7 Best Kitchen Chimney in India (2023) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

kitchen chimney becomes an important ingredient of every house today.

Any modular kitchen should be incomplete without the a chimney.

Before we Procced to the Buying Guide, Here is a quick comparison table

ModelKey Features
1. Faber Hood Everest

Amazon Price
Size: 60 cm, 90 cm
Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
Suitable For heavy frying/grilling
Heat Auto-Clean Technology
Oil collector
Warranty: 1 year 
2. Elica WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO

Amazon Price
Size: 60 cm
Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
Filter-less technology
Motion Sensor
Auto Clean with oil collector
Warranty: 1 year 
3. Faber Orient Express

Amazon Price
Size: 60 cm
Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
Filter-less technology
  3-speed touch switch with motion sensor
Auto Clean, Oil Collector
1 year Warranty
4. Hindware Nadia

Amazon Price
Size: 60 cm
Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
Filter-less technology
Touch Control, Motion Sensor
Auto Clean
10 years warranty on motor
5. Faber Hood HC SC BK 90

Amazon Price
Size: 90 cm
Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
Filter-less technology
Suitable For 3-5 burner stove
Auto Clean with oil collector
3-speed touch switch with motion sensor
1 Year Warranty
6. Eurodomo Hood Classy 

Amazon Price
Size: 60 cm
Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
Baffle Filter
Suitable For 2 burner stove
Auto Clean with oil collector
Touch Control
1 Year Warranty

Best Chimney in India 2022

1. Faber – 60cm 1200 m3/hour Auto Clean chimney – Hood Everest SC TC HC BK 60

Faber kitchen chimneys can prove to be an ideal kitchen companion for every home as they help remove smoke and soot to make it a better place.

  • Auto clean function
  • Width of 60cm
  • Black tempered glass finish
  • Suction power of 1200 m3/hour
  • Motion sensor touch control

The Faber kitchen chimney works on a powerful motor capable of high suction power of 1200 m3/hour that maximizes the airflow to the kitchen by eliminating smoke. Thus, you have less smoke and can enjoy the fragrance while cooking. As the suction removes dust, it enables you to prepare healthy food. 

Cleaning a chimney can prove challenging at times. This wall-mounted Faber kitchen chimney features auto clean technology that enables you to clean the chimney with a single touch.

In addition, it features a separate oil collector to collect oils and other residues to make it convenient to clean them. Thus, there is no manual intervention.

One of the Faber chimney highlights is its compact size, making it ideal for a medium-sized Indian kitchen. The 60cm size makes this Faber kitchen chimney ideal for a 2-burner gas cooking stove. In addition, this chimney comes with Touch and Gesture Control, a motion-sensing technology, to enable convenient operations by waving your hand.

Filter-less technology is another asset of this Faber kitchen chimney. The absence of filters and Auto Clean technology makes it an effortless appliance to use in the kitchen. This Faber kitchen chimney is also available as a 90cm model to cater to larger kitchens and 3-burner gas stoves.

  • Motion detection is a good feature
  • The auto-clean option is an advantage
  • An elegant-looking kitchen appliance
  • The exhaust pipe is of poor quality.

2. Elica 60cm 1200 m3/hour Filter-less Auto Clean Chimney WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO

Elica filter-less auto clean chimney comes with excellent features to qualify as one of the best 60cm chimneys under 15,000 in India.

  • Heat Auto Clean Technology
  • Three Speed Motion Control
  • Attractive Black finish
  • 1200 m3/hour suction power
  • 60cm width

Operating the Elica kitchen chimney is easy because of the motion sensor feature. One wave of your hand is enough to turn on the chimney. Keep waving continuously to increase the speed. Waving towards the left reduces the speed and finally turns it off.

Kitchen chimney filters can get clogged with oil and soot. The Elica 60cm filter-less chimney does not have such problems. The Heat Auto Clean technology makes it convenient to clean the appliance.

The powerful motor with a 1200 m3/hour suction power helps the chimney work efficiently and keeps the kitchen fresh. Besides, this appliance makes less noise than other chimneys. Thus, it is an energy-efficient kitchen chimney that does not require much maintenance.  

The trendy touch control options offer easy access to all its features enabling you to clean the machine comfortably. The stainless-steel oil collector proves helpful to collect oil and other residues conveniently. The rust-free design makes this kitchen chimney a durable one.

The presence of LED lamps lights up the cooking area to enhance your convenience levels. The 60cm width is perfect for a 2-burner gas stove. If you have a larger gas cooking range, you can go for the Elica 90cm 1200 m3/hour kitchen chimney.

  • Low on maintenance
  • Advanced filter-less technology
  • The motion sensor feature is excellent.
  • The product does not come with an installation kit.

3. Faber 60cm 1200 m3/hour Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney, Hood Orient Xpress HC SC BK 60

The advantage of a filter-less chimney is that there are no cleaning hassles. This Faber Hood Orient Express HC SC BK 60 model is an excellent performer and qualifies as one of the best chimneys for Indian Kitchen and is priced under 15,000.

  • 60cm width
  • Black tempered glass finish
  • Filter-less technology
  • Touch and gesture control
  • One-year comprehensive warranty

The 60cm Faber kitchen chimney with its 1200 m3/hour suction power is an ideal model for the Indian kitchen as it is ideally suited for 2-burner gas stoves. One of the positive aspects of this Faber kitchen is that there are no filters. Hence, it becomes easy to clean the chimney.

This Faber kitchen chimney comes with dual control options, touch and gesture control. The gesture control proves helpful as you can operate the chimney by waving your hands towards the right and left sides.

The 1200 m3/hour suction power enables the machine to remove more smoke and dust to help prepare healthy food to eat. In addition, the powerful motor ensures a cleaner kitchen as it maximizes airflow to the kitchen.

One touch is enough to let this kitchen chimney start the auto-clean feature. The oil collector cup collects oils and other residues to make it easy for the chimney to clean itself.

The black tempered glass finish makes this Faber kitchen chimney one of the most attractive kitchen appliances. 

  • Filter-less technology makes it easy to clean the appliance.
  • Good suction power
  • The motion sensor is an intelligent feature.
  • This machine makes more noise than its competitors like Elica or Kaff.

4. Hindware Nadia 60cm 1200 m3/hour Filter-less Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney – C100220

The Hindware Nadia kitchen chimney is available in two sizes, 60cm and 90cm. This model, C100220, with 1200 m3/hour suction power and filter-less technology, is one of the most convenient chimneys to maintain.

  • Curved glass wall-mounted chimney
  • 60cm width
  • Suction power of 1200 m3/hour
  • Touch control and motion sensor
  • Thermal Auto Clean feature

One of the advantages of motion sensor technology is that you do not have to touch the machine to operate it. Instead, you can switch on, control the speeds, and switch off the chimney by waving your hands.

The powerful motor with an excellent suction power of 1200 m3/hour ensures to suck in the smoke, oil, and other residue and keep the air clean. Moreover, the 60cm width is perfect for the 2-burner gas stoves. Hence, it is an excellent appliance to have in the Indian kitchen.

Filter-less technology means there are no filters to obstruct the suction. The absence of a filter gives optimum suction power to the machine. The better suction removes fumes, odor, steam, heat, smoke, and grease generated during the cooking process.

Thermal Auto Clean technology enables easy suction of the residue and oils to make it easy to clean the machine. In addition, the sturdy oil collector lasts longer than plastic oil collectors.

The presence of two LED lamps helps illuminate a wider area while consuming less power. In addition, the feather touch controls make this kitchen appliance one of the most attractive kitchen chimneys available in India.

  • The 60cm width is a compact device ideally suited for the Indian kitchen.
  • Auto Clean facility ensures a less messy cleaning job.
  • The black finish with its feather touch controls makes it an attractive appliance.
  • The machine does not have a stainless-steel body.
  • Compared to other brands, this appliance makes more noise.

5. Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hour Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney – HOOD Orient Xpress HC SC BK 90

If you have a large kitchen and a three or 4-burner gas stove, the 60cm wide kitchen chimney can prove inadequate. The Faber 90cm model should be the ideal size.

  • Black tempered glass finish
  • Dual control, touch plus gesture control
  • Filterless technology
  • 90cm width
  • One-year warranty

This Faber 90cm kitchen chimney is similar to the 60cm model in all respects. However, this machine features motion sensor technology that allows you to wave your hand and set the machine into motion. A wave towards the left stops the machine, making it an effortless product to use.

Besides, this kitchen chimney features touch control options. The black tempered glass finish makes it an attractive machine in your kitchen.

While the Auto Clean feature is an excellent one, the filter-less technology ensures no maintenance costs are involved. In addition, the positioning of the motor inside the appliance allows for the smooth passage of smoke and air. Finally, there should be around 75 to 80 cm between the chimney and the gas stove to ensure better suction.

The Faber Orient Xpress Chimney features motion-sensing technology that makes it easy for you to control its operations. This feature proves handy when you have soiled hands and are not able to use the touch operations. For example, you can wave your hands towards the right or the left to switch the machine on and off.

This 90cm wide kitchen chimney comes with a powerful motor capable of delivering 1200 m3/hour suction power. It helps by removing smoke and enhancing the fragrance while cooking. In addition, it maintains the hygiene factor by removing dust and smoke and maximizing airflow.

  • Cleaning the machine is never a hassle with the Auto Clean feature.
  • Filter-less technology reduces maintenance costs to zero.
  • Powerful suction and comprehensive air intake
  • The LED lights are not bright enough.
  • The exhaust pipe design needs improvements.

6. Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hour Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney – Hood Classy HC TC 60

Eurodomo kitchen chimneys are available with 60cm and 90cm width to cater to different kitchen sizes. The 60cm model ranks as one of the best kitchen chimneys available in India under 10000.

  • Auto Clean technology
  • 60cm width
  • Touch control features
  • Baffle filter to suit Indian kitchens
  • 1200 m3/hour suction power

Indian kitchens have a lot of soot because of masala food items. Therefore, the baffle filter-equipped kitchen chimneys are ideal as they are more durable than the cassette filters. Besides, it is easy to clean baffle filters.

This Eurodomo kitchen chimney features a 3-speed touch panel to deliver a decent suction experience. The premium black finish with tempered glass features powerful 1200 m3/hour suction power to remove the maximum smoke and odor from the Indian kitchen.

This chimney should be perfect for kitchens with more than 200 square feet of area.

The Auto Clean feature is a striking highlight of this kitchen chimney as it saves you a lot of manual labor. The Heat Auto Clean function enables the oil collector to collect oil and other residues. Besides, it enhances the overall efficiency. However, the baffle filters require cleaning every six months.

The touch control panel and LED lights make for an attractive kitchen chimney. The removable oil collector is an excellent feature as you can remove it to unclog it whenever required.

  • A stylish and powerful kitchen chimney
  • The touch panel is easy to use.
  • The 60cm width is ideal for kitchens with a 2-burner gas stove.
  • The baffle filters require cleaning every six months.

7. Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hour Pyramid Kitchen Chimney – Hood Class Plus PB BK LTW 60

Faber is one of the top manufacturers of kitchen chimneys. This 60cm model is ideal for small Indian kitchens, especially those having 2-burner gas stoves. Of course, you need bigger chimneys for larger stoves.

  • 60cm width
  • 1000 m3/hour suction capacity
  • Baffle filter, suitable for Indian kitchens
  • Push-button controls
  • One-year warranty

This Faber 60cm kitchen chimney does not have advanced features like Auto Clean or Filter-less mechanism. However, it does a commendable job of sucking out stubborn kitchen smoke to leave your kitchen counters smoke-free and healthy.

Indian kitchens emit a lot of oily soot because of the vast quantities of oil used in the spicy Indian recipes. Such smoke requires robust chimneys for elimination. The baffle filters are ideal for Indian kitchens because they last longer than the cassette filters. The 3-layer baffle filter is one of the striking highlights of this Faber kitchen chimney.

This Faber chimney works on a powerful motor with a 1000 m3/hour suction capacity. It is a good configuration for small kitchens. However, a larger kitchen space requires a minimum of 1200 m3/hour suction power.

The black-colored finish with push-button control options looks elegant and qualifies as one of the good chimney models under 7000.

  • Good performance at nominal pricing
  • 60cm width should be ideal for a standard Indian kitchen.
  • An elegant design with easy-to-use push-button controls
  • It does not have a stainless-steel body
  • It makes more noise than other kitchen chimneys in its niche.

8. Faber 60cm 1100 m3/hr Auto-Clean curved glass kitchen chimney ACE PRO HC PB BK 60

Larger kitchens having an area of more than 200 square feet should preferably go for the Faber 60cm HOOD ACE PRO HC PB BK 60 kitchen chimney model because of its high suction power of 1100 m3/hr.

  • 60cm size, ideal for 2-4 burner stove
  • Wall Mounted Chimney
  • The suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr is ideal for large kitchens
  • Filterless technology with Auto Clean feature
  • Push-button control

The motor position inside the chimney clears the path for the smoke to flow out. This chimney features a metal blower and a high-capacity motor to deliver 1100 m3/hr suction power.

Filterless technology makes it easy to clean this chimney. Besides, the Auto Clean technology allows cleaning the vent with a single touch. In addition, it features an oil collector to collect the oil and other residues to clean the chimney.

The Faber chimney has push-button options allowing you to select from three convenient speeds and hob light. The hob light switch is distinct. Thus, it offers the flexibility of operating the light irrespective of the speed control buttons.

The high suction power allows the sucking off of more smoke and soot from the kitchen to make it a pleasant place while cooking. Besides, the rapid suction process ensures that your food remains tasty and healthy to eat.

The curved glass adds to the chimney’s appearance and adds to your kitchen ambiance.

  • Good suction power makes it a power chimney.
  • The auto cleaning feature saves time and manual labor.
  • This kitchen chimney makes less noise than its peers.
  • Users have complained of installation issues.
  • The kitchen should have sufficient vertical space for installing this chimney.

How do you choose the ideal kitchen chimney?

This should not be difficult when you go through this entire buying guide. This is an endeavor to encompass all the factors that go into selecting the best kitchen chimney for your home.

chimney buying guide

Why do you call it a kitchen chimney?

This should be a valid question but one should understand that there are various types of chimneys. Even if we consider the chimneys for residential use, you have the fireplace chimneys that are more commonly found in cold countries.

India might just not be the market for such chimneys but the kitchen chimneys do have tremendous potential in the Indian market.

Let us look at the different aspects of choosing the best chimney.

You have to look at various aspects as listed below.

  • Different types of chimneys
  • Types of chimney filters
  • Suction power of the chimneys
  • Size of the chimneys
  • Maintenance and cleaning aspects

Different types of kitchen chimneys

Wall mounted Chimney

The wall-mounted chimney is the most common type of chimney you come across anywhere in the world. Kitchens in India usually have their platforms built adjacent to the walls. Hence, the wall mounted chimney is very popular in India.

wall mounted chimney

Usually, these chimneys need ducts to release the smoke to the exterior. However, you have the ductless variety as well in such types of chimneys. The chimneys filter and purify the air and release it back into the kitchen. Normally, you do not have cabinets to go along with such chimneys. You have a variant of the wall mounted chimneys known as the island chimneys.

Here you get the feeling that the chimneys hang out of nowhere. In fact, these island chimneys are suited when you have the kitchen platforms away from the walls. You do not find many Indian kitchens that necessitate the use of island chimneys. You can find them in restaurants and hotels.

Straight line Chimneys

Many Indian kitchens face space constraints. Under such circumstances, you might not be able to install the wall mounted chimneys. The straight line chimneys can come to your rescue. They extend halfway over the cooking range.

In addition to sucking up smoke directly from the cooktop, they have powerful suction ends to suck the smoke from the other parts of the kitchen as well. The advantage of using this chimney is that it provides you with additional overhead space to store your kitchen items.

Auto Clean Chimneys

Chimneys require regular cleaning to remove the soot and the grime. Indians love spicy food that contains lots of oil. Hence, you find the oily particles sticking to the filters. That can affect the functioning of the chimney. You have the option to clean the chimney at regular intervals.

Auto clean chimney

This might require dismantling the filters and clean them thoroughly. Alternatively, you have the option of going for a chimney with an auto cleaning feature.

Normally, Indian chimney makers use the baffle filters. You shall see more of these filters when we come to that point later on in the guide. The oil sticks to the baffle filters and may even drip into the collector. You should know how to handle the chimney under such circumstances.

Such chimneys have a reservoir that you need to fill with about 500 ml of water. After using the chimney for a couple of weeks, you have to press the ‘auto clean’ button. This will cause the water to clean down the oil and make the chimney work efficiently like before.

Types of Chimney filters

chimney filters

Mesh filters (also known as Cassette filters)

Kitchen smoke contains oily and greasy particles in addition to the soot. Usually, the filters have multiple layers of aluminum or stainless steel mesh filters to trap the solid particles while allowing the smoke to escape. However, these filters require high maintenance.

In addition, they can reduce the suction capacity of the filters because of the blockages. The best way is to wash the filters regularly either at home or by engaging a dedicated chimney cleaning agency.

Baffle Filter

Most of the Indian chimneys have the baffle filters. This is in fact, an improvement on the aluminum wire mesh filters. Research says that these filters are about 30% better than the mesh filters. The design involves the panels on the filter to have multiple curves that allows the smoke to escape freely while restraining the grease from doing so.

It is comparatively easier to maintain a baffle filter because they require cleaning once in around 3 to 4 months. Nowadays, you have the detachable baffle filter whereby you can do so at home and clean it thoroughly. You do not need a technician to do so.

Carbon filter

Just as you have carbon filters in your water purifiers, you can have these filters in your chimneys as well. They remove the bad odor from the food. Made up of charcoal, you can use this carbon filter in both the duct as well as the ductless chimneys.

The oil and other greasy particles can stick to the carbon filters thereby necessitating their replacement after a period of around six months. These types of filters are very popular in India.

Suction Power of Chimneys

The kitchen chimney works on the principle of suction of air from the kitchen. Hence, the suction power is a very important concept to have in mind while going for purchasing a kitchen chimney.

Is there any thumb rule in this connection? Yes, there is one.

Normally, you should opt for a chimney that can extract 10 times the volume of air in a given space. The suction power is expressed in cubic meter per hour in India. A chimney with a higher suction power is always beneficial.

chimney suction power

We shall consider the following example.

Usually, the kitchens in India are small. They usually have a length and breadth of around 4 meters each with the height of the kitchen being around 3 meters. Hence, the volume of the kitchen space comes to 48 cubic meters. Therefore, the best kitchen chimney for such a kitchen should be one that has a suction power of 480 cubic meters per hour.

This should give you a fair idea about the suction power you should opt for. Indian chimneys usually come with suction power in the range of 400 cubic meters per hour to 1250 cubic meters per hour. There are other factors as well such as the distance between the vents and the gas stove, etc.

Size of the chimneys

The thumb rule as far as the size of the chimneys is concerned is that one should not go for a chimney that is lesser in width than the size of the gas stove/cooking range. Usually, you have two sizes, 60 cm, and 90 cm. The typical Indian kitchen can do with a 60 cm wide chimney.

size of kitchen chimney

These chimneys suit the two-burner gas stoves people use in India. In case you have a bigger cooking top, you can always go for the 90 cm wide chimneys. Hence, people using gas stoves having 3 burners or more should opt for the wider chimneys.

One point to note here is that you should maintain the optimum distance between the chimney and the gas stove. It should be a minimum of 26 inches and a maximum of around 30 inches. In case you reduce the distance, there are chances of the chimney catching fire. At the same time, having a higher distance can affect the suction power.

chimney exhaust pipe
Chimney exhaust pipe

Maintenance and Cleaning

You kitchen chimney does the hard work of eliminating the soot from the kitchen. In addition to the soot, the remove the foul smell of oil and grease. Therefore, it is your prime responsibility to clean the chimneys on a regular basis to extend its longevity.

Nowadays, you get chimneys with removable filters and auto cleaning facilities. This makes the job of cleaning the filters very easy. There is no need to depend on the professional chimney cleaner.

We shall share some tips to enable you to clean the chimney at home.

Cleaning of filters

In case you have the chimneys with the baffle filters, you can detach them and clean independently. Use warm water and a mild detergent to remove the oil from the filters. Ensure that you do not scrub the filters lest you end up damaging the same.

Cleaning the Hood

It is better to clean the hood once a week by wiping it clean with a cloth soaked in liquid. Do not use abrasive solvents or materials to remove the stains. If the stains appear to be stubborn, seek professional help.

Blower Shield

This is a very important aspect of cleaning your chimneys. You necessarily have to seek the services of authorized chimney cleaners to clean the blower shield. Usually, the chimney manufacturers provide warranties. However, try to enter into an AMC with a service provider. This can help in increasing the efficiency of your chimney.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the role of baffle filters in a kitchen chimney?

The baffle filters are responsible for separating the smoke from the oil particles. The smoke escapes to the exterior, whereas the oil and grease particles are collected in the oil collector.

2. How can you clean the baffle filters?

Generally, kitchen chimneys come with an auto-clean option that can be initiated with a single touch of the button. The cleaning mechanism causes the oil particles sticking to the wire mesh to fall into the oil collector.

3. How do we clean the oil collector?

An oil collector is a removable option. You can remove the oil collector and clean it using your regular detergents.

4. What is the frequency of the cleaning?

It depends on the amount of oil and grease that collects on the filter. Generally, you can clean the chimney quarterly. Regular cleaning of the chimney lengthens its lifespan.

5. What does the suction power denote?

The suction power denotes the capacity of the chimney to suck out smoke. It is measured in m3/h. The formula is the volume of the room x number of times the air needs to be recycled in an hour.

6. At what height should you fix the chimney?

The chimney should be around 26 to 30 inches above the kitchen platform. However, you should also ensure that you do not bang your head against the chimney when cooking.

7. What are the advantages of an auto-clean kitchen chimney?

The auto-clean kitchen chimneys clean the baffle filters automatically. It prevents the oil and grease particles from sticking to the filters and affects the chimney’s suction power.

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