If you had seen the TV reports a couple of days before Diwali, one news item would not have escaped your eyes. It was a report on the pollution levels in Delhi.

The air in Delhi was thick with smog that you could not see the magnificent monuments during the daytime. The report hit the nail on the head by stating that the natural act of breathing was more hazardous than smoking cigarettes continuously.

Under such circumstances, the air purifier would have done a wonderful job, at least in the confines of your home. Let us look at some of the top air purifiers that are priced under ₹ 20000.

Best Air Purifiers Under ₹20000

1. Philips 2000 Series AreaSense AC2887/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

You owe your family this air purifier as it enables them to breathe healthy air inside your home. Here are the primary features of the Philips 2000 Series AreaSense AC2887/20 air purifier in brief.

  • HEPA Type air purifier
  • Suitable for the bedroom and living room
  • CADR of up to 344 m3hr
  • AreaSense Technology
  • 100% ozone-free
  • Different auto modes
  • 2-year warranty

This air purifier comes with three automatic air purification settings, the General mode, a sensitive allergen mode, and powerful bacteria cum virus mode.

You can optimise the purification of air in your room by customising the options according to your requirement. The presence of the VitaShield IPS and the NanoProtect Filter ensures a Clear air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 344 m3hr.

This air purifier can remove the smallest of impurities up to the size of 20nm. Hence, it successfully eliminates harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, TVOC, and bad odour.

The bacteria and virus purification settings allow the appliance to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria thereby making the air healthy and pure to breathe. It is a true HEPA filter thus ensuring that there are no ozone contaminants.

The AreaSense technology enables the device to identify ultra-fine particles smaller than PM2.5. It includes the indoor air-borne allergens such as animal dander and pollen.

This air purifier is ideal for medium and large rooms such as your bedrooms and living rooms. It does not make much noise thereby adding to your comfort as you sleep while breathing the pure air in the room. The appliance comes with a smart light control that enables you to adjust the light according to your preference.

The VitaShield purifies ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02 microns.

  • Three automatic settings to customise your operations
  • VitaShield IPS and NanoProtect Filter
  • Bacteria and virus mode to eliminate 99.99% harmful bacteria
  • Full value for money
  • No Child lock
  • Dries the air, hence advisable to use a wet towel

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace the entire set of filters?
The replacement filters cost around ₹ 4000 to ₹ 4200.
Can a single air purifier purify the air in multiple rooms?
This air purifier is ideal for rooms up to 800 sq ft. in size. However, one purifier will not suffice for multiple rooms.
Does this air purifier come with a true HEPA filter?
Yes, this air purifier comes with a true HEPA filter and is 100% ozone-free.

2. Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G Room Air Purifier

Honeywell air purifiers are among the best-selling air purifiers in the market. They come with attractive and innovative features. Here are some of the primary attributes of this Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G Room Air Purifier.

  • HEPA Filter type purifier
  • Covers an area of around 450 sq ft.
  • CADR of 300 m3hr
  • Approximately 3000 hours of filter life
  • Three-stage advanced filtration system
  • 18-month warranty

Honeywell air purifiers use an innovative filtration technology comprising of three filters. The washable Pre-filter takes care of the large pollutant such as PM10 particles and other impurities like pet dander and hair.

The HEPA filter ensures the blocking of PM2.5 as well as bacteria and viruses. The patented HiSiv technology takes over. This filter blocks VOC, formaldehyde, and bad odour thereby ensuring the flow of pure air.

This air purifier can cover an overall area of around 450 sq ft. thereby delivering pure air to your entire bedroom. These purifiers release the pure air at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees to create an optimum flow of air.

Therefore, it is advisable to keep the purifier at a distance of about 30 cm from the wall. It ensures delivery of pure air to the farthest corners of your bedroom. The 3D airflow designs a zero blind angle thereby enabling maximum delivery of pure air.

This air purifier is a silent performer. This design has won several awards in the consumer and industrial categories at the Air Quality Control and Monitoring Summit 2017. The Honeywell air purifier has a life of around 3000 hours.

Therefore, if you use it for 8 hours a day, one filter change will easily last for a year.

This air purifier has an anti-fall base design that adds to its stability. Replacing the filters is easy as well. The intelligent auto mode senses the level of pollution in the room and triggers the purifier to start functioning.

The smooth touch panels make this air purifier extremely user-friendly. The filters do not have any exposure to the exterior. Hence, it ensures that children do not come into contact with the pollutants trapped inside.

  • High level of efficiency
  • Intelligent auto mode
  • User-friendly model
  • Patented Honeywell technology
  • This purifier has a short cable and plug point
  • In case of power cut, it does not resume operations automatically after the restoration of power supply.
  • Slightly on the heavier side

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we clean and replace the filters at home or should we seek professional help?
Except for the HEPA filter, you can clean the other filters at home. You need professional help to clean the HEPA filters. It requires the use of a blower from inside.
Can you get spare air filters easily in the market?
Yes, they are available on the market as well as eCommerce retail stores.
How do you determine the PM level?
This air purifier does not provide the accurate PM level reading. However, different lights on the panel indicate the PM level range. Red light denotes poor quality whereas orange is for average quality and blue for good quality air.

3. Philips 2000 Series AC2882/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

This Philips air purifier is similar to the one discussed earlier in this review with minor differences. It comes with exciting features, some of which are as follows.

  • HEPA type filter
  • Coverage area of 409 sq ft.
  • CADR of 324 m3hr
  • Air quality indicator
  • VitaShield IPS technology
  • 2-year warranty

Every air purifier in the Philips 2000 series comes with three smart settings, pollution, allergen, and bacteria/virus modes. You have the facility to activate the mode you want to ensure delivery of pure air at all times.

This air purifier is the ideal one for rooms as large as 400 sq ft. such as your bedrooms and living rooms. It makes less noise, hence making it a perfect appliance to have in the bedroom.

The smart light control function allows you to adjust the light settings according to your preference. The VitaShield IPS technology is the ideal one to eliminate pollutants as tiny as 0.02 microns. This air purifier has an aerodynamic design that enables smooth air flow to all corners of the room.

The three smart settings for this air purifier make it a versatile appliance. You choose the setting you want depending on the level of pollutants in the room.

This product comes with a healthy air protect alert to indicate the time for replacing the filter. The advantage is that the purifier stops working if you do not replace the filter on time.

The pollution mode can eliminate PM2.5 pollutants whereas the allergen mode has a sensor that detects unusual events like shaking of the pillow or the use of the vacuum cleaner whereby it boosts the air purifier’s speed to remove the harmful pollutants. The bacteria or the virus mode protects by eliminating all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

  • An intelligent air purifier as it varies the speed of the purifier depending on the level of pollutants.
  • Ideally suited for bedrooms and living rooms
  • Does not make noise, hence perfect for use in homes having children and elderly people
  • Users have observed a small flaw in the design with the presence of a tiny gap in the pre-filter frame
  • Does not have a child lock facility

Frequently asked questions

Does this air purifier have a carbon air filter?
Yes, this air purifier has a honeycomb structure activated carbon filter to remove the bad odour. It is in addition to the HEPA filter.
How can you clean the carbon filter?
You can clean the carbon filter by brushing or vacuuming. However, brushing is the better way to do it.
Is the dust sensor accurate?
Yes, it is. You can try it out by using a spray near the filter. You will notice a change in the colour that indicates the level and quality of dust in the air.

4. Sharp FP-F40E-T 31-Watt Air Purifier

The Sharp Plasmacluster is one of the world’s favourite air purifiers. Let us look at the features that make this air purifier one of the largest selling models in the world.

  • Combines active and passive air purification
  • Active plasma cluster to eliminate toxic gases and other pollutants
  • Passive HEPA system to remove PM2.5 particles
  • True HEPA for advanced purification
  • Certified by 28 global labs as highly safe and effective

The Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers work on a three-stage system. In the first stage, the Plasmacluster ions remove pollutants like moulds, allergens, viruses, bad odour, and so on.

The second stage involves the collection of dust and other particles using powerful air suction and airflow method. The third stage comprises high-performance filters to capture airborne dust particles.

The innovative technology removes the static electricity that traps dust particles and pollen. It also helps in retaining the moisture thereby improving its texture and elasticity. The Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers eliminate harmful airborne microbes like H1N1, E.Coli, and so on to sterilise the air we breathe.

The filter has a comparatively larger filter surface area for enhanced performance and efficiency. These Sharp filters come with the highest class of HEPA filters. This particular air purifier model can capture 99.7% of the 0.3-micron dust particles.

This air purification system works by emitting positive and negative ions into the air. The dust attaches to these ions and becomes heavy thereby falling to the ground.

  • Highest CADR in its category
  • Eliminates almost kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Helps skin retain moisture
  • The display lights are very bright and do not have control adjustments
  • The design of the purifier could have been better

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this air purifier come with an Air Quality Index reading and timer?
No, this purifier does not have an AQI reading indicator, but it comes with a light indicator that shows favourable conditions.
Is this product ozone free?
Yes, the Sharp air purifier is ozone free.
Is this product heavy?
No, it is a light appliance that does not require wheels to move from one place to another.

5. Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier

This HEPA filter air purifier is highly efficient as it can remove pollutants from the air from your bedrooms and living rooms. Here are some of the salient features of this air purifier.

  • HEPA type filter
  • Covers an area of about 387 sq ft.
  • CADR of 300 m3hr
  • Long lasting air purifier
  • The 3-stage advanced filtration process
  • 1-year warranty

The Honeywell air purifier comes with a 3-stage purification process to eliminate all pollutants thereby resulting in the delivery of pure air. The pre-filter stage removes the larger pollutants like animal dander, PM10, and other dust particles.

The HEPA filter is the principal component of this air purifier as it ensures the elimination of bacteria, viruses, and the PM2.5 particles. The final stage is the patented HiSiv technology that traps VOC, and bad odour thereby resulting in the delivery of pure air.

This air purifier comes with a CADR of approximately 300 m3hr. The CADR is the indication of the volume of purified air that the air purifier produces every hour. Hence, this purifier can purify a room of the size of around 387 sq ft. comfortably.

The Honeywell brands of air purifiers have an average lifespan of around 3000 hours. Hence, this purifier can last a minimum of a year if you use the air purifier for an average of 8 hours daily.

The washable pre-filter is one of the highlights of this air purifier. This pre-filter traps the larger pollutant particles like animal dander, and other dust particles. The HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter helps in eliminating the micro impurities such as PM2.5 particles. This air purifier also removes pollen, VOC, and bad odour.

  • This air purifier has an efficiency of 99% as it can remove all pollutants.
  • As it consumes only 42 watts, this air purifier is an economic one
  • The Honeywell air purifier is ideal for your bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Does not automatically restart after a power cut
  • A heavy appliance making it difficult to transport from one room to the other

Frequently asked questions

Does this air purifier come with an ionizer?
No, it does not come with an ionizer.
Will the air purifier serve large rooms more than 500 sq ft.?
Yes, this air purifier is ideal for rooms below 400 sq ft. However, you need not install two purifiers to purify rooms as one appliance can suffice.
Can you use the purifier to purify the air in two rooms of 150 sq ft?
Yes, you can do it provided there is an open connection between the rooms.

Wrap Up

It is imperative for homes in polluted cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, and so on to have air purifiers installed in them.

These appliances can improve the quality of the air inside the house, irrespective of the quality outdoors. You owe your families such life-saving appliances, especially if you do not wish to contract respiratory diseases. Having one in your house can help you save a lot of money on your unnecessary medical bills.

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