Which liquid detergent is best for Washing machines?

Go to any department store for purchasing detergents for washing your clothes. You see several bottles of liquid detergents belonging to multiple brands such as Ariel, Surf Excel, Tide, and Genteel placed at strategic positions.

Of course, the detergent powders will also be available at these stores, but they put them at lower levels on the shelves.

Today, you have to strain a lot to see the quintessential detergent bar soap. What does this trend indicate?

It shows that people prefer liquid detergents to detergent powders and soap bars. Why is it so? We shall explore the reasons for the same.

Why should you choose a liquid detergent?

Most of us have washing machines at home. The homemakers of today do not have time to wash clothes by hand. They have lots of other work to do.

Hence, you find fully automatic washing machines in almost every home. The advantage of using a fully automatic washing machine is that you do not have to worry much about your washing activities.

The machine takes care of every aspect of washing and rinsing.

If you use detergent powders, you must have noticed white-colored deposits on your clothes, especially at the creases of your dark-colored pants.

These deposits are nothing but residual detergent powder that does not dissolve completely into the water during the washing and rinsing process.

Therefore, you have to rewash such clothes. It happens because the detergent powders do not dissolve entirely and form soapsuds.

These soapsuds stick to the fibres and create a white-coloured layer on your clothes.

A liquid detergent would be better as there is no question of the formation of any deposit on the clothes.

Secondly, power detergents come with built-in bleach ingredients that can cause colours to fade.

Under such circumstances, liquid detergents are better because they are gentle on the clothes and remove stains effectively.

Some of the powder detergents are harsh on your delicate clothes. Therefore, liquid detergents are always preferable, as you get a laundry-type finish when you use liquid detergents instead of soap powders.

What are the different types of liquid detergents available?

Generally, all liquid detergents are the same. They may differ slightly in the chemical combination, but they produce a similar result.

However, detergent manufacturers have given different names such as ‘detergents for top-load machines or liquid detergents for front load machines and so on.

Two types of liquid detergents are available in the market. One is the packaged liquid detergent that comes in attractive plastic containers and pouches.

The other is the DIY liquid detergent. Here, you get a couple of liquid packs that you have to mix well before using.

The advantage of using a DIY liquid detergent is that you can choose different fragrances every time.

Besides, you also get soapless liquid detergents that prove handy when used with hard water. Such detergents do not produce scum with hard water as the soapy liquid detergents do.

Best brands of liquid detergents in the market

Some of the leading liquid detergents are Ariel, Surf Excel, Tide, Genteel, and so on.

These detergents are available in both powder and liquid form. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the type of soap you want.

We shall now look at some of the detergents and understand which the best one is for your fabrics.

Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid

  • Best for removing the stubborn stains inside the machine itself
  • Better dissolution properties
  • Excellent fragrance ensures that your clothes smell fresh
  • Protects colour and fabric
  • If you have a front loading machine, you can buy the Front Load Matic variant of the same brand.

Ariel Matic Liquid detergent

  • Removes the toughest stains in a single wash
  • Specially designed for automatic washing machines
  • Unique cap design to avoid spillage
  • 60 ml is enough for a front load machine whereas a top load machine will require 80ml

Today, these two brands are the bestselling ones in the market.

Qualities a liquid detergent should have

Usually, all liquid detergents have a water base. Hence, they dissolve in water quickly.

Liquid detergents should be gentle on your hands. Try dissolving the powder detergents into water. You will feel a burning sensation in your fingers.

Liquid detergents should not form soap residue on your clothes.

They should have a pleasant fragrance. It gives an excellent feeling to the wearer of the clothes.

Advantages of using liquid detergents

  • Liquid detergents dissolve in water quickly as compared to powder detergents.
  • They do not form soapsuds or residue that stick to the clothes after the washing process.
  • Liquid detergents are best for silk and woollen clothes because you should never expose these fabrics to bleach.
  • Liquid detergents are ideal for fully automatic washing machines because it is gentler on your clothes as compared to powder detergents.
  • Liquid detergents do not have built-in bleach formula. Therefore, it is perfect for washing coloured clothes.
  • Fully automatic machines have different washing programmes. Liquid detergents are best suited for the purpose.
  • You can use liquid detergents on your clothes to remove tough stains before putting them through the wash cycle. It is handy when dealing with collars and sleeve cuffs.
  • Liquid detergents care useful with different washing cycles. Some machines come with hot water washing cycles. Liquid detergents dissolve in both hot and cold water.
  • When used correctly and in the perfect proportion, liquid detergents can save you money.
  • Soapless liquid detergents are perfect when you have hard water in your homes.

Disadvantages of liquid detergents

  • Generally, people use powder detergents for washing clothes. Hence, they know the exact proportions to use. It can be a challenge to adapt to liquid detergents immediately, as you would not know how much is enough. Therefore, there is a tendency to waste a lot of soap. With practice, you can become perfect.
  • Liquid detergents are not as effective as soap powders are against tough greasy stains or mud stains. Similarly, powder detergents are better on white loads because they come with a built-in bleach formula. You have to add bleach separately when you use liquid detergents.
  • Liquid detergents are comparatively expensive as compared to powder detergents.

Final words

You must have understood by now why departmental stores place liquid detergents are vantage positions.

It is because these detergents are the best when it comes to washing clothes in a fully automatic washing machine.

You can wash your clothes using less amount of water when you use liquid detergents. It is not possible in the case of soap powders.

The washing machines today have soap dispensers that suit liquid detergents more than soap powders.

Considering the increase in the use of fully automatic washing machines, you have more people resorting to the use of liquid detergents.

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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