The air conditioner has almost become an indispensable part of our lives today. With the summer heat starting to beat down on our cities and villages, it is the right time to invest in an AC.

As you have an extensive range of ACs available on the Indian online market scene, it can be challenging to zero in on the ideal air conditioning appliance for your home.

ACs are available in different capacities ranging from 0.75 tons to more than 2 tons.

Depending on various factors, you can determine the right AC capacity for your bedrooms. Today, ACs come with multiple features to enhance your comfort and convenience levels.

Technology has also improved, whereby you get quality products at competitive prices. This AC buying guide will take you through the journey of exploring the features to look for in air conditioners available in the Rs 50K price band.

It is proper that we review some of the best models available in this budget to understand things better.

Best Air Conditioners under 50000

1. LG 2.0 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC – MS-Q24HNXA

As you move up on the pricing ladder, you get excellent features in your air conditioners. The Rs 50K budget is a premium budget where you can expect the best features. This LG 2-ton AC does not disappoint you in any way.

The highlighting feature is the 5-in-1 convertible cooling function. Besides providing the best comfort, this function saves a lot of power. You can adjust the ACs cooling performance depending on your needs.

The dual inverter compressor with varied speed dual rotary motor is a stand-out feature. It varies its speed depending on your requirements. Compared to conventional compressors, it has a higher speed cooling range. Besides cooling faster, it lasts longer and runs quieter.

Himalaya Cool technology ensures that you get rapid cooling at the touch of a button. Similarly, the super-silent operation provides complete peace of mind and delivers maximum comfort as your family sleeps through the night.

The hi-grooved copper tubing serves dual benefits. It enables oscillatory movement to agitate the refrigerant and ensure better heat dissipation.

Secondly, copper offers the maximum corrosion resistance. Besides, the Ocean Black Fin treatment provides the ultimate protection against dust, smoke, chemicals, and salt present in the atmosphere to increase the AC’s overall durability.

This AC uses R32 refrigerant, an environmentally friendly coolant. It has lower global warming potential than the commonly used R410A refrigerant. Among the salient features, the low gas detection functionality stands out as the most impressive. Other excellent aspects include the smart diagnosis system and the stabilizer-free operations.

  • Exceptional cooling performance
  • High savings on power consumption
  • Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Installation issues

2. Panasonic 2-Ton 5-Star AC – CS/CU-NU24WKYW

Panasonic 2-ton ACs come with exquisite features to deliver the highest degree of comfort and convenience.

This AC works on the MirAIe platform with inbuilt intelligent diagnostics that detects problems in advance. Hence, it maximizes the performance levels and enhances the operational lifespan.

The advantage of the MirAIe platform is its customizability. It allows users to pre-set temperature profiles to provide the necessary comfort during the night. This AC is compatible with the MirAIe smartphone app to enable you to have full control of the appliance.

It also responds to your voice commands because of Alexa compatibility.

This AC works on different modes. The Powerful Mode works with the highest fan speeds to deliver instant cooling. Similarly, the Dry Mode is excellent on rainy days as it controls the moisture levels indoors to keep the rooms dry.

The 100% copper tubing ensures faster heat transfer and offers maximum corrosion resistance. It also comes with a Shield Blue protective layer to protect the components from corrosion due to air, water, and other elements.

This Panasonic model’s stand-out feature is its Twin Cool Inverter compressor that comprises two motors to balance the load. Thus, it leads to a smoother and stable performance while proving its energy-efficient capabilities simultaneously.

The PM2.5 filter ensures to deliver pure air by trapping dust, pollen, and other allergens. The Catechin filter removes odor-causing bacteria to keep the air fresh inside the room.

The R32 refrigerant with its zero-ozone depletion potential is the ideal coolant to have inside the premium AC.

  • Smartphone app compatibility
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • High-quality refrigerant
  • Installation charges can be high.

3. Blue Star 2-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC – IC324YATU

The Blue Star YATU Inverter Split AC comes with magnificent features powered with smartness to deliver an incredible cooling experience while ensuring to save considerable energy throughout the year.

The ultra-wide frequency microprocessor-based controller ensures precise temperature control to prevent indoor temperature fluctuations and provide a comfortable cooling experience.

This appliance features a Powerful mode that reduces the waiting time for the room to get cooled by obtaining the set temperature quickly.

The dual-rotor inverter technology delivers faster cooling, extended lifespan, and quieter operations, even in peak summer conditions. You can set the most desirable cooling mode to suit different types of climate.

The iFeel technology senses your presence around the remote and helps provide maximum comfort in the specific area. This AC comes with unique dual-user preference settings that allow two users to customize their preferences simultaneously.

The Self-Clean technology prevents moisture and dust accumulation within the indoor unit. The feature starts functioning whenever you switch off the AC. It keeps running for a few more minutes to clean the indoor coils and prevents any moisture accumulation.

The Comfort Sleep Mode allows you to set timers and sleep undisturbed throughout the night. The indoor unit’s hidden display enhances its aesthetic appearance and adds a touch of glamour and class to your bedroom.

  • Exquisite features ensure high-quality performance
  • Smart AC senses your presence before providing cooling.
  • The dual-user preference setting is a stand-out feature.
  • A bit expensive when compared to its star ratings
  • Heavy equipment

4. Panasonic 2-Ton 3-Star AC – CS/CU-SU24WKYW

This Panasonic model is similar to the one discussed but for some minor variations. Compared to the earlier NU-Series model, this SU-Series is a 3-star AC. Hence, it is not as energy-efficient as the NU-Series unit discussed above.

This AC works on the intelligent MirAIe platform to provide the highest degrees of cooling. This platform enables quick diagnosis of any problems and helps in the easy maintenance of the unit. You can also customize your sleep profiles by setting the temperature and timer functions accordingly.

The smartphone app compatibility feature allows you to control and monitor the AC even when you are out of the home. Alexa compatibility allows controlling the AC with your voice commands when at home. Besides, you can also manage other connected devices.

This AC offers humidity-free cooling in the rainy season as it keeps the room dry. The Powerful Mode allows the appliance to work at higher fan speeds to provide instant cooling.

The performance of any AC depends on how fast it can exchange heat. The 100% copper tubing enables fast heat transfer and also offers greater corrosion resistance. It also features Shield Blue protection to the evaporator and condensers against corrosion from air, water, and chemicals.

This AC can work in an input voltage range of 145 to 285V and does not need an external voltage stabilizer. The Twin-Cool Inverter compressor has two independent motors to deliver high-efficiency cooling.

The Catechin filter takes care of odor-causing bacteria to deliver fresh air. In contrast, the PM2.5 filter traps minute pollutants like pollen, allergen, dust mites, etc., to ensure the circulation of pure air.

R32 is the ideal refrigerant to use as it is environmentally friendly. Besides, it protects the condenser from accidental fire and ensures zero ozone damage.

  • Efficient cooling while saving power
  • Smart diagnosis helps in easy maintenance.
  • Shield Blue protection prevents corrosion.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity option needs an overhaul.
  • Users have complained of feeling excessively cold.

5. IFB 2-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, IAC124SA3G3C 2021 Model

IFB air conditioners do not compromise on air quality as they deliver excellent performances to set you free with cool and clean air every time you switch on the appliance.

Besides delivering optimum cooling, this air conditioner offers pure air to breathe inside the rooms because it subjects it to 7-stage air treatment. The dust filter ensures the elimination of all dust particles, whereas the PM0.3 filter caters to pollutants as minute as 0.3 microns.

The anti-bacterial filter eliminates bacteria and viruses from contaminating the air. The activated carbon filters remove volatile organic compounds and eliminate foul odor. The catechin filter plays a crucial role in removing airborne contaminants to ensure pure air delivery.

The Vitamin C Diffuser sprays the air with vitamins to make the air healthy to breathe. Some models come with aroma diffusers that liven up the room’s environment and make it smell sweet.

This IFB FastCool AC comes equipped with superior cooling power in the form of a twin inverter hi-speed HD compressor capable of working at its best even on the hottest days. This AC features an air-cooled PCB to provide consistent and efficient performance.

The IFB AC lasts long because of its Dual Gold fin Heat exchangers that come with adequate protection against corrosion to ensure better cooling.

The fire-proof Electronic Control Box in the IDU is a safety feature enabling high resistance to heat and fire.

Copper is the preferred material for manufacturing IFB AC’s evaporator and condenser’s tubes. These pipes get a Nano-Tek coating to protect them from corrosion. It also protects them from leakage, breakdowns, and inefficient cooling.

The 100% copper piping features inner grooved tubes to enhance refrigerant agitation and enable better heat exchange. The R32 refrigerant used in these ACs is the most environmentally-friendly amongst its peers.

  • High-quality resistance to corrosion, thereby enhancing longevity
  • Air purification of the highest order
  • Saves energy by consuming less power, ISEER Value: 3.89
  • Not the right AC for small Indian bedrooms less than 150 square feet in area

6. Blue Star 2-Ton 3-Star Split AC, FS324AATX

Blue Star offers a range of magnificent air conditioners in almost every capacity range. This 2-ton AC is one of the best amongst its peers in the industry because of its high-quality performance and energy-saving features.

This Blue Star AC qualifies as one of the smartest appliances in its category. It features Smart Detect Technology to identify errors and ensure proper care is provided to the machine, thereby protecting it from damage.

One of the sterling aspects is the Turbo Cool Mode that allows you to receive high-quality cooling within no time. Thus, it is an ideal appliance to use in extreme summer conditions.

An exciting feature of Blue Star ACs is the 2-way Auto Swing functionality that ensures uniform cooling throughout the room. The horizontal and vertical swing enables Omni-directional air blowing to provide maximum comfort.

The evaporator and condenser pipes are most prone to damage because of continuous exposure to moisture and nature’s elements. This Blue Star AC provides a Golden Fin protective layer to prevent damage due to corrosion.

The iFeel technology is unique because the inbuilt sensor in the remote enables the AC to follow it wherever you take it. Thus, you get concentrated cooling around the remote.

The Self-Clean technology prevents the accumulation of moisture, mold, and dust within the indoor unit. It works when you switch off the AC by cleaning the condenser and evaporator tubes and keeps them dry.

The Auto-Restart feature is handy as you do not have to maneuver the temperature settings after a power cut. The machine starts functioning from where it left off.

You can experience maximum comfort when you sleep as the new and innovative Fuzzy Logic feature allows you to sleep undisturbed during the night. This feature adjusts the temperature automatically and maintains it at comfortable levels.

The hidden display adds to the aesthetic quotient and makes the appliance look attractive, especially at night.

  • Ensures uniform air circulation across the room
  • The excellent anti-corrosive features help enhance the machine’s overall lifespan.
  • The smart detect feature ensures proper maintenance.
  • It features a unique alloy material for the pipes that is inferior to copper when it comes to heat transfer and cooling efficiency.

7. Hitachi 2-ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, EMNG322HCEA Gold

Hitachi AC is a quality product that comes with excellent features. Unless you feel it, you will not believe its performance. This AC provides odor-free, clean, fresh, silent, and surround air because of its varied functioning modes.

The Auto Cool Dry Technology ensures to remove humidity from inside your rooms and make them pleasant, especially during the rainy season. By removing the moisture, it ensures eliminating foul odor from the air.

The Wave Blade design ensures silent operation as the high-quality inverter compressor adjusts its running speeds to suit your demands. The Big Flow Collector allows uniform distribution of air throughout the room.

The Frost Wash technology ensures to clean the pipes and other components of water and dust after every usage to deliver clean and fresh air every time you switch on the AC. The Auto Filter Cleaning technology cleans the air filters to provide clean air delivery.

The expandable inverter air conditioner expands its capacity during hot summer to deliver high-quality cooling. The stepless compressor control provides uninterrupted cooling because of the advanced micro-controller that checks the ambient temperature to regulate the compressor speed.

The Penta Sensor optimizes load variation and protects the AC’s critical components. This AC features a tropical design capable of providing optimum cooling even when the external temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius.

The inner grooved copper tubes enhance heat transfer and ensure more significant power savings. This AC does not need the external stabilizer’s services because of its stabilizer-free operations.

The Filter-Clean indicator is a novel idea that reminds you to clean the filters regularly and ensure high-quality cooling performance.

  • Excellent appliance to have if you have large bedrooms
  • Capable of adjusting compressor speeds, depending on the load
  • High-quality performance and fantastic savings in power
  • The compressor comes with a 5-year warranty.

8. Carrier 2-Ton 3-Star Split AC, CAS24ES3R30F0

Carrier ACs score high on the performance quotient because of their high ambient working, PM2.5 filter, and Insta Kool features that separate them from the rest of the pack. Thus, these air conditioners live up to their reputation of being the Father of Cool.

The Insta Kool feature enables instant cooling of your room and provides you with the much-needed comfort when you look forward to it the most. The Turbo Mode works at high fan speeds to deliver cool air within no time.

The Auto Restart Mode allows the AC to restart from the same settings it switched off during a power cut. The Dry Mode is the ideal one to use in the wet monsoon months as it gets rid of excess humidity and makes the room comfortable.

Your family will love the Sleep Mode the best because it allows undisturbed sleep. This mode works by adjusting the ambient temperature to comfortable levels and maintaining constant cooling.

The striking feature is the Follow Me function. This feature allows the cold air to follow you wherever you move with the remote. The AC senses the inbuilt sensor on the remote and ensures to provide optimal cooling around the remote.

Besides cooling your room efficiently, the Carrier AC offers dual filtration in the form of PM2.5 and HD filters.

The PM 2.5 filter takes care of bacteria, pollutants, and allergens as small as 2.5 microns, whereas the HD filter removes the smallest microorganisms from the air to make it fresh and clean.

One of the sterling aspects is that this AC features copper for manufacturing the condenser and evaporator components. The advantages of copper are that it offers better heat transfer efficiency than aluminum or other alloys.

While it is high on the durability front, copper is one of the most comfortable materials to maintain and repair. Copper does not rust easily and is not prone to corrosion quickly. While it can be expensive than the others, these coils provide full value for money.

  • This 2-ton AC is excellent for large rooms exceeding 200 square feet in area.
  • The R32 refrigerant is the most environmentally-friendly coolant available today.
  • Incredible power savings, ISEER Value: 3.62
  • Installation charges are extra as they are not included in the pricing.

Features to focus on when purchasing AC under 50000

Here are the aspects you should focus on when purchasing an Air Conditioners in this premium budget range.

The room size determines the AC you should get.

When you have rooms exceeding 150 square feet in area or 1500 cubic feet in volume, you should invest in a 2-ton AC at the minimum. The 1-ton and 1.5-ton AC will not suffice to cool the entire room.

The AC’s performance depends on the amount of heat it replaces in the room. A 2-ton AC will replace more heat compared to a 1-ton AC. Thus, a 1-ton AC will take a longer time to cool large rooms, thereby necessitating 2-ton ACs.

Other factors that decide the AC you choose are exposure to the sun and the external temperature. If your room has multiple windows, it increases solar exposure. Similarly, rooms located on the top floor with the terrace above also need ACs of higher capacity.

Therefore, the area of your room and its location in the house determine which AC you choose.

You should also note that a 2-ton AC is not the ideal one for rooms with less than 1500 square feet area. The powerful AC can cool the air faster and make it uncomfortable for you.

Star Ratings should dictate your preference.

Every AC unit should have the star ratings printed on the device. The 5-star rated appliances are the best when it comes to energy efficiency. Simultaneously, they are the most expensive of the lot.

Generally, 5-star 2-ton ACs are costly and cost more than Rs 50K. Therefore, you have to settle for a 3-star AC. The 3-star Inverter models are also good in saving power. They cost less than the 5-star counterparts.

However, you should note that any star rating below 3-star should not be acceptable. When you can spend Rs 50K, you should not mind spending a couple more on getting the best you can.

Inverter Compressors

Compared to conventional compressors, the inverter compressors are preferable because they perform at varying speeds to provide optimum cooling and save power in the bargain.

Besides, inverter compressors are silent in their operations than conventional motors. It is better to look for inverter compressors in your AC.

Different working modes can enhance comfort levels.

ACs in the 50K pricing bracket come with exciting functioning modes to deliver the highest comfort and convenience levels. Here is what you must expect from these appliances.

Powerful Mode

This mode ensures the quickest cooling. It involves the compressors working at their highest speed to generate instant cool air. It is the ideal mode to have on hot summer days, especially if you have just arrived from outside.

This mode is generally available on all ACs. Different manufacturers have different names. LG calls it the Himalaya Cool Technology, whereas Panasonic refers to it as Powerful Mode.

Sleep Mode

The primary job of all air conditioning units is to cool the air inside the rooms and make them comfortable. However, continuous cooling can considerably reduce the temperature levels, especially during the night, and make you feel uncomfortable.

The Sleep Mode works differently as it increases the temperature by one degree every hour for a couple of hours and regulates the temperature subsequently. Thus, you experience greater comfort.

Dehumidifying Mode

The humidity levels inside the rooms can be high during the monsoon months. As the AC cools the room, it can make you feel uncomfortable. The ACs in this budget range comes with a dehumidifying mode that dries out the humidity to enhance your comfort levels.

Air Purifying Mode

The top-end ACs come with PM2.5 and Catechin filters to purify the air that gets circulated inside the room. Generally, all ACs feature air filters, but the better-priced ones have special filters like PM2.5 filters to trap minute pollutants, like bacteria, pollen, dust, and other allergens.

Self-Cleaning Mode

Today, you have ACs featuring the Self-Cleaning mode that helps maintain the appliance. The process starts when you switch off the AC.

The unit keeps running for a few more minutes to ensure that the condenser and evaporator tubes become dry. It removes the moisture and thus discourages mold formation.

Self-Diagnosis Mode

The self-diagnosis mode is not available in the less expensive ACs. All the appliances in our budget come with this feature where the AC diagnoses any problem and displays the error code to help you contact the maintenance center and inform them. It becomes easy to maintain and repair the AC.

Auto-Restart Mode

Power cuts are frequent in India. The Auto Restart mode enables the air conditioner to restart from where it left off during the power cut. Hence, it saves time.

Other features to note

Here are some unique features that are available only in air conditioners in our budget. It is better to check them out before finalizing the purchase.

Smartphone compatibility

This feature enables you to control the AC functions using your smartphone. You need your AC to be compatible with Wi-Fi. The Panasonic ACs work on a unique AI platform that allows this facility.

Voice Assistant compatibility

Some of the latest ACs can be controlled using voice assistants like Amazon Alexa. Besides controlling your AC, you can use the voice assistant feature to control other smart home devices.

100% Copper components

Aluminum and copper, are the two ideal choices for manufacturing AC components like condenser and evaporator pipes. Copper is preferable because of its better heat exchangeability and anti-corrosive properties.

However, copper is expensive compared to aluminum. ACs in this budget come equipped with 100% copper tubes to enhance cooling efficiency and contribute to the appliance’s longevity.

Additional protection

Your AC is an expensive appliance, and hence it requires proper maintenance. Some of the components are exposed to nature’s elements like heat and moisture. It can corrode the pipes and cause leakages.

Manufacturers provide an additional protection layer over the copper pipes and components to prevent rusting and corrosion by exposure to salt and other chemicals. LG offers Ocean Black Fin protection, whereas Panasonic offers Shield Blue protection. Other models provide Blue Fin technology.

Grooved copper tubes

The cooling process occurs when the refrigerant gas passes through the evaporator and condenser tubes in its liquid form.

The procedure requires sufficient agitation of the refrigerant to enable quicker heat transfer. Hence, the copper tubes have grooves on them to agitate the refrigerant.

Quality Refrigerant

All ACs in this price band are eco-friendly as they consume optimum power. At the same time, these appliances have to be environmentally friendly to prevent greenhouse gas emissions. The choice of the refrigerant plays a critical role in this aspect.

R32 refrigerant is the ideal one because it has zero ozone depletion potential. Besides, it has the lowest Global Warming Potential amongst other refrigerants like R22 and R410A.

Voltage Stabilization features

Voltage fluctuations can damage the expensive components in your AC. Manufacturers have noticed this issue and hence, include features that allow the AC to function in an extensive input voltage range of 145V to 290V.

This system also ensures to switch off the appliance if the input voltage is out of this range.

Besides the features discussed above, one should note that the installation charges for ACs are generally not included in the price.

The installation service engineers demand additional amounts that can prove substantial at times. It is advisable to check out before purchasing whether the installation is free.

Similarly, one should also ensure that the manufacturer has proper service agents in your locality. Entrusting the AC to third-party servicing personnel is not advisable. It is even better for you to look for AMC options for quality servicing of the appliance in the future.

Maintaining the device is crucial as you spend a lot of money in procuring it.

This buying guide should have made it convenient for you to understand the features to look out for when investing up to Rs 50,000 in an AC of your choice.

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