Bajaj Water Heaters Review 2023

Bajaj, the name spells trust and confidence. Have we not experienced people waiting for months together after booking the Bajaj Chetak scooter? It indicates that Bajaj emphasizes quality and does not compromise on this aspect.

Similarly, Bajaj water heaters adhere to the highest quality norms to provide the best experiences to the consumer. At the same time, Bajaj geysers are economically priced and within reach of the average Indian buyer.

Besides, Bajaj water heaters come equipped with excellent technological and safety features. This article discusses these aspects in detail. But before that, here are the benefits and drawbacks of Bajaj geysers.

Benefits of Bajaj Geysers

Benefits of Bajaj Geysers

  • Bajaj offers an extensive range of geysers, including instant water heaters, storage geysers, tankless geysers, gas water heaters, and immersion rod heaters.
  • Bajaj storage heaters are available in capacities from 6L to 25L. In addition, vertical and horizontal storage geysers are available, allowing consumers to select their appliances appropriately according to the available space.
  • Bajaj geysers conform to the highest quality and standards. In addition, these appliances come equipped with corrosion-resistant inner container tanks and heating elements. Besides protecting the geysers from corrosion, these innovative protective features prevent salt deposits that affect the device’s performance and efficiency.
  • The high-quality safety features prevent dry heating, overheating, and excess pressure buildup. The latest models have a triple safety system to ensure optimum safety. Besides, some high-end models feature fire retardant cables to prevent accidental fires.
  • The auto shut-off feature enhances safety by switching off the power supply when the geyser is unused for 90 minutes.
  • The child safety mode is unique because it prevents children from hot water accidents.
  • Bajaj water heaters are reasonably priced, making them affordable to all sections of society.
  • Bajaj geysers are ideal for high-rise apartments because these geysers can withstand water pressure up to 8 bars.
  • The digital display in some models is helpful as it accurately indicates the water temperature. However, it is impossible in an appliance equipped with manual temperature selection knobs.
Bajaj Instant Geyser

Drawbacks of Bajaj Geysers

  • Bajaj does not provide the accessories with the geyser unit. So, consumers have to incur additional expenses in purchasing 3-pin plugs and pipes.
  • The Bajaj storage water heaters take comparatively more time to heat water. Hence, they consume more power than some of their competitor models. Many users have complained about this aspect. However, the instant geysers are energy-efficient as they deliver hot water instantly.
  • Despite Bajaj promising free installation, most consumers are unsatisfied with the after-sales services that Bajaj provides. They have complained that the service personnel charges money for almost everything, from removing the existing geyser to plumbing and installing the new appliance.
  • While Bajaj geysers are suitable for high-rise apartments, these appliances do not function properly if the water storage tank is situated less than 15 feet from the device. It results in low water pressure, leading to the geyser making an unpleasant noise when switched on.
  • Remote control options and WiFi features are not available on Bajaj geysers.

Our Opinion

Bajaj water heaters are compact equipment that can suit almost all Indian bathroom environments. The company offers a decent range of vertical and horizontal storage water heaters to cater to varied preferences. Exciting discounts are available on the Bajaj official website and Amazon. Bajaj geysers rank among the safest water heating appliances in the country because of their unique safety features. While the after-sales services can improve, Bajaj water heaters are suitable investments.  

Bajaj Geysers – The Product Range

Bajaj offers an extensive range of water heaters in various categories.

  1. Instant water heaters – These appliances are available with minimal storage of one liter and three liters. The popular models are Bajaj Flora, Bajaj Juvel, and Bajaj New Majesty.
  2. Storage water heaters – Bajaj storage geysers are available with vertical and horizontal storage tanks ranging from 6L to 25L. The popular models are Bajaj Caldia, Bajaj Calenta (Digital and Mechanical), Bajaj Majesty (Horizontal), Bajaj New Shakti, Bajaj Shakti PC, Bajaj Popular Plus, and Bajaj Majesty PC (Vertical).
  3. Gas water heaters – Bajaj offers one gas heater model, Bajaj Majesty Duetto, that works on LPG.

Bajaj Geysers – Technologies

Operational Technologies

The best aspect of Bajaj water heaters is that they do not have decorative features. All the features available on these appliances are essential for their efficient operations. For example, some models feature a digital display for water temperature, which is helpful, whereas some have manual knobs that do not provide accurate temperature information.

In addition, all Bajaj water heaters have LED/neon lights to indicate ‘power on and hot water ready for use.’

Bajaj geysers do not have innovative technologies like WiFi and smart app compatibility, remote control operations, etc., that are available on competitor models.

The instant geysers are equipped with 3KW or 4.5KW heating elements to ensure an immediate hot water supply. They are available in 1L and 3L models. In contrast, the storage water heaters feature storage capacities ranging from 6L to 25L and come equipped with a 2KW copper heating element. 

Usually, the Bajaj water heaters can withstand water pressure up to 8 bars, making them ideal for high-rise apartments. In addition, Bajaj gas heaters feature manual knob adjustments allowing consumers to regulate gas flow and water flow, and a season selection control option that can supposedly control the water temperature.

bajaj water heater storage model

The Swirl Flow technology prevents hot water inside the tank from mixing with the cold water flowing into it. Thus, it helps maintain the heat and improve the appliance’s performance and efficiency by increasing the hot water flow by 20%.

Corrosion-Resistant Technologies – Glass-lined coating

Bajaj instant water heaters feature a thermoplastic outer body that is resistant to corrosion and rusting. The latest storage heaters have an ABS plastic body that is equally efficient against corrosion. In addition, Bajaj uses a unique manufacturing process where the outer body does not have a single weld. So, these appliances are resistant to water leaks, and it improves their overall external appearance.

Bajaj storage water heaters use glass-lined coating technology on the inner tank to protect it from corrosion. They refer to it as Titanium Armor Technology. This protection feature enhances the appliance’s lifespan.

The latest Bajaj geyser models feature a magnesium anode rod to prevent salt accumulation on the copper heating element and the inner sides of the water tank.

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Safety Features

Bajaj water heaters feature a triple safety system that protects the appliance from dry heating, overheating and excess pressure buildup.

First, these appliances have a safety pressure release valve that releases extra pressure to prevent untoward accidents. Second, the thermostat cuts off the power supply to the device after the water temperature attains the pre-set levels. Third, the auto shut-off mode is helpful because it switches off the geyser after 90 minutes if it is not used. Fourth, the geyser switches to the stand-by mode and thus prevents dry heating and overheating. Finally, the gas water heaters have a 20-minute timer that switches off the gas supply and stops the water from heating if there is no activity for 20 minutes.

Bajaj storage water heater

Gas water heaters feature flame failure protection to prevent accidents. Similarly, all Bajaj heaters feature flame-retardant cables that prevent fires from spreading. In addition, some Bajaj geyser models feature a Child Safety mode that does not allow heating above a specific temperature to safeguard your children from unforeseen mishaps.     

Energy Efficiency Features

Almost all Bajaj water heaters have a BEE rating between 3-star and 5-star. The storage geysers have a PUF insulation layer between the inner tank and the outer cover to prevent heat radiation and energy loss. The copper heating element helps save energy by heating the water more quickly than other metals. In addition, the thermostat ensures temperature control by switching off the power supply. Thus, it helps save power and prevent overheating.


Usually, Bajaj water heaters feature a 1-year product warranty. In addition, such appliances come with a 2-year warranty on the heating element and a 5-year protection warranty for the tank. Some latest models, like the Bajaj Calenta, feature a 2-year warranty on the product, a 4-year warranty on the heating element, and seven years on the inner tank. Gas heaters come with a product warranty of two years.

Customer Care

Customers can lodge their complaints and service requests in various ways.

  1. Telephone – 022-41280000
  2. WhatsApp – +91-7039920000
  3. Email –

Customers can fill up the service request form on the official website. Besides, they can register their product to avail of all these benefits. In addition, they can also refer to the Fix It Yourself option on the website to rectify minor problems without seeking professional help.

Wrap it Up

Water heaters have become essential appliances in all Indian homes today. Bajaj has a wide range of affordable geysers to choose from. Besides delivering excellent performances and saving energy, Bajaj water heaters have an aesthetic look that matches the modern-day bathroom ambiance.

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