What are the benefits of LG smart inverter technology?

LG equips its modern-day refrigerator models with smart inverter compressors. Here are the benefits of LG smart inverter technology.

  • Inverter compressors do not shut off and switch on at regular intervals. Instead, they keep functioning at variable speeds throughout the operation. Hence, they consume less power than conventional compressors that work at full speed.
  • Inverter compressors make less noise (around 30% less) than conventional compressors.
  • Smart inverters work at variable speeds according to the refrigeration load, user preferences, and external temperature conditions. Thus, they save more power than regular inverter compressor refrigerators.
  • Smart Inverter compressor refrigerators are compatible to offer convertibility features in specific LG refrigerator models.
  • LG smart inverter technology allows refrigerators to connect to home inverter systems during power cuts. Therefore, these refrigerators provide 24 x 7 x 365 operations to keep your food fresh even during power cuts.
  • LG smart inverter technology exerts a slight load on the home inverter system and consumes less power than two CFL bulbs.
  • LG smart inverter technology enables refrigerators to work comfortably even in the input voltage range of 100V to 290V.
  • LG smart inverter technology ensures that these refrigerators do not emit CFC. So they protect the ozone layer and ensure eco-friendly operations.

LG refrigerators with smart inverter compressors offer a 10-year warranty on the compressor. Hence, it proves their durability.

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