Aquaguard Aura Review |RO UV UF + Active Copper!

A water purifier is critical kitchen equipment today, especially when you have water-borne diseases all over the place. Besides, many people in India depend on groundwater with high TDS content.

Medical experts opine that water with TDS levels up to 500ppm should be fine and not require specialized purification procedures like RO. 

So, if you reside in places where the TDS levels are more than 500ppm, you should undoubtedly go for an RO water purifier. Amongst the first names that spring to mind is Eureka Forbes Aquaguard.

The Aquaguard Aura is available with different purification technologies. For example, the Aquaguard Aura UV + UF + Active Copper model should suffice if the TDS content in the source water is less than 400ppm.

However, I live in an area that depends on groundwater as its resource. The water in my area has TDS levels of more than 500. Therefore, I opted for the Aquaguard Aura RO + UV + UF + MTDS + Active Copper variant. My experience with this machine shows that it is a good kitchen appliance to have in your home.

Aquaguard Aura Unboxing

Let us have a glance at its features before reviewing its performance.

Aquaguard Aura Features

  • Patented Active Copper Technology – The copper cartridge infuses copper ions and other essential minerals into the water.
  • Advanced Mineral Guard Technology helps retain essential natural minerals like calcium and magnesium to provide safe and healthy water.
  • UV E-boiling – It makes the water as safe as it had been boiled for 20+ minutes.
  • MTDS (Advanced Taste Adjuster) – This feature adjusts the water taste, depending on the source, to provide tasty water to drink.
  • Storage – This appliance has a large storage tank of 7L to ensure sufficient water supply.
  • Exquisite Design – The compact and stylish design enhances the kitchen ambiance and blends beautifully with the other appliances.
  • Flexibility – This water purifier is available as a wall-mounted or table-top design.
  • After-sales service – Users can book service appointments using a specialized mobile app.   

Without going deep into the purification technologies, let us discuss what we like or dislike about the Aquaguard Aura.

Here are the positive aspects that convinced me to opt for the Aquaguard Aura RO + UV + UF + MTDS + Active Copper variant.

Aquaguard Aura RO UV UF Active Copper review

Aquaguard Aura – What we Like

  • We live in an area depending on groundwater for our water supply. The TDS levels were around 600 to 625 when we tested it. Hence, we had to go for the RO version. However, if the TDS levels are less than 400, you can safely select the UV/UF variant without RO. It is equally effective.
  • Though the manual says that this model consumes 45W power, it consumes an average of 24W to 25W because the appliance features an auto shut-off mechanism when the tank gets filled. Besides, my usage patterns also determine the power consumption. Anyway, I found this appliance saves power.
  • I observed another positive feature that the appliance takes around 20 minutes to fill the 7L tank. Besides, the input water pressure is good in our area. This water purifier can handle input water pressure between 0.3 to 3 kg/cm2. Therefore, it should not be an issue even if you live in high-rise apartments.
  • The manuals say that the filters require replacement after around 6000 to 7000L. However, since I have been using this machine for around six months, I trust there is still time for the replacement.  
  • The positive feature is that the machine is designed to intimate when the replacement of the filters is due by flashing different colored LEDs. Besides, the machine stops functioning when the filters get exhausted completely. Therefore, there is no compromise on the health and safety quotient.
  • We love the water taste, especially when comparing it with the water purifier we used previously. The TDS controller is a good option as we choose to decide the TDS levels we are comfortable with. According to WHO, TDS levels between 150 and 500 are suitable for human consumption.
  • The Active Copper technology allows us to enjoy the health benefits of copper without the hassles of washing copper vessels from time to time.    
  • We loved the simplistic water purifier design without the large stickers you see in some other brands. Besides, the sturdy plastic body adds to its elegance. We have a wall-mounted design, but the water purifier can also be comfortably placed on the kitchen counter.
  • Installation was done on time, but we had to schedule it separately with the dealer. It did not take more than 30 minutes for the technician to install the machine. The plumbing kits were available in the box, and we did not have to purchase anything. Besides, the installation was done free of cost. However, the installation experience depends on your dealer and location. Many users have complained of problems faced during the installation procedure.

Here are some aspects that I feel the company should attend to ensure a hassle-free experience for the user.

Aquaguard Aura sediment filter

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Aquaguard Aura Drawbacks

  • This water purifier package does not feature the sediment pre-filter. Therefore, some technicians take advantage and insist on customers to purchase and have them installed. The sediment filter is an attachment that removes large dirt particles before the source water enters the machine. So, if your water supply source does not have large visible impurities, you need not have the sediment filter.
  • The company could include a sediment filter as an optional feature and leave it to the customers to decide whether they want it or not. Then, it can avoid unnecessary arguments with the technicians who install the appliance.
  • At times, the service technicians are not well-versed in the installation process. The company can concentrate on this aspect and train their personnel well. There are instances of the appliance leaking after a faulty installation.
  • Returning a defective appliance can be a hassle. First, the service engineer installing the appliance must certify the defect for accepting the return and authorizing the replacement.   
  • Though I did not personally experience bad service from Eureka Forbes, there are innumerable complaints about the lack of proper after-sales service. The manufacturer should pull up its socks and ensure proper customer service, even for those purchasing the appliance online.
  • The company claims that the filters do not require replacing up to 6000 to 7000 liters of usage. However, many customers have complained of the sensors indicating a filter change even if the overall usage has been considerably less than 6000 liters. Under such circumstances, the company should replace the filters free of cost.
  • The return policy needs a bit of tweaking. Customers should note that the policy allows for a replacement and not a refund. Customers should get a refund if they are not satisfied with the product.
  • Though the AMC option is available for customers, reading the terms and conditions is advisable before entering the contract.
  • It would have been better if the water purifier came with an in-built TDS meter display.

We have gone through the benefits and drawbacks of the Aquaguard Aura water purifier. The product is a good one capable of delivering high-quality pure water. However, at the same time, the customer service needs considerable improvement.

Aquaguard Aura water purifier

Here are some answers to questions that customers frequently ask in various online forums.

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Aquaguard Aura FAQ

Should you always go for an RO water purifier?

No, it is not necessary to choose an RO water purifier if the TDS levels in the source water are less than 500ppm. However, if it is more than 500, you should invariably go for the RO variant. The Aquaguard Aura is available with the UV/UF variant. You should check the TDS levels and decide accordingly.

Is it necessary to have a sediment filter?

If the source water does not have solid, insoluble impurities, it is not necessary to have a sediment filter. However, having one can help enhance the water purifier’s overall lifespan because it filters the water before entering the machine. Users should note that installing the sediment filter is not compulsory even though the service technicians insist on installing one.

Is copper really good for one’s health?

Yes, copper has positive health effects. Our ancient scriptures advise drinking water stored in copper vessels overnight. This water purifier provides the same benefits as copper because water gets infused with copper ions before release. However, if you have copper intolerance, you should follow medical advice.

Does installing the Aquaguard water purifier cost money?

The official website of Eureka Forbes clarifies that it offers free installation. However, customers should go through the conditions carefully, especially when purchasing the machine online from ecommerce retailers.

Does e-boiling make the water hot?

No, e-boiling is used when the water gets treated with UV radiation to eliminate disease-causing bacteria. It does not heat the water.

Does the Aquaguard Aura RO water filter remove all the essential minerals from water?

No, Aquaguard Aura uses specialized technology, Mineral Guard Technology, that does not eliminate the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium from water. Besides, this product offers an MTDS feature that replenishes the lost minerals to enhance the water taste.

How much power does the Aquaguard Aura RO water purifier consume?

On average, the Aquaguard Aura water purifier consumes around 25W. Thus, if the machine runs for 40 hours, it will consume one unit of electricity. The appliance can purify around 4800 liters of water during this period. Generally, an average household consumes 15 liters of water daily. Thus, the electric consumption should not be more than 1.5 units per year.

What is the filter replacement frequency, and how much does it cost?

The filters require replacement after generating around 6000 liters of water. Subsequently, the machine indicates that it is time for a replacement by flashing LEDs. Once the filters get exhausted, the machine stops functioning. Replacing the filters can cost around Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 for the RO filters and around Rs 1,000 for the other filters. The UV lamps do not require frequent changing. Therefore, one can state that it could cost around Rs 6,000+ to change the filters. Usually, the filters last for a year. However, it depends on the individual usage patterns.

How much does an AMC cost?

Customers can enter into an AMC with the company. It costs around Rs 6,000. The maintenance contract includes two service visits and one filter replacement free of cost. However, customers should read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the contract.

Does Aquaguard offer a dedicated helpline for its customers?

Yes, Aquaguard has a vast after-sales network with more than 1100 service centers. In addition, the company has a dedicated service helpline number (toll-free – 18602661177 and 7039883333) active 24×7.

Water Taste
Installation & Service
We love the water taste, especially when comparing it with the water purifier we used previously. The TDS controller is a good option as we choose to decide the TDS levels we are comfortable with.

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We love the water taste, especially when comparing it with the water purifier we used previously. The TDS controller is a good option as we choose to decide the TDS levels we are comfortable with.Aquaguard Aura Review |RO UV UF + Active Copper!