In this post, I am going to list down the Best Inverter ACs in India For Home and Office use For 2019.

The Inverter Air conditioners are more effective and utilize less power when compared with the Normal ACs.

An Inverter AC adapts its speed depending on the heat load in the room. Unlike the regular Split ACs, The Inverter Air conditioners have shifting speed motors that adjust their speed according to the requirement. So, Obviously, they consume 30- 40% less electricity.

According to Bureau of Energy Efficiency, an Inverter AC of BEE 3 Star Rating is 7% more energy efficient than a BEE 5 rated normal Split AC. Please note that the Inverter technology is available only for the split ACs.

With Normal ACs, whenever the compressor starts, there will be a slight fluctuation, and when the compressor runs, the room gets chilly, and when it shuts off, the room might get a little bit warm.

But, that’s not the case with the Inverter AC, when you set temperature, After some time, the temperature will be almost constant, and you don’t even notice if the compressor is running or not.

We Highly recommend you to read the AC Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest Air Conditioner technologies.

So, without any further ado, here is the list of Best Split Inverter ACs.

Best Inverter AC

Check out the below list of energy-efficient 1.5 Ton and 1 Ton Inverter ACs with BEE 5 Star and 3 Star ratings. Check this Post for 2 Ton Split Air Conditioners.

Note: The Models below are also available in Multiple Colors.

Best 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

1. LG 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – KS-Q18YNZA

The LG KS-Q18YNZA is one of the best inverter ACs available today because of its excellent features like micro dust protection filter, gold fin condenser, dual inverter compressor, and Ocean Black protection, and so on.

This AC not only ensures to make your room relaxed and comfortable but also eliminates bacteria and prevents moulds from breeding and spoiling the ambience.

The dual inverter compressor is a power-saving component that cools faster while saving electricity at the same time. This AC guarantees excellent cooling performance with a cooling score of 5.

The LG product is ideal for use in Indian conditions because the Ocean Black Protection feature makes this AC an extremely durable product by protecting it from sand, dust, smoke, and other pollutants.

The Himalaya Cool technology gives you the ultimate comfort at a click of a button

This product comes with Active energy control function to limit power consumption and save up to 57% of energy.

It comes with a low refrigerant detector and alerts you of the same. The HD filter mechanism discourages bacteria from polluting your environment. It adjusts the temperature automatically to provide optimum cooling for your rooms.

2. Daikin 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – FTKF50TV

Daikin is one of the premier manufacturers of inverter ACs in India. These appliances come with fantastic features such as Neo Swing Compressor technology that ensures smooth rotation while decreasing friction and vibration. Therefore, it eliminates any leakage of refrigerant gas during the compression activity.

The Econo Mode feature helps in limiting power consumption to the maximum extent possible. This feature is handy when there are multiple devices connected to the same electrical circuit. You end up with a reduced electricity bill.

Summers can become extreme in India. The Power Chill Operation functionality ensures prompt cooling of rooms as the temperature drops rapidly to provide immediate comfort.

Another positive aspect of this air-conditioner is that it makes as little noise as possible to ensure sound and undisturbed sleep for your family.

The Coanda Airflow provides radiant cooling by directing the fresh air upwards towards every corner of the ceiling to ensure proper circulation of cold air and creating the ideal ambience.

3. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – KASHIKOI 5 100X RSB518HDEA

Hitachi is a reputed name in AC manufacturing circles. This air conditioner features a high-speed compressor that adjusts its performance levels depending on the heat load in the room.

The highlights of this compressor are that it is an energy-efficient component that delivers the lowest noise levels.

This 1.5 ton AC is ideal for medium-sized Indian rooms. It features a copper condenser coil that is highly efficient when it comes to delivering cooling performance. Secondly, copper coils require less maintenance in comparison to other metals.

This split AC comes with an expandable angle deflector for delivering the highest quality of output.

The on/off timer is an excellent feature that ensures not to disturb your sleep at night. This AC can work within a range of input voltage fluctuations. Hence, it does not require any stabiliser for its operation.

This inverter AC uses R410A refrigerant that does not have any ozone depletion potential. Hence, it is an environmentally friendly air conditioner in many ways.

4. Samsung 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – AR18NV5HLTRNNA

The Samsung AC comes with an efficient digital inverter compressor that maintains the desired temperature levels without switching off and on. Thus, it uses less energy while providing a higher output.

This AC works on a 2-step cooling mode that begins with the Fast Mode and gradually changes to the Comfort Cool Mode, thereby ensuring that you do not have to keep changing the settings.

The Fast Cooling mode cools faster by running the fan at the maximum speed for the first 30 minutes.

This AC comes with an automatic temperature control feature to ensure a comfortable environment without frequent changing of settings.

The Durafin Technology has higher corrosion resistance, thereby increasing the longevity of the heat exchanger. The Triple Protection Plus feature offers protection against voltage surges, short circuits, and severe voltage drops, thus eliminating the need for a stabiliser.

The AC comes with a Good Sleep feature that controls the temperature automatically at night to ensure proper sleep at night. It also controls the moisture levels and increases the comfort and convenience factor.

5. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC – 183V DZU/183 VDZU2

Voltas has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best AC units in India over the years. This inverter AC reduces power consumption by maintaining an ambient temperature without shutting off or on.

The cooling power of this AC can function smoothly even if the temperature outside is 52 degrees C.

This AC comes with an advanced air purifier system to remove harmful odours. The copper condenser coil increases the efficiency of the cooling and is more durable, as well.

This appliance can work under a wide range of voltage fluctuations, thereby eliminating the use of a stabiliser.

The active dehumidifier is a valuable ally in the monsoon as it controls the humidity. The environmentally friendly refrigerant is one of the highlights of the AC.

The multi-stage filtration control removes allergens and therefore, purifies the air you breathe. The 4-way auto louvre feature ensures proper distribution of air throughout the room.

6. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5-star Inverter Split AC – SI/SO-15T5SCIA

Sanyo brings in Japanese technology to deliver the most comfortable experience ever.

The Duo Cool inverter technology provides high comfort while using as little power as possible. The AC compressor has two independent rotors to ensure faster and efficient cooling.

This AC comes equipped with an in-built PM2.5 anti-dust filter to eliminate dust, pollen, and other minute impurities to deliver pure air to breathe.

The Glacier mode enables cooling at jet speed. The Eco Function optimises the performance to pave for energy-efficient operation.

This AC comes with a self-diagnostic feature to help easy troubleshooting. The copper condenser and the hydrophilic fins ensure the optimum heat transfer while proving to be corrosion resistant at the same time.

It comes with a sleep function to adjust the temperature automatically at night. This AC uses environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant.

Other excellent features include auto restart, backlit remote for smooth operation, and the timer function to ensure power savings. The hidden display makes it one of the sleekest AC models in town.

7. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – MAGICOOL PRO 55

The 6-sense Fast-Cool technology provides instant cooling. This AC comes equipped with an advanced IntelliSense Inverter technology that delivers high-quality performance while consuming the least power.

This AC also employs the advanced MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technology with a tremendous fusion of the smart circuit and capillary design to ensure instant cooling.

The 4X4 evaporator circuit design enables rapid heat exchanging. The Sleep function allows the setting of a timer that adjusts the temperature perfectly to ensure a pleasant sleeping experience.

This AC uses R32 refrigerant, an environmentally-friendly one that emits fewer greenhouse gases. The self-diagnosis feature and the stabiliser-free operation are excellent features that make the Whirlpool AC one of the best 1.5-ton inverter split ACs in India.

8. Carrier 1.5 Ton 3-Star Split AC – CAS18EK3R39F0+CF183R3AC90

Carrier is a respected world leader in the manufacture of air conditioning systems. This product is ideally suited for Indian climatic conditions, as it comes with a 2.5-micron air filter and air cleaner and other notable features.

The PM2.5 filter eliminates dust, pollen and other microscopic pollutants to ensure delivery of pure air to breathe. It also comes with a composite air freshening mesh to trap visible dust impurities.

The ideal mode of operation is the sleep mode that adjusts the temperature automatically at night while ensuring to make as little noise as possible.

The Follow Me Mode is an intelligent mode that cools the areas surrounding the remote control, thereby ensuring concentration at a particular point.

The Auto Cleanser feature is an innovative functionality that disinfects the entire AC unit. Other exciting features include security lock, refrigerant leakage detector, and intelligent CRF alert and louvre position memory.

9. Daikin 1.5 Ton 4-Star Inverter Split AC – FTKP50TV

This Daikin model is similar to the one described earlier with the only difference being that this AC is a 4-star model.

This AC comes with a New Swing Compressor unit that rotates smoothly to reduce friction and vibration levels. Thus, it prevents the leakage of refrigerant gas during the compression process.

The Econo Mode is ideal for reducing your electricity bills while ensuring to provide the highest degree of cooling.

This AC comes with an in-built step-up and step-down stabiliser that protects it from both low and high voltage fluctuations. It makes the use of the external stabiliser redundant.

The indoor unit makes the minimum noise to ensure sound sleep for everyone in the family.

The Coanda airflow provides radiant cooling by ensuring that the cold air does not directly fall on your head. It pushes the air upwards and circulates it to all corners of the room, thereby providing a comfortable ambience.

Best 1 Ton Inverter AC

10. Daikin 1 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – FTKF35TV

Daikin AC units come with excellent features that not only provide high-quality cooling but also ensure the minimum power consumption. It is possible because of the Neo Swing Compressor Technology that has a smooth rotation procedure.

The Econo Mode provides the highest degree of power savings, especially if there are many electrical devices connected to the electrical circuit.

The Power Chill Operation is ideally suited for the summer months when the room requires rapid cooling for immediate comfort.

The Coanda Airflow technology gives you a delightful AC experience. This technology pushes the cold air upwards towards the ceiling and the corners of the room to create a comfortable ambience all over your bedroom.

11. LG 1 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – KS-Q12YNZA

The strength of this excellent air conditioner is the Dual Inverter Compressor that offers faster cooling while consuming less power.

This AC is capable of delivering high cooling performance even when the temperature outside is beyond bearable limits. This AC comes with a cooling score of 5.

The Ocean Black Protection feature makes it the perfect AC for Indian conditions, as it protects both the indoor and outdoor unit from sand, dust, salt, and other pollutants like industrial smoke.

The Himalaya Cool technology provides instant cooling with a single touch of a button.

This AC features an Active Energy Control function that can save up to 57% of energy by limiting power consumption. The Low Refrigerant detection feature alerts you to refill the gas immediately. It comes with an HD filter to ensure pure air for breathing.

The Temperature Control Matrix for the monsoon season varies the indoor temperature between 29 to 31 degrees while providing optimum adjustment, thereby reducing power consumption.

12. Whirlpool 1 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – MAGICOOL PRO 55

This Whirlpool 1-ton AC is ideal for small rooms. This AC features 6th Sense Fast Cool Technology to ensure uniform cooling.

The IntelliSense Inverter Technology adapts to the cooling requirements and reduces power consumption to the most optimum levels.

The MPFI technology uses a unique 4X4 evaporator circuit design to enhance cooling capacity by rapid exchange of heat, thereby resulting in power savings.

The Sleep function is an ideal one because it adjusts the temperature to ambient levels automatically at night to enable you to sleep peacefully.

The Whirlpool refrigerators use R32 refrigerant, an environmentally friendly product that emits the least greenhouse gases.

The self-diagnostic feature is an asset, as you can note down the error code and inform the technician. It saves you a lot of time. This AC provides stabiliser-free operation because it comes with an in-built stabilising function.

13. Sanyo 1 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC – SI/SO-10T3SCIA

The Sanyo AC works on the finest Japanese technology but is ideally suited for Indian climatic conditions. It comes with an in-built PM2.5 filter that traps dust, pollen, and other pollutants to deliver pure air to breathe.

The Glacier Mode enables the quickest cooling because the fan spins at 35% higher speed over the medium mode to ensure instant cooling. The Eco Function takes care of your utility bills by ensuring an energy-efficient cooling operation.

The copper condenser ensures the highest quality of heat exchange. The hydrophilic fins protect the copper condenser from corrosion, thereby enhancing its lifespan.

This AC features a backlit remote to enable comfortable use at night. The Auto Restart function remembers the temperature settings to ensure that the AC restarts automatically at the same settings after a power cut.

The Sleep function automatically adjusts the temperature and reduces the noise levels considerably.

Other exciting features include the timer function, R32 refrigerant, and the hidden display that make this AC as one of the best 1-ton AC units available in India.

Introduction to Inverter ACs

The compressor is the heart of the AC. In a traditional AC, the compressor switches on and off at regular intervals.

You have temperature settings in any AC. When the AC cools the room up to the set temperature the compressor switches off. It remains so until the temperature in the rooms goes up again. On sensing the same, the compressor starts working again repeating the same procedure.

Coming back to the inverter ACs, the compressor does not switch off at all.

Naturally, you might ask as to how this situation can be better. You can compare the working of the inverter Air Conditioner to the accelerator of a car.

The moment you sense you are speeding too much, you take the foot off the pedal. Thus, you ensure that you provide less power to the vehicle thereby slowing it down automatically without applying the brakes.

Similarly, when you feel the need to speed up the car, you press your foot down again and provide the requisite power to fuel the engine. The inverter AC units work in a similar fashion.

Difference between an Inverter AC and a non-inverter AC?

This is a good question. You can see the differences unfold as you go deep down into the article.

The basic difference between the two is that the compressor in an inverter AC works continuously whereas it switches between on and off in a non-inverter AC.

The inverter AC units work at variable speeds whereas the non-inverter AC units do so at fixed speeds. This enables the inverter ACs to adjust their tonnage according to the size of the room. The normal AC units do not have this ability.

These are the basic differences. We shall go into the details of the individual differences at the appropriate time.

In order to understand the differences between the normal ACs and the inverter ACs, one should have a background into the working of these ACs. Let us look at the same in the following couple of paragraphs.

The working of the normal ACs

The Window AC units are literally out of fashion. Hence, we shall look at the split AC or the ductless ACs as they are called in many parts of the world. Of course, the technology in use in both these variants is similar in many ways.

Let us concentrate on the working of the split AC. It involves the use of principles of evaporation, compression, and condensation.

The components of the split AC are divided into two parts, one placed outdoors and the other indoors.

An insulated pipe connects both these separate units. The working of these ACs is elementary. It involves the circulation of a compressed gas refrigerant that cools the air inside the house.

Air conditioning units outside a building

This entails that the refrigerant has to be re-cooled and condensed at regular intervals. The hot air outdoors is the best medium to ensure this functionality. The system makes use of a fan to suck the air from outside and condense the refrigerant.

Let us look at the major parts of the split AC

CompressorCondenser CoilsFansEvaporator coilsAir filtersDrainage system

The compressor is the heart and the soul of the AC. In a split AC, you find this component in the outdoor unit. The main function of the compressor is to ensure the circulation of the refrigerant between the condenser and the evaporator coils. It does so in a closed loop.

The coils are a network of tubes filled with the refrigerant (usually Freon). The condenser coils have the responsibility to eliminate the heat from the heated gas refrigerant and cool it into the liquid form again. The coils allow the absorbed heat to escape into the outside air. These condenser coils form a part of the outdoor unit.

The fans have the role of pulling the hot air from the condenser coil and disperse the heat. They are also situated in the outdoor unit.

These coils work in the opposite fashion to the condenser coils. These coils contain the refrigerant for removing the heat as well as the moisture from the air whereby the refrigerant evaporates into the gaseous form. You find these evaporator coils in the indoor unit.

The job of the air filters is to trap the dust, pollen as well as other airborne particles and prevent them from entering into the air conditioning system. These filters play a great role in ensuring the quality of air inside the room.

naturally, you find this system outdoors. Water is an important by-product of the condensation process. You need to flush out this water from the system. There is an urgent need to keep this system in perfect working condition. Any clogging of the drain pipes can affect the functioning of your air conditioner.

Refrigeration cycle: 1) condensing coil, 2) expansion valve, 3) evaporator coil, 4) compressor

Now that you have seen the different parts of a split AC, you need to understand how it works as well. You can break down this system into four main parts.

1. The first step is the compression of the gas and converting it into a high-pressure hot liquid.

2. The condensation of this liquid is the second step in the process. The process takes place when the hot liquid flows through the condenser coils. The heat escapes outdoors and the liquid becomes cold. However, the liquid is still under high pressure.

3. The expansion valve has the role of converting the high-pressure liquid into a low-pressure liquid.

4. The final step involves the passing of this low-pressure liquid through the evaporator coils where you can see the absorption of the heat from the room. This heat converts the liquid into gas. Now, as the heat is absorbed, you get the cooling effect inside the room.

The entire process keeps on repeating.

In the regular AC, you find that the compressor works at full capacity and ensures that the room temperature reaches the desired level. On doing so, the thermostat senses the same and makes the compressor switch off. The fan takes over and enables the circulation of the cool air inside the room.

As the room temperature rises, the thermostat sends a signal to the compressor to start working again. This process continues until the time you switch off your AC.

The Working of Inverter AC

The basic process is the same as in the case of the regular ACs.

The major difference is that the compressor does not switch off in the inverter AC. The system ensures that it gives more power when the unit needs it and reduces the power when it does not.

How does the AC determine the amount of power it needs to deliver?

This depends on the temperature of the incoming air as well as the thermostat setting.


The system uses an inverter to control the speed of the compressor motor. This helps to regulate the temperature levels.

Comprising of a variable frequency drive and an adjustable electrical inverter, they are able to regulate the speed of the motors. The system works by converting the incoming alternating current into direct current. Using a modulation process, this system can produce the current of the desired frequency.

This system gauges the temperature of the incoming air and adjusts the speed of the motor accordingly. Hence, this accounts for the fluctuations in the load as well.

The inverter ACs are systems that work at varying speeds as compared to the regular ACs that perform at the peak levels at all times.

Advantages of Inverter technology?

The advantages of using the inverter technology are obvious. Let us look at them in brief.

1. The inverter AC units consume less power in comparison to the regular ACs.

2. The inverter AC units work at varying speeds and tonnage capacities. This is very much unlike the regular AC units that work at fixed speeds and tonnage.

3. They maintain the temperature level in the room according to the thermostat setting accurately.

4. In comparison to the regular AC units, the inverter units make less noise.

The following example should make things very clear.

You know that every AC has a maximum peak load. It can be a 1-ton AC or a 1.5-ton AC depending on the size of the room.

The problem with the normal 1.5-ton ACs is that they run at the peak power requirement as long as the compressor is functioning.

This is not the case with the inverter AC. It draws as much power it requires to keep the compressor motors running. Since this system works at varying speeds, the power consumption varies accordingly. Hence, you experience saving of power in the long run.

When you speak about the advantages of the inverter technology, you should have an idea about the drawbacks as well.

The biggest drawback is that inverter ACs can be more expensive than the regular ones.

However, it makes up for the fact by reducing your electricity consumption bills by more than 30%. Hence, you can recover the excess cost in a minimum of two years.

Inverter AC vs BEE 5-Star Normal AC

Speed / TonnageAutomatic adjustmentPower consumptionCosts

The normal AC units work at fixed speeds and tonnage levels whereas the inverter AC units have the ability to work at varying speeds and tonnage. This is one of the biggest distinguishing features.

The inverter AC units have the ability to adjust according to the temperature of the room. The regular AC units lack this ability.

Statistics show that inverter AC units consume far less power than the normal units. In fact, a 3-star BEE inverter AC is 7% more efficient than a 5-star non-inverter AC.

An inverter AC can definitely cost more than a regular BEE 5-star AC. However, you can compensate by saving on your electricity consumption.

Power consumption: Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC

You have ACs of varying capacities and efficiency ratings. In the normal course, the 5-star ratings are considered the most energy-efficient systems.

Normally, people install AC units of at least 1.5-ton capacity. Hence, we shall compare the power consumption of a 5-star non-inverter AC with a 3-star inverter AC. We shall also look at the comparative 5-star inverter AC to understand the benefits that accrue to the consumer.

Annual Electricity Consumption (Units or for 1600 hrs) BEE Data

As per BEE statistics, a 5-star non-inverter AC of 1.5-ton capacity consumes 1130 units of power in 1600 hours.

The corresponding figure for a 3-star inverter AC is 1077 units in 1600 hours. As you go for higher efficiency inverter ACs, the power consumption reduces to 972 units and 815 units for a 4-star and 5-star inverter AC respectively.

This is ample proof that inverter ACs can help in saving considerable power.

How does an inverter AC save power?

The regular AC cools the room a little below the thermostat setting and switches off the compressor until the room becomes warm enough. On sensing the warmth, it starts the compressor again. This process of switching the compressor on and off consumes higher power.

The inverter AC units, on the other hand, works at double the capacity to cool the room faster and then slows down the compressor motor considerably to maintain the cooling throughout. As and when the temperature inside the room rises, it releases more power thereby controlling the use of electricity throughout.

We shall see a small example to prove this fact.

A 1.5-ton inverter AC will initially run at 150% of its speed to cool the room faster. On doing so, it reduces the speed to around 10% so as to maintain the requisite temperature. This varying speed and tonnage can result in the saving of power. The compressor does not switch on and off at regular intervals thereby saving power as well.

Star ratings for Inverter AC

Just as any other electrical or electronic appliance, you have star ratings for inverter Air Conditioners as well. The ratings depend on various factors such as power consumption, efficiency, etc.

The higher the star rating the higher will be the efficiency.

At the same time, the price of a 5-star inverter AC will definitely be higher than that of a 3-star inverter AC. Naturally, the power savings in the higher rated version will be more.

What is a dual inverter AC?


The dual inverter AC is an improvement on the normal inverter AC in the sense that it has dual rotary motors with wider rotational frequency.

You see an immediate surge in the efficiency levels with faster cooling and emission of lesser noise.

It works in a similar fashion to the normal inverter AC by regulating the speed of the compressor motors. However, the dual inverter AC performs the role with a higher degree of efficiency.

Hence, it ensures further savings in power bills whereby you recover the cost in double quick time.

In the normal course, ACs work well when the outside temperature is below 46 degrees Celsius.

The dual inverter ACs can function when the temperature levels rise above 46 degrees up to a maximum of 52 degrees.

Thus, you can see that the dual inverter AC can work in extreme conditions as well.

Air Conditioner Capacities

In general, A 0.75 Ton AC is suitable for Small bedrooms and a 1 Ton Split AC opts for Bedrooms and Small Conference rooms, office cabins.

1.5 Ton Air Conditioner is required for Master Bedrooms and 10 Seater Conference rooms. If you are looking to install an AC for your Living Room or Large Office Workspace, you have to opt for a 2 Ton AC.

Summer temperatures of your Place, Window Space at your Room should also be taken into consideration. Also, If you are living on the 2nd Floor or above, the room will be warmer due to the rising warm air. So, make sure you select the AC Tonnage according to the requirement.

Final words

You have seen the concept of the Inverter AC. Now, you are aware of the benefits of using the inverter technology as well.

However, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you maintain your AC systems well by cleaning the filters and ducts regularly. This enables you to save considerable power and increases the life expectancy of your inverter Air Conditioner.

Source: Wikipedia, Bijlibachao, Achrnews

I hope the list helps you pick the best Inverter AC according to your Budget. If you have any queries reading Inverter AC selection, post them in the comments section below, and I’ll answer them.

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I want to purchase split inverter AC 1.5 tonnes for area of around 180 sq feet. Which is the latest model and make. my budget is around Rs. 45000/-

Kitchenarena Team

Hi There, Please have a look at the below 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioners

LG Copper, KS-Q18YNZA (Amazon Link –

Samsung Alloy, AR18RV3HETY (Amazon Link –

Hitachi Copper, KASHIKOI 5100x RSB518HBEA (Amazon Link –

Opt for the brand that provides quick support at your place. Also, Make sure the installation is done only by the brand representative.


You missed the best inverter ac – Panasonic. We have been using it for 5 years without any hassle with effective and efficient performance.



This is with regards to a query for 3 star inverter AC. Today we have large no of models for split ac in Hitachi but not sure which one I should buy.

Secondly need knowledge…do Hitachi provide copper coil and copper condenser both and in which model.

Thirdly which gas no should be preferable like R32, R410, R22.

PLS SUGGEST MODEL NOS OF 2019 for Hitachi split 3star inverter AC for 2019 month which I should consider while buying.


Sir how about the maintenance cost of 3 star inverter ac as compared to non inverter ac


I am planning to buy a 1.5 ton inverter split ac for my bedroom size 16 x 12 ft

How is Panasonic AC rated?

which model do you suggest?


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my city is CHANDRAPUR which is hottest city in india today temperature is 44 in 26 april 2019 and in may month it goes 49 or above

please guide me which is better ac for me.


Thank for the nice post.

I need an AC for a room of about 135 sq.ft., and a 1.2 ton AC seems ideal. You have not mentioned any 1.2 ton AC. Can you please suggest a 1.2 ton inverter 5 star AC with good efficiency.

Thank you.


I want to purchase 1.5 ton Window AC, which company manufactures window inverter AC?


Inverter ac does not come on window ac



I’m looking for a inverter AC but confused between 1 ton and 1.5.

1.5 ton AC is over budget for me.

My room size is 150sqfeet but the weather in pune is not so hot in summers and my one side wall gets dirct sunlight which has wide window with curtains.

Please suggest which is suitable for my room 1 or 1.5


Hi Nice write up, i m looking for a 1.5 ton ac home usage,

1. is mitsubishi heavy duty is a good choice than mitsubishi electric

2. is inverter the technology to choose for the future, the ac service person is telling me to pick a regular non-inverter model, as service costing is high for inverter ac

Kindly advise

Thank you


i live in chennai the size of my room is 11×14 sq ft without false ceiling in second floor with two floors i am looking for a split invertor model with a BEE 5 star consumption of ac is 10 hrs on summer days and max 5hrs on winter days. My budget is around 50k.

Kindly advise

Kitchenarena Team

Hi There, Please have a look at the below Inverter 5 Star models.

Daikin FTK50TV16U, Daikin JTKJ50TV16U, Hitachi, Kashikoi 5100X RMB518HBEAP, LG BS Q18HYZD, Hitachi Kashikoi 5400X RSA518CBEA, Blue Star 5CNHW18PAFU, Blue Star 5CNW18PAFUSMRT, LG JS Q18KUZD, LG JS Q18JUZD, LG JS Q18HUZD.


hello sir i am balaji from hyd i need split ac my room size 10*15

Which ac i need pls teel me


hi sir

i live in rajasthan the size of my room is 11×13 sq ft with false ceiling and ground floor with one floor on top i am looking for a split invertor model with a BEE 5 star consumption of ac is 10 hrs on summer days . my preference would be models from daikin my budget is around 50k.any suggestions

Kitchenarena Team

Hi There, 1.5 Ton AC is required for your room. You can have a look at the below Daikin 5 Star Inverter AC Models.

Daikin 5 Star Models – FTKF50TV16U, JTKJ50TV16U, FTKG50TV16U

Daikin FTKC50RVMV (3 Star)


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Kitchenarena Team

Hi There,

You can have a look at the below 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Models. Inquire about the service quality provided by the brand at your place and go with that brand.

Daikin – FTKF50TV16U, JTKJ50TV16U, FTKG50TV16U

All the above models are 5 Star Inverter and energy efficient. It is very normal that Dealers will change the Price of the product and provides offers according to their wish. You can also make use of Amazon Festival offers during Diwali and save money.


I bought a Daikin 1.5 ton Inverter ac. It worked very well and my electricity consumption was very low.

However in 7 months it developed a leak in the coils and it was changed under warranty. This time under their advice they coated a solution to prevent corrosion and charged Rs 1500.

Iam quite worried about the corrosion and if it would reoccur once again.

Rajib Mazumdar

Hi I am willing to Purchase AC of 1.5 T one and 2 Ton one.My only criteria is to consume less power bill.It may be inverter AC or dual inverter AC.Kindly guide.


I have my office near sea, about 1km, in Mumbai. I have to buy three 1 ton ac and two 1.5 ton acs (area 310sqm). I want inverter acs as it gives constant cooling. However, I was told not to buy inverter ac for coastal areas. Blue Star dealer said it’s life will be 3 yrs only. We have office opening on 20 Aug. Really worried. Please suggest if we go for inverter or on. Which brand is good for such conditions? Thanks.

Kitchenarena Team

Some of the 2017 Version Inverter Air Conditioners are prone to corrosion. 2018 models have better PCB protection and the newer models also have higher operating temperature and they can work properly even in extreme heat. Go for premium brands like Daikin, Hitachi or Blue Star. LG Dual Inverter Air Conditioners are also good. Make sure you look for PCB warranty before buying an AC. Also, go for the brand that provides corrosion protection to the AC.


Hi Chaitanya,

I am from Kolkata, WB. I am planning to buy an AC and need your assistance to select the right product from the market.

Room description:- Size- 120sqft., 1st floor of a 5 storied building.

Daily usage would be around 3-4 hrs. Preference 3 star AC, as within budget. Considering the above fact, which one is better- Inverter AC or Non-verter AC (Preference Inverter AC due to low power consumption)? Which is better Daikin/Hitachi? Advise the model no of your suggested brand..



Thnxs for ur guidance

Pls suggest me for buying AC for my personal use, with low unit consumption.

No.of person’s- 2

room size- 11*10 ft at first floor after that no floor

If I will run AC minimum 10 hrs, how much electricity consume?

I am living in Chennai.

Kitchenarena Team

It is better to go with a 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner as the ceiling of your room gets direct sunlight during the day. Higher the star rating, lower will be the power consumption of the AC. Also, it is better to go with Inverter technology AC as you will be using the AC for more than 10 hours. You can have a look at the below models.
LG JSQ18 Series (Flipkart Link – (Amazon Link –
Samsung AR18NV3HFTR (Amazon Link – (Flipkart Link –
Carrier 18K Ester CA118ES3C8FO (Flipkart Link –
Carrier CA18EK3c8F0 (Amazon Link –
Hitachi RSD/ESD/CSD-517HBEA (Flipkart Link –
MERAI 3100s RSD317HBEA (Amazon Link –
Hitachi-Kashikoi RSH/ESH/CSH-417HBEA (Flipkart Link –


Hi Chaitanya ,

Could you please guide me for AC brand and model.

My planning Max.50k and Invertor 1.5 ton A.C & R-32 with 5 star

Is there any option for Carrier brand R-32 model ?

which is following best invertor AC brand & model

daikin and carrier and Mitsubishi PANASONIC

could you please ping me which AC brand and Invertor model.



Kitchenarena Team

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners are really good and quite robust as they are imported directly from Japan. But, the service quality provided by them is not up to the mark in small towns. The other brands you have mentioned are also good. It is better to go with the brand that provides quick support at your place. I am listing down the top Inverter ACs with R32 Refrigerant, please have a look.
Also, have a look at this post: Best ECO Friendly ACs


Hi Chaitanya,

Please let me the answers.

Hitachi or Daiken

Invertor or without Invertor

Best model of Hitachi in May 2018 under 40000 /-

Best model of Daiken in May 2018 under 40000 /-


I stay in Bangalore I have recently purchased two 1 ton ACs. (Inverter – Split). Both Voltas. Price was not a constraint but I went by the Brand (TATAS) and also by the recommendation of the salesman.

What is your opinion about the Power consumption of these units. And also please suggest me. whether they need any power saver devices? If so suggest me a good one available in the market.