this regard. You get an excellent job without exerting too much. Direct the nozzle towards the areas you want to clean and you have your job done in minutes. Here are some of the fascinating features of this pressure washer.

Bosch AQT 35-12 1500-Watt Home and Car Washer

  • Easy to assemble and use – Does not take more than 10 minutes to clean your car
  • Excellent cleaning experience – The flow rate of 350 l/h and pressure of 120 bars provide a tremendous cleaning experience.
  • Compact storage – It is a compact appliance in every way. The fold-down handle, silent running rubber wheels, and the aesthetic design allow for attaching all accessories to the apparatus. You can tug it along wherever you want.
  • Accessories – The kit consists of a powerful gun, hose, lance, soap dispenser pipe, a 3-in-1 nozzle, transparent water filter, and a power cable.
  • Flexible hose that allows you to reach the inaccessible parts of your car to remove mud and dirt.
  • Great for cleaning outside furniture
  • Perfect for use in bathrooms and toilets to remove the dirt from the crevices in the tiles
  • Best for cleaning the stubborn stains from your BBQ.
  • Easy to use and control the gun
  • Need a bit of practice to handle water at high pressure
  • Does not come with tap attachment
  • Expensive spares

2. Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus 1700-Watt Home and Car Washer

This appliance is more potent than the one we discussed above. You need water to flow at high pressure to remove the stubborn dirt and mud that sticks to your car chassis and wheels. The high-pressure jet of water ensures that you remove the grease stains with ease. Let us look at some of the handy features of the useful appliance.

Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus 1700-Watt Home and Car Washer

  • The 6-metre hosepipe is ideal to help you move around your car and clean it thoroughly.
  • This appliance release water at a pressure of 130 bars, enough to eliminate food and oil stains from your BBQ.
  • The water flow rate of 370 l/h is necessary for doing a perfect cleaning job.
  • The kit includes a power cord with a length of 5 metres.
  • The primary parts of the kit include the gun, machine, hose, lance, nozzles, water filters, soap dispensers, and a wash brush.
  • The specialty of this power washer is in cleaning patios and paved gardens.
  • Excellent for outdoor use such as cleaning sunshades, patios, paved gardens, and so on
  • The wash brush is a unique attachment that helps you clean your windows.
  • You have a small nozzle to clean the crevices of your kitchen platforms
  • The long gun handle makes you reach impossible places like the eaves and gutters on your ceiling.
  • The soap dispenser is a great attachment.
  • The appliance does not come with a tap attachment. You need to buy it separately
  • Use it with care as the spares are expensive

3. Black & Decker PW1570 120-Bar Pressure Washer

Black & Decker is a reputed international brand in this category. They manufacture some of the most efficient pressure washers in the world. The powerful 1500 watts motor generates 120 bars pressure thereby making your cleaning job extremely easy. Assembling this product is one of the easiest of all tasks. Let us look at some of the advantageous features of this appliance.

Black & Decker PW1570 120-Bar Pressure Washer

  • The nozzle, made of engineered plastic, provides a steady grip.
  • The appliance comes with rubber tread wheels allowing easy portability.
  • The inbuilt hose reel with locking system is easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • The maximum flow rate of 6.2 litres per minute is perfect to remove the stubborn dirt from the crevices of tiles, pavements, shutters, and windows.
  • The Total Stop System allows the user to control the flow of water from the rigger gun.
  • The nozzle is long enough to help you reach inaccessible areas of your car quickly.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Most convenient to use
  • Dynamic design that bids goodbye to the traditional ways of washing and cleaning
  • You need to buy a hose connector and extension cord separately
  • Does not come with a tap attachment

4. Karcher K2 Compact 1400-Watt Pressure Washer

The Karcher K2 Compact pressure washer is indeed a compact one in all respects. The appliance is handy to carry along anywhere as it is light in weight. It is easy to dismantle all the parts of the apparatus thereby making it easy to transport and store. Here are some of the salient features of this convenient home appliance.

Karcher K2 Compact 1400-Watt Pressure Washer

  • Connecting the high-pressure gun is easy
  • The washer delivers water at 110 bars pressure, good enough to remove stubborn mud sticking to the car tyres and the mudguards.
  • The German technology at work ensures you maintenance-free performance
  • The connection load of 1400 watts makes it an energy saving device.
  • You get a sufficiently long hose to take care of hard-to-reach areas of your car.
  • This appliance comes with two different types of nozzles to cater to different jobs.
  • Compact to carry and easy to use
  • High quality workmanship
  • Excellent design and aesthetic looks
  • Perfect for cleaning your cars, patios, window sills, grilles, BBQs, and so on
  • Compared to its peers, the appliance delivers water at a lower pressure
  • Does not come with a tap attachment

5. Bosch Aqt 33-11 High-Pressure Washer Set (With 900 nozzle)

Bosch brings German technology to the fore with each of their appliances. Trust Bosch to come up with innovative designs for pressure washers. The Bosch Aqt 33-11 pressure washer is one such sterling example of the engineering capabilities of this company. You have a compact machine that can cater to the toughest of stains. Now, removing the stubborn stains from your BBQ or your car mudguard is a piece of cake.

Bosch Aqt 33-11 High Pressure Washer Set

  • The high-pressure gun comes with a 900 nozzle thereby making it one of the most flexible washers to use.
  • The soap dispenser ensures that you get a perfect wash every time
  • The maximum water flow rate of 330 l/h is comparable to best in the business.
  • This washer is ideal for cleaning your cars, two-wheelers, window grilles, garden pavements, patios, and so on.
  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry around
  • 90-degree nozzle makes it a flexible appliance
  • Light equipment whereby you can use with one hand
  • Does not come with an extension hose
  • There is no direct tap arrangement

6. Karcher K3 Premium High-Pressure Washer

Karcher K3 is one of the favourite high-pressure washers on the market because of various reasons. It is a compact appliance, and easy to transport anywhere. Assembling and dismantling the appliance is easy. Many attractive features can influence your decision to go for this appliance. Here are some of them.

Karcher K 3 Premium High Pressure Washer

  • The Vario Power spray lance allows you to adjust the pressure by twisting it.
  • The appliance is perfect for washing your cars.
  • The device delivers water at a pressure of 120 bars, ideal for eliminating the sticky stains on your BBQ
  • The highlight of this appliance is the German technology at work.
  • This appliance is light in weight. Hence, it is incredibly portable.
  • The inbuilt soap dispenser is a valuable attachment to have.
  • No storage issues as you can clamp all the accessories to the appliance
  • Easy to assemble, use, and dismantle
  • Good power output
  • Light in weight
  • Does not come with an extension cord and tap attachment
  • Makes noise

We have seen six of the best high-pressure washers available on the market today. Each of these appliances is useful for removing the stubborn dirt and mud from your car tires, mudguards, patios, pavement crevices, window grilles, and so on.

There are hundreds of ways you can use this equipment in and around your house. These devices ensure cleanliness of the highest degree.

Before you purchase one for your home, you should have an idea about its working and the features you should look for in this appliance. This buying guide can help you in this regard.

Buying Guide – High-Pressure Washers

pressure washer buying guide

In spite of all the care you take, your two-wheeler or car can leave oil stains on the garage floor. Try mopping it out with an ordinary mop. It is a challenging job.

Similarly, you have oil stains on your BBQ, your kitchen grilles, and so on. Cleaning these stains is a backbreaking job. Or is it? Get the high-pressure washers to do the job for you.

The best part of it all is that it takes one powerful jet of water at high pressure to decimate these stains. Use it once, and you will love the result.

Let us now look at the various aspects of the high-pressure washers and the features you should look for in one while purchasing them.

How Pressure washers work

Usually, you require an electrical pump to force water at high pressure through a concentrating nozzle to blast away the grime and dust from crevices, kitchen and bathroom tiles, BBQ grilles, car mudguards, and so on.

You can also use these washers to clean outdoor furniture. It can amaze you that you can do the cleaning job in minutes. Using a mop and brush would have taken hours to do the same job, but with a lesser degree of efficiency. Instead of an electric motor, you can also use a gas-powered engine. It depends on the usage.

Are there any potential risks in using them?

These pressure washers deliver water at high pressures in the range of 100 to 130 bars. That is enough to cause serious injury should you accidentally come in the way of the spray.

Therefore, it is advisable to use the appliance with abundant caution. You need a bit of practice to handle the appliance. A misdirected spray can smash a glass window within no time.

It can also cause injuries to other people in the vicinity. Start using the more extensive spray settings before you graduate to the narrow ones. The smaller the nozzle, the higher is the pressure and the force.

best pressure washer india

Pressure washer – Shopping Tips

Should you buy a washer or rent it? This question can plague many people.

Renting a washer is also a good option if you are going to use it sparingly. It is also advantageous when you have storage issues in your house. However, buying a unit is also cost-effective. It will pay for itself within a few years if you take care of it.

You might also need to use soap and other solvents. Go for one having a built-in soap tank. The heavier models usually have one. The heavy-duty appliances come with treaded wheels. However, you can opt for the smaller models for home use.

There are two types of high-pressure washers, the gas-powered, and the electrically-powered appliances.

Gas Powered washers


These appliances can deliver water at high pressure. Hence, they are capable of cleaning large areas such as driveways and garden pavements where an electrical connection can be an issue.

These washers can also remove the chewing gum residues from the floors within no time. Use a high-pressure nozzle to clean these stains.


These appliances can be cumbersome and relatively noisy. If you keep the appliance idling for extended periods, it can overheat the pump.

In colder climates, you have to use anti-freezing measures to maintain the device. Using at high pressure can cause splintering of wood or chipping of the paint.

Electrically-Powered Pressure Washer


The electrically powered pressure washers are the best for cleaning decks, patios, outdoor furniture, cars, and BBQ grills. You can also use them indoors to remove tough stains from kitchen and bathroom tiles, and so on. There is no question of exhaust emission. These appliances require little upkeep and maintenance.

There is no need for using anti-freezing measures as you will be using it indoors. They are smaller in size as compared to the gas-powered washers. Hence, it is easy to store.


The appliance delivers water at a lower pressure as compared to the gas-powered appliances. You have more plastic parts in this appliance. Hence, there is a greater need for replacement.

The replacement spare parts are expensive. The hoses are around 25 to 30 feet long, and the electrical cords are around 35 feet. Hence, there are limitations. However, it is ideal for use inside homes, cleaning cars, patios, and driveways.

Know a thing or two about the nozzles

Bosch Aquatak nozzles

There are different types of nozzles depending on the area you wish to clean. The nozzle controls the pressure and intensity of the water being sprayed. The pressure washers vary from one brand to another.

You have the nozzles coming in various sizes. The bigger the nozzle, the lower is the pressure. Almost all the appliances come with replaceable nozzles. You have an All-in-One nozzle that you can set to deliver water at varying pressures.

Pressure washer – Safety Measures

pressure washer safety

The high-pressure washers deliver water jets at enormous pressure. You have to be very careful while using one. Injuries are common. The smaller the nozzle, the higher is the pressure and therefore, the risk is high as well.

The Zero degree nozzle (red ones) concentrate full force of water into a pinpoint blast. It is handy for blasting the most stubborn of dust particles from the minutest of crevices. However, this blast possesses the highest risk. A misdirected spray can tear through the skin and cause serious injuries.

It is better not to use this nozzle while using the appliance at home. Leave this job to the fully-trained professionals. They have the expertise and the safety equipment to handle such nozzles.

Here are some important do’s and don’ts you should follow religiously.

The Do’s

  • Read the manufacturer manual carefully
  • Wear protective equipment like goggles, gloves, gumboots, long pants to expose as little skin as possible.
  • Take care as wet surfaces can get slippery.
  • Start with the widest angled spray. Keep the nozzle at least 2 feet away and move in closer if required at a later stage.
  • If you use replaceable spray tips, ensure to shut off the engine before changing the tips. Press the trigger of the gun to release the excess water before replacing the tips.
  • Try out the nozzle in a less noticeable area before you proceed with your cleaning. It takes time to master the handling of the appliance.
  • Take care when washing car exteriors. A high-pressure nozzle can chip off the paint.

The Don’ts

  • Never come closer than 6 inches to whatever surface you are cleaning. You can chip off the paint or the tarmac covering. High-pressure nozzles can also puncture your car tyres.
  • Do not let the engine run for extended periods as it can overheat the pump, especially with the gas-powered appliances.
  • Do not use a pressure washer while standing on a ladder. The recoil can throw you off balance.
  • Never point the nozzle at yourself, others, and pets. It can cause severe injuries.
  • Never use an extension cord with the electrically-powered washers.

We have seen some of the most important features and tips that can help you choose the right kind of high-pressure washers for your home. Be careful while you use one. They are extremely handy but can cause injuries if you do not use them correctly.

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