In the past, people used to have a notice board with the words “Beware of Dogs” on their gates to deter thieves.

Today, you have them with the words, “This house is under CCTV surveillance.”

This sentence can send a shiver up the spines of wannabe thieves as no thief ever likes to get caught. The thief would always prefer to play safe.

Does it mean that you should have this board on your gates and try to bluff the thieves? Maybe, you could succeed, but it would be better to install CCTV security systems in your house to protect your valuable assets.

Most of the modern residential apartment complexes have this system to ensure the safety of the residents. Almost all offices, banks, jewellery shops, departmental stores, restaurants, and other business places have them as an additional layer of security.

We Highly recommend you to read the CCTV Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest CCTV surveillance technologies.

Use the below table of contents to navigate. We cover everything related to the cctv in this post

Best CCTV Cameras in India

1. Mi 3600 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera

Mi Home Security Camera 3600 is one of the best security appliances available that provides all-round protection in FHD video. Installing such a CCTV camera in your home or business place lets you sleep peacefully at night.

It comes with a range of features to qualify as one of the most useful CCTV cameras available in India.

The 360-degree vision ensures to provide a horizontal and vertical view of whatever is happening in its range with full clarity. The dual-motor design enables the camera to rotate freely without making any noise. The shockproof design makes it a sturdy appliance to have.

The striking aspect of this CCTV camera is that it features innovative low-light true colour technology that allows you to view the images in full colour even in the late hours of the day. Thus, it does not revert to infrared illumination that provides B/W pictures.

This security goes one step further than just recording the intrusion. The deep learning technology, combined with focused optimisation of algorithms and network software enables the camera to determine when to alert you through a notification on your smartphone.

The Talkback (2-way) function is an exciting feature where you can talk to your family using this camera.

The camera comes in a pre-installed form with a rotating base that allows you to place it on the table, window, or the wall. It is possible to hang the camera in an inverted position by altering the settings accordingly.

Storing of the recorded videos is convenient as the new encoding technology enables smooth streaming and reduces bandwidth without compromising on the details. It supports NAS (Network Attached Storage), where you can store the video recordings using routers with storage capabilities and backing up from SD cards.

The Multiple View on a single screen facility allows you to install a Mi camera in each room and watch the proceedings on a single screen. The Picture-in-Picture mode lets you monitor your baby’s activities and multitask simultaneously.

It also comes with a facility to view the recorded videos on a smartphone or tablet with playback feature/ Thus, you can check out the safety of your family while on the move. The fast-forwarding facility is also available on the videos.

  • Night mode recording is excellent with remarkable clarity.
  • The two-way communication mode is incredible.
  • Multiple users can watch the camera recording simultaneously.
  • The camera can record videos without internet.
  • The camera does not support auto 3600
  • The camera needs a connection with a power source throughout.
  • It does not support memory card with a capacity greater than 64GB.

2. Qubo by Hero Group 1080p Full HD 3.2MP Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Security Camera

The Qubo smart security camera featuring inbuilt Alexa compatibility provides complete home security and automation solution. Some of the exciting features include breakthrough AI, a single app for the entire home, and home automation facility.

This one-stop security solution offers the facility of live remote monitoring where you can monitor your family and valuables while at work. The 1080p FHD videos with a 140-degree wide-angle lens ensure top-class visibility.

The 2-way talk feature enables you to communicate with the family and vice-versa using the Qubo App on your smartphone. The integrated Night Vision feature switches on automatically at night to illuminate the entire room even when it is pitch dark.

This camera can detect intrusions in its field of activity. Its advanced AI capabilities detect the presence of unwanted intruders, whereas its superior algorithms filter out false alarms like flying insects, moving curtains, etc.

The Qubo camera comes with unique face recognition capabilities, whereby you can store known faces in it and create custom alerts. It also allows you to define and set different routines to execute on recognising a face.

The Baby-cry alert is a welcome addition as it notifies you instantly whenever it detects your baby crying for immediate assistance.

The Qubo smart camera comes with built-in Alexa compatibility, thereby allowing you to talk to the device. Besides controlling its settings, you can ask Alexa to play music, read out the news, and control other compatible home devices. The Smart Home Hub helps you to manage Alexa compatibility with convenience.

This camera offers Bluetooth connectivity through its in-built speakers, whereby you can connect your Bluetooth streaming devices and enjoy your favourite music.

Q-eye advanced AI, and Deep learning techniques embedded in its algorithms help to solve real-world use-cases. It does so by detecting different objects in an image, differentiating persons from pets, recognising faces, and detect specific sounds like crying of babies, etc.

The Q-Crypto secured data streaming service with PKI based root-of-trust at all software layers helps to avoid software tampering and protect against malware compromise, thereby complying to standardised cryptographic algorithms.

  • Partnership with Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform
  • Works with all ZigBee devices
  • Alexa compatibility is an additional benefit.
  • Alexa has limitations with commands and does not accept all commands that the Amazon Echo device generally responds to.
  • Speaker quality needs improvement.

3. TP-Link Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home Wi-Fi Camera – Tapo C200

The Tapo C200 is a secure, smart, and simplified Wi-Fi camera solution to see what matters the most. This security camera with incredible features like Pan and tilt, 1080p images, 2-way audio, night vision, privacy mode, and motion-detection is one of the best security solutions available in India today.

Setting up the Tapo C200 is easy. The soft AP configuration offers a straightforward solution as you download the Tapo Camera app, turn on the camera and plug it in, and follow the installation guide on the go.

This high-quality security solution ensures the safety of your home and prevents break-ins and burglary attempts. The camera records all such events in detail, thereby assisting in solving these cases if they happen.

The stellar feature of this safety camera is Baby care functionality. It allows parents to monitor their baby’s activities and also watch over them when they sleep.

The camera proves useful when they go on trips as it helps in ensuring that their pets get the full care they deserve from the pet sitter. It also reassures the pet that you are available to cater to their requirements. By keeping an eye on the pet’s activities, you can stop them from messing around the house.

People generally forget about trivial domestic activities. The camera does not let them do that as it alerts you when you forget to turn off appliances. It also enables you to know where you have kept your groceries and whether you have left the garbage can open.

The 3600 horizontal and 1140 vertical range along with the smooth pan and tilt features make this camera a handy device to have at home. The HD video capturing capabilities allow you to record every detail in crystal-clear 1080p definition.

The advanced night-view vision feature provides exemplary videos at night as the camera captures distinctly clear images up to a distance of 30 feet.

This security solution features adequate storage in the form of Micro SD card with a capacity of up to 128GB. The motion detection capability allows the system to notify you by way of a phone alert if it detects any unusual activity around its range.

The Live View feature where you can watch the proceedings live on your smartphone helps you stay connected with things that matter to you.

Finally, the two-way audio communication facility enables you to speak to your family whenever required. The built-in microphone and speaker is one of the advantageous features of this security feature.

  • Setting up the camera system is easy.
  • Automatically connect to the last Wi-Fi used when power is switched on.
  • Recording facility even when not connected to the internet
  • Cloud storage is not available.
  • No designated customer care for Wi-Fi camera

4. Qubo by Hero Group 1080p Full HD 2MP Wi-Fi Indoor/Outdoor security camera

With almost all homes becoming security conscious, the Qubo smart home security camera has become popular over the last 4/5 years since its introduction in the market. The best aspect of this Qubo CCTV camera is that it is ideally suited for Indian home conditions.

One of the unique capabilities of this security camera is its person detection feature. It can recognise new faces, especially the hooded and masked ones, to notify you instantly of the intrusion. It can detect unusual actions like jumping over the wall or gate and act accordingly.

People with babies in their homes can avail of a unique paid subscription service that enables the Qubo security camera to monitor your baby’s video stream and notify you instantly if it senses the baby crying for attention. Thus, you can remain connected with your baby, even while you are busy doing other work at the time.

Qubo smart security camera allows you to create intelligent zones around essential areas where you keep your valuables. Therefore, you get specific alerts only about activities that are important.

This camera features a 110-degree wide-angle lens to provide real-life like image quality and superior colour brightness. Hence, it enables you to monitor the minutest details of your home with crystal-clear clarity. This camera works best in the range of around six to seven metres in the daytime.

The two-way communication feature is an excellent one as it comes equipped with a powerful built-in speaker and microphone to allow you to have an audible two-way communication powered by echo cancellation.

Qubo smart home security camera features ultra-clear night vision where the image sensor with 3-micron pixel size ensures excellent light absorption to deliver crystal clear images at night.

This camera system comes with IP65 weather-resistant standards, whereby it can withstand heavy rainfall, dust storms, snowfall, and hot summers. Thus, it works well in all climatic conditions.

The flexible placement options allow you to install the camera indoors and outdoors comfortably. You can affix it on the ceiling/wall or place it on the table, depending on your requirement.

The Alexa compatibility enables you to communicate with the device and control its settings with voice commands. Besides, you can control other Alexa compatible home appliances.

The sterling feature of this security system is its secured data streaming. The secure AES128 encryption feature ensures against any data leakage.

One of the exciting aspects of this camera is the secured, PKI based cloud storage feature.

  • The all-weather proof feature is laudable.
  • Free cloud storage for two months is excellent.
  • Excellent storage capacity with 128GB SD card
  • Does not support desktop app, but the mobile app is good.
  • Subscription to cloud storage is necessary for downloading video into the mobile app.

5. D3D Smart Pan Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

D3D is a global leader in security systems. The company manufactures a range of security system equipment, the most prominent of which is the D3D F1-362C security Wi-Fi camera. It comes with excellent features like smart AI, Alexa compatibility, and home automation.

One of the remarkable highlights of the D3D security systems is its easy installation. The procedure involves downloading the application, following the instructions, and setting up the camera within no time. This DIY installation procedure saves you additional installation expenses.

This smart camera is compatible with Alexa. You can give a sound command to Alexa to show the live view if you miss your family when you are outside. The Alexa compatibility allows you to connect to other smart devices and control them.

This security camera features AI face detection technology to detect human faces and send notifications on your smartphone at real-time. The Sound Detection function features a built-in microphone trigger push alarm notification on your mobile applications. Thus, you get timely alerts when your baby moans at night.

You can add additional Wi-Fi plugs and security sensors like door/window or motion sensors and convert your IP camera into a security system. You get immediate alerts if someone opens the doors/windows.

The D3D AI enables the camera to track person movement and automatically record moving objects. You can store all your activities on the SD card. The fascinating aspect of this camera is that there is no blind spot even if you do not rotate the camera manually.

The Night Vision feature comes with an in-built 850mm IR light with a smart image sensor to switch the video display automatically between day and night mode. It can record crisp visuals up to a distance of 35 feet.

Besides SD card storage, the D3D security camera offers cloud storage. Thus, you can keep your recorded images and videos forever, even if the camera is stolen or broken.

The 2-way audio feature is an interesting one as it allows you to communicate with your family while at work. The 360-degree omnidirectional chip for noise reduction and echo cancellation ensures a crisp and clear sound effect.

This camera features a unique 8x digital zoom to allow you to enlarge images without distortion. The 340-degree horizontal and 120-degree vertical rotation range provides 360-degree protection without any blind spot.

The inbuilt PIR sensor enables the D3D camera to detect any motion and send alerts on the user mobile phone. This camera comes with flexible set up options like placing it on the table or going for a wall mount.

  • 4TB cloud storage is an excellent option.
  • The D3D camera offers incredible night vision recording.
  • One of the most comfortable security systems to install
  • The software contains bugs that need frequent addressing.
  • Users have complained of lag.

6. Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

Sricam CCTV camera models are one of the best ones available on the Indian market. This camera is the ideal one to set up for your home because it is easy to install and simple to use.

You can control the camera through Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet by installing the specific mobile app.

This CCTV camera belongs to the PTZ category. You can set up this camera anywhere. Keep it on the kitchen or drawing room shelf or even hang it on the side wall or the ceiling with the help of wall-mounting brackets.

This camera comes equipped with an inbuilt microphone to enable you to listen to what is happening in the room. Hence, it is ideal to monitor vulnerable people like your children or the elders in the house.

The camera delivers 720p high-resolution images to help you view the targets. The 355-degree tilting feature enables this camera to cover as much area as possible.

Monitoring your targets is easy. All you have to ensure is to download the specific Sricam app from the official website and install the same on your smartphone or tablet. You can now log in and observe what is happening in your house from anywhere in the world. Controlling the camera is also possible from remote locations through this app.

This camera comes with motion detection features and IR night vision capabilities. Multiple viewers can use the app at the same time.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Worth the price
  • Features like motion detection
  • Control from remote locations
  • Quality of sound depends on your Wi-Fi signal
  • Runs on AC, hence ineffective during a power blackout

7. EZVIZ by Hikvision C3WN 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Outdoor IP66 Camera

EZVIZ manufactures a host of innovative security system equipment including CCTV camera, thereby creating easy smart homes. EZVIZ invests heavily in automation with intelligent video and IOT at the core. These products enjoy excellent patronage worldwide.

The EZVIZ C3WN offers FHD resolution to provide fantastic image quality during the day and night. This CCTV camera system boasts of innovative technology like enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with wall penetrating antennas and anti-interference capabilities.

The noise-cancellation features are notable highlights of this security camera system.

The Super Night Vision camera features two powerful IR LEDs and digital WDR to provide incredible clarity of vision up to a distance of 100 feet. The in-built sensors detect when night vision is required and automatically switches between the day and night mode.

Two powerful antennas provide excellent connectivity with innovative features. The Hi-Fi audio reception with a built-in noise-cancelling microphone allows you to hear in high-quality audio. This device can pick up clear video from up to 16 feet comfortably.

The USP of this security camera is that it is waterproof and dustproof. The IP66 certification allows operation in high mountains and desert locations with fantastic comfort. An exciting aspect is that this camera can be cleaned easily using a quick spray from your garden hose.

EZVIZ security cameras allow remote access from almost anywhere. You receive notifications on your smartphone whenever the camera detects any suspicious motion activity, depending on the settings you choose. If you have easy access to the internet, you can watch live feeds, trigger recordings, and activate two-way audio.

This camera is compatible with a specific mobile app, EZVIZ App, available on Google Play Store. Using this app, you can monitor the camera’s activities.

This camera system features a 256GB memory slot to store your precious moments in an SD card. You can access old data directly from the app without removing the SD card.

This camera can serve as a wireless and wired camera. You can connect it to the mobile app by scanning the QR code. It also has a LAN port that enables you to use it as a wired connection.

The EZVIZ C3WN camera is an all-in-one security solution for your home, shop, or office. The motion alert sensor informs you immediately of any intrusion.

  • The build quality is excellent and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • The EZVIZ app is one of the easiest to use.
  • Excellent clarity and adequate Field of View to provide high-quality security
  • At times, the camera becomes a bit hot when operated continuously.
  • The vendor does not have a return/refund policy for this product.

8. Hikvision FHD 2MP cameras Combo Kit 8CH HD DVR + 4 Bullet Cameras and 4 Dome Cameras

This Hikvision security system set comes as a combination of HD DVR and eight cameras, thereby providing high-quality security to your home, shop, or office.

Each of the cameras available with this combo system has 2MP resolution to deliver excellent images and videos. The dome cameras are ideal for fixing on the ceiling, whereas the bullet cameras are ideal for fixing on the walls and strategic locations to provide a 360-degree view of your home or office.

Besides, the eight cameras, this combination system comes with 8CH HD DVR to enable convenient recording of your videos. The 1TB HDD provides adequate storage for your video recordings.

The combination package comes with a 90-metre wiring connection, whereby it can suffice for your entire home or office.

The 1080p video resolution ensures that the camera captures crisp images and videos under dim lighting conditions. Each camera has 2MP resolution to deliver high-quality images.

Installing these cameras requires professional assistance. They can be adjusted at any angle to cover the maximum area in and around your home or office.

This camera system is compatible with a smartphone app, whereby you can view the video recordings on the mobile. It is compatible with both Windows and Android mobile phones.

Besides the 1TB HDD storage, you can access the cloud for enhanced storage. The best aspect of this CCTV security combo system is that you can view the video proceedings online if required.

The entire kit comprises eight cameras, an RJ45 cable, two USB ports, and a mouse. The combo pack features a 1TB HDD. However, it can accommodate storage up to 4TB, thereby proving adequate for your home or office.

This compact security system is available below Rs 15,000.

  • An excellent combo of eight cameras and other paraphernalia
  • Incredible 4TB storage capacity
  • High-resolution cameras capable of recording high-quality videos
  • The price does not include installation costs.
  • No 2-way audio feature

9. ThinkValue T8855 Wi-Fi Wireless HD IP Security Camera CCTV

ThinkValue is another reputed brand of CCTV camera that comes with exciting features. The USP of this CCTV camera is the ease with which you can set it up and start viewing the proceedings.

It comes with a fast Wi-Fi set up functionality that enables you to install and monitor the camera through a specific mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also access the camera from remote locations thereby ensuring that your loved ones are always in front of your eyes.

The in-built rotating motor allows you to rotate the camera and expand the FOV from anywhere in the world using your mobile app. This camera comes equipped with SD card slots whereby you can easily record the proceedings. The camera supports up to 128GB SD card memory.

You have two options to record. One is the 24X7 recording whereas the other one is the Alarm recording that starts recording only when the camera detects motion.

This camera has IR night vision capability whereby it can monitor objects within 16 feet even under pitch-dark conditions. Communicating with your loved ones and pets is also possible because of the in-built microphone.

The 720p resolution and extensive dynamic range features ensure that the images are of high quality. The dual motor design enables the camera to capture a 355-degree horizontal and 120-degree vertical view.

The motion detection feature senses any unnatural motion and sends an alarm to your smartphone and email along with the picture of the intruder. This feature makes it a useful app to have when you are away from your home.

  • Excellent features
  • Absolute clarity because of IR imaging
  • Remote controlling facility
  • Motion sensing
  • 128GB memory could prove inadequate if you opt for 24X7 recording

10. D3D Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera – D8810

The D3D wireless camera has the distinction of being voted the best security camera system in the world.

The cloud recording feature keeps the recordings safe on the FTP server even if the camera is stolen or broken. This functionality separates the D3D camera from the others and makes it the favourite indoor camera system in the industry.

Controlling the camera from remote locations is easy as the particular mobile application allows you to monitor proceedings from anywhere. You can adjust the rotation of the camera horizontally and vertically to get a complete view of the surrounding.

The in-built IR lens enables night vision whereby the camera records events even in completely dark conditions. The Motion Detection feature alerts you through your smartphone and email if it senses any unnatural movement.

The camera comes equipped with a 2-way Audio and SD card slot to enable you to have video chats with your loved ones. The inbuilt microphone and speaker records the proceedings and stores them on the FTP server. This feature obviates the need for a DVR or a computer to save images.

  • Remote controlling facility
  • IR Night vision feature
  • Inbuilt microphones
  • FTP Cloud Server storage
  • No fast forward option in the video player
  • Access to the camera is possible only through the specific app

11. Finicky World V380 Wireless HD IP Security Camera Dual Antenna Live View

Finicky World V380 wireless HD IP security camera is ideal for use in shops, offices, and factories. This indoor camera is easy to set up and install. As it is a wireless camera, you do not have to worry about the dangling wires all over the place. Set up the camera with your Wi-Fi network.

Controlling the camera using the supplied mobile app is easy. You can rotate the camera and switch angles from anywhere in the world. The inbuilt rotating motor is the highlighting feature of this PTZ camera.

This camera comes with an SD card provision whereby you can record images and video directly on the SD card. This camera supports a 64GB SD card.

The motion detection functionality is a useful one, especially during the night time. It alerts you on the smartphone if the camera detects any unnatural motion in its vicinity. The IR HD vision feature enables it to capture high quality HD images up to a distance of 16 feet even under pitch dark conditions.

The two-way audio function enables you to communicate with your pets and loved ones.

  • Control from remote locations
  • High-quality HD images
  • Inbuilt rotating motor
  • IR Night vision
  • 64GB memory is a small one

CCTV Cameras – Buying Guide

Buying and installing a CCTV camera security system is not something you frequently do. Usually, it is a one-time purchase unless you wish to go for an overhaul or upgrade.

Therefore, you need to focus on various aspects before deciding on the ideal CCTV camera security system. This buying guide endeavours to make it easy for you.

Before you invest your hard-earned money in purchasing and installing these security systems, try answering these five questions. The answers to these simple questions will form the base of our CCTV camera buying guide.

  • Which is the best form of CCTV camera one should invest in as a security feature?
  • What are the reputed CCTV security system brands available in India today, and what do they cost?
  • What are the defining features of the CCTV system one should concentrate on when purchasing and installing these security systems?
  • Will the CCTV cameras work in poor light or near darkness conditions?
  • What CCTV camera accessories one should go for when purchasing these cameras?

Here are various aspects you should consider while purchasing CCTV cameras.

The Price – Your Budget

Installing a security system is a capital investment for anyone. You have to be careful with your budget. While drawing up your budget, you should concentrate on various factors.

  • The nature of surveillance you require
  • The area of surveillance
  • Indoor or outdoor security
  • Number of cameras you wish to install
  • The brand of cameras you purchase
  • The installation and maintenance costs
  • The utility of the cameras
  • The types of cameras you want

The Types of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are available in various types depending on different characteristics. We shall look into the details so that you get a better understanding of the type of camera you wish to purchase and install.

Based on Iris

Before proceeding further, you should be aware of what the iris of the camera is. Have you observed a CCTV camera closely enough? You would find a slit or an eyehole through which the camera focuses on the objects in its range.

There are two types of iris, the manual iris, and the automatic iris.

Manual Iris

You will find the manual iris on the analogue cameras where you have to set up the iris manually. These cameras have a fixed and steady position whereby it can focus on a specific area or spot. If you wish to change the point of focus, you need to shift or turn the camera towards the new object or area.

These cameras are useful when you have to focus on a single point or area such as the apartment gate, main door, stairway, vantage places in a warehouse where you expect thefts to take place, and so on.

You also find the manual iris cameras located at traffic junctions to focus on traffic violations. Banks also have such cameras focusing towards the cash cabins.

Auto Iris

CCTV cameras can also cover a wide area in addition to focusing on a particular spot. Under such circumstances, the camera keeps on constantly moving while changing its angle.

You cannot use the manual iris cameras to cover such wide areas. You need an automatic iris camera that can change its point of focus depending on the viewing angle. These cameras are set up to tilt from top to bottom and pan from right to left.

These cameras are the most common applications in use today. You will find such cameras in jewellery shops, banks, offices, departmental stores, traffic signals, warehouses, factories, and so on. These cameras have a wide range of applications.

Based on Location

You have different types of CCTV cameras based on the location. These are indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Both these types of cameras have specific characteristics to suit their functionalities.

Indoor Cameras

As the name suggests, you have these cameras indoors. You can find them in offices, departmental stores, factories, warehouses, cinema halls, restaurants, and even inside homes.

The primary feature of these CCTV cameras is that they can work in low light conditions. Usually, they are black and white cameras that do not have very high resolution.

These are standard cameras coming with a fixed lens and manual iris. Installing such cameras is easy as they require standard installing equipment such as C-clamps or S-clamps.

Outdoor Cameras

You will find these outdoor cameras in outdoor locations such as traffic signals, outside the establishments like banks, factories, departmental stores, and so on. You also have them outside the malls and at vantage locations on the roads as well.

These cameras are capable of covering large areas. These cameras have specific features like auto iris, and they need (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) NEMA-rated camera housings for installation.

These outdoor cameras can distinguish between daylight and night-lighting in the output. Most of these cameras have automatic Gain function. The Gain function allows the camera to set the input lighting according to the illumination of the surroundings.

Based on Resolution or Lighting

There are three types of cameras based on lighting and resolution. They are the high-resolution cameras, low-lighting cameras, and the infrared lighting cameras.

High-resolution cameras

Usually, the outdoor cameras have high resolution in the range of 470 to 570 TVL (television lines). You get clear images on the high-resolution cameras because they feature more pixels or dots per inch. Such cameras can have either the manual or auto iris.

Low-lighting cameras

You find the low-light cameras in places where you expect the natural illumination to be poor. You can find them inside factory warehouses, underground parking areas, basements of buildings, and so on.

These cameras can produce images under extremely low lighting conditions up to 0.00001-foot candles. These cameras natural have the auto iris to adjust to the focus according to the lighting conditions. They require NEMA rated housing.

Infrared lighting cameras

Infrared cameras are useful where the lighting is negligible or is absent such as during night time. These cameras have infrared LEDs that can capture accurate black and white pictures at night. You can have anything between 25 to 70 LEDs surrounding the camera.

These cameras are extremely useful in defence locations, in border areas, and other places where you need 24X7 surveillance activities

Based on shape and size

Depending on the shape and size, you have different types of CCTV cameras classified as box camera, dome camera, bullet camera, board camera, and hidden camera. The functions of all these cameras are common.

The bullet, board, and the hidden cameras are outdoor cameras because they are high-resolution cameras having an auto iris. You can also have these cameras indoor. Such cameras do not need any housing because the chances of moisture and weather conditions affecting the cameras are remote.

Based on Applications

There are different types of CCTV cameras depending on their applications. You can broadly classify them into three types.

Special Application Cameras

The special application cameras have a gamut of uses such as in defence establishments, underwater surveillance, and other covert operations. These cameras come with either manual or auto iris. They have a robust explosion proof body because of the pressurized construction. Usually, these cameras have a resolution in the range of 330 to 380 TVL.

Black and White Cameras?

The black and white cameras are the most common cameras you see in homes, offices, and business establishments all over the country. These cameras are the most reasonably priced of all CCTV cameras. These cameras have infrared sensors and can function in low lighting conditions.

Network IP Cameras

The Network IP cameras use internet protocol for its functioning. At the time of the introduction in the market, these cameras were extremely expensive. Also, the quality of these cameras was poor in comparison to the other CCTV cameras.

Nowadays, with advanced technology, you have high-quality network IP cameras available at reasonable prices. The network IP cameras have unique features not usually observed in the conventional cameras.

Advantages of Installing CCTV Security Systems

For homes and residential apartment complexes

  • Ensures the safety of the home while protecting the property
  • Identify burglars and unauthorised persons who gain unlawful entry into your property
  • Alert you about any unsuspicious activity in the vicinity of the house or the apartment complex

For offices and business establishments

  • Helps track the movement of employees by maintaining tabs on them
  • Monitors the work environment, especially in jewellery shops and departmental stores where the workforce is large
  • Identify shoplifting customers
  • Identify pilferage of inventory and its shrinkage
  • Helps customers enjoy a safe shopping experience
  • Monitor the movement of all customers and employees and assist in identifying suspicious movements, especially in large crowded places like marriage halls, jewellery shops, departmental stores
  • Serve as a watchdog at all times, especially during the times the establishment is closed for business

Outdoor locations

  • Identify traffic violations and help the police investigate accidents and other types of unsavoury incidents on the roads
  • Deter suspicious movement on the streets and in the vicinity of sensitive areas like banks, factory installations, and so on
  • Crowd monitoring in public areas that sees a high volume of visitors, such as beaches, public parks, gatherings, cricket stadiums, and so on

In short, we can state that the CCTV cameras are useful to the law enforcing authorities and help them maintain law and order.

Disadvantages of Installing CCTV Security Systems

  • High cost of maintenance as it involves recurring expenses
  • Requires continuous monitoring, especially in case of the manual operations
  • Installation and maintenance requires specialised assistance
  • People unfamiliar with the equipment, especially children can tamper with it

In spite of these disadvantages, one should install these security systems to deter unlawful activities. These security systems have helped the police department solved countless cases of theft and other criminal activity.

Which is better, Wired Security Systems or Wireless Security Systems?

Initially, you had the wired security systems all over the place. It requires high installation and maintenance costs. Now, with the improvement in technology, you have wireless security systems. Such systems transmit signals using radio frequency waves.

They are instrumental in locations that require continuous surveillance such as defence outposts and so on. However, the cost of a wireless system is higher than that of a wired security system. Secondly, wireless networks can face interference from other radio frequencies.

The sophisticated systems available today work at specific frequencies and are less susceptible to external interference.

Advantages of Wired Systems

  • The quality of output is high
  • Once set up, it does not require much monitoring

Advantages of Wireless Systems

  • Image capturing and display is of excellent quality
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Ideal for locations that need 24X7 security
  • Stealth installation possible

Disadvantages of Wired Systems

  • Requires constant power to function
  • Needs maintenance and upgrades frequently

Disadvantages of Wireless Systems

  • Interference from other radio waves is possible, hence requires continuous monitoring
  • The interference can also affect the quality of the output
  • Expensive in comparison to the wired systems

Principal CCTV Camera Accessories

We have discussed various aspects of CCTV cameras and security systems. Here are the standard accessories that come along with the CCTV cameras.

Black and White Cameras?

The placement of the CCTV cameras is vital. Usually, you have them on the ceiling, walls, and the roof of the house. In outdoor locations, you erect specific poles for setting up these cameras. You require S-clamps and C-clamps to hold the cameras in place.

Ensure that your mounting equipment is strong enough to bear the weight of the camera, especially when there are movable parts in cameras that cover a wide area.

Camera Housing

Outdoor cameras require specific camera housing equipment to protect them from the elements of nature. Ensure to have quality housing equipment certified by NEMA.

Camera Stand and Brackets

Indoor cameras require camera stands and brackets to hold them securely. This equipment is small, but you should take care to install them correctly.

Video Recording equipment

The camera performs its responsibility of capturing the images. You need specific video recording equipment such as camcorders and monitors to record, view, and store the footage.

Other Accessories

Other than the housing and installation equipment, you need additional accessories to carry out specific tasks. These tasks include recording and storing the footage. You need memory cards or cartridges to store data.

Some CCTV security systems come with microphones to record audio proceedings. The wired CCTV systems require adequate cables and power cords.

Maintenance and Servicing

Your CCTV security system has many recurring costs that you should include in the budget. In addition to the equipment cost, you have to incur installation costs. You need regular maintenance and servicing to keep the system in proper condition.

Most of the security cameras come with a warranty period. It is better to enter into an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with either the manufacturers or specific service providers to ensure the systems remain in peak working condition.

You also need to spend on memory cards and hard disks for storing information. Regular upgrades are also necessary to keep up with technological advances.

Special Features of CCTV Cameras

You should be aware of specific terms associated with CCTV cameras. Let us discuss these terms in brief.

Camera Lens

The lens is a critical part of the CCTV camera. The lens helps to focus and capture the images. The type of lens depends on the area you need to cover with your CCTV camera. The lens of the CCTV is similar to the lens of any other camera.

The measurement of the camera lens is in millimetres. As per the principles of Physics, the measurement of the lens is inversely proportional to the focus of the camera. The smaller the size of the lens, the wider is the Field of Vision (FOV).

Focal Length

The physical distance between the centre of the lens and the image sensor is the focal length of the camera lens. The size of the image and its quality depends on the focal length. Depending on the functions of the lens there are two types of lenses.

Fixed focal length

The name suggests that the CCTV camera lens has a fixed focal length. Such lenses are ideal when you focus the camera on a fixed location. You need to change the focus or the angle manually if you need a different view. Analogue cameras usually have lenses with fixed focal lengths.

Varifocal Lens

As this lens can vary its focal length depending on the positioning of the image, there is no need for setting up this camera manually. The advantage of the Varifocal lens is that its size does not affect the type of the camera. Such lenses can cover wide areas.

Camera lenses come in various sizes. You can select the one that suits you the best.

Lens Chart

We shall list out the common lens sizes. This list is indicative but not exhaustive.

Size of the lens Name of the lens
2.8 mm Wide-angle lens
8 mm  Semi-wide-angle lens
12 mm  Short range narrow lens
50 mm Long range narrow lens

 Light Sensitivity

You need your CCTV camera to capture images in poor lighting conditions as well. The worth of the camera depends on the quality of images it captures in low lighting conditions. This ability of the lens to capture images in poor lighting conditions is measured in Foot Candles or Lux.

The light sensitivity of each camera differs according to its efficiency in poor lighting conditions. The value depends on the amount of light thrown on the object from a distance of one foot. The thumb rule is as follows.

If the object is at a distance of one foot from the light source, the object has 10 Lux of light.

The following table will clarify the concept of light sensitivity. This factor is vital when you select your CCTV camera. You need your camera to work under all lighting conditions.

Type of Light Source Lux
Direct Sunlight 100,000 to 130,000
Indirect light during the day 10,000 to 20,000
Overcast conditions 1000
Indoor lighting in offices 200 to 400
Dark overcast conditions 100
Twilight 10
Deep twilight conditions bordering on darkness 1
Full moon night 0.1
Quarter moon night 0.01
Moonless night but a clear sky  0.0001

Frames per Second

The number of frames per second (FPS) determines the speed of the camera. It denotes the number of frames that pile up in a second to form the image. The quality of the pictures depends on the FPS value. Analogue cameras with Varifocal lenses have less FPS than the standard cameras. Hence, you can experience a time lag in the display output.

Camera Resolution

The camera resolution is similar to the TV screen resolutions in many ways. The higher the number of pixels, the better is the resolution. Outdoor installations require cameras with high resolution whereas the indoor lighting conditions determine the camera resolution you should go for.

The ideal resolution for an indoor camera is around 350 to 560 TVL whereas a camera with a resolution of 700 TVL should be enough for an outdoor camera.

Field of Vision (FOV)

The viewable area captured by the camera is the Field of Vision (FOV) of the camera. You also refer it as the angle of coverage. Three elements determine the FOV. They are the lens, the angle of placement of the camera, and the sensor element within the camera.

The image captured by the camera is in direct proportion to the FOV. It implies that the image is bigger when the camera has a large FOV.

Motion detection

The cameras with the motion detection feature will send you notifications as it observes the motion within its field of vision. It alerts you to any suspicious activity thereby allowing you to monitor it easily.

Wi-Fi Capability

Nowadays, you have CCTV cameras with Wi-Fi capability. Such cameras can communicate wirelessly with any network. The advantages of having Wi-Fi cameras are that they are not only easy to install but also challenging to disable. There are no wires for you to cut off.

Camera Applications

Here are some camera applications that have non-standard requirements. Hence, you need unique solutions as well.

Fisheye cameras

These types of camera lenses have ultra-wide viewing angles that can capture video in both the 180 degrees and 360 degrees FOV. You find such cameras in large retail stores, restaurants, and big offices.

Such cameras have high resolution and are capable of capturing detailed video. The fisheye cameras are expensive but worth every penny you spend on it.

PTZ Cameras

The PTZ cameras get their name from the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom facility. These cameras can capture videos in multiple areas of interest at different FOVs and varying distances from the camera.

You can control these cameras remotely using keyboard and joysticks. The specialty of these cameras is that they capture video at 2 MP resolutions.

It can zoom in and capture details from distances as long as 2000 feet. They have use in large open warehouses, military bases, shipyards, and so on.

LPR Cameras

The LPR cameras or the License Plate Recognition cameras can capture images of objects moving at high speeds. Hence, they have significant use in the traffic control departments.

They have an IR cut filter that allows them to capture B/W images. You need specific software to go along with this camera. This software program can create and maintain a database of number plates as well to help the police in their investigation processes.

Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are miniature cameras which you can place discreetly to monitor specific areas. You can place them in motion detectors, sprinkler heads, clocks, and smoke detectors as well.

These pinhole cameras can capture1080p video in extremely poor lighting conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We continue our buying guide through these frequently asked questions. It will help us to understand the concepts better.

1. Do the security systems come with an inbuilt SD card slot or do you need to invest in a separate DVR internal storage system?

Today, the latest technology ensures that most of the CCTV cameras come with inbuilt SD card storage compatibility.

Depending on the allowed memory, users can insert cards of various capacities such as 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB and so on. However, you also have comprehensive surveillance systems that come with DVR storage facility with memory storage capacity up to 1TB hard disk storage.

2. What is the PTZ feature that we hear so much about when we purchase CCTV cameras?

PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. As against the fixed cameras that require manual intervention to change their FOV, the PTZ cameras come with automatic features that help you to change the FOV from remote locations.

The inbuilt rotational motors allow the cameras to pan horizontally at angles as wide as 355 degrees and tilt vertically at angles up to 120 degrees. You can control these activities from remote locations through specialised mobile apps. Some of the latest CCTV cameras come with 2X and 4X zoom features that enable you to zoom on to the images to observe specific details.

3. How do motion and audio sensors work?

The latest technology present in the CCTV cameras comprises motion detection and audio sensing. Such cameras alert you through the apps and emails whenever the cameras sense motion or audio interferences.

Usually, you have the cameras with such facilities located at vantage positions. Often, people switch these detectors at night so that the cameras start recording the moment they sense any motion or audio disturbance. It is in addition to alerting you to take prompt corrective action.

4. Is it easy to set up and install CCTV cameras?

Installing the latest wireless cameras is easy. However, you need expert assistance to install the complete security surveillance systems comprising of multiple cameras and DVR, and so on.

5. Do CCTV cameras allow 2-way video communication?

Yes, specific CCTV cameras come with inbuilt microphones that allow for 2-way audio and video communication. Thus, you can connect to your families from remote locations using the mobile app.

6. What is the use of Infrared vision?

The IR LEDs enable the cameras to capture images in complete darkness. Higher the number of IR LEDs, the better is the recording during the night.

7. What could be the maximum range of a CCTV camera?

It depends on the focal length of the lens and the image sensors. You have CCTV cameras coming with range as long as 25 to 30 metres as well.

8. How do the traffic police read license plate numbers of speeding cars?

The CCTV system installed by the traffic police department comes with cameras having LPR technology. This license plate recognition software system can help the cameras focus on the license plates and read them even on speeding vehicles.

9. How much should a decent CCTV camera cost?

It depends on the nature of the camera you need. The standard cameras for homes should come between ₹2000 to ₹3000 each.

10. Where can you buy these CCTV cameras and surveillance systems?

You can but these CCTV cameras online from reputed eCommerce retailers like Amazon, and so on. You get attractive discounts and rebates in addition to manufacturer warranties

We have reviewed ten of the best CCTV cameras and surveillance solutions. This buying guide and review list should make your job easy to purchase and install security cameras in your houses and places of business

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