Best Water Heaters – Geysers in India 2023 (Storage & Instant)

Choosing the ideal geyser for the home has become challenging today because you have an excellent range of appliances available on the market. Various factors, such as power consumption, corrosion resistance, safety, etc., influence your choice. Let us look at some exciting options to make your job of selecting the perfect water heater for your home easy.

We shall look at instant and storage water heaters in this best geyser list.

Best Instant Water Heater

1. Havells Instanio 3L Instant Geyser

  • This geyser has an exquisite design that suits the modern-day bathroom ambiance.
  • It saves power because it does not consume more than eight units of power a month (average usage of five minutes daily).
  • It is an ideal geyser for small families.
  • Havells does not provide the 3-pin plug, but the package includes the inlet and outlet pipes.

Havells Instanio is an exquisitely-designed geyser that has proved its worth in performance and appearance. It is an ideal water heater for small families that do not require storage water heaters.

The color-changing LEDs are this appliance’s highlight as the change from Blue to Amber indicates the water is hot and ready. In addition, the 3000W copper heating element does not take more than a couple of minutes to heat 3L of water. So, it is an efficient appliance because it saves considerable power.

This geyser features a stainless-steel inner tank made of ultra-thick super-cold rolled steel plates that provide higher corrosion resistance. In addition, safety features like rust and shock-proof outer body, a fire retardant power cord, a pressure release valve, and a thermostat make this geyser the safest to use.

This appliance is suitable for high-rise apartments because it can withstand water pressure up to 6.5 bars.

2. Crompton Rapid Jet

Crompton Rapid Jet geyser instant
  • The heating performance is good.
  • The appliance is ideal for high-rise buildings because it can handle water pressure up to 6.5 bars.
  • The design is attractive.
  • The temperature reset button is not easily accessible.
  • The company does not provide the pipes and 3-pin plug. So, you incur additional installation costs.

Office-going couples and people living in metro cities do not have much time because commuting to their offices consumes much time. Therefore, an instant geyser, like the Crompton Rapid Jet, should be ideal.

This water heater features a high-quality heating element that can heat up to 3L of water within two minutes. You can mix cold water and have a decent hot water bath within five minutes. The best aspect of this instant geyser is that your spouse need not wait for the water to become hot again. Switch on the geyser, and you get hot water instantly.

The Rapid Jet instant geyser has a wattage capacity of 3KW. So, even if you use this geyser for five minutes daily, it consumes less than eight units of electricity a month.

This geyser is ideal for use with hard water because the ISI-marked nickel-coated heating element resists scale formation. Safety features like a pressure-release valve and thermostat make it one of the best appliances to use in the bathroom. In addition, the anti-siphon protection feature prevents water backflow, protecting the heating element from dry heating.

In short, it is an ideal geyser for small families, especially living in cities.

3. Bajaj Splendora

Bajaj Instant Geyser
  • This 3L Bajaj water heater saves power by heating water quickly within three minutes.
  • It is ideal for small families. However, larger families can install this geyser in their kitchens to get instant hot water.
  • This water heater is durable and has an excellent design to suit your bathroom ambiance.
  • Bajaj does not supply the inlet and outlet pipes with the package.
  • The after-sales service is unsatisfactory as many consumers have complained about the

Bajaj Splendora is available in 3L and 1L models. Besides, it comes with two heating element options, 3KW and 4.5KW. This specific model is a 3L and 3KW instant geyser that can deliver sufficient hot water within three minutes. The advantage of the copper heating element is its rust-proof feature that ensures it lasts long.

The unique weld-free joint in the outer metal body ensures to trap the maximum heat inside the tank. Hence, it is an ideal geyser for small families. Moreover, this geyser can withstand water pressure up to six bars. So, it is suitable for high-rise buildings.

Safety features like a fire-retardant cable, a pressure release valve, and an ABS outer body make it a good investment. However, one should ensure proper home earthing to protect themselves from electric shocks.

Storage Geysers

Storage geysers are different from instant water heaters in many ways. Depending on the tank’s capacity, these geysers allow you to store hot water. Generally, the storage water heaters for domestic use are available with storage tank capacities from 6L to 25L. Bigger models are available but are not necessary for the average Indian family.

Here are some popular storage water heater models for Indian homes.

1. Crompton Arno Neo 15L 5-Star

  • The water takes around ten minutes to become hot and fill the tank.
  • The water remains hot for three to four hours and sufficiently warm for around 24 hours.
  • This 15L geyser is ideal for small families of up to three persons.
  • The after-sales service needs immediate improvement because many customers have expressed displeasure.
  • The package does not feature the inlet and outlet pipes. Users have to purchase them separately.

The Crompton Arno Neo is available in four sizes, 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L. These geysers are 5-star rated appliances. Hence, they are energy efficient. They come equipped with a 2KW copper heating element that heats the water quickly and lasts long.

The geyser comes fitted with a magnesium anode to prevent corrosion due to hard water. In addition, the storage tank features smart shield corrosion protection. Besides, the appliance uses Nano Polybond technology to prevent corrosion and oxidation, even at high temperatures and pressure.

The unique feature of this Crompton appliance is the Advanced 3-level safety to protect against electric shocks, overheating, and fry heating. In addition, the temperature control knob enables you to customize your water heating preferences.

2. Bajaj New Shakti Neo


  • The Bajaj water heater is one of the safest geysers available on the market.
  • It takes around 15 minutes to deliver a bucket full of hot water.
  • Bajaj offers good after-sales service to its consumers.


  • Surprisingly, Bajaj does not provide the inlet and outlet pipes with the package.
  • The installation is not free, costing around Rs 1000, including the service charges and fittings.

Bajaj New Shakti Neo storage water heater is available in 10L, 15L, and 25L models. This 4-star appliance is ideal for high-rise apartments because it can withstand water pressure up to eight bars.

The Titanium glass-lined enamel-coated stainless steel tank lasts long because of its excellent corrosion-resistant properties. Besides, this water heater features a copper heating element that ensures superior efficiency and long life.

This geyser features a unique Swirl Flow technology that does not allow the hot water to mix with cold water from the inlet pipe. Thus, water remains hot for an extended duration.

The Child Safety Mode is another unique feature that safeguards the child from accidental hazards. This geyser is ideal for taking hot water showers and is suitable for small families.

3. Crompton Solarium Qube

Crompton Solarium Qube
  • This 5-star rated appliance can withstand water pressure up to eight bars.
  • The unique design makes it a beautiful appliance in the bathroom.
  • It is an ideal appliance for small Indian families.
  • The free installation promise is a gimmick because many consumers have complained about Crompton’s poor service.
  • The temperature knob has to be kept at the highest temperature for efficient performance. Otherwise, the water does not get hot quickly.

The Crompton Solarium Qube is available in three capacities, 10L, 15L, and 25L. The operational technologies and features in all these models are the same. In addition, another variant of the Solarium, the IoT model, is available that can function as a smart geyser capable of being operated and controlled using a remote control and smartphone app. However, the present model does not have this feature.

Crompton water heaters come with nano Polybond technology coating on the inner tank to protect it from corrosion. The geyser also features a magnesium anode that prevents scale accumulation on the heating element and the inner container walls.

The features include a 3-level safety arrangement, including a thermostat, thermal cut-off, and a multi-functional pressure release valve. In addition, it has a standby cut-off feature that switches off the power supply if the geyser is not operated for 90 minutes.

This storage geyser is ideal for the average Indian family because it can provide hot water within 15 minutes. In addition, the water stays sufficiently hot inside the tank because of adequate insulation. 

The Solarium brand has additional features and is hence more expensive. But the Arno Neo is better suited for the average Indian family budget. It is a decent-looking appliance without any cosmetic features. However, it is high on performance.

4. A.O. Smith SDS Green Series

AO Smith Storage Geyser
  • This water heater is excellent for areas with hard water.
  • This appliance saves power by maintaining the water hot for long periods.
  • It is an ideal appliance for small Indian families. However, if you have more than four people in the family, the 25L model should be appropriate.
  • Some people have complained of a strange sound during its functioning. It could be due to low water pressure.
  • A.O. Smith’s after-sales service is unsatisfactory.

This 5-star A.O. Smith SDS Green Series water heater is available in four storage capacities, 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L. All the appliances are similar, except for the storage capacity.

These appliances feature a 2000W glass-coated heating element that can heat the water within 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, the high-quality insulation allows the water to remain sufficiently hot for three to four hours.

The inner tank gets a Blue Diamond glass-lined coating to provide double corrosion resistance compared to similar models. In addition, the water heater features a long-lasting anode rod that prevents scale formation on the heating element and the tank’s inner walls. Thus, it is an ideal appliance to work with hard water.

This A.O. Smith water heater can withstand water pressure up to eight bars and comes with adequate safety precautions, like a safety valve and a thermal cut-out system to prevent accidents.

5. Racold Eterno Pro

Racold storage water heater
  • This water heater can withstand water at eight bars of pressure, making it ideal for use in high-rise apartments.
  • The appliance comes with a 3-year warranty on the heating element and a 7-year warranty on the inner tank.
  • This geyser has been voted the most energy-efficient appliance in the water heater category in 2021.
  • Amazon says that inlet and outlet pipes are free, but users have complained about paying separately.
  • The after-sales service is not of the highest order.

The Racold Eterno Pro is available in three capacities, 10L, 15L, and 25L. The features and technologies remain the same in all three variants. This 25L model is ideal for large Indian families having more than four members.

Racold water heaters feature a robust inner tank equipped with Titanium Plus Technology featuring a Titanium enamel-coated inner surface to prevent corrosion. Besides, the heating element adequately protects from scale formation in hard water.

This Racold water heater offers customizable options where users can select between a bucket or shower bath. Thus, according to your preferences, it saves up to 30% energy. In addition, the Smart Mix feature prevents hot water from mixing with cold water, thus saving up to 40% electricity.

The Smart Guard Eterno Pro water heater features an anode inside the water tank that performs an electrolytic process to protect the inner surface and the heating element from corrosion.

This geyser has three safety levels to protect the appliance from high temperature and pressure. The adjustable thermostat, the cut-out, and the multi-function safety valve prevent unnecessary accidents.

6. Havells Adonia Spin

  • The geyser has a beautiful outer appearance that matches your bathroom ambiance.
  • Havells offers free installation for this appliance.
  • The geyser makes a strange sound when heating water. As a result, many users have complained about it.

Havells Adonia is available in 10L, 15L, and 25L capacities. The color-changing LED knob for temperature control is this appliance’s sterling feature.

This 5-star appliance can withstand water pressure up to eight bars. It is one of the safest water heaters in India because of various safety features, like IPX-4 protection, India’s first integrated shock-safe plug, thermostat, and pressure-release safety valve.

The Incoloy glass-coated heating element ensures quick water heating within 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, it offers additional protection against corrosion, oxidation, and carbonization. Thus, this heating element has a long life.

The Feroglas coating technology for the inner tank makes this appliance one of the best equipped to resist corrosion. Besides, the tank contains an anode rod that uses a unique catalyst action to withstand corrosive elements. Therefore, Havells offers a 7-year warranty on the inner tank and a 4-year warranty on the heating element.

This appliance has a 5-star rating because of its excellent energy efficiency features. The water heater has a PUF insulation layer between the inner tank and the outer surface to prevent heat dissipation. Besides, the Whirlflow technology prevents the hot water from mixing with cold water and thus saves up to 20% more energy.

Water Heater/Geyser Buying Guide

Top Geyser Brands in India

Water Heaters/Geysers are two types

  • Instant Geyser
  • Geyser with a Storage Tank

Instant Geyser occupies less wall-mounting space when compared with the Geyser that comes with a storage tank.

Bajaj Instant Geyser

In an Instant Geyser, you will instantly get the Hot water as soon as you switch on the Appliance. Whereas, In a Storage Geyser, you have to wait up to 5 minutes to get the Hot water.

An Instant Geyser can provide a maximum of six liters of Hot water, and you have to wait if you need more water. If the Water heater comes with a storage tank, the Hot water will be stored in it, and you will get continuous Hot water supply for your whole family.

Instant Geyser is suitable for a small family, bachelors who use one or two buckets of water for bathing. Storage Geyser/Water heater is appropriate for a medium and large family or persons who like to enjoy the showers.

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How to Select the Geyser Size?

If you want more Hot water or you are a person who likes to enjoy long baths with showers opt for a Geyser that comes with a storage tank.

A 10-15 Storage tank is required for a Medium-Large family of 4-6 Members.

Instant water heater with 3-litre storage capacity is suitable for a small family of 2 members.

Read our in-depth guide about Water heater sizing to find the right one that suits you.

Size of FamilyManner of intended useGeyser TypeIdeal Geyser capacity
2 to 3 membersBathing – bucketInstant6 litres
2 to 3 membersBathing – bucketStorage10 to 15 litres
2 to 3 membersBathing – ShowerStorage15 to 25 litres
2 to 3 membersWashing utensilsInstant1 to 3 litres
4 to 8 membersBathing – bucketStorage25 litres
4 to 8 membersBathing – ShowerStorage25 litres
4 to 8 membersWashing utensilsInstant1 to 3 litres

Factors defining consumption of electricity

The wattage mentioned on the water heater is just an indication of the quantity of electric power that the geyser might consume. Let us look at the main defining factors.


The volume of hot water you use is the principal driving factor of electricity consumption. The electricity consumption is directly proportional to the volume of water you use.

Input water temperature

Colder water will take a longer time to reach the thermostat temperature. Hence, a water heater will consume more electricity in Delhi as compared to Chennai. This is because of the marked difference in the temperature of input water.

Thermostat temperature

Usually, all geysers have a standard 60C as the thermostat temperature. You have water heaters that have external controls to change this setting.

Standing loss

There is a misconception that water heaters do not lose heat. In fact, they do. This is known as standing loss, the heat lost through the water surface. BEE has a different definition of standing loss.

According to BEE, standing loss is the energy consumed by a water-filled geyser connected to an electric supply without anyone drawing the water. A lot depends on the quality of materials used in the manufacture of the water heater.

Read Coating and Tank material used in water heaters.

Hot water requirement

The guidelines are very simple to follow. (Source –

  • Normal bathing using buckets – 15 litres / person
  • Shower bath – 25 litres / person
  • Bath tub – 35 litres / person
  • Washing clothes – 10 litres / person
  • Washing utensils – 5 litres / meal

The quantity of water depends on the number of people in the house using the geyser.

Benefits of Bajaj Geysers

Bathing temperature

This temperature is different from the thermostat value. The ideal bathing temperature is in the range of 35C to 37C. The thermostat temperature is around 60C. This entails that you need to add cold water to the geyser water before taking a bath.

Calculation of Electrical units consumed by water heater

This is what you have been eagerly waiting for. You follow this simple formula from your physics text book.

Units consumed = Volume of water X Temperature difference X 0.0012

Hence, if your family uses 100 litres of water at 40C with input water temperature being 20C, you will use 100 X 20 X 0.012 = 2.4 units per day.

Is this a universal calculation?

The answer is NO. We have taken an ideal solution.

The other factors that determine power consumption are standing loss, the geyser size, and the way you use it. What does this imply?

Bigger heaters have a higher standing loss because of the larger surface area. As a thumb rule, a 100 litres geyser will have a standing loss of more than 1unit per day whereas a 70 litres geyser will have a figure of around 0.9 units / day.

One way to overcome this problem is to switch on the geyser just before using it and switching it off immediately after you finish your bath. You save electricity in this manner.

Effect of wattage on water heaters:

Wattage of the geyser has a direct relation with the time taken for heating the water. A 4.5 KW heater will heat the water faster than a 2 KW heater. It can reduce wastage of hot water. However, it does increase the overall load of the house thereby increasing the fixed charge component of the electricity bill.

AO Smith Geysers review

Some Points To Note

1. If you are living in a place with a colder climate, the water heater will have to work more and extra power will be utilized. A water Heater in Cold North Indian state will consume more electricity than a Geyser in Andhra Pradesh.

2. The More Amount of Hot water you use, the more will be your electricity bill. The Thermostat temperature of most of the Geysers or Water Heaters will be around 60 Degrees Celsius.

Water Heaters will lose some heat, and this is called as standing loss. Always, opt for a Branded water purifier that has high-quality components.

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3. Water Heaters wastes electricity when unused hot water is left in the storage tank. Always switch on the water heater before use and switch it off immediately after.

4. Most of the Geysers have a thermostat setting of 60 degrees Celsius which means the water can be heated up to 60 degrees Celsius.

5. Please note that the water having such high temperature is extremely dangerous to human skin and can cause severe first-degree burns. So, Make sure you mix the hot water with some cold water and lower down the temperature.

Geyser For Hard Water

If your water source contains more salts (Hard Water), you have to buy a Geyser that comes with a corrosion resistant tank. You can also install a water softener that converts the Hard water into the soft water, so there will be no damage to the heating element.

The ideal temperature for bathing is about two degrees more than the normal Human body temperature which is 37 degrees Celsius.

If you have any queries regarding the selection of Best water Heater, Post them in the comments section below, and we will try to answer them.

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Best Water Heater – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the better option, an instant egyser, or a storage geyser?

It depends on your requirements. An instant geyser can save power because it gives hot water instantly. The storage geyser is different because it takes more time in comparison. Hence, it consumes more power. While instant geyser can be more efficient, the storage geysers are less expensive. As far as maintenance is concerned, instant geysers require more maintenance, especially in areas having hard water.

2. What should be the ideal temperature setting for a geyser?

It is not possible to control the temperature in the case of instant heaters. In storage heaters, you can set the thermostat temperature level at more than 50 degrees Centigrade. Water below 50 degrees Centigrade can get contaminated by bacteria. In winter, the temperature setting should be between 60 and 65 degrees, whereas, in summer, it can be between 50 and 55.

3. Why should we switch off the geyser when not in use?

Many people believe that the thermostat maintains the temperature at the desired level. Its function is to regulate the electricity supply after heating the water to the set temperature. It switches off the supply, thereby saving electricity. However, the water cools down if left unused in the storage tank. If you fail to switch off the geyser, the thermostat will restart the electricity supply if the temperature dips below the set temperature. It can result in the consumption of unnecessary electricity.

4. Can water heaters give electric shocks while bathing?

One should ensure to have proper earthing in the house for all electrical equipment. Secondly, you should call a trained technician to install the water heaters. If they are not installed properly, the electric current does not get isolated from the water. It can flow through the water and cause electric shocks.

5. Is an instant geyser suitable for a shower bath?

No, the instant geyser is not at all suitable for a shower bath because it delivers hot water that your body cannot bear. The storage water heater is the ideal one to have a shower bath because you can switch off the geyser before the water reaches the set temperature.

6. What is the cut-off system in a geyser?

If you accidentally keep the geyser on in the absence of water supply, the geyser switches off as the coil temperatures reach a specific cut-off point. The heating element gets overheated, followed the tripping of the thermal switch that cuts off the electrical supply.

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