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Update: We have been using this mixer grinder for over a year. We had to replace the jar a couple of times and after that, the motor failed. Even though the slow grinding mode is good, we have heard multiple complaints from users about this model, and this mixie is also priced higher than reliable models like Bosch TrueMixx Pro and Sujata Dynamix.


  • It is India’s first mixer grinder that works on inverter technology.
  • Transparent lids make it easy to view the progress.
  • The Slow Mode is perfect for granular grinding. Moreover, it is better than Bosch technology.
  • The sound levels are low compared to other mixer grinders.
  • The inverter motor technology ensures a power consumption of 485W. But, the mixer-grinder delivers performance equal to those equipped with 750W or 1000W motors.
  • The chopper jar is an excellent addition as it enables you to chop vegetables at a slow speed. This feature is not available in other mixer grinders.
  • LED indicators on the knob indicate the speed at which the appliance functions. It also shows whether the jar is fixed properly or not.
  • The Atomberg MG1 has aesthetic looks with a pleasing design without any vents. So. Cleaning the appliance is easy.


  • The Atomberg MG1 mixer-grinder does not offer an atta kneading jar. However, it would have proven handy.
  • The pricing is on the higher side. However, the device is worth every rupee you spend on it.
Atomberg MG1 Unboxing


MG1 Atomberg review

Yes. If you look at the Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder from the pricing angle, it is more expensive than other similar models. But, if you analyze the benefits, you will see that you have not made a wrong choice.

This mixer grinder is an excellent device that should speed up your cooking process considerably and consume less power simultaneously.

The 485W inverter motor is comparable to the 750W and 1000W motors that its contemporaries in the market come equipped with. Besides, the Atomberg MG1 is the first Indian mixer grinder to work on inverter technology. Thus, it saves power. So, if you need an excellent mixer grinder for your kitchen, the Atomberg MG1 fits the bill perfectly.

Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder Specifications

  • BLDC Motor Technology – 485W
  • Performance – 18000 rpm
  • Innovative Slow Mode Technology
  • Four jars with transparent lids
  • Four-speed operation
  • LED indicators

Price and Availability

The Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder is available on at Rs 7,299. EMI options are available. The product is also available offline at leading electronics showrooms. The product is available in two options, a) 3 jars, and b) 3 jars and chopper. As of now, this product is available in black color alone.

Atomberg MG1 Design

Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder Review India

This product has a sleek appearance and is distinct from other mixer grinders. The dimensions are 25.5 cm (depth), 50.5 cm (width), and 32 cm (height), making it convenient to place on the kitchen counter. It does not occupy much space like some of its competitor models do.

The Atomberg MG1 mixer grinder comes equipped with four jars,

  • 1.6L liquidizing jar,
  • 1L dry grinding jar,
  • 0.5L chutney jar, and
  • 0.5L chopper. A 3-jar option is available for Rs 6,699; the package does not include the chopper arrangement.

The appliance has stainless steel jars with transparent lids, making it easy for you to monitor the grinding process. However, the chopper jar is made of plastic and is transparent from all sides.

The appliance features a large knob for controlling the rotational speed. The mixer grinder offers four-speed options, including the Slow Mode, which is excellent for chopping vegetables, grinding coarse chutneys (podi chutney), and delivering sil batta-like textures.

atomberg mg1 saftey

The appliance has LED lighting to indicate the speed at which the appliance functions. It also has a jar detection feature where the yellow/orange light means the jar is not fitted correctly. Similarly, the LED glows red if there is voltage inconsistency or overheating of the motor. The LED turns blue if everything is safe. So, it is a good safety feature.

The design does not have any vents for heat dissipation because the motor does not become uncomfortably hot. Besides, cleaning the appliance is comfortable.

The pulse mode allows for quick grinding, whereas the flow breaker arrangement in the jars ensures that the ingredients do not stick to their insides.

Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder Performance

The Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder is India’s first appliance with an inverter motor. The advantage of the inverter motor is that it varies its rotational speed depending on the load.

Dosa Batter in MG1

For example, it can chop onions and carrots at a rate of 2000 rpm, whereas chutney grinding can see the motor working at 5000 rpm.

Similarly, heavier jobs like making purees need the motor to work at 15000 rpm. The motor has a maximum rotational speed of 18000 rpm to cater to the most challenging grinding jobs like pulverizing turmeric and other masala ingredients. Thus. The motor saves power.

So, this 485W BLDC motor can perform with the efficiency of a 750W or a 1000W engine while consuming considerably less power. In addition, compared to other mixer grinders, the Atomberg MG1 makes less noise.

This appliance is ideally suited for grinding idli and dosa batter because the motor does not become hot quickly. So, you can run the mixer grinder for extended durations to ensure a perfect grinding job.

Dry Grinding Podi For Idly and Dosa

At the same time, it is excellent for grinding tough ingredients like masala and turmeric. In addition, the Slow Mode proves handy for preparing coarse chutney, unlike the finely powdered chutney you get when using other mixer grinders.

Tomato Chutney in MG1
Tomato Chutney in MG1

All the jars except the chopper jar have transparent lids. So you do not have to open the jars to check the progress. Besides, the juicer jar has a small opening allowing you to add milk, sugar, or more fruit pieces without opening the jar completely.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Using this Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder is easy and safe. The LED indicators will glow orange if you do not fix the jar properly. The knob is easy to rotate. The Slow Mode is ideal for retaining the natural aroma of the masala ingredients.

Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder BLDC

Cleaning the jars is not an issue. The chopper jar has detachable blades, making it easy to remove the vegetables after chopping. Thus, it becomes convenient to clan the jar.

The appliance does not have any air vents for heat dissipation. Therefore, it becomes easy to wash the entire device with water without worrying about the water seeping into the motor and damaging it.  

Final Verdict

Design-wise and performance-wise, the Atomberg MG1 is an excellent appliance to have in the kitchen. Besides, this mixer grinder can alter its rotational speed depending on the load. Hence, it saves power. It could be slightly heavier than other mixers, but that should not be a significant issue. Moreover, it is one of the safest appliances in its category.   

Atomberg Mixer Grinder Review | Demo | MG1 | BLDC Motor
Dosa, Idly, Vada Batter
After a year, we have replaced the jar a couple of times and the motor also failed. The mixie is replaced as it is still under warranty.
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan, a retired homemaker, holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology From Anna University. She is a culinary and kitchen appliance expert with an impressive 30 years of experience in testing kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Food Processors, Air Fryers, and Ovens, Beyond appliances, she excels in kitchen organization, cleaning, and cooking, delighting family and friends with her culinary skills. At 55, her passion for all things culinary burns bright.


  1. What is your opinion after using Atomberg mixer grinder for 6 months from the date of review. Do you still hold high respect or repenting for buying ?
    Customer service is pathetic. Emergency medical attention needed for their GRIEVANCE ADDRESSAL SYSTEM.

    • Yeah, the service is not up to the mark. We are still using this machine for making batter and didn’t face any problems with our product. The Slow RPM is ideal for Dosa batter and chutneys, this is the feature that we like the most.


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After a year, we have replaced the jar a couple of times and the motor also failed. The mixie is replaced as it is still under warranty.Atomberg BLDC Mixer Grinder Review (MG1) | Not Good