10 Best Front Load Washing Machines in India (2022) | LG, Bosch, IFB, Samsung!

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Are you looking for the best front-load washing machine? If Yes, then you are in the right place.

Best Front Load Washing Machine Brand

When you discuss front load washing machines, the immediate names that come to mind are LG, Bosch, IFB, and Samsung. Let us compare the unique characteristics of these machines and understand which machine suits our needs the best.

Brand / FeaturesLGBoschIFBSamsung
Capacity Range6 Kg to 10.5 Kg6 Kg to 9 Kg6 Kg to 8.5 Kg6 Kg to 9 Kg
Inverter TechnologyAvailable in all models
Direct Drive Motor
Eco-Silence Drive motor
Available in the top-end machines (8.5 Kg)Available
Quick Drive technology
Wash QualityOptimized washing using AI
Turbo Wash feature
6-motion Direct Drive technology
Anti-tangle program
Active Water Plus  
Extra Rinse option
3D wash technology
Cradle wash
Eco Bubble technology
Power Consumption – kWh/kg/cycle0.077 to 0.0840.71kWh to 2.14kWh0.06 to 0.089Not available
Water Usage – L/kg/cycle8.32 to 8.38NA8.9Approximately 60L per wash
Hard Water WashAvailableAvailableAvailable – Aqua EnergieAvailable
Inbuilt heaterSteam Wash option
In-built heater option
Available – up to 90 degrees CelsiusAvailable – up to 95 degrees CelsiusHygiene Steam wash
Drum TypeStainless-SteelStainless-Steel Vario DrumCrescent Moon drumDiamond drum technology
Spin Speed Range1000rpm to 1400rpm1000rpm to 1400rpm400rpm to 1400rpm plus No spin option1000rpm to 1400rpm
Other technologySmart Diagnosis
Cycle Download
Wi-Fi compatible – LG ThinQ
Child Lock
Auto Restart
Germ-free wash
Time delay
Smart remote  
Allergy Plus
i-Dos Automatic dosage system
Reload function
Speed Perfect HomeConnect
Anti-Bacteria feature
LED segment Child Lock
Self-diagnosis Auto Imbalance vibration control Foam detection Rat mesh
High voltage protection
Laundry Add option
Child lock
Delay End
Different wash programs
Ceramic heater
Rat mesh
LED Panel
Drum Clean
Wi-Fi compatible
AI-enabled Smart Check
Air wash technology
Noise levels (Washing)54db48db to 53db56db51db
Noise levels (Spinning)74db73db70db61db to 65db
Energy RatingFive starEnergy StarFive StarFive Star
WarrantyTen years warranty on the motor plus two years on the productTen to twelve years on the motor plus Two years on the productTen years on the motor + Ten years spare parts + four years super warrantyTen years on the motor plus Three on the product

LG – Front Load Washing Machines

LG 6 KG Washing Machine FHM1006ADW
LG 6 KG Washing Machine FHM1006ADW

LG front-loading washing machines are available in a range of sizes from 6 Kg to 10.5 Kg to cater to the requirements of all Indian families.

All LG front-loading washing machines come equipped with a Direct Drive Inverter Motor that epitomizes reliability.

The Direct-Drive motors are advantageous because the washing drum connects to the motor directly rather than pulleys, gears, and belts. Thus, these machines vibrate less and make less noise than other washing machines.

In addition, this technology minimizes the wear and tear of the motor. Hence, LG offers a 10-year warranty on the inverter motor. Besides, inverter technology ensures lower power consumption.

LG 6 Motion DD

LG front-loading washing machines use 6-motion DD technology with optimized motion combinations for different fabrics. Therefore, it delivers a powerful washing performance with little damage to the clothes. In addition, the latest high-end washing machines work on AI technology to deliver a commendable washing performance.

Features like Turbo Wash technology use powerful water jets to spray clean tap water on the clothes to enable efficient rinsing. Moreover, LG washing machines can work with hard water. Hence, they have wide acceptance among the Indian clientele as many of our cities and towns rely on hard water supply.

LG 8KG Washing Machine FHM1208ZDL
LG 8KG Washing Machine FHM1208ZDL

LG front-load washing machines offer various wash programs, but people generally do not use more than five to six. The rest of these wash programs are usually cosmetic features. The top-end LG washing machines are compatible with Wi-Fi and use the LG ThinQ smartphone app to control the laundry anytime and from anywhere.

Steam wash is available on many LG front-loading washing machines (FHT Series). These washing machines feature an in-built heater to heat the water to around 60 to 80 degrees Celsius to remove the most stubborn stains.

These washing machines have the standard drum rotation speed of 1000 to 1400rpm, depending on the machine’s capacity. The higher speeds are better for effective drying of the clothes.

Most LG front-loading washing machines come with additional features like Smart Diagnosis that help the machine diagnose problems and ensure quick resolution. In addition, features like a germ-free wash, child lock, drum auto-clean, etc., are available on most of these machines. 

LG Front Load Washing machine controls

LG front-loading washing comes with 5-star energy ratings because of low power consumption and efficient water savings. As far as sound levels are concerned, these machines make some sound, especially in the spinning cycle compared to the washing cycle (74db to 54db).

  • Energy and water savings
  • Good performance
  • Reliable inverter motor
  • The child lock feature has some issues.
  • The after-sales service of LG is not satisfactory.

Here are some good LG front-loading washing machines available on Amazon.

6 Kg model
Amazon Price
5-star energy rating
Suitable for small families
Ten washing programs
Inverter direct-drive motor
Washing noise level – 54db and
spinning noise level of 74db
Annual energy consumption of 0.08 kWh

7 Kg Model
Amazon Price
5-star energy rating
Suitable for small Indian families
Ten wash programs
Inverter DD motor with 6-motion washing technology
Noise levels of 54db and 74db, respectively
Annual power consumption of 0.08 kWh

8 Kg Model
Amazon Price
5-Star energy rating
Suitable for medium-sized families
Ten wash programs
Inverter DD motor with 6-motion
Noise levels of 54db and 74db
Annual power consumption of 0.08 kWh

9 Kg Model
Amazon Price
5-star energy rating
Ideal for large families
14 basic washing programs plus the facility to download multiple programs online
Inverter DD motor with 6-motion control technology
Inbuilt heating options
Wi-Fi enabled Smart Diagnosis
Noise levels 54db and 74db
Power consumption of 0.08 kWh annually

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Bosch Front-Loading Washing Machines

Bosch front-loading washing machines run on inverter motors with Eco-Silence Drive technology to ensure higher efficiency and silent performances. In addition, the friction-free motor present in these machines minimizes heat and reduces wear and tear for long-lasting performances.

Bosch 7Kg Washing Machine WAJ2416SIN
Bosch 7Kg Washing Machine WAJ2416SIN

The top-end models come with unique features like the i-DOS automatic dosage system and Home Connect functions. The advantage of the i-DOS system is that it dispenses the precise amount of liquid detergent required for the specific wash program to ensure efficient cleaning. In addition, the Home Connect option allows for remote monitoring and control.

Almost all the Bosch front-loading washing machines come with features like Allergen-free and Speed Perfect. The Speed Perfect feature is a high-performance program that reduces the wash cycle duration by nearly 65%. Thus, it saves time, water, and power. In addition, the Allergen-free wash removes dust mites and other minute contaminants to provide a hygienic wash.

Bosch Front Load 7Kgs
All Bosch front-loaders come with Vario Drum technology that works on a unique wave-droplet design to produce a thorough and gentle cleaning performance for your expensive fabrics.

The anti-vibration side panels are standard features present on all Bosch washing machines that reduce vibrations and enhance stability during the washing and spinning process.

Bosch front-loading washing machines feature an inbuilt heater system that can heat the water up to 95 degrees Celsius to ensure a healthy wash. However, using the heater consumes more power.

The specialty of Bosch front-loading washing machines is the anti-tangle washing program that ensures your clothes do not get tangled during the wash cycle. Thus, it prevents damage to your clothes and ensures a better wash.

Active Water Plus feature is also present in almost all Bosch front-loaders. This feature comes with a water sensor that gauges the water pressure and measures the wash load to adjust the water intake accordingly. Other standard features include the self-cleaning detergent drawer to remove detergent residue and the drum clean feature with a reminder functionality.

Bosch LED Panel in washing machine

All these machines feature LED display screens to indicate various controls like program status, spin speed selection, temperature, remaining time, load recommendation, and many more.

These machines also offer the Reload function to stop the wash cycle in the initial stages and add or remove clothes from the machine.

  • The Bosch machines do not make much sound (48db to 53db in the washing cycle and up to 73db in the spinning cycle).
  • The inverter motor saves power.
  • The anti-tangle option is a good one as it protects your clothes from damage.
  • Bosch washing machines come with a relatively smaller outlet and inlet pipe.
  • You can encounter after-sales service issues at some places.

Here are some of the popular Bosch front-loading washing machines.

6 Kg
Amazon Price
Inverter motor with Eco Silence Drive technology
Anti-vibration design
Anti-tangle program
Anti-allergy wash feature
Speed Perfect and Active Water Plus functions and inbuilt heater
Vario Drum and Reload program
15 wash programs
53db sound in the wash cycle and 73db in the spin cycle
2300W power consumption

7 Kg
Amazon Price
Inverter motor
Eco Silence Drive
Touch control
LED display
In-built heater
Ideal for small and medium-sized families
15 wash programs
Anti-tangle wash
Reload feature
12-years warranty on the motor plus two years on the product 

8 Kg
Amazon Price
Inverter motor with anti-vibration design and Eco Silence Drive technology
Touch control
Suitable for large families
1400rpm for better drying
15 wash programs
Inbuilt heater
Sound – 53db to 73db
Anti-bacteria, anti-tangle program
Vario drum
Active Water Plus and Speed Perfect
Reload program

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IFB Front-Loading Washing machines

IFB front-loading washing machines are available in various sizes starting from 6 Kg to 8.5 Kg, suitable for all Indian families.

IFB Diva Aqua SX Washing Machine
IFB Diva Aqua SX

The top-end 8.5 Kg IFB washing machines come with an inverter motor. However, all the IFB machines display lower water consumption. Moreover, these machines come equipped with a range of features that protect your clothes.

The sterling aspect of IFB machines is that they come with a unique hard water wash program, Aqua Energie. It is a type of filter treatment that converts hard water into soft water, capable of dissolving detergent quickly. This feature incorporated advanced magnet technology to break down calcium into minute crystals and energize the water to allow detergents to dissolve better.

The unique Auto Balance feature present in IFB machines automatically detects and redistributes unbalanced clothes to ensure a stable and consistent washing experience.

IFB front-loaders feature stainless-steel drums with crescent moon grooves that provide a gentle cushioning to your fabrics but acts tough on the dirt. Hence, you get a total wash with minimum damage to your clothes.  

Stainless-steel drum IFB Washer
Stainless-steel drum

The higher-end IFB front-loading washing machines come with additional features like 3D wash to deliver a thorough washing experience. On the other hand, the lower-end models, especially the 6 Kg models, feature a 2D wash system. 

Some of the top-end machines come with an extra rinse option. In addition, the IFB washing machines display a spinning speed of 400rpm to 1400rpm to ensure an efficient washing experience.

Features like Foam detection, laundry add, child lock, and voltage protection makes the IFB front-loaders a good choice.

IFB Front Load Washer controls

Another unique feature observed in IFB machines is the Float Ball Valve technology that helps save detergent. It lets out the water while keeping the detergent in. By reducing the wastage of detergent, this feature ensures a better washing experience.

IFB is the only manufacturer to offer an extended warranty comprising four years on the product plus ten years on the motor plus ten years spare part support.

  • IFB machines are good at tackling hard water.
  • These machines save water and detergent by employing different technologies.
  • IFB provides a comprehensive warranty.
  • Not all IFB front-loading washing machines come with inverter motors.

Here are some popular IFB front-loading washing machines available online.

6 Kg
Diva Aqua SX
Amazon Price
Anti-vibration technology
Aqua Energie feature
Crescent moon grooves on the drum
Pause and add laundry feature
Inbuilt heater
2D wash
5-star energy rating
9L/kg/cycle water consumption
0.089 kWh/kg/cycle power consumption
930 watts
54db to 68db sound

6.5 Kg
Elena ZXS
Amazon Price
Auto imbalance
vibration control
Aqua Energie
Inbuilt heater
3D wash
7-swirl wash
Cradle wash
express wash
crescent moon drum
Ball valve technology
Ideal for small families
5-star rating
Average noise levels of 60db
1200 kWh per annum consumption

7 Kg
Neo Diva BX
Amazon Price
Perfect for medium-sized families
Aqua Energie
3D wash system
Crescent moon drum
Cradle wash
Inbuilt heater
Tub Clean feature
Noise levels 56db to 70db
Express Wash
Laundry add
Ball valve technology
Voltage protection
8.9L/kg/cycle water consumption

8 Kg
Senator Plus SX
Amazon Price
Anti-vibration and auto imbalance technology
Perfect for large families
14 wash programs
Aqua Energie
4D wash system
Express wash system
Cradle wash
Drum lamp and illumination knob
56db to 70db noise levels
Ball valve technology
Repeat wash

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Samsung Front-Loading Washing Machines

Most Samsung front-loading washing machines come equipped with inverter technology. Thus, these machines are good at power savings.

SAMSUNG 6 kg 5 Star Inverter washer
Samsung 6 Kg WW60R20GLMA/TL

Samsung front-loading washing machines work on Eco Bubble technology, also known as Power Foam in the US. This technology enables better dissolution of detergent into the water by reducing the surface tension of water. Thus, it helps the detergent to enter the fabrics layers and clean them thoroughly. This technique works well with hard water also.

An advantage of Eco Bubble technology is that it can work at low temperatures. Thus, it works with cold water. As a result, you save power by using less hot water for washing your clothes. This technology also saves time because there is no need for any pre-soaking.

Some Samsung models, especially the latest machines, come with a unique Air Wash feature that uses air to wash clothes. This technology deodorizes and sanitizes the clothes to make them smell fresh all the time. Generally, the washer/dryer machines come with this feature.  

Samsung front-loading washing machines are available in various capacities starting from 6 Kg and extending up to 9 Kg. While many Samsung washing machines work with inverter motors, you have a couple of models that do not have inverter motors.

Samsung washing machines come with Diamond Drum technology to protect your fabrics. This technology envisages the drum to have minute holes embedded deep inside the diamond-shaped depressions. It prevents the fabrics from getting entangles in these holes and thus, eliminates damage to your clothes.

Almost all these machines offer a hygienic steam wash option using an inbuilt heater function. Compared to other washing machines in this category, Samsung machines make less sound as the noise levels are in the range of 49db to 61db.

You get a range of washing features like Quick Wash, cotton fabric wash, delicate wash, woolen wash, and many more. Other features like child lock, delay end, etc., make the Samsung washing machine a desirable appliance.

  • Samsung Eco Bubble technology ensures a thorough washing experience.
  • Many Samsung front-loading washing machines come with inverter motors.
  • Samsung washing machines make less noise than others.
  • These machines do not come with a rat mesh.

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Here are some popular Samsung front loading washing machines available online.

6 Kg
Amazon Price
Inverter motor
Hygiene Steam wash with an inbuilt heater 5-star rating
Ideal for couples and single individuals
Ten wash programs
Diamond Drum technology
49db to 61db noise levels
Three years warranty on the product plus ten years on the motor

7 Kg
Amazon Price
Powerful motor
Hygiene Steam wash
Diamond drum technology
Quick Wash program
Ideal for small and medium-sized families
12 wash programs
Digital Display
Drum Clean technology  

8 Kg
Amazon Price
Inverter motor
Wi-Fi-enabled AI features
Suited for large families
1400rpm for better drying
22 wash programs
Diamond Drum technology
Hygiene Steam wash
Drum Clean technology
Eco Bubble technology
A+ energy efficiency

9 Kg
Amazon Price
Inverter motor
Wi-Fi enabled
Ideal for large families
Energy and water-efficient
22 wash programs
Diamond Drum technology
AI Eco Bubble technology
Hygiene Steam wash Quick Wash

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best brand of front loading washing machine in India?

A lot depends on individual choices. If budget is your significant concern, you have to settle down for the minimum features. Under such circumstances, you have to go for the non-inverter motors. However, if performance is the prime criterion, the LG and Bosch washing machines are the most popular. Samsung and IFB washing machines are good models with decent features. If you go by customer choices, the LG 6.5 Kg and 7 Kg washing machines are the most popular.

Should we go for more wash programs in a front-loading washing machine?

Generally, people do not use all the wash programs. Most of the names are fancy names that people do not generally use. For example, some LG washing machines come with downloadable programs. Most of them are fashionable features. However, all the front-loading washing is available with the necessary functions.

Can we use hard water in these front-loading washing machines?

Yes, most of the top brands have products that can work with hard water. Barring a few cities, you have hard water almost everywhere in India. The top brands incorporate different technologies to tackle hard water. For example, Samsung names it Eco Bubble, where the technology reduces the surface tension of water to enable easy mixing of detergents. IFB calls it Aqua Energie. These technologies make the water soft and enable the detergents to mix with water easily.

Which is the better detergent to use in front-loading washing machines, powder, or liquid detergent?

Liquid detergents are always preferable to use in washing machines because they dissolve quickly in water to penetrate deep into the fabric structure. Powder detergent might form lumps and stick to the clothes. They can also clog the drain pipes and damage them. Today, you have soap pods that dissolve quickly in water to ensure a decent washing performance.

What is the ideal size of washing machine one should look for?

It depends a lot on the number of people you have in your home. Besides, the frequency of wash is also critical. For example, if you have more children in the home, the frequency and intensity of washing clothes increase. Accordingly, you need to invest in an appropriate washing machine. The thumb rule is that a 6 Kg or 6.5 Kg front-loading washing machine should be ideal for single individuals and couples. Small families of three to four persons can opt for a 7 Kg or 7.50 Kg machine, whereas large families need an 8.0 Kg washing machine or higher.

Should I opt for an inverter motor or a non-inverter washing machine?

Washing machines do not consume as much electricity as air conditioners do. However, the benefits of an inverter motor are not restricted to power savings alone. The inverter motor makes less noise compared to the conventional motor. LG’s Direct Drive technology does away with infrastructure like pulleys, belts, etc., by attaching the motor directly to the wash drum. Such machines vibrate less and make less noise. Therefore, an inverter motor is always preferable.

Is the hot water wash a better option?

Hot water enables the detergents to mix easily with water because the surface tension of water at higher temperatures like 60 or 70 degrees Celsius is lower than the surface tension of water at room temperature. Hence, hot water wash is beneficial. However, a hot water wash consumes more power. Samsung has found a way out by introducing Eco Bubble technology that reduces the surface tension of water at room temperature and enables better dissolving of detergents.

Should you pay attention to the warranty period?

Yes, the warranty period is crucial. Generally, you have manufacturers offering a 2-year warranty on the product plus a 10-year warranty on the motor. The motors last long. The electrical panels are the most vulnerable of all components. Hence, you should check out if your warranty is available for the panels. Usually, manufacturers extend the warranty by offering an Annual Maintenance Contract that covers such vulnerable components.

What is the significance of the RPM in a front-loading washing machine?

The higher the RPM, the faster is the spin/drying cycle. Therefore, it enables the clothes to dry faster.

How do you prevent mold and fungi from infesting the drum and the door gaskets?

Mold and fungi cohabit in damp places. Therefore, you should ensure that your drum and the door gaskets are dry. Almost all machines come with an auto drum cleaning option. This feature cleans the drum and removes detergent residue that encourages mold formation. You can use a dry cloth to wipe the gaskets and keep them as dry as possible.

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