You ask Chennaites to name the three seasons they experience in the city, the most probable answer would be Hot, Hotter, and Hottest.

Though it is in a lighter vein, it drives home the fact that the air conditioner is a household item in the city. Almost every family has one, if not more. Thus, the demand for ACs will always be there in such places in India.

This buying guide for the best AC under 25000 should strike a positive chord among such people. We shall focus on the principal factors to consider when purchasing an AC in this budget.

Meanwhile, here are some of the prominent models available on the online market to help you understand what to expect in an air conditioner under Rs 25K.

Best Air Conditioners under 25000

1. Sanyo 1-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, SI/SO-10T3SCIC

There was a period when people used to purchase Japanese products blindfolded. Sanyo ACs deserve to come in that category because of their remarkable and trustworthy features. This AC works on Full Inverter Technology that varies the motor speed to suit the situation and save energy.

The Glacier Mode gives you the feeling of floating on ice as the 35% higher fan speed delivers instant cooling when you need it the most. This air conditioner is the ideal one to keep working at night as it auto-adjusts the temperature to provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

Hydrophilic fins promise longer condenser life as they ensure superior protection against rust and salt damage. This appliance uses copper coils to enable faster heat transfer and provide resistance to corrosion. Thus, it enhances the AC’s overall lifespan.

The PM2.5 and anti-dust filters are the stand-out features of this air conditioner. This AC is an eco-friendly device as it optimizes performance for energy-efficient operations. The R32 refrigerant proves its worth as the most environmentally friendly coolant of all.

Other functions like the backlit remote, timer function and auto-restart option make this AC one of the country’s most cherished home appliances.

  • Good cooling performance
  • Excellent at purifying the circulated air
  • Uses an environmentally friendly coolant in R32
  • Installation charges are extra.
  • The remote is of average quality.
  • The electrical cable is not available with the indoor unit.

2. Whirlpool 1-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, Magicool Pro 3S

Whirlpool is renowned for introducing the 6th sense technology in all the products they manufacture. This technology in the Magicool Pro 3S AC ensures better savings with turbo cooling even when the external temperature touches as high as 55 degrees Celsius.

The advanced MPFI technology fuses a smart circuit and capillary design to deliver instant cooling. The 6th sense FastCool technology supplements the Intellisense Inverter technology by providing excellent cooling while reducing power consumption.

The unique MPFT technology uses a 4×4 evaporator circuit design for rapid heat exchange to augment the cooling performance by several notches. This AC does not require an external stabilizer as it can manage input voltage loads in the range of 145V to 290V.

The presence of R32 refrigerant is a boost as it enhances the overall efficiency levels while ensuring to emit fewer greenhouse gases and requiring less refrigerant volume to operate.

Your family will love to have this AC in the bedroom as the Sleep Function allows you to set a time for the air conditioner to adjust automatically and maintain the optimal temperature levels. The Auto Restart option enables the machine to start functioning from where it left off during the power cut.

The Self-Diagnosis ability allows the machine to diagnose the error and let you report it to the authorized service center to take immediate action for a quick resolution.

  • Superfast cooling and silent performance
  • No need for an external voltage stabilizer
  • Inverter compressor saves power.
  • Installation issues
  • Build quality needs strengthening

3. Carrier 1-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC – Copper ESKO+ Hybrid Jet Inv R410ACAI12EK3R49F0

Carrier AC units are the best equipment to handle your cooling requirements even as the temperature outside soars to unbearable levels.

The PM2.5 filter is a boon for children and the older adults in the home as it filters the air by removing the minutest of pollutants, including dust, animal dander, and pollen.

This world-class air conditioning equipment features an innovative design that gives the best-in-class performance to ensure the fastest indoor cooling.

This appliance can work comfortably in the voltage range of 150V to 280V, even at temperatures as high as 48 degrees Celsius without an external voltage stabilizer.

One of this AC’s sterling qualities is that there is no interruption in services even at a low voltage of 195V and high ambient temperature. This feature makes it one of the most powerful and durable air conditioners available on the market.

Other excellent features include louver position memory, refrigerant leakage detector, hidden IDU temperature display, and a composite air mesh to ensure sufficient air filtering.

  • Good product and performance,  ISEER Value: 3.75
  • Works at extreme voltage ranges
  • Refrigerant leakage detector is a handy one.
  • Installation charges are excessive.
  • Customer service issues

4. Daikin 0.8-ton 3-star Split AC, FTL28TV

This Daikin 0.8-ton AC is ideal for the compact Indian bedrooms we have today. An AC with higher capacity can make it uncomfortable.

Though this air conditioner has a low capacity, it does not affect its performance in any way. The Power Chill Operation empowers your AC to run at maximum speed to deliver instant cooling whenever you need it.

The Coanda Airflow feature provides radiant cooling and enhances comfort by distributing air evenly to every corner of the room. The Econo Mode empowers efficient operation by limiting power consumption. This feature is useful when multiple electrical devices are working on a shared electrical circuit.

Daikin ACs feature 100% copper condensers and copper coils to deliver a robust air conditioning system. The oscillatory refrigerant motion inside these grooved copper coils helps in its better functioning.

This appliance comes with a sleep timer that allows you to control the AC temperature when sleeping. This unit is low on maintenance as it offers a stabilizer-free operation. The unit shuts off on its own if the input voltage is outside the acceptable range.

The R32 refrigerant is the ideal coolant to have in air conditioners because of its zero-ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential. Thus, it has a reputation for being a recyclable compound.

Daikin AC outdoor units are designed to provide better safety to customers from unfortunate fire accidents. The high-impact Polystyrene for IDUs maintains the AC’s external appearance even after multiple years of use.

  • Ideal for small rooms
  • Excellent cooling performance with power savings, ISEER Value: 3.65
  • Compact AC with excellent safety features
  • The remote needs improvement.
  • The internal unit does not have a temperature indicator.

5. Whirlpool 0.8-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, 0.8T Magicool 3S

Whirlpool air conditioners are standard in small cities and metros alike because they have an extensive customer service network. This AC is an ideal appliance for small bedrooms measuring around 80 square feet in area.

The 6th sense fast cool technology ensures instant and uniform cooling as soon as you switch on the appliance. This AC gets adequate support from its high-quality compressor to provide immediate cooling even if the external temperature is in the range of 52 degrees Celsius.

The air conditioner draws its power from the Intellisense Inverter technology that adapts quickly to your cooling needs while ensuring low power consumption and reducing your electricity usage.

This appliance works on a unique MPFI technology that enables rapid heat exchange to deliver enhanced cooling. The Turbo Cool Mode ensures instant cooling, whereas the Eco Mode saves energy without compromising the cooling.

Another excellent feature of this AC is the Self-Clean mode. It prevents bacterial buildup inside the appliance and eliminates foul smells. Thus, it saves on maintenance costs while enhancing the machine’s lifespan.

This AC can function smoothly in a voltage range of 160V to 284V and does not need an external voltage stabilizer’s services.

  • Sleek design and compact appearance
  • Excellent cooling, especially in small rooms, ISEER Value: 3.87
  • Low on maintenance and high on power savings
  • Not the ideal one if you have a large bedroom
  • The inner unit makes some noise, whereas the external unit is silent.

6. Blue Star 0.8-ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, IC309RBTU

This Blue Star 0.8-ton AC should be your ideal home appliance for small rooms.

The 0.8-ton capacity enables this AC to withstand lighter loads comfortably. It comes with features like Turbo Cool that can cool your bedroom in the shortest possible time, even when the summer sun is raging outside.

Industrial pollution is common in Indian cities. Hence, ACs need the best protection. This Blue Star AC features anti-corrosive gold fins for protecting the condenser and evaporator parts to ensure excellent performance and enhanced durability.

ACs today have become smart enough to self-diagnose errors and make it convenient to maintain them. Besides, the Self Clean Technology prevents dust and moisture accumulation in the pipes by cleaning them after every usage.

This Blue Star AC works on several modes. If the Turbo Cool Mode ensures quick cooling, the Comfort Sleep Mode allows undisturbed sleep. The innovative Fuzzy Logic feature adjusts the temperature accordingly to ensure maximum convenience.

The Eco Mode reduces the compressor speed and helps in saving power.

This AC is excellent for covering small spaces. The 2-way auto swing feature delivers a motorized horizontal and vertical swing utility to provide uniform cooling in your bedroom.

The iFeel sensor embedded in the remote ensures that the airflow remains directed towards you all the time, thereby increasing cooling efficiency.

Finally, this Blue Star AC ranks right at the top on the designing aspect. This aesthetically designed AC features a hidden light-up display to enhance the overall interior ambiance.

  • Powerful performance in small spaces
  • Saves power while delivering optimal cooling,  ISEER Value: 3.92
  • Enhanced durability and hence, full value for money
  • Not the ideal appliance for large bedrooms
  • The remote does not have a backlighting feature.

7. Midea 1-ton 3-Star Split AC, MAS12SC3R30FO

With the demand for ACs increasing in India, you have new players on the field coming up with air conditioners in the budget ranges. This Midea 1-ton 3-star split AC is one such endeavor focusing on maximizing cooling performance with minimal environmental damage.

The R32 refrigerant plays a crucial role as it is one of the more environmentally-friendly coolants than the widely used R410A and R22. Another advantage is that R32 requires less space to deliver incredible cooling performances.

This AC perfectly fits the bill for Indian conditions as it can provide uninterrupted high-quality cooling even if the ambient temperature is as high as 48 degrees Celsius.

This AC comes equipped with 100% copper condenser pipes to ensure the best heat exchange facilities while saving considerable power simultaneously.

The Sleep Mode works beautifully by increasing the AC temperature settings by one degree every hour for a couple of hours. Subsequently, it remains steady to ensure that you get the maximum comfort. It also helps in conserving energy.

The air quality in India is not of the highest standard. Midea ACs resolve this issue by including a dual filtration feature in its products. The HD filter removes microscopic dust particles and other pollutants better than other comparable filters.

The Silver Nano filter is ideal for handling bacterial and viral contamination. Besides deactivating bacteria, this filter inhibits their growth.

The Midea AC comes with intelligent features like low refrigerant detection to alert you of low gas levels and thus, help in maintenance. The CRF alert notifies you that it is time to clean the air conditioner filters. Similarly, the IDU display on/off LED light is an innovative aspect.

  • Good performance for a new entrant in the market
  • Ideal for small Indian bedrooms, Iseer Value: 3.62
  • Purifies air besides cooling it
  • The plastic build lacks the durability required in an AC unit.
  • Installation charges are extra.

8. Haier 1-ton 3-Star Split AC, HSU12T-TFW3B, 2020 Model

The sleek and ergonomic design is the primary talking point of this AC. It fits into your interior décor beautifully while providing smart, advanced, and innovative cooling solutions.

One such feature is the intelligent filtration system that eliminates all airborne pollutants and purifies the air you breathe inside your rooms.

This feature uses an advanced filtration system for dealing with microscopic airborne pollutants. By trapping them inside the appliance, this system does not allow allergens to escape into the room environment, making the air pure.

This AC features a powerful inverter processor that adjusts its performance depending on ambient temperature and the cooling load. This machine can work comfortably even when the external temperature reaches impossible levels, such as 54 degrees Celsius.

Though this 1-ton AC is ideal for small rooms with an area of up to 100 square feet, the Long-Distance Air Throw feature helps it to throw cool air up to a distance of up to 15 feet comfortably. The mechanism comprises an advanced motor, an optimized fan, and an innovative air duct.

The Instant Chill Mode enables immediate cooling by activating the Turbo button on the remote control. The efficient hi-grooved copper condenser and air duct prove crucial in this aspect.

One of the fascinating aspects of this Haier AC is its silent operation that enables your family to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Split ACs are exposed to nature’s elements like dust, industrial pollution, rain, etc. This Haier model features unique anti-corrosion technology to protect the equipment. It includes a plastic outlet grid, hydrophilic aluminum blue, and golden aluminum fin for the evaporator and condenser pipes.

Operating this AC is a charm as you use the easy remote-control function featuring an LCD screen that displays aspects like temperature, multi-directional swing, and other features.

  • Incredible cooling with high energy savings, ISEER value: 3.55
  • Noiseless operations
  • Capable of cooling odd-shaped rooms because of the Long-Distance Air Throw feature
  • Installation issues persist.
  • Not the best product for large rooms

9. Amazon Basics 1.5-ton 3-star Split AC

If you have budgeting constraints, you can go for the non-inverter compressor AC models like Amazon Basics. The advantage is that you can get a product with a higher capacity in your budget. It can help cool rooms as large as 120 to 150 square feet comfortably.

The High Airflow Volume feature is a striking aspect as it allows cool air to reach all corners of your room and makes it more effective, especially in the hot summer months.

The air quality in India is not of the highest standards. The Four-stage filtration system keeps out visible and invisible dust particles and other pollutants.

The anti-bacterial filters trap microscopic organisms and pollutant particles up to 0.3 microns to ensure pure air circulation inside your rooms.

This Amazon Basics AC works on different modes to ensure high-efficiency levels. The energy-saving mode adjusts the temperature and fan speed accordingly to reduce power consumption. The Seep Mode cuts out excessive cooling and makes it comfortable for you to sleep at night.

The 100% copper condenser enables quick heat exchange and is excellent on the durability front. The Blue Fin coating provides the protection required from corrosive elements and extreme weather conditions.

The Anti-Fungal Function is a unique feature as the AC keeps working for around 40 seconds after switching it off to remove water and dust from the evaporator coil. Thus, it discourages bacterial and fungal accumulation inside the AC components and extends its lifespan.

  • Suitable for rooms having larger sizes up to 120 to 150 square feet
  • Air purification of the highest order
  • Long-lasting and aesthetic-looking design
  •  ISEER rating of 3.56
  • It does not work on the inverter compressor.
  • Customer service not up to the expected standards

10. Amazon Basics 1-ton 3-star 2020 model, Inverter Split AC

The 1-ton capacity makes it an ideal appliance to have in bedrooms not measuring more than 110 to 120 square feet in area.

Though it comes with a reduced capacity, this AC has features like Precision Air Flow with up to 12 fan speed grades to deliver accurate control and more comfortable airflow.

Nowadays, ACs have to come with high-quality filtration features to deal with air pollution inside the house.

This Amazon Basics model features a high-density filter capable of cleaning up to 80% more dust and pollen than the standard dust filters available on its peer models.

The Auto Swing feature starts functioning when you switch on the AC to distribute cool air and cover the maximum area possible by moving its horizontal flaps automatically.

This AC comes with a unique Humidity Control feature that dehumidifies the room and provides exceptional cooling, especially during the rainy months.

Split ACs, especially the outdoor units, have to withstand adverse weather conditions ranging from the hot sun to heavy rains. Besides, industrial pollution can also hasten corrosion.

This Amazon Basics AC features Golden Fin Coating, an anti-corrosive protection layer, on the condenser parts to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Eco Mode is an 8-hour energy-saving option that cuts electric consumption by about 60% compared to the regular working mode. The Turbo Mode enhances cooling and heating power, accordingly, depending on your immediate requirements.

The refrigerant leakage detection feature displays an error code, and the machine stops functioning until you repair it. The Fire-proof electric box prevents internal fires due to electrical short circuits.

This AC has an emergency function that detects temperature sensor errors. It displays the error, but the machine continues to work correctly.

  • Excellent features that ensure quality performance
  • ISEER rating of 3.85
  • Robust build with an extended lifespan
  • Additional features like refrigerant leakage detection and smart diagnosis prove handy.
  • Installation charges are not included in the product price.
  • Some users have reported customer service issues.

Features to look for in an AC under 25000

Rs 25K seems to be a below-par budget when purchasing air conditioners. However, a lot depends on your requirements and usage patterns. It is not that excellent ACs are not available in this pricing range.

We have already reviewed some models to get a feel of the features to expect in air conditioning appliances in this budget. The following aspects merit consideration as you venture to purchase the ideal AC for your home.

Your room size determines the AC you buy.

Air conditioners have the job of cooling your rooms. They do so by displacing the heat inside the room. Therefore, the room area/volume plays a crucial role in deciding the perfect air conditioner for your room.

Bedrooms in Indian apartments today are not large enough. At times, you can find people adjusting in bedrooms less than 100 square feet in area. If your bedroom falls into such a category, you are better off purchasing an AC with a capacity of 0.8 tons.

If you have a larger bedroom extending up to around 120 square feet in area, you can go for the 1-ton AC. Anything more than that can overshoot your Rs 25K budget.

Similarly, other factors that affect the AC capacity include the external temperature. Today, you have ACs capable of delivering excellent cooling performance even if the external temperature reaches the high forties.

Under such circumstances, you should increase the room area notionally by 30% and decide on the AC tonnage accordingly.

Star Ratings decide how much power you save.

Ideally, you would love to go for a 5-star AC as it guarantees maximum power savings. However, your budget does not allow you the luxury of going for such appliances. You might have to settle for a 3-star rated AC. However, 3-star ACs are not bad as they offer decent power savings.

You can use the appliance intelligently to save power. Besides, these air conditioners come with excellent energy-efficient features that help reduce power consumption. Regular maintenance and cleaning can also help you save energy.

Anything under a 3-star rating is not recommended as such machines are inefficient and cost you more in the long run.

Compressor working on inverter technology is preferable.

The compressor is the most critical component in your AC. Without the compressor, the AC cannot function. Generally, you have two types of technologies concerning compressors.

The traditional compressors work at a constant speed and keep switching on and off at regular intervals. Though performing at continuous high speeds result in higher power consumption, the switching on and off balances it to a certain extent.

ACs working on  conventional compressors consume more power than the appliances that work on inverter compressors.

The inverter compressor works at varying speeds, depending on your cooling requirements. If you need more cooling quickly, the fans work faster, whereas it slows down after the appliance reaches the set temperature.

Therefore, the AC saves power while delivering optimum cooling simultaneously.

The conventional compressors make a lot of noise, and the inverter compressors do not. The inverter compressor ACs reach the desired temperature levels quicker than the ACs working on the non-inverter motors.

While the inverter compressor ACs are expensive than the non-inverter compressor machines, the former has a more extended lifespan. Thus, the increase in the cost evens out over the air conditioner’s lifespan.

Different modes depending on the situation

ACs today work on various modes, depending on your requirements. The objective is to reduce power consumption and ensure savings. Here are some modes that are available on ACs in your 25K budget.

The Turbo Cool feature ensures instant cooling when you need it the most. This mode activates the fan speed and increases it by more than 35% to deliver instant cooling. Such features are available on the ACs with inverter compressors alone. Whirlpool refers to it as Turbo Cool, and Daikin calls it Power Chill.

The Sleep Function is universal as it is available in almost all ACs. This function enables you to set timers for the AC’s functioning. It is a handy feature at night because you do not have to wake up to switch off the AC. The machine switches off on its own at the set time.

ACs in this budget do not come with dehumidifier mode to provide optimal cooling in the monsoon season.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant is the best.

The refrigerant is primarily responsible for environmental pollution. The ACs available today come equipped with R32 refrigerant that has low global warming potential and displays Zero ozone depletion potential. Hence, it is an ideal one to use.

Other Features to Look Out For

  • Copper Coils – Copper is the ideal metal to have as condenser coils because of its excellent heat exchanging capacity. Besides, copper coils do not rust and are not subject to damage easily. Aluminum coils are also useful in this regard, but copper coils are always preferable. Your ACs in this 25K budget feature copper coils.
  • Air Purifier Filters – Generally, air conditioners feature wire-mesh or net filters to filter the air before circulating it inside the room. Some of the AC models feature PM2.5 filters to trap the minutest of pollutants. People with dust allergies, children, and older adults would love to have their AC with such an air filter.
  • Auto-Clean Function – Your AC works in a moist environment as you find water droplets on the condenser pipes. These water droplets can encourage bacterial growth and mold formation if you do not clean your ACs regularly. Today, the ACs available in the market come with self-clean technology that helps prevent mold formation and bacterial accumulation.
  • Auto Gas leakage Detect – Gas leakages can affect the overall cooling performance of AC units. Some models feature gas leakage detection features that alert you if the unit detects leakages. It prompts you to repair the AC immediately.
  • Self-Diagnosis – This feature is a useful one because it saves time and ensures accurate diagnosis. It helps in maintaining your device properly.

Though 25K is a decent budget, it does not permit you to go for the high-end features like dehumidifiers, smartphone app compatibility, SMS alerts, room heaters, etc.

ACs available in this budget are ideal for small rooms not measuring more than 120 square feet in area. It is also not possible to get 5-star ACs in this budget. However, these 3-star devices deliver excellent performances while displaying energy efficiency.

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