Generally, India’s climate is such that you need an AC for a minimum of eight to nine months a year. Maybe, some people in the Southern peninsula might use the appliance throughout the year.

Hence, the air conditioner is a crucial member of your household. Every home in India has at least one AC in their bedrooms.

The air conditioning appliances are available in a range of prices, depending on their features and the energy savings it does. The 5-star rated machines are comparatively expensive to the 4-star and 3-star products in the same model.

This article concentrates on the best ACs available in India under Rs 40K.

Before discussing the points to consider when purchasing an AC in this price bracket, here are some excellent models available on the Indian eCommerce market.

Best AC Under 40000

1. LG 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – Copper, MS-Q18YNZA

LG air conditioners feature dual inverter compressor to deliver maximum cooling and efficiency. This unique inverter comes equipped with a varied speed dual rotary motor that has a wider rotational frequency.

Thus, it saves more energy even at a higher speed cooling range than conventional compressors. It also ensures that these ACs cool faster, run quieter, and last longer.

The 5-in-1 convertible cooling feature cools the air as per our requirements. The inverter compressor works at different capacities to provide the cooling we need.

This AC unit does not require a stabilizer as it can work in an extended voltage range of 120 to 290V. The high-grooved copper tubing enables oscillatory movement to agitate the refrigerant for better heat dissipation.

This AC features Ocean Black Fin protection against humidity, dust, sand, smoke, and chemicals present in the environment.

The Ocean Black Protection layer over the evaporator and the heat exchanger offers better protection than conventional AC coating. As it is anti-corrosive, this AC unit is a durable one.

If you want instant cooling, this AC provides it because it works on Himalaya Cool technology to cool the air in the room instantly. It also comes with Monsoon Comfort technology to control the room temperature, air movement, and humidity inside the room to provide greater comfort. It also saves you valuable power.

The Low Gas Detection feature is unique to this air conditioner. This appliance features a smart diagnosis system to troubleshoot the machine’s problems from your smartphone. The unique feature is the horizontal and vertical swing action that ensures better airflow while delivering uniform cooling.

  • It maintains the brand reputation.
  • Iseer Value: 4.73
  • Excellent performance and power savings
  • A range of attractive, user-friendly features
  • Slightly expensive than its peers
  • No HEPA or PM 2.5 filter

2. Carrier 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

This Carrier air conditioner brings excellent value to your home with its high energy savings and exceptional ISEER rating. The highlight of its performance is that it can cool your room’s interiors even if the external temperature is as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

This AC works on a 4-in-1 Flexicool hybrid technology that allows for four operating modes at various capacities. It enables you to adjust the energy consumption depending on the cooling requirement and weather conditions.

The High Ambient working feature enables this machine to work interruptedly even at a high ambient temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. The outdoor unit Hybridjet has an innovative design that helps in reducing the temperature efficiently.

The stabilizer-free operation feature ensures that the AC can work efficiently in an input voltage range of 150 to 280V, even at 48 degrees Celsius, without using a stabilizer.

The Follow Me feature is unique as it allows the air conditioner to adjust the ambient temperature around the remote control. On activating this feature, the inbuilt room sensor of the remote control gets activated.

This Carrier 1.5-ton AC model features the Sleep Mode function where the temperature increases by one degree an hour for the first two hours and remains constant for six hours. It switches off the appliance after six hours and thus, enables you to sleep comfortably.

The auto-cleanser function purifies the air in the room to make it comfortable. The indoor unit operates in the cooling mode with low fan speed. It takes the condensed water away from the evaporator fins and returns to the Fan-only mode to blow out the wet air.

This process disinfects the indoor unit and removes all traces of bacteria.

  • R32 refrigerant is superior to the R410A coolant found in many ACs.
  • ISEER Value: 4.60
  • Quick cooling and high energy savings
  • Full value for money as it provides comfort even at 27 degrees Celsius
  • Installation charges are extra expenses for purchasers.

3. Sanyo 1.5-Ton 5-Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC SI/SO-15T5SCIC

This Sanyo Dual Inverter split AC works on high-quality Japanese technology to deliver exemplary cooling performance.

In this series, all Sanyo models come equipped with anti-dust PM 2.5 filters to eliminate the smallest pollutants and allow you to enjoy pure air in every breath.

The dual cool inverter technology features two independent motors in the compressor to ensure higher efficiency and quicker cooling. It is better than the traditional inverter compressors as it provides higher comfort and results in lower electricity bills.

This AC features a Glacier Mode that allows for 35% higher fan speed than the regular mode to deliver instant cooling when you need it the most. The Sleep Mode ensures that your family gets peaceful sleep throughout the night.

The AC works continuously without making noise and adjusts the ambient temperature levels to deliver excellent comfort value.

The remote has an Eco function that helps optimize performance levels for energy efficiency.

The copper condenser coils enable better heat transfer and also show resistance to corrosion. The hydrophilic fins provide additional protection against rust and salt damage to enhance condenser life.

The Self-diagnosis feature proves handy when there are issues with the machine. It displays the error codes and helps in easy troubleshooting. The timer function allows you to set timings for the AC to switch on/off automatically. The backlit remote makes it convenient for you to adjust the temperature control buttons at night.

The use of R32 refrigerant makes this AC one of the most environmentally-friendly appliances in its category. This AC adds a dash of style to your home ambiance with a sleek design and tastefully hidden temperature display.

  • Eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly operations
  • High on performance and power savings
  • Excellent looks
  • The outdoor unit does not have grill protection on the backside.

4. Blue Star 1.5-ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC, IC518DBTU, 2020 Model

Blue Star is a legendary AC manufacturer in India with an excellent track record of manufacturing high-quality air conditioning appliances for several decades. This 1.5-ton 5-star split AC is one of its extensive list of exquisite products on display.

Every AC brand has something unique to offer. Blue Star offers a dual user setting preference facility where two users sitting in the same room can personalize settings according to their requirements and ensure the desired cooling.

This AC works on a brushless DC motor, unlike the conventional engine. Thus, these appliances are extremely reliable and make less noise even when rotating at high speeds. Besides, this motor ensures the highest cooling levels, especially in summers when you need it the most.

Blue Star ACs offer Precision Cooling technology. It works by varying the operating frequency and ensuring precise control (+/- 0.5 degrees Celsius) to prevent any indoor temperature fluctuation.

The Fuzzy Logic feature senses the climate outside and instantly sets the ideal temperature to provide adequate climate control and excellent cooling while consuming the least energy.

The Blue Star AC remote comes equipped with iFeel technology, a sensor that ensures you get the desired comfort around you when you use the AC.

The Blue Star AC is renowned for its Powerful Mode that throws out cool air in all directions to cool down every nook and corner of your room.

You can rely on this machine to diagnose its faults, if any, and display it on the temperature display option. It helps you communicate with the service team and get the matter rectified in the quickest possible time.

Blue Star ACs are always one of the most attractive appliances around. The aesthetically-designed AC features a hidden light-up display that looks heavenly at night and adds to your home’s stunning ambiance.

  • Expect the least temperature fluctuations on this AC.
  • ISEER value of 4.53
  • Powerful performance on the cooling and energy-saving fronts
  • The self-diagnosis feature is an absolute bonus.
  • It does not support Wi-Fi and voice assistants.
  • The absence of a horizontal swing affects the airflow.

5. Whirlpool 1.5-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC, Magicool, PRO 5S

Whirlpool 1.5-ton 5-star AC offers one of the highest ISEER values in the market at 4.75. Thus, you can expect turbo cooling and excellent savings by way of reduced power consumption.

One of the best qualities of this Whirlpool AC is the stringent quality checks it passes through. This machine can cool your room even if the ambient temperature outside is as high and improbable as 55 degrees Celsius. It indicates the compressor’s power and technology involved in its manufacture.

This AC works on a unique 6th sense FastCool technology that ensures uniform and instant cooling when you switch on the AC. The Intellisense Inverter technology adapts to your cooling needs while reducing power consumption and electricity usage.

The MPFI technology employs a 4×4 evaporator circuit design to ensure rapid heat exchange and provide instant cooling.

It is an ideal AC to have in your bedrooms. The Sleep Function enables you to control the timing and temperature setting to adjust automatically to ensure pleasant sleeping conditions.

Whirlpool ACs use R32 refrigerant, one of the best available today. It has the lowest global warming potential as compared to its immediate peers.

It exhibits zero-ozone depletion potential. Besides emitting fewer greenhouse gases, R32 requires less refrigerant volume to operate. Hence, it is one of the safest coolants to use.

Diagnosing problems with the AC is no longer an issue as the Self-diagnosis feature interprets the error and reports it to the service engineers to take immediate remedial action.

This AC does not need an external stabilizer because it can work in an extended input voltage range of 145V to 290V. The AC stops functioning if the input voltage is outside this range.

  • Excellent performance on the power-savings front
  • ISEER value 4.75
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerant
  • High-quality inverter compressor that delivers outstanding cooling performance
  • The company can improve its customer service.

6. Hitachi 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – Copper RSO5G18HDEA

Hitachi 1.5-ton AC units are ideal for rooms having an area between 120 to 150 square feet. This air conditioning appliance works on different technologies simultaneously to deliver high-quality cool air.

The Auto Coil Dry technology delivers odor-free air, whereas the Wave Blade design ensures silent operation.

The Big Flow Deflector feature throws air all around the room, and the Frost Wash technology ensures you get fresh air to breathe. This machine features Auto Filter Cleaning technology to deliver clean air inside your rooms.

The unique expandable inverter air conditioner expands its capacity in adverse temperature conditions to reduce humidity inside the room and achieve the set temperature faster.

The Stepless compressor control system checks the indoor and outdoor conditions to vary the compressor speeds seamlessly.

This air conditioner comes equipped with Hitachi’s intelligent Penta sensor technology to offer perfect cooling even in extreme summer conditions without compromising on the machine’s critical components.

It provides maximum cooling capacity even when the temperature outside reaches 43 degrees Celsius.

This machine features inner grooved copper tubes to ensure quicker cooling because the turbulent refrigerant flow enhances the heat transfer rate. The Tropical design mode ensures that the interiors are comfortable even when the summer temperature touches a sizzling 52 degrees Celsius.

This AC does not need a stabilizer for support as it can work comfortably in the input voltage range of 160 to 255V.

  • Noiseless performance in the Silent Mode
  • ISEER Value: 4.55
  • Reliable Japanese technology
  • Quick cooling even under adverse summer conditions
  • Though the manufacturer advertises free installation, users have complained that the company demands service charges for the outer stand.

7. Voltas 1.5-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC – Copper 183VCZS

The Voltas All Star Inverter AC reduces power consumption by maintaining the ideal temperature without frequently turning the compressor on/off.

This machine’s critical feature delivers high-ambient cooling even when the temperatures are as high as 52 degrees Celsius.

The presence of 100% copper coils enhances the heat transfer rate that translates into higher efficiency. Besides, copper coils are more durable than their aluminum counterparts.

This AC does not require a stabilizer as it can work under a wide operating range to protect the components in case of voltage fluctuations. The low start-up voltage eliminates the need to have an external voltage stabilizer.

The Active dehumidifier works by sensing the humidity levels inside the room and sets the temperature accordingly to control it. This AC provides advanced air purification by removing harmful odors.

The environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant enhances the performance levels considerably.

The Low-Frequency Torque Control feature ensures the maintenance of constant temperature and saves energy. The Steady Cool Compressor provides steady cooling and steady savings simultaneously.

This Voltas AC comes equipped with a multi-stage filtration feature to remove dust and other harmful pollutants to deliver cool and fresh air. The 4-way Auto Louver ensures to provide uniform airflow across the room.

  • The temperature setting range is between 16 and 30 degrees Celsius.
  • High energy efficiency and robust performance
  • No need for a separate voltage stabilizer
  • Installation issues are common.
  • The vertical swing does not cover all possible angles.

8. Panasonic 1.5-ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC, 2020 model, CS/CU-NU18WKYW

Panasonic ACs bring the best Japanese technology to your bedroom as these ACs strive to deliver quality cooling performances and ensure optimum power-savings.

The highlight of Panasonic ACs is its MirAIe Connected Living feature to make your life comfortable, convenient, and connected. The MirAIe platform works on inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity with features like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

This MirAIe platform offers you the freedom of controlling the AC from anywhere using your smartphone app. Thus, you can switch on the AC a couple of minutes before you drive in through the gate. The AC prepares your room accordingly to enhance the overall comfort factor.

Controlling the AC is fun as you communicate with it using voice commands. Besides, Amazon Alexa also allows you to operate and control other devices compatible with it.

MirAIe platform will enable you to set up customized sleep profiles by pre-setting the temperatures and timings to suit your preferences.

The Powerful Mode allows the air conditioner to work on a higher fan speed to deliver immediate cooling. In the rainy season, the dehumidifier Dry Mode comes into play by eliminating moisture from inside the room and enhancing comfort levels.

The PM2.5 filter is an ideal addition to its repertoire as it caters to all pollutants large, and small, to ensure that pure air circulates inside the room 24×7.

The Twin Cool Inverter compressor is different from the conventional models as it helps balance the load. Thus, it leads to a smoother, stable, and faster location. Besides, there is less wear and tear, thereby ensuring the appliance’s long life.

This AC takes the external voltage stabilizer out of the equation because it can handle input voltage in the range of 100V to 290V. Thus, it protects the components from damage due to voltage fluctuations.

The Panasonic AC features 100% copper tubing with an anti-corrosive Blue Fin coating to enable better heat transfer and corrosion resistance. Thus, this machine performs excellently for extended periods.

The R32 refrigerant protects the condenser from accidental fires and ensures zero damage to the atmosphere’s ozone layer.

  • Aesthetic appearance complemented by outstanding performance
  • ISEER of 4.70
  • Sturdy appliance because of various protection features
  • High-quality cooling and exemplary power-saving
  • Installation charges can be high.
  • Users have complained of pathetic customer service.

9. Blue Star 1.5-ton 3-star Inverter Split AC, IC318QATU

Here is another Blue Star model with a lower star rating but a powerhouse for performance levels. The range of features on display is exciting.

You can trust this Blue Star AC to deliver the quickest cooling as the Turbo Cool feature ensures fast and effective cooling within a couple of minutes of switching on the AC. Hence, it is the best air conditioner to have in the summer months.

This AC’s sterling highlight is Precision Cool Technology, where the AC ensures to maintain temperature fluctuations to the minimum. It does so by effectively managing fan speeds and the ultra-wide frequency microprocessor-based controller. Hence, you enjoy the most comfortable cooling experience ever.

The iFeel feature on its remote is a desirable one as activating this feature enables the AC to deliver optimum cooling in areas around the remote.

The 2-way Auto swing technology features a motorized horizontal and vertical swing option to ensure uniform delivery of cold air throughout the room.

This AC comes with unique features like Self-Clean technology that eliminates moisture, mold, and dust around the indoor unit every time you switch off the AC. Thus, you get clean air by restarting the appliance.

The anti-corrosive Blue Fins offer superior protection from corrosive elements like salt, chemicals, acids, moisture, and dust. Thus, it enhances the machine’s life and efficiency levels.

The Smart Detection feature alerts you of any fault in the machine to allow you to take immediate remedial actions. This stylish AC comes with a hidden light-up display that looks pleasing to the eye at night and adds the glamour touch to the equation.

  • Extraordinary cooling and excellent power-saving
  • ISEER value of 3.63
  • Least noise when operating even at high fan speeds
  • One of the most aesthetic looking ACs available today
  • The remote does not have a backlight.
  • It does not offer heating facilities as some of the machines do.

10. LG 1-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC, 2021 model, MS-Q12YNZA

LG ACs are available in various capacities and energy ratings to suit every Indian home’s requirements.

This LG AC towers above the rest because of its 5-in-1 convertible cooling feature. It allows the AC to work in a range of capacities from 40% to 110% to offer the best cooling experiences you can ever imagine. All these functions are available on the remote.

The dual inverter system is an absolute asset as it varies the rotor speed to deliver optimum cooling and ensure excellent energy-savings simultaneously. It senses the load and the ambient temperature before deciding on the rotational frequency.

This LG AC features 100% copper components. Copper is the ideal heat exchanger material to ensure quick cooling and simultaneous power-saving. Besides, copper has anti-corrosive properties.

Ocean Black Fin protection to the copper components provides additional safety from corrosion, especially in areas near the sea. Thus, your LG AC lasts longer than other appliances in its niche.

This AC features hi-grooved copper tubes to enhance refrigerant agitation and oscillatory movement and enable better heat exchange.

R32 is the most commonly used refrigerant in ACs today because of its low GWP and zero-ozone depletion qualities. It is the most environmentally-friendly coolant today.

Some excellent features of this LG AC include a smart diagnosis feature to diagnose problems with the AC and communicate to the service engineers automatically. The low gas detection feature ensures timely maintenance.

The stabilizer-free operation ensures to protect the AC components from massive voltage fluctuations.

The Auto Clean feature ensures eliminating bacteria and viruses from the environment, whereby you get pure air circulation inside your bedroom.

If you even need immediate cooling, you need not look beyond LG ACs. The Himalaya Cool feature brings the Himalayan cooling straight inside your bedroom as the fans spin at faster speeds to enhance cooling.

Children love this AC as the super silent operation enables undisturbed sleep.

  • The 5-in-1 convertible cooling feature ensures that the AC works at more than 100% capacity.
  • ISEER value 4.70
  • The smart diagnosis feature communicates with the service engineers and ensures proper maintenance.
  • High-quality environmentally-friendly refrigerant
  • The remote requires backlighting.
  • Installation charges are extra and hike the overall pricing.

Buying Guide For AC under 40,000 – Points to Consider

Buying an AC is never easy because you have to consider various points. The factors that determine your choice of the ideal AC for your home range from performance to electricity savings and pricing to the AC’s features.

This buying guide concentrates on ACs available in the Rs 40K pricing range. Hence, we have one of the parameters clearly defined.

Air conditioners in this Rs 40K range are usually the 1.5-ton and 5-star rated appliances.

Before purchasing the AC for your home, you should know what the AC tonnage or capacity signifies and how the star ratings are arrived at.

AC Tonnage – The Concept

In simple terms, tonnage is the rated cooling capacity of an AC and is equal to 12000 BTU/hr. You can also state that AC's tonnage is its capacity to remove a specific quantity of heat from the room in an hour.

Thus, a 1.5-ton AC can remove 18000 BTUs of heat in one hour.

We will not go much into the mathematical or scientific aspects of tonnage as they are not required for deciding on the ideal AC for our homes. We concentrate on other factors that help determine the right AC tonnage for our family.

Room Area and Volume

Indian bedrooms usually have their ceiling at a height of around 10 feet. This table should make it comfortable for you to decide on the right tonnage for your room.

Room Area in square feet Room Volume in cubic feet Ideal recommended tonnage
Small rooms up to 80 square feet 800 cubic feet A 0.75-ton AC should be OK.
Bedrooms and conference rooms up to 120 square feet 1200 cubic feet A 1-ton AC can do the job.
Master bedrooms or larger rooms with area up to 190 square feet 1900 cubic feet You need a 1.5-ton AC.
Living rooms or large office spaces up to 300 square feet 3000 cubic feet The recommended capacity is 2-ton AC

For academic interest, a 1.5-ton AC consumes around 1500 W/hr of power. It translates to approximately 1.5 to two units in an hour. It is an average figure because the actual consumption depends on various other factors.

The Room Location

Rooms facing the sun or the West direction have greater exposure to the sun. Hence, they tend to heat up quicker than the rooms that do not have direct solar exposure.

Similarly, the rooms on the apartment top floors have their ceilings exposed directly to the sun. Such spaces require you to go for higher tonnage.

The number of windows in the room also plays a critical role. The amount of furniture and electrical appliances in the room are also determining factors. If there are more people cramped inside the room, the heat levels are higher. Hence, you need ACs with higher tonnage.

The Temperature Outside

In places like Delhi, the summer heat can be oppressive. The temperatures outside could touch more than 40 degrees Celsius.

Simultaneously, places like Bangalore do not witness such temperature in summer. Hence, the demands for a home in Delhi will not be the same as for a home in Bangalore.

It suggests that selecting the ideal tonnage is never an easy job. However, the table listed above should give you a fair idea of the AC capacity to have in your room.

Star Ratings – The Concept

Before we discuss the star ratings, here are the factors that affect the AC's efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is equal to the amount of heat removed by the AC in one hour divided by the power it consumes during the period. Though EER measures the AC's efficiency, it does not present an accurate picture because it performs differently during the summer than the winter or monsoon seasons.

Factors like the external temperature also play a crucial part in AC's functioning and power consumption. Therefore, you have the concept of SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. In India, you have the concept of ISEER or Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

We need not go deep into the calculation methods because the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has stipulated that every AC manufacturer must indicate the ISEER value prominently on the appliance. By looking at the star label, you get the ISEER of your AC.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has also proposed a star rating plan for split AC labeling. It is as follows.

Star Rating ISEER Band effective from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2021 ISEER Band effective from 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2024
1-Star 3.30 to 3.49 3.50 to 3.99
2-Star 3.50 to 3.99 4.00 to 4.49
3-Star 4.00 to 4.49 4.50 to 4.99
4-Star 4.50 to 4.99 5.00 to 5.49
5-Star Greater than or equal to 5 Greater than or equal to 5.50

You can check out the ISEER rating and the star rating to decide on the ideal appliance for your home. The higher the rating, the better is the energy efficiency.

We have discussed aspects like tonnage and star ratings to give you an idea about the capacity and energy consumption of your AC. While these aspects are crucial, you should not ignore the available features on your AC because they determine the AC's pricing.

Here are some features to concentrate on when purchasing an AC under 40K

Features to look for in the best AC under 40K

Split AC or Window AC

Nowadays, no one prefers window ACs. However, they deliver excellent performances in keeping the temperatures cool. As people prefer split ACs, we shall concentrate on the features that are exclusive to split ACs.

Compressor – Whether to go for an inverter compressor

The compressor is the heart and soul of an air conditioner. The appliance’s efficiency depends on the compressor.

Split ACs come equipped with either a conventional compressor or an inverter compressor. The difference is in the operational mode.

The conventional compressor motor rotates at a fixed speed throughout. As the appliance attains the set temperature levels, the compressor stops functioning. The fans keep working to maintain the temperature inside the room. When the room temperature goes above the threshold, the compressor starts functioning again.

The inverter compressor is different as the rotors rotate at varying speeds, depending on the cooling requirements. This compressor does not stop as long as the AC is powered on. However, it consumes less energy because of its varying speeds.

Compared to conventional compressors, the inverter models are better at performance and energy efficiency.

Today, you have advanced compressors like dual inverter compressors, rotary compressors, and reciprocating compressors in air conditioners under Rs 40K.

Different Operational Modes

ACs function in various modes, depending on your cooling requirements. Different manufactures might give other names, but the processes are similar. However, you should also note that all these features might not be available in all ACs.

Instant Cooling Mode

The primary functionality of your air conditioner is to cool the room as quickly as possible. However, there are occasions when you need immediate cooling as you switch on the AC.

The Instant Cooling Mode, also known as Glacier Mode or Himalaya Cooling Mode in some brands, allows this facility.

In this mode, the AC fans work at a higher speed than the regular mode. Therefore, the airflow is better, and there is quicker cooling

Sleep Mode

It can be difficult for you to switch off and on your AC during the night as it could disturb your sleep. The Sleep Mode available on almost all ACs in this pricing range works by increasing the temperature by one degree per hour for a couple of hours.

Subsequently, it maintains the temperature at constant levels. Thus, you feel comfortable and have a peaceful sleep.

Eco Mode

This mode is not available in all ACs. The Eco Mode is a power-saving mode that adjusts the temperature setting and fan speeds, depending on the cooling requirements. As the compressor runs at varying speeds, it saves power.

Dry Mode

The Dry Mode is the ideal one to have in the monsoon season. During the rainy season, the moisture and humidity levels are high. Hence, the interiors can be uncomfortable.

The Dry Mode uses dehumidifiers to eliminate humidity and cool the room. This mode requires the fans to run at slower speeds.

Copper Coils Vs. Aluminum Coils

The debate between copper and aluminum coils will always rage. Both these metals are useful when it comes to efficiency and performance.

Copper coils are better at heat transfer than aluminum, whereas aluminum coils are cheaper. Copper is more robust than aluminum. At the same time, aluminum has better malleability.

On the maintenance front, copper coils are better because they have rust and corrosion-resistant properties.

AC manufacturers use different technologies to protect copper/aluminum tubing. Blue Fin technology and Ocean Black technology involve coating the tubes with a special coating to protect them from corrosion, rust, humidity, moisture, and salt. It gains significance in coastal areas where the salt and humidity levels are higher.


The refrigerant or the coolant is a crucial aspect of an air conditioner. The most common refrigerant is R32, as it has the least Global Warming Potential amongst comparable refrigerants. Besides, it has zero ozone depletion potential. Hence, it is one of the most environmentally-friendly refrigerants in the market.

Other Features

Besides the primary features discussed above, you should look for other elements in your AC.

Smart Diagnosis

We are living in the smartphone age, where you can control electronic appliances using smartphone apps.

The air conditioners available in this budget range come with features like Smart Diagnosis, where you can diagnose various errors if there are any problems with your AC. It makes for easy troubleshooting.


Some of the latest AC models feature self-cleaning features where the appliance keeps functioning for some time after switching it off. It uses the condensed water from the evaporator tube to clean the machine and ensure that it is ready to deliver quality performance when you switch it on again.

Stabilizer-free operation

Voltage fluctuations are common in India. Such instances can cause damage to the AC's expensive components. Hence, people used external voltage stabilizers in the past. Today, ACs can work in a wide input voltage range from 160 to 290V. It has eliminated the need for a stabilizer.

Air Filters

Air conditioners come equipped with filters to eliminate dust and other allergens from the air you breathe.

Some latest models feature HEPA and PM 2.5 filters to remove the minutest of pollutants. Asthma patients and older adults would love their ACs to have these features.


Power outages are also common in India. When there is a power cut, the AC units stop functioning. Generally, you had to reset the temperature settings after the resumption of power.

Today, ACs come with an auto-restart feature that enables these appliances to resume operations from where they left off at the power cut.

Final Words

We have discussed every aspect of the air conditioner you should concentrate on when purchasing one for your home. This buying guide has simplified the process, whereby it should not be an issue for you to decide on the ideal AC for your home.

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