The summer months are the time when people go out of their way to purchase refrigerators.

Naturally, you need this appliance to keep your food fresh in the oppressive heat. You get your glass of cold refreshing water as well when you have the fridge at home.

best double door refrigerator

In fact, the refrigerator is the most common appliance you find in any home in India. Buying a fridge today is not a problem, but choosing the right one is a tough task.

There are different kinds of refrigerators available in the market. We shall look at some of the best double door refrigerators in India today.

The buying guide that follows the reviews can help you choose the perfect fridge right away.

Best double door refrigerators in India

1. LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door 4 Star refrigerator

Model: (Shiny Steel. GL1292RPZL)

The 260-litre refrigerator is perfect for the mid-size Indian family of four persons. One of the positive aspects of the LG refrigerators is that they are energy efficient appliances. The modern-day refrigerators work on the inverter compressor.

It is a welcome change from the conventional compressors as they help you save a lot of power. Let us look at some of the fascinating features of the GL 1292RPZL.

LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door 4 Star refrigerator

Smart Inverter Compressor Multi Air FlowSmart Diagnosis

The LG refrigerator has an intelligent inverter compressor working tirelessly 24 X 7 to keep your food fresh. The inverter compressor has an advantage in the sense that it adjusts its cooling power based on the fridge load. It results in a lot of power saving.

The unique feature of this refrigerator is the presence of multi air flow vents throughout the fridge. It ensures consistent cooling and keeps the food fresh and healthy.

The intelligent diagnosis feature helps you get technical assistance almost immediately, thereby saving you a lot of time.

Inverter Connect

Power cuts are widespread in India. An inverter is a favourite appliance in every home. This refrigerator is compatible with the inverter. Connect the fridge to your inverter and banish your worries about power cuts.

Eco-friendly fridge

In this age of global warming, you need eco-friendly electronic appliances. The LG refrigerator uses eco-friendly refrigerants that do not harm the ozone layer.

Ice Beam Door Cooling

The highlight of this fridge is the different ice beam door cooling feature. The vents circulate cold air to every corner of the fridge thereby ensuring that there is uniform cooling throughout.

Moist Balance Crisper

The Moist Balance Crisper maintains the optimum level of moisture by balancing out the condensation and evaporation thereby keeping the food fresh and tasty.

Other features

There are other attractive features like the LED lamps to provide uniform lighting, the double-twist ice tray, inbuilt stabiliser, and compatibility with solar power.

  • Energy efficient
  • Compatible with solar power
  • Works on the home inverter
  • Smart diagnosis to save time in case of emergency
  • There are a couple of customer complaints about the design
Verdict:If you are looking for an energy saving appliance, the LG refrigerator should fit the bill. The inbuilt stabiliser protects the delicate electronic parts from extreme voltage fluctuations. This is one of best double door refrigerators priced under 30,000.

2. Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 4 Star Refrigerator

Model: (Elegant Inox, RT28M3424S8/HL)

Samsung has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best electronic appliances in recent times.

Renowned for making mobile phones and televisions, this electronics giant has produced some high-quality refrigerators as well. Let us see some of the attractive features of this fridge.

Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 4 Star Refrigerator

Inbuilt stabiliser Energy efficientAdequate capacity

Voltage fluctuations are typical in India. Therefore, you will see a voltage stabiliser in every home. You need not have one when you use this refrigerator as this fridge comes with an inbuilt stabiliser mechanism to protect the appliance from extreme voltage fluctuations.

The 4-star rating ensures considerable savings in electricity. The advanced Digital Inverter Technology plays its part in conserving power.

The fridge comes with a capacity of 253 litres. It is perfect for mid-size Indian families.

Toughened glass shelves – The highlight of this fridge is the toughened glass shelves capable of withstanding weights up to 150 kg.

Auto Defrost – It is a standard feature of the multi-door refrigerators. It saves you a lot of time as there is no need to defrost the refrigerator manually.

  • Saves energy up to 45%
  • Adequate storage
  • High-quality cooling
  • Digital Inverter technology
  • Not a convertible fridge
  • The deep freezer does not have a lighting system
Verdict: This is one of the best double door refrigerators priced under 25,000. You can buy this refrigerator from online retail stores like Amaon. There are excellent discounts available for you. It is a good fridge backed up by some excellent after-sales service by Samsung.

3. Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator

Model: (Elegant Inox, RT28M3022S8-HL/ RT28M3022S8-NL

The advantage of this refrigerator is that it produces ice faster than most other refrigerators. It can also keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time as it maintains optimum moisture content.

These are some of the attractive features of this refrigerator.

Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator

Digital Inverter Technology Smart Connect InverterAll round cooling

The advantage of using the digital inverter technology is that the compressor adjusts its cooling according to the fridge load. It helps in saving a lot of power.

The fridge is compatible with the home inverter. Hence, you can connect it to the inverter thereby ensuring the refrigerator keeps functioning even during power outages.

The multiple vents situated on the insides of the refrigerator ensure that you have all-round cooling. It helps to maintain a uniform temperature thereby making sure that the food remains fresh for a long time.

Moist Fresh Cruiser

The vegetable drawer has a unique sealing arrangement that prevents moisture from escaping during low humidity levels. At the same time, it has a vent that allows excess moisture to escape when the humidity increases. It helps in maintaining the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time.

Inbuilt stabiliser

The inbuilt stabiliser protects the appliance from extreme voltage fluctuations. It enables the fridge to keep functioning even when the input voltage goes beyond the 135 to 290 volts range.

Other features

You have the other attractive features like toughened glass shelves, twist ice maker, easy-slide shelves, bottle guards, LED lights, and a beautiful recessed handle.

  • Compatible with the home inverter
  • Digital inverter technology ensures power savings
  • Inbuilt stabiliser protects the delicate parts of the fridge
  • Attractive looks
  • It has a BEE 2-Star rating
  • Though adequate for medium-sized families, the fridge is inadequate to cater to large Indian joint families.
Verdict: The 2-star rating can prove to be a discouraging factor, but the other features like the inbuilt stabiliser, inverter compatibility, and the digital inverter technology can sway your decision. If you are looking for a cheap and best dobule door refrigerator under 20000, you can go with this one.

4. Whirlpool 245 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator

Model: (Swiss Silver, NEO FR258 CLS PLUS 2S)

The impressive design is a significant highlight of this fridge. It has other exciting features as well. Let us glance through some of them.

Whirlpool 245 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator

Uniform cooling6th sense technologyChilling Gel effectDairy fresh

The Whirlpool appliance has a unique design that enables uniform cooling in all sections of the fridge. The multiple vents at the sides of the refrigerator ensure the free flow of cold air to all parts of the fridge. These vents have antibacterial filters to keep the refrigerator bacteria-free.

Whirlpool prides itself on the 6th sense Deep Freeze technology. It makes sure that the freezer temperature remains at its coldest. The design of the air vents pushes the cold air in a circular motion. Thus, the cold air does not escape even when you open the freezer door.

The unique feature of the refrigerator is the chilling gel effect. The gel helps to keep the freezer cold during power cuts. It helps in maintaining the freshness of the food.

It is necessary to store your milk, curds, and cheese at optimal temperatures. The Diary Fresh Chiller helps in maintaining the perfect temperature to keep the dairy items fresh for a long time.
Other features – The other exciting features of this refrigerator are the twister ice tray, vegetable crisper, and toughened glass shelves.

  • Innovative technologies at work
  • Uniform cooling throughout the appliance
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal filters
  • Does not have an inbuilt stabiliser
  • 2-star rating indicating that the appliance is not as energy efficient as the others
Verdict: The Whirlpool refrigerator comes with a lot of innovative features. The 6th sense technology is an advantageous aspect that can swing your decision.

5. Haier 347 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

Model: (Brushline Solver, HRF-3674BS-R/E)

One of the ways of determining the efficiency of a refrigerator is to look at how long it takes to make ice cubes. Haier has developed an innovative technology that can make ice cubes in about 60 minutes. They have aptly named it as the 1-hour icing technology. There are other notable features of this refrigerator from Haier.

Haier 347 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

1-hour icing technologyAll-around air flowInbuilt StabiliserChild Lock

The 1-hour technology works towards bringing the temperature of the freezer to -50C within an hour. Hence, you will never feel short of ice cubes while celebrating your parties.

The cooling of the fridge depends on the airflow inside the refrigerator. The double door refrigerators have fans placed at strategic locations to ensure the flow of cold air to all parts of the fridge. The Haier refrigerator has a 3600 feature that enables uniform cooling. It also helps the fridge maintain optimum humidity levels by ensuring there is no blockage of air. Therefore, it reduces the load on the compressor and increases its efficiency.

Voltage fluctuations are common issues. The modern-day fridges in India come equipped with an inbuilt stabiliser to take care of voltage fluctuations. It enables the fridge to work safely within a range of 135 to 290 V.

Locking your fridge to prevent children from gorging on the junk food is a crucial aspect of ensuring the better overall health of your children. It can also prevent untoward accidents.

  • The 3-star BEE rating is the highlight of this refrigerator as you save nearly 35% of power.
  • The Auto defrost facility prevents the build-up of ice inside the freezer
  • The reciprocatory compressor is easy to maintain, and it ensures uniform cooling.
  • The 347 litres capacity is a significant one ideal for large Indian families.
  • Consumers have complained about the noise
  • The lead wire is a bit short in size thereby necessitating changes to the home wiring system.
Verdict: The product is available on online retail stores like Amazon. In short, one can say that this fridge is a good one as far as performance is concerned.

6. Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

Model: (Brushline Silver, HRB-3404BS-R/E)

The positioning of the freezer compartment is crucial. Haeir has done a lot of research in this regard. The significant change is the positioning of the freezer.

You will find the freezer at the bottom as people use the freezer compartment less in comparison to the refrigeration compartment. This is one of the best double door fridges priced under 30,000.

Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

Fast coolingAesthetic designMaintains freshness longer

The 1-hour Icing technology is responsible for making ice cubes within 60 minutes. It is possible because the technology enables the cooling of the freezer compartment to -50C in 60 minutes.

Surveys have shown that people find it difficult to bend down and use the bottom portion of the refrigerator. Hence, Haier has reversed the model and placed the freezer at the bottom. People use this compartment less than the refrigeration area. It is an innovative design.

The Vegetable Crisper Drawer ensures that vegetables and fruits remain fresh for a more extended period. Hence, it is possible to store stock of vegetables and fruits for one week.

Separate fruit box

Usually, you store both the vegetables and fruits in the same compartment. With Haier, you need not do so because you have a separate fruit box exclusively to store fruits. You also avoid the mixing of flavours.

Coolpad feature

Power cuts can be irritating as they affect the cooling process of the refrigerator. However, Haier has brought in a revolutionary concept of the Coolpad. It helps to maintain the chill for at least 10 hours after the power cut.

Other features

The other notable features include the twist ice tray, adjustable feet, door lock, and LED lighting.

  • Makes ice quickly
  • Decent power savings up to 35%
  • Reciprocatory compressor ensures uniform cooling
  • People have complained about the noise factor
  • The bottom-placed freezer can discourage people with non-vegetarian preferences
Verdict: The Haier refrigerator comes with a unique idea of placing the refrigerator at the bottom. It has become popular today among people. The 1-hour icing technology is a revolutionary concept as well that can sway your decision to opt for this refrigerator.

7. Samsung 275 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

Model: (Pebble Blue, RT30M3043UT/HL)

Samsung is a reputed name in the electronics industry. You get good quality refrigerators from Samsung. They come with a lot of innovative features, some of which we will discuss below.

 Samsung 275 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

Digital Inverter Technology Great for dairy products Inverter compatible

There are a couple of advantages of using this technology. One is that you save power as the compressor adjusts its speed based on the load present in the fridge. Secondly, it makes less noise, thereby reducing the wear and tear of the compressor.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, and curds require additional cooling. The Samsung refrigerator has a simple solution in the form of a separate compartment for placing such dairy items.

You can connect the fridge to the home inverter. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the power cuts anymore. You can have your glass of cold water even during power outages.

All round cooling

The presence of multiple air vents inside the fridge enables the cold air to circulate better thereby resulting in a better and all round cooling experience. Uniform cooling is significant for the overall functioning of the refrigerator.

Inbuilt stabiliser

There is no need to invest in a separate stabiliser as this refrigerator comes equipped with an inbuilt voltage stabiliser. It takes care of the essential components of the refrigerator by regulating the input voltage. The stabiliser can work within a range of 135 to 290 V. In case the input voltage is beyond these figures, the appliance switches off from the power supply.

Moisture balance

The Moisture Fresh Zone is an innovative concept in this Samsung refrigerator. There are vents in the vegetable box that prevents leakage of moisture if the humidity levels are low. At the same time, they expel moisture when the humidity levels cross the threshold.

Twist Ice maker

You need not remove the ice tray to take out the ice cubes. Twisting them in their place can result in the ice cubes falling into the box provided for collecting them. Hence, there is no spillage of water inside the freezer. The arrangement occupies less space than the separate trays.

Other notable features

Some of the other features are toughened glass shelves, easy slide shelf option, LED lighting, deodorising filter, and big bottle guard.

  • Energy efficient refrigerator
  • Works on the home inverter
  • Cools quickly
  • Great looks
  • Some consumers have complained about heat generation on the sides
  • The side walls are thinner as compared to other peer brands
Verdict: Every product has some negative aspect or the other. Overall, the product is a good one because it delivers excellent cooling while consuming less power. Hence, you end up saving a lot by way of reduced power consumption.

8. Bosch 288 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Model: (KDN30VS30I, Silver)

A truly international brand, Bosch has made several adjustments to suit the Indian environment without compromising on its core features. As a result, you have an excellent product on your hands that can match up to international standards. Let us look at some of the fascinating features of this refrigerator.

Bosch 288 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Intelligent sensorsConvenience Easy to clean

There are five intelligently placed sensors on the fridge surface that can sense, adapt, and control the cooling of the fridge. The sensors can pick up the tiniest of signals such as the effect of sun rays falling on the freezer door. It impacts the cooling capacity. The sensors immediately adapt and ensure that there is no change in the cooling because of such external factors.

The designing of the shelves is perfect. You can adjust the items at the back without having to disturb the ingredients at the front.

It is easy to remove the parts and clean them. It ensures that your fridge remains hygienic at all times.

Strategic lighting

The LED lighting is such that food items cannot obstruct the light in any way. It improves the visibility to a great extent.

German Technology at work

The unique German technology, VitaFresh is responsible for maintaining the freshness of vegetables and fruits. The technology ensures that it does not interfere with the natural flavour of these food items.

Excellent cooling

There are air vents at strategically placed locations inside the fridge as well as on the doors. Hence, you have cooling of the highest order. The retention power is also considerable. Therefore, your ice creams will remain as ice creams even up to 12 to 14 hours after a power cut.

Toughened glass shelves

The toughened glass shelves can withstand weights up to 180 kg.

Efficient compressor

The sensor-based Vario compressor saves you a lot of energy. They make less noise and can work on the home inverters as well. The best aspect of these compressors is that they come with a 10-year warranty.

Ample space

The fridge has a capacity of 288 litres. Hence, you have ample space for keeping your food items.

  • German technology, hence you have excellent quality
  • A high-grade compressor capable of working on the home inverter
  • Excellent cooling
  • Some consumers have complained of excess condensation
Verdict: Available on online retail stores like Amazon, you get attractive discount offers. It is worth spending your money when you have a high-quality product on hand. The Bosch refrigerator belongs to this category.

9. Whirlpool 265 L Frost Free Double Door 3Star refrigerator

Model: (Swiss Silver, NEO DF278 PRM 3S)

The Whirlpool 265-litre refrigerator is ideal for the mid-size Indian family of 3 to 5 members. People always prefer to buy fridges in this capacity range as it suits their requirements and their budgets as well.

Whirlpool is a renowned electronics appliance manufacturer. You get quality products when you buy from Whirlpool. This refrigerator is one of the best ones from the Whirlpool stable.

Whirlpool 265 L Frost Free Double Door 3Star refrigerator

6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology Spacious vegetable crisper Chilling Gel

Whirlpool is famous for its 6th sense technology, be it fridges or washing machines. The technology is such that it provides the highest degree of cooling with the minimum of power consumption. You end up making ice 50% quicker.

The Whirlpool vegetable crisper can keep your vegetables and fruits fresh up to seven days. There are separate compartments for storing small quantities. It is useful when you have to store chillies or ginger.

Summers and power cuts go hand in hand. However, Whirlpool owners need not worry about power cuts because of the presence of the Chilling Gel. It can keep your fridge cold and fresh by releasing cold air from the gel during power cuts.

Micro-Block technology

Say Goodbye to germs and microbes as the Micro Block technology eliminates bacteria and viruses up to 99.9%. The technology is available in the vegetable crisper, ice tray, and collector.

Uniform cooling

The scientifically designed FreshFlow Air Tower ensures uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator. The presence of multiple air vents at strategic locations enables the cold air to move seamlessly thereby creating optimum and consistent cooling. The anti-bacterial filters make it a hygienic fridge.

Other features

The other salient features include the inbuilt stabiliser, the Active Deo technology, toughened glass shelves, and the 3-star rating.

  • Unique 6th sense Deep Freeze technology to ensure maximum power saving
  • Micro Block technology keeps germs and bacteria away
  • The Active Deo technology banishes the bad odour from the fridge
  • Some consumers have reported the need of an external stabiliser.
Verdict: Whirlpool manufactures some of the best double oor refrigerators in the business. They have an excellent after-sales service team in India as well. In other words, you can invest in this product and expect the best at all times.

Buying Guide – Best Double Door Refrigerators

Choosing the right refrigerator to suit your requirements is a tough job. It is because you have a wide range of options available to you. The prominent brands available in the market are,

  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • Bosch
  • LG

Each model has its benefits and disadvantages. We have seen the features of some of the most popular refrigerators in our discussion above. Let us now focus on choosing the ideal double-door refrigerator for your family.

The size of the family

Determine the size of the family. Usually, couples and 3-member families can opt for the smaller refrigerators. A family with 4 to 5 members should ideally choose for the fridge in the range of 260 to 350 litres. Hence, a double-door refrigerator is the right option for them.

Frost free refrigerators

The single door refrigerators work on the Direct Cool technology. Hence, they require manual defrosting. The double-door refrigerators are frost free refrigerators.

There are various fans inside the fridge that enable the cold air to spread throughout the appliance. It does not work on the principles of evaporation and condensation. Therefore, there is no formation of frost on the insides of the freezer chambers.

Basic design

The designing of the double-door refrigerators is such that you have two separate compartments, each having a door. It is an advantage because you will not need to open both the doors at the same time. Therefore, you end up saving a lot of power.

Top freezer

Usually, you will find the freezer compartment at the top portion of the fridge with the refrigeration compartment below it.

Bottom freezer

Normally, you use the refrigerator more than the freezer. People with backaches can find it difficult to bend down and use the vegetable trays and other facilities situated at the bottom. Hence, individual manufacturers like Haier have reversed the order and placed the freezer at the bottom.

Digital Inverter Compressor

The compressor is the heart of the refrigerator. The modern-day fridges come with a digital inverter compressor that results in saving of power. The inverter mechanism is such that it adjusts the speed of the compressor depending on the load inside the fridge.

Inbuilt stabilisers

Most of the modern-day refrigerators have inbuilt stabilisers to deal with extreme voltage fluctuations. Places in the interior parts of India experience power cuts on a frequent basis. Hence, you have refrigerators that can run on the home inverter. Some of the new refrigerators can run on solar power as well.

BEE Star ratings

The star ratings are the ultimate test for any refrigerator. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency assigns start ratings to refrigerators based on the energy consumption. The higher the number of stars, the better is the efficiency. Accordingly, the cost is also directly proportional to the star rating. However, the savings in power can negate the price difference. Therefore, you gain in the long run.

Keep these points in mind while purchasing a new double-door refrigerator. It should not be difficult for you now to choose the ideal refrigerator for your home. Let us now look at the frequently asked questions regarding refrigerators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘Frost Free Refrigerator?

A frost-free refrigerator does not work on the usual technique of condensation and evaporation. The refrigerator has a set of fans that are responsible for blowing cold air inside the fridge. There are multiple vents inside the fridge for the air to flow uniformly. Hence, you have uniform cooling throughout the fridge. There is no formation of frost inside the freezer compartment. Therefore, there is no need for manual defrosting.

Which star rating is the best for refrigerators?

The BEE Star rating is a crucial aspect to keep in mind. A 5-star rated fridge is always better than an appliance with a lower star rating. However, the higher star rated devices are initially expensive. You can recover the initial cost difference over a period because of savings in power consumption.

What is the ideal freezer-refrigerator ratio for a double door refrigerator?

The ideal ratio is 30:70. People having non-vegetarian preferences can opt for a higher proportion because they tend to use the freezer compartment more than the people with vegetarian choices.

What is the effect of humidity on food and how should I counter it?

Excess humidity can spoil the food whereas a lower humidity level can result in the fruits and vegetables losing their water content. They shrink and thus, lost their nutrients. The modern-day refrigerators have unique vegetable crispers that maintain optimum levels of humidity. They make sure to release the humidity if there is excess. At the same time, they block the release if the fridge senses a lower level of moisture. It ensures maintenance of optimum humidity levels.

What should be the ideal temperature inside the freezer?

It depends on the food you keep inside it. Usually, the temperature inside the freezer will be in the range of 00C to -150C. In case you store non-vegetarian food, you might have to adjust accordingly. Remember, the colder the freezer, the higher is the electricity consumption.

Should I leave any space behind and around the refrigerator?

Yes, it is ideal to leave around 10 to 15 cm behind the refrigerator. It is because the walls of the fridge can heat up. The radiation can affect the performance of the fridge if you do not leave enough space behind it. As far as the sides are concerned, ensure that you can open the door fully. You will be able to place or remove your food items quickly if you open the door completely.

Do you need a voltage stabiliser?

The latest fridges come with an inbuilt voltage stabiliser. Hence, you need not invest in a separate voltage stabiliser. The inbuilt stabiliser can take care of voltage fluctuations.

We have seen the buying guide and have answered various questions that can come to mind regarding double-door refrigerators.

We have also reviewed some of the best double door refrigerator models. It should make your job easier now. Check out the features and opt for the model that suits your requirement the best.

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