7 Best Espresso Machines in India 2023 – (Buying Guide)



Can there be a more heavenly feeling than sipping your hot filter coffee (or Kaapi as we call it in our homes) the first thing in the morning? My answer is an emphatic NO.

Nothing in the world can beat the taste and aroma of filter coffee made from freshly ground coffee seeds. There have been attempts to recreate the same magic using concepts like ‘Instant Coffee,’ and so on.

However, the only drink that comes close to equalling the taste and flavour of filter coffee is ‘Espresso.’

Points to consider while purchasing Espresso Coffee machines

Your Espresso Coffee machines are not like your smartphone or TV that you have updates every year. It is usually, a one-time affair. Therefore, it makes sense to consider these points while purchasing your Espresso Coffee machines


Coffee making is an art. You have to be accurate with your coffee brewing and steaming of milk. However, the modern machines come with programmed procedures that make it easy for you to have a cup of the most delicious Espresso coffee at any time.

best espresso machine india

The semi-automatic or the automatic machines should be a good choice. The Super Automatic Espresso machines are the best when it comes to delivering the best coffee. You press a button and get your cup of perfectly brewed coffee in your hands.

Easy to Clean

Going for a sophisticated Espresso machine is an excellent idea, but it should also be easy for you to clean the machine. The more the features and elements your Espresso machine has, the more challenging it is to clean it. It can consume a lot of time as well.

Now, coffee stains are stubborn. You have to clean the machines, especially the filters clearly lest you end up with clogged filters. It can affect the performance of your Espresso machine.

Budgetary Constraints

The Super Automatic machines are the most expensive of the lot. The double boiler semi-automatic machines are also comparatively more expensive than the single boiler dual use machines.

If the budget is not your concern, you can opt for either of these two machines. However, not everyone can afford to have such expensive machines at home.

Therefore, the single boiler dual use Espresso machines are the most popular of all. However, you should know about brewing coffee and steaming milk to get the best out of these machines.

Catering to taste buds

types of espresso

If you are buying your Espresso coffee machine for everyday use at home, you should not bother much about the specifics. You can opt for the single boiler machines.

If finding time to prepare coffee is a concern, the coffee pod machines should be the right ones for you. The advantage of having the semi-automatic machines is that you can customize your beverage to suit your taste.

You can control the steaming or brewing activities and decide on the apt strength of the decoction. However, it all boils down to your knowledge and skill about coffee making.

Customer service

Your Espresso machine does not come cheap. Therefore, you should always opt for the models that provide the best customer service. Look into the warranty clauses before choosing the right machine for your home. It is also better to read customer reviews, especially the 1-star and 2-star reviews to get the right picture.


You do not buy an Espresso coffee maker every day. Hence, it becomes critical to buy the machine that lasts long. Almost all the machines come with warranties. Opt for the device made of metal that lasts longer while effectively upholding heat at the same time. Note that the highly programmed models comprise of specific electrical parts that could require frequent repairs.

Size of the machine

Some Espresso machines can be significant. If space is a matter of concern, you cannot go for such models. Check out the size available in your kitchen before you venture to get your coffee machine.

Best Espresso Machine In India

1. Morphy Richards New Europa – 800W

It is an exhilarating experience having a perfect cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Your Morphy Richards New Europa could well be the kitchen companion you are looking for. It can make delicious and refreshing coffee within no time to spruce up your entire day.

The powerful 800W motor ensures optimal energy savings and is durable. It operates at 230V and can withstand 4-bar pressure to qualify as the best cappuccino and latte coffee maker for home.

The coffee’s tastes depend on the froth present in it. This machine features a Turbo Cappuccino nozzle that ensures a good cup of frothy coffee every time you need it. You can use the coffee strength selector to determine the right proportion of coffee powder and water, depending on your taste buds.

The stainless steel 2-cup filter filters the extracts perfect for preventing the coffee powder residue from slipping through its minute holes. Other hardware includes a heat-resistant glass carafe capable of withstanding severe heat without cracking. Finally, you have a removable drip tray to collect the coffee that drips while handling the machine’s operations.

  • It can make a good decoction for preparing four cups of coffee at a time.
  • The filtration process is perfect as you get good, thick coffee.
  • It is an ideal cappuccino makes for home.
  • The filter requires frequent cleaning to prevent getting clogged.

2. Caffe Birraio Espresso Machine

A cup of hot refreshing coffee can relieve tensions and headaches within no time. Your office could be the best place for installing this Caffe Birraio Espresso machine as it can comfortably make up to 20 cups of coffee at a time. You can have your favorite coffee as this machine can brew all types of coffee, including Lungo, Ristretto, or Espresso.

Operating the machine is easy as it is entirely automatic. This appliance uses Thermo Block technology to heat the water up to 90 degrees, brewing temperature within 40 seconds. It comes equipped with a 58mm Portafilter with two non-pressurized baskets that can prove helpful for extracting one or double shot.

Balancing water and coffee powder is essential for preparing the ideal cup of coffee. This machine makes it easy for you by using OPV technology that features a timer and pressure gauge to help control the brew. Thus, it enhances the taste by preventing over-extractions. You get the best-balanced espresso every time.

The Steam wand is necessary for ensuring effortless texturing of milk and resulting in an authentic brew. You can also utilize the steam wand for creating Latte art and enhancing the pleasure of having the most delicious coffee.

  • It is the best Espresso machine for small businesses and offices.
  • The timer and the pre-infusion feature have high utility.
  • It can make a cup of excellent coffee within 60 seconds with beautiful Latte art.
  • The machine can be expensive for home use.
  • It is not advisable to use the machine to prepare more than 20 cups a day.

3. Morphy Richards Fresco 800W

Morphy Richards has built up a reputation for manufacturing some of the best espresso machines for home in India. The Fresco model can ensure high-quality frothing coffee within no time.

The Turbo Cappuccino nozzle delivers the perfect froth necessary for making your coffee delicious. This machine is ideal when you prepare refreshing cups of coffee for your guests. Your guests could end up asking for an additional cup of coffee. You need not worry because you can prepare as many cups as you want within a couple of minutes.

The 800W motor is powerful enough to churn out one cup of coffee after another while consuming less power.

The removable drip tray arrangement helps maintain your kitchen clean by collecting all the coffee drops and preventing the coffee from dripping on the floor.

The coffee strength selector option enables you to decide on the required coffee strength, depending on your taste buds. It is a durable machine because the stainless-steel filters do not get damaged easily. However, it is better to clean them every time before you use the machine.

The transparent glass carafe lets you know the amount of cappuccino you brew. However, you should refrain from touching the glass as it can get hot. The carafe comes equipped with a comfortable handle that lets you carry it without your hands touching the glass.

  • It ensures perfect brewing to rank as the best espresso machine for home.
  • You can prepare cappuccino coffee and latte using this kitchen companion.
  • Cleaning the machine after use is easy.
  • The cord length is small.

4. DeLonghi EC685.M

The coffee’s strength depends on how the machine mixes milk, air, and steam to create the perfect frothing level. The DeLonghi model is ideal for use in cafes, offices, small businesses, and even homes as it can prepare excellent espresso and cappuccino whenever you want.

This machine works on an advanced cappuccino system that helps you to perfect the art of making coffee. The innovative Thermo Block technology ensures the perfect temperature and lets you make the most delicious coffee. Its attractive appearance makes it a beautiful espresso machine to have at home.

This machine can handle high pressure up to 15 bars for making the perfect coffee at home. This appliance is a convenient one to have as it can handle all coffee sizes. If you are looking for a quick cup of frothy espresso coffee to relieve your headache, you can go for the DeLonghi, as it does not require more than 40 seconds to prepare the decoction.

The 3-in-1 filter arrangement is ideal for serving single and double shots. This machine comes with a Flow Stop function that automatically stops the machine from delivering after a couple of shots.

Features like a descaling alarm, removable water tank, and removable drip tray help clean the appliance comfortably.

  • It is a good espresso machine for cafes and other commercial use.
  • Operating this machine is convenient.
  • It comes with one of the best descaling features.
  • A mug warmer arrangement could have been excellent.

5. Tecnora Epic TCM 801A

Generally, the espresso machines you use at home do not deliver steaming hot coffee all the time. The Tecnora Epic TCM 801A makes it possible to achieve the required temperature setting because it features a unique temperature controller and continuous steam generator. This feature makes the Tecnora Double Boiler Espresso maker a first of its kind in the world.

It comes with a robust 15-bar Italian pump to ensure complete extraction of decoction from your coffee powder. The 1850W precision boiler arrangement is this machine’s primary highlight.

This best espresso maker for home use comes with excellent attachments like stainless-steel froth assist Panarello whip up the required froth and ensures the best coffee sipping experience. The front panel single and double Espresso pressurized portafilter basket help extract the best espresso from ground coffee.

The cup warmer plate ensures to maintain the heat right until you pick up the cup for drinking the coffee.

This Tecnora Epic TCM 801A is the best espresso maker for the home because it is not designed for commercial use. Besides, the one-year warranty is not available if you use it for commercial purposes.

  • This machine can help prepare delicious espresso.
  • The pressure pump is a powerful one.
  • It generates the right amount of steam to prepare hot and frothy coffee.
  • The machine is a bit drippy in the initial stages.
  • The basket does not hold enough for preparing double shot coffee.

6. Coffeeza Finero Coffee Making Machine

If you want to brew café-style coffee within seconds, the Coffeeza Finero coffee-making machine is perfect. The 20-bar extraction pressure ensures to extract the best out of your coffee pods and help retain the indulgent aromas while maintaining the thick creamy layer.

Brewing your favorite cups of coffee is easy as this machine is compatible with Espresso, Lungo, and Nespresso pods. You can brew barista-style beverages right inside your kitchen at the touch of a button. The easy operations guarantee consistent coffee preparation each time you use it.

The best aspect of this coffee-making machine is its compact size that can fit into the smallest spaces on your kitchen countertop. This machine is one of the lightest appliances in its niche as it weighs 2.5Kg.

If you love to have black coffee, this machine is the perfect one. At the same time, it can prepare the most delicious products using the 60 assorted Coffeeza capsules that come with the package. These capsules include various coffee types, such as Intenso, Classico, Decaf, Cremoso, Forte, and Single-Origin.

  • The 20-bar pressure pump ensures excellent extraction.
  • The brew temperature is perfect for preparing delicious coffee.
  • It is compatible with an extensive range of coffee capsules.
  • One has to be careful when handling machines with 20-bar pressure.

Espresso Machines Buying Guide

Are filter coffee and Espresso the same?

Of course, they are not the same, but if prepared properly, both, Espresso and filter coffee, have qualities that make them enjoyable.

Both these brews have their origin in the same coffee bean. The only difference is in the firmness of the grinds and brewing times.

Filter coffee has a coarser ground, and you need it to brew it for a longer time and lower temperature as compared to Espresso. Secondly, you need to roast the coffee beans darker for Espresso when compared to filter coffee.

Taste-wise, there is a difference as well with the filter coffee tending to produce a sweet and delicate brew. In comparison, the Espresso has a higher level of acidity.

Tecnora Espresso Machine

The secret of good coffee lies in its preparation. The availability of quality filter coffee making and Espresso machines make your job easy. However, you should be aware of specific aspects of coffee making when you venture to purchase your Espresso machine.

You should look for these aspects as you go shopping for the best Espresso machines for home use.

Espresso machines are available in three categories.

  • Automatic/Semi-Automatic Espresso machines
  • Super Automatic Espresso machines
  • Coffee pod machines

Each of these three categories of machines offers a unique coffee making experience. The Super automatic machines and the coffee pod machines do not require you to have much knowledge of coffee making.

However, the semi-automatic or the automatic ones demand that you have the necessary know-how of espresso extraction and milk steaming techniques.

You also have one more category, the manual Espresso machines. We shall add a footnote after discussing these three types because the manual machines are not much prevalent today.

1. Automatic/Semi-automatic Espresso Machines

espresso making machine

Usually, people tend to buy the automatic or the semi-automatic Espresso machines for obvious reasons. They do not have to do much in case they opt for the automatic machines.

The primary difference between the automatic and the semi-automatic machines is that the latter allows you to control the pump whereas the former does not.

You need to control the pump to switch off the flow of water during the extraction. Some people like it strong. Therefore, they need to restrict the flow of water.

Other than this distinctive feature, the automatic and the semi-automatic machines are similar in all respects. You have to steam the milk and pull your shots.

The semi-automatic machines allow you to customise while the automatic machines have pre-set boiler temperatures and water volumes. These machines have three sub-classifications that can influence the pricing of the machines. Let us look at them in brief.

Single Boiler, Dual Use

The single boiler dual use machines are the least expensive of all Espresso machines. As the name suggests, these machines contain a single boiler, but two or more thermostats for controlling the water temperature for milk steaming and brewing. Usually, these machines come with a flip-switch to change from milk streaming to coffee brewing.

Single Boiler, Heat Exchange

These machines are more expensive than the single boiler dual use machines because it allows for simultaneous milk steaming and coffee brewing. The boiler heats the water up to an ideal temperature for steaming the milk. The ‘heat exchange’ mechanism then takes over to produce the perfect coffee brewing temperatures. You need not switch between the two activities.

Dual Boiler machines

Of the three sub-categories, the dual boiler machines are the most expensive. The simple reason is the presence of two boilers that allow for independent heating for milk steaming and extraction of Espresso. It allows you to customise and helps you with consistency in the preparation of Espresso coffee.

2. Super Automatic Espresso Machines

If you aim to learn the art of making excellent Espresso coffee, these superautomatic Espresso machines are not the ones for you. You should go for the semi-automatic or automatic ones that help you learn and perfect the art of making Espresso coffee.

The Super Automatic Espresso machines, as the name suggests, do not need you to do anything except supply the coffee cup. Some machines come with this facility as well. Therefore, all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your Espresso coffee.

Usually, people do not opt to have these Super Automatic Espresso machines in their homes. They are fit for use in restaurants, offices, and malls, and so on. The most significant advantage of these machines is that they are easy to maintain.

DeLonghi Espresso Machine

3. Coffee Pod Machines

Nowadays, it is the trend of instant coffee. You can have instant readymade Espresso coffee as well. The Coffee Pod machines allow you this liberty.

The mechanism involves inserting a capsule that contains pre-prepared coffee shots. These capsules are relatively inexpensive and are available at various departmental stores everywhere. The machine is a simple design that allows you to have instantly made Espresso anytime. These machines are the least expensive of the lot.

Manual Espresso making machines

These machines come with a lever that you need to operate to make your Espresso. These machines have now gone out of fashion with people preferring to opt for the semi-automatic or automatic machines. However, you can still come across some of the machines in homes that value tradition over everything else.

We shall glance at some of the components of the Espresso coffee machine that deserve attention.

Inbuilt Coffee Grinder

Any day, freshly ground seeds impart a better taste and aroma to the coffee that the readymade coffee powder. Therefore, it is better to opt for an Espresso Coffee machine that allows you to grind your coffee seeds. You need not invest in a separate coffee seed grinding machine.

Water filter

The quality of water affects the flavour of the Espresso coffee. Can you trust your tap water to have the right balance of nutrients that impart the appropriate taste to your coffee? The best Espresso coffee making machine comes with inbuilt water filters to ensure the perfect taste to your coffee.

Cup warmer

The cup warmer arrangement ensures to keep your Espresso coffee hot instead of leaking the warmth out of it.

Programmed settings

The super automatic Espresso machines come with pre-programmed features. You do not have any scope to customise to suit your tastes. If you love to experiment with the various aspects of coffee making, you should opt for one that allows you to program your settings. It is handy, especially as not all people in the house would love the same flavour.

Caffe Birraio espresso machine

Frothing wand

The taste of the coffee is dependent on the amount of froth in it. Almost all the Espresso coffee machines come with a frothing wand. It is an indispensable part of every unit.

This buying guide should have made things easy for you. You can now set out to purchase the right Espresso coffee machine for your home with a high degree of comfort.

Let us now answer some FAQs in connection with the best Espresso machines in India.

Frequently Asked Questions about Espresso Coffee machines

Should I opt for an expensive or a cheap Espresso coffee making machine?

It depends on the usage. If you are buying for domestic use, the best Espresso machines for home use are the semi-automatic ones.

You can customize them according to your tastes. These machines are comparatively inexpensive to the Super Automatic Espresso machines that qualify as the most appropriate Espresso machines for cafes or offices.

Another advantage of selecting the semi-automatic ones is that you can control the temperature of water and ensure the right amount of water, especially if you want to have your Espresso strong. It is not possible to tinker with the pre-programmed machines.

Can I get a fresh cup of black magic every morning with these machines?

You will have to opt for an Espresso coffee machine that comes with a coffee seed grinder. You have the option of purchasing the grinder separately. However, the top automatic Espresso machine comes equipped with an inbuilt grinder. This machine enables you to have a fresh cup of coffee every morning.

Will I be able to learn to brew the perfect Espresso using these machines?

The secret to making the best Espresso coffee lies in grinding the coffee seeds. The finer the grind, the better is the coffee. You can learn to brew the best coffee with these top quality Espresso machines for home use.

Choose the machine that allows you to program your settings. Another critical factor is the quality of water and the temperature of the milk. You will learn with experience. These machines will help you learn the fine art of coffee making.

What are some of the most popular Espresso machines in India?

There are many top models available in India. The most prominent among them are Krups, Morphy Richards, Nespresso, Tecnora, Prestige, and Black + Decker, and so on.

We have reviewed some of the best Espresso machines in India. This buying guide along with the reviews can help you make an easy decision when you buy the appropriate coffee maker for your home.

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