Use of Artificial Intelligence in Air Conditioners

Redefining comfort and convenience while optimizing energy efficiency

Today, our lifestyles have changed, with ACs becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Until recently, ACs were considered to be power-guzzling home appliances.

However, things have improved by introducing the latest technologies in AC manufacturing that ensure optimum performance, high-quality comfort, and guaranteed savings in power. One of the most prominent technologies used in ACs today is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI enables the AC to understand our requirements by monitoring our usage patterns and suggesting the most appropriate operational modes that ensure maximum comfort and convenience.

Besides, it also takes care of the power consumption aspect. We shall discuss some AI technology use cases in air conditioners in India in recent times.

AI Dual Inverter – LG Air Conditioners

LG, the leading AC manufacturer brand in India, has launched its 2022 Range of AI Dual Inverter ACs to offer superior cooling, maximum energy efficiency, and the ultimate convenience.

Convertible AC

LG’s dual inverter compressor features an advanced BLDC motor equipped with dual rotary systems that reduce fluctuations and vibrations and maintain the required temperature levels.

AI Variable Cooling

LG’s dual inverter ACs offer 6-in-1 cooling where the compressor works are varying capacities ranging between 40% and 110%, depending on the user’s requirements and ambient conditions.

This 6-in1 cooling functionality includes an AI Mode that enables the AC to operate within +/-2 degrees Celsius to the temperature levels set on the appliance. This AI feature adjusts the temperature according to the ambient conditions in the room automatically without any manual intervention.

AI Smart Sensors

AI technology uses intelligent sensors to provide optimum cooling and safety. The 2022 LG AC models come equipped with ADC sensors (Ambient, Discharge, and Condenser sensors).

ADC Sensor

The Ambient Sensor senses the ambiance and controls the operational load accordingly to set the thermostat temperature. The Discharge Sensor manages the cooling cycle by sensing the refrigerant’s discharge temperature. Finally, the Condenser Sensor monitors the discharge pressure to enhance the compressor’s reliability and regulate refrigerant flow.

Hitachi AC’s iSee technology recognizes the room’s shape, size, number of occupants, location, and activity to adjust the cooling performance accordingly. In addition, the iSense technology in Hitachi ACs senses the absence of human activities and increases the room temperature in 1 degree Celsius increments per hour for a couple of hours.

Similarly, Daikin offers a similar AI technology that detects human count to cool the room optimally. Carrier ACs offer a Follow Me sensor that ensures directing cool air towards the room’s occupants to enhance comfort levels.

AI-enabled MirAIe IoT Platform – Panasonic ACs

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC 2021

MirAIe allows users to connect and access all Panasonic smart appliances using the MirAIe app. This platform uses unique technologies like Jet Stream and Aero Wings to deliver better comfort. For example, the Nanoe-G technology in MirAIe-controlled AC ensures better health by purifying the circulating air using PM2.5 and other filters. In addition, the customized sleep mode allows users to pre-set temperature profiles depending on their requirements. These ACs also feature an auto diagnosis function that detects issues in advance to alert users.

App-controlled ACs

Similar to MirAIe app in Panasonic ACs, other top brands like LG, Samsung, etc., have introduced their app-controlled ACs. For example, LG’s ThinQ app offers compatibility with Google Assistant AI and Amazon Alexa to control the AC’s operations using your voice commands.

Onida was the first AC manufacturer to introduce voice-driven technology, ViOT, to operate its ONYXS and GENIO models. TCL has also introduced its IoT-enabled ACs with features like ultra-inverter technology, silver ion filtration technology, WiFi control, voice-based commands, etc.


Artificial Intelligence is redefining the way we live today. Almost all our home appliances use AI in some way or the other. You have smart TVs, smartphones, AI-enabled refrigerators, and ACs, amongst others. AI technology in ACs offers the best comfort and convenience while ensuring the safety of its components and saving power.

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
I'm Chaithanya Vanjari, the Creator and Editor-in-Chief at KitchenArena. With a decade of experience in evaluating large appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and various small home devices, I possess the technical expertise needed to thoroughly review and understand the operational complexities of these appliances.


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