9 Best Food Processors in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

In this post, I am going to list down the best food processors in India.

Compare the Indian kitchens of the early 1970s to the kitchens of today.

You will find one glaring difference. Yes, we are referring to the grinding stone.

It used to be an integral part of every Indian kitchen until the arrival of the mixie (the mixer, grinder, and blender).

You have improvisations in the form of the dry grinder, the wet grinder, the food processor, and so on.

These appliances have made it more comfortable for the Indian woman today.

Let us look at some of the best food processors in India (not in any particular order of preference) before providing you helpful insights into buying the best one available on the market.

Best food processors in India 

1. Inalsa Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt With Blender Jar

This processor is packed with exciting features, but the most notable is the 100% Copper Motor powered by 1000W! The powerful motor makes it perfect for everyday use.

The features provided include- chopping, shredding, slicing and emulsifying foods, make citrus and vegetable juice, beat cake batter and egg whites, knead bread-dough & grind meats and vegetable.

It comes with 2 different types of juicers- centrifugal and citric juicer.

The jars are made of steel, hence easy to handle and have a long life. There are 3 jars, composition of each are- 1.5L PC BPA-Free Blender Jar,1L Dry Grinding Jar,400ml Chutney Jar.

The base of the food processor is not too light, neither is it too heavy. The legs of the base are vacuum enabled to ensure that the structure stays stable on the surface. On the bottom is a cord winder too, which can be used to keep the wire safe when not in use.

  • Lots of features
  • Durable
  • Has ‘Child Safe Interlocking System’ and ‘Over Heat Safety Protection’
  • Wide feeding tube for bulky ingredients
  •  Delay in providing after sales service

2. Usha FP 3811 Food Processor 1000-Watt Copper Motor 

The products made by Usha are widely used across the country. It serves all the needs of an average Indian family.

The food processor comes with 12 different applications, like- kneading, chopping, grinding, blending, slicing, shredding, grating and whisking. It also has two dedicated juicers- centrifugal juicer and citrus juicer.

The centrifugal juicer also comes with a tap attached at the bottom for easy removal of juices.

The motor is made of 100% Copper, powered by 1000W and has 6 different types of blades which can be placed at the bottom of the base of the processor in the storage provided.

Various blades are provided for different functions, and the bales that are sharp to touch are provided with a plastic capping for safety.

The disc holder provided for placing in the processor is another safety measure, also it makes the job of cleaning the discs easy.

The containers that come with the processor are 3 Impact Resistant Jars of which two are made out of stainless steel and the other blender is of plastic, another attachment provided is Food Processing Bowl.

  • It comes with built-in locking mechanism
  • Attractive design
  • Packed with features
  • Dedicated juicer
  • Lots of safety measures
  • Questionable spare parts availability

3. Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt 

The motor of this unit is made out of 100% Copper and is powered by 650W.

The blades are made out of high-quality steel which can be used for coarse or fine chopping, pureeing, blending & processing cake mixtures. The sharp edges are cover with a plastic lid like structure for protection.

It caters to the needs like- chopping, shredding, slicing and emulsifying foods. It can make citrus and vegetable juice, beat cake batter and egg whites, knead bread-dough & grind meats and vegetables.

The designing is such that the main unit remains the same and the attachments can be used as per the need, this ensures that you don’t have to make too much space in the kitchen for storage of the attachments.

Moreover, to minimize storage, the company provides with a single disc and multiple steel blades, the blades can be fixed to the single disc for different uses.

The jars that come with the package are 1.5L Polycarbonate BPA-Free Blender Jar & 1L Multipurpose Stainless-Steel Jar, all having a long functioning life.

The feeding tube is large to ensure that chunky ingredients are also accommodated.

  • Large capacity to process in one batch
  • Easy to maintain and noise free
  • Lots of features
  • Compact size
  • Locking system provides more safety to the user
  • Extensive use of plastic

4. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-Watt Food Processor

Morpy Richards is a very well known brand which makes reliable electronic equipments.

The motor like most of the standard brands are made out of 100% Copper and is powered by 1000W.

The equipment serves 16 different functions like juicer, kneader, chopper etc. Six different blades attachments ensure that the various functions are executed properly. There is no dedicated juicer, the attachments can be used to extract the juices- both citrus and others.

The jars that come with the pack are 3.2 L food processing bowl with operating volume of 2 L, 2.3 L liquidizing jar with operating volume of 1.5 L, 1.0 L grinding jar with operating volume of 0.7 L, 0.5 L chutney jar with operating volume of 0.3 L.

The lock systems of the jars are very good, and there is very little chance of spillage. The body of the container and the lid of the liquidizing jar come with measuring cups to help the user with precision when cooking.

The legs of the unit are vacuum enabled to keep the whole unit steady and the bottom of the unit has the air pass way.

  • Well known brand
  • Lots of features
  • Comes with built-in locking mechanism
  • Elegant design and finishing
  • Easy servicing
  • Base unit is quiet heavy

5. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor 

This is one brand which does not need any introduction. The brand is renowned for being sturdy and producer of high quality products.

The product has a sturdy and powerful 100% Copper motor powered by 600 watts, with 3 speed control & pulse function.

It is multi-functional as it can be used for processing, grinding, liquidizing, juicing and dough kneading. Further, by changing the blades other functions such as chopping, slicing, coconut scraping, kneading, shredding (fine and coarse) can also be done.

The company provides with 2 plastic discs and various blades can be fixed onto it, and then place into the machine for its use. This minimizes the storage also.

The equipments are 1.5 liter unbreakable polycarbonate liquidizing jar with stainless steel blade, 1.0 liter stainless steel grinding jar with multi-function stainless steel blade, 0.3 liter stainless steel chutney jar with stainless steel blade.

  • It has in-built locking mechanism
  • Effective results
  • Good customer support
  • Easy maintenance
  • White exterior may need to be dusted regularly

6. Inalsa Food Processor 1.4L Magic Pro700-800Watts 

The product has 100% Copper motor which is powered by 800W.

It performs and array of functions listed as- chopping veggies, preparing leafy salads, sliced potato chips, diced healthy fruits, knead dough, breads, pizza dough, pasta, biscuits, piecrust, cake dough, blend purees, grind masalas, spice seeds, shell peas, mince garlic, create crumbs, make sauces & dips, chop nuts, prepare smoothies, juices, shakes, blend soup, grind your meat, transform granulated sugar to powdered sugar.

The blades are made out of high-quality steel and jars are made out of plastic which are BPA-free. The capacity of the main bowl is 1.4 L making it is ideal for preparing large meals.

It can process a wide range of ingredients with ease and due to its large capacity; you can process large volumes of food in a single bacth.

The equipments that come with it are Bowl, Bowl Cover, Food Pusher, Blender Jar, SS Multi Purpose Jar, Slicing and Shredding Cutter, French Fries Cutter, Kneading & Chopping Blade, Processor Spindle, Blade and Cutter Holder, Citrus-Juicer and a Spatula.

The large feeding chute ensures that the big blocks of ingredients.

  • Offers many functions
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with built-in locking mechanism
  • Attractive design
  • Extensive use of plastic

7. Philips Food Processor HL1661 700Watts with Chutney Jar

Philips has been synonymous with electronic items for years. The quality of its products is what made the company popular across the globe.

The food processor comes with 100% Copper motor powered by 700W. It also has a ‘PowerChop’ technology which cannot just chop but they can even make purées and cake batters.

The two arms of the blade sees to it that the ingredients are lifted up and the other ensures that its chopped with no whole pieces being left behind.

The features provided are blending, kneading, mixing, juicer, chopping etc., each of the features can be made functional by the attachable blades that come with the package.

The package comes in with 3 jars in total with capacities of 2.1 L and 1L and 1.5L multipurpose bowl. The steel jars have ‘flow breakers’ for better grinding.

The blender jar is made out of single piece of plastic. There is no joints on it, this ensures that there is no leakage from the jar.

The company provides with a single plastic disc to which various steel choppers can be affixed, further minimizing storage.

The base of the processor has legs that are suction enabled for strong grip. The rest of the base works as a ventilator for the motor.

  • Sturdy built
  • Its dishwasher safe
  • Processors come with built-in locking mechanism
  • Looks sophisticated and is very compact
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The quality of jar is questionable

8. Kiddale 5in1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor

The food processor has been designed especially to meet the needs of a new born.

It is best used for the purpose of chopping, blending and steaming baby food. It can process a whole assort of assortment of ingredients like fruits, vegetables, meat or fish from raw to any stages, within a few minutes.

Since the processor is designed especially for infants, the safety standards are very high. The stir cup is made of Tritan material which is BPA, Phthalate and Lead free.

The double safety switch in the processor prevents the food processor from operating when the stirring cup or its cover is not in place.

The design of the processor is such that the food consistency as per the baby’s needs. It also a separate handle for the inner basket makes it very convenient to use.

  • Processor comes with built-in locking mechanism
  • The design is made to cater to the specific needs of the infants
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Digital, LCD touch buttons and screen for a more polished look and function
  • Cannot make large batches

9. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Compact FP (Mixer, Grinder, Chopper, Food Processor) 

This brand has been catching up in the market lately for being economical and useful in the day to day usage.

The features have mixing grinding, juicing and food processing including making dough.

The motor is powered by 400W and has multiple blade attachments to perform various tasks.

The package includes Base machine, Big Mixer Jar (750ml), Blending Jar (500ml), Dry-Grinding and Chutney Jar (300ml), Food Processor, Cover Lid, Wet Blending Blade for Tall Jar and Mixer Jar, each for blending and grinding, Dry Grinding and Chutney Blade for Short Jar, Seasoning Cap and a lid for storage. Another attachment is a dedicated chopper with its own blade

The unit runs as soon as it is plugged in, the body of the unit does not have a separate switch or speed control as such.

The separate juicer that is provided comes in a transparent jar like structure which has another attachment inside for making juice. If the attachment is removed, the whole jar’s volume can be used for blitzing or making milkshakes etc.

  • Economical
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to maintain
  • Extremely compact
  • Attractive designs and colors
  • Not a very powerful motor

10. Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep-800W with Processing Bowl 

This processor is powered by 800W of power to its motor.

It can stir-up different functions like chopping, shredding, slicing and emulsifying foods. It can beat cake batter and egg whites, knead bread-dough and grind meat.

It is easy to maintain and performs silently. The attachments can be swapped easily as per the need and you can easily clean it up after use.

It has a single disc made of plastic and various steel blades that can be attached for their use.

The pulse function is added for an extra boost of power which is over and above the 2 speed settings. The base has suction enabled legs for sability.

  • Very small and compact.
  • Attractive looks
  • Accessories easy to assemble
  • Processor comes with built-in locking mechanism
  • Extensive plastic use
  • Very light weight

Buying Guide – Food processors

Imagine the number of kitchen appliances you need to cook a decent meal for a family of four to five members. The Indian cuisine is such you need a variety of chutneys, a couple of curries, vegetables, chapattis, juices, and so on.

In the olden days, you had the grinding stones for grinding these spices. People used to knead the dough using their hands. The invention of the mixie changed everything. People started using this appliance for preparing their chutneys and purees.

top food processor

The grinder came next. It helped a lot in grinding ingredients like spices, coriander, tamarind, turmeric, and so on. However, there was a need for a comprehensive kitchen appliance that could take care of all the tasks mentioned above.

The food processor is the right appliance for you. Let us look at the various factors you should look into while purchasing a food processor.

What is a food processor?

The food processor is a combination of the mixer and the grinder. It can cut, chop, mince, grind, and even extract juices from vegetables and fruits.

Some of the food processors come with attachment for kneading the dough for preparing chapattis. The advantage that the food processor has over the mixer and the grinder is that it has interchangeable blades and a less powerful motor.

It enables the appliance to do multiple tasks like chopping, cutting shredding, blending, and pureeing.

Factors to look for when buying a food processor


As explained earlier, the food processor is a combination of the grinder and mixer. You can also use the food processor to whip up creams and beat eggs. Under such circumstances, you need the appliance to work at varying speeds.

Look out for the food processors that come with multiple speed options. Some of them come with two whereas a majority of them have three speed settings. Also, you have the appliances coming with a pulse setting to enable it to whip up the creams.


The appliance is a comprehensive one. It performs a variety of functions. Hence, you need the appliance to be a powerful one. The 600-watt motor is the minimum requirement. You have some appliances coming with higher capacities as well. There are some food processors that come equipped with 1000 watt motors as well.

Size or Capacity

These food processors come in a variety of sizes ranging from the 7-cup chopper to the 20-cup variants. Usually, the capacity of the food processor depends on the size of the family. The normal size of the Indian family is around 4 to 5 members.

Hence, a 10-attachment food processor is ideal. We refer to the number of jars as well as the blades when we use the word ‘attachments.’


There are various reputed brands available on the Indian market such as Inalsa, Bajaj, Philips, and so on. Each of these brands has a reputation to maintain. You can choose any of these top brands. We have discussed about 9 food processors belonging to these brands.

Other factors

You can also look at some other features such as speed settings. Overload protector, technology in use, the quality of the blades, the BPA-free jars, and the quality of workmanship that goes in the manufacture of these jars, and so on.

Manual food processors 

We have also discussed one brand of manual food processor. This food processor comes with a dual-speed arrangement. It is a handy appliance to have because of its portability.

Check out the service centres

Most of the food processors come with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the motor. However, the plastic parts do not come under the warranty. It is better to check out the availability of the service centres in your city before you purchase your food processor.

We have covered almost all aspects of the food processors. It should make your job of buying one for your house an easy one. Let us now look at some of the frequently asked questions and answers about food processors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these food processors dishwasher safe?

Other than the motor, all the parts (removable) of the food processor are safe to use in a dishwasher.

2. Can you chop hard vegetables and frozen meat in these food processors?


3. What is the use of the choppers?

The chopper attachment has tremendous utility for chopping vegetables like onions, coriander leaves, potatoes, and so on. You can also use it to shred cheese, cabbage, carrots, and other similar vegetables. Mincing meat is also easy using the chopper attachment.

4. How do you puree hard ingredients?

It is advisable to chop the hard ingredients into small portions before you puree them. Add them gradually instead of stuffing into the food processor.

5. Should I alter the speed of the food processor while shredding?

Yes, you should reduce the speed of the food processor motor while shredding, grating, and slicing, especially when you use soft ingredients. However, when you have harder vegetables, it is better to increase the speed.

6. Can I use the primary attachment for kneading dough?

Most of the food processors come with a separate attachment for kneading the dough. It is better to use this attachment. You can however, use the primary attachment for mixing cake dough.

7. Should I crush ice in a jug blender?

Yes, it is easy to crush ice in a jug blender. Place the ice cubes inside the blender with the motor switched off. Replace the lid and then switch on the motor.

8. I find that my food processor does not turn on at times. It is a new one. What is the problem?

The modern food processors come with a unique locking system that does not let the food processor start if you have not assembled the attachments correctly. The bowl should fit perfectly. You should also close the jars with their respective lids and lock them before starting the food processor.

9. Suddenly I find that my food processor has stopped. Why is it so?

The only reason could be an overload of the ingredients. You should remove some ingredients and try starting the appliance again. It will do so.

10. Can I use the food processor to prepare fruit and vegetable juices?

Yes, you can use the food processor to prepare fresh juices. However, it is difficult to extract juice from very hard vegetables and fruits using the food processor. Some of the appliances come with citrus juicers in addition to the centrifugal juicers.

11. Is it possible to grate coconuts?

Yes, you can grate coconuts using these appliances. However, you should remove the soft white portions of the coconuts from the shells before adding them to the food processor.

12. Can you extract juice from sugarcane in these appliances?

No, you cannot extract juice from sugarcane using the food processors.

13.  Is it possible to whisk eggs and whip up my favourite lassi?

Yes, there are special attachments that help you to whisk eggs. You can also prepare your favourite lassi and other drinks using the best food processor.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

We have covered all aspects of food processors. These appliances have come to stay in the modern Indian kitchen. The grinding stone and wheel have become extinct today as India marches ahead on the technology front.

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  1. I recently bought a food processor inalsa inox 1000 as earlier was using inalsa maxi food processor and was highly satisfied. But this time was dissatisfied because of some practical issues such as they have increased the he size of the jar but the blades and plates are small as compared to the jar as a result the grating is not proper and big junks of un grated veges are left similarly chopping blade is also small so two three onions just stick to the sides …which was not the case in maxi . In maxi the blade or the grating plate covered the jar because of which even two onions can be easily chopped. This is a major drawback with inalsa inox 1000. Hope you put this across because this is a genuine issue

    • Same problem I faced with Inalsa kitchen master,if they increased the size of jar then the size of disc should also b made accordingly.

  2. My Mom owns a small tiffin service, so it will be heavy use. So which one will be good for her? The Inalsa Premia or the Inalsa Inox?


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