Aquadpure Water Purifier Review | Not Recommended

Our verdict: Aquadpure is not a branded water purifier; all the components inside the water purifier are assembled parts, and the quality is very cheap. We do not recommend users opt for this brand. The service quality is the worst; they do not even offer installation. If you are on a budget and looking for an RO water purifier, it is better to go with Vguard Zenora, Livpure Glo, or Aquaguard Sure.

We have tested water purifiers from all the major brands like Kent, Pureit, Livpure, AO Smith, Aquaguard, Vguard, and other reputed manufacturers.

After observing its popularity on Amazon, we decided to test the Aquadpure RO Purifier because they are offering an RO water purifier with the combination of UV, UF, TDS Controller, and even copper water, all at a price of ₹5000.

Aquadpure ro water purifier review

Installation & Service

We purchased this Aquadpure copper RO water purifier from Amazon. After receiving the product, we attempted to contact Aquadpure customer service to arrange the installation, but there was no proper response from them. We waited for ten days for the brand technician, but no one from Aquadpure visited us for installation.

We also visited their website, which appears to be fake. There is no contact information or useful information about the product or brand. There is only one toll-free number, and no one is responding to that number.

Aquadpure fitting

Finally, we had to pay a plumber from Urbanclap to do the installation. The technician informed us that this is an assembled water purifier and will not last for long. Upon inspecting the components inside the machine, we found that they were of poor quality.

The technician also warned us that the machine cannot handle high water pressure and is not suitable for high-rise apartments. He said the components would break if there is high water pressure.


Once the installation was done, we started using this machine every day in our kitchen. This Copper RO comes with a TDS Controller mechanism similar to Aquaguard or Kent water purifiers, but the component quality is very poor.

Aquadpure quality is poor

The plastic quality of the external body is very cheap. This is not food-grade ABS plastic. If you purchase this water purifier, do not store the water in it for an extended period, and do not drink the water if it has been stored in the tank for more than one day.

There are no indicators for filter change or full tank indicators.

The taste of the water is okay and similar to the taste of raw water.

Aquadpure filters

Just after using the water purifier for 15 days, it started leaking heavily, and we had to turn off the machine and stop using it.

We attempted to call the customer care number mentioned on Amazon, but there was no proper response, and no one visited for repair.

Once again, we hired a plumber from Urbanclap, and he opened the water purifier. The RO filter inside the machine was leaking heavily. He said that the RO membrane filter got damaged due to high water pressure.

Filter leaking in Aquadpure

Even though we installed this Aquadpure water purifier on the first floor only, it was not able to handle water pressure because of the cheap quality filters and poor fitting.

We have seen many users complaining about the product not working within 6 months, and the company is charging for technician visits.

The replacement parts are also not available on Amazon and are only available with Aquadpure. In our case, there was no replacement available at all.

Final Thoughts

Aquadpure water purifier review

We do not recommend the Aquadpure water purifier. The plastic quality is cheap, and the filter and fitting quality is very poor. The service doesn’t exist. Many users have purchased RO water purifiers from this brand because they offer it at an attractive price of ₹5000.

We suggest users go with V-Guard Zenora, which costs around ₹8000. Here you pay an extra ₹3000, but there is a significant difference in quality and service. V-Guard has service centers all over India, and the component quality is also excellent. Another good model, Aquaguard Sure Delight, is also available at ₹8000.

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Water Taste
Value For Money
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Our verdict: Aquadpure is not a branded water purifier; all the components inside the water purifier are assembled parts, and the quality is very cheap. We do not recommend users opt for this brand. The service quality is the worst; they do not even...Aquadpure Water Purifier Review | Not Recommended