A.O. Smith Water Heaters/Geysers Review (2023)

Geysers have become essential household appliances similar to water purifiers and refrigerators. So, almost every Indian bathroom has one water heater to provide a refreshing bathing experience.

Water heaters are available in different types, like instant geysers, storage water heaters, tankless water heaters, air-source heat pumps, etc. Similarly, various Indian and international models are available that work on the latest technologies to provide high-quality performance, efficiency, safety, and save power. A.O. Smith water heaters are one such excellent product.

AO Smith Storage Geyser

A.O. Smith Water Heaters – The Heritage

A.O. Smith is an international geyser brand having manufacturing facilities in 16 countries globally. In addition, it has a plant in Bengaluru to manufacture water heaters for the Indian market.

A.O. Smith has the distinction of introducing glass line water heating technology to resist corrosion and protect the appliance from rust.

Besides glass line technology, A.O. Smith water heaters offer excellent features we shall discuss in detail in this article. But before that, here are the pros and cons of using A.O. Smith water heaters.

A.O. Smith Geysers – Benefits

  • A.O. Smith offers an exciting range of geysers, such as instant water heaters, tankless geysers, and vertical & horizontal storage geysers with varying capacities ranging from 6L to 25L.
  • A.O. Smith offers unique models that can work on WiFi. Smart apps and Alexa voice integration allow users to control and operate the water heaters. In addition, consumers can customize their hot water requirements using the A.O. Smith Smart App.
  • One can also track the energy consumption of the HeatBot WiFi model using the A.O. Smith Smart app.
  • Timer modes can help users get hot water whenever they desire.
  • The non-WiFi A.O. Smith geysers have an adjustable knob on the front, enabling users to choose their preferred modes.
  • A.O. Smith water heaters feature glass-coated Incoloy heating elements for higher efficiency and long-lasting life.
  • The A.O. Smith water heaters use Blue Diamond glass lining technology to protect the water tank from corrosion and other damage. Thus, it lengthens the appliance’s lifespan.
  • These water heaters have a long-lasting anode rod that protects the geyser from hard water issues like scaling.
  • A.O. Smith geysers can work with 8-bar water pressure, making them ideal for use in high-rise buildings.
  • 5-star and 4-star rated appliances are available with A.O. Smith water heaters to ensure energy savings.  
  • A.O. Smith has a dedicated customer service center that can be contacted 24×7. Besides, the company provides free installation.

A.O. Smith Geysers – Drawbacks

  • Compared to its competitors, A.O. Smith has a limited range of products.
  • The products do not come with pipes and electrical plugs. Users have to arrange for these ingredients during installation. One can purchase them from the installation service technicians, but the items are expensive compared to the market prices.
  • When switched on, consumers have often complained of a buzzing sound from the geyser.
  • Some users have reported problems with the temperature knob. They have stated that the appliance provides hot water when you set the temperature as close as possible to the maximum. The thermostat does not respond in the range of Minimum to Medium. It might be an isolated issue.
  • Though A.O. Smith has a 24×7 customer service center, the company does not provide service outside urban areas.
  • Users are worried about its mounting procedure. Some models hang on the walls with the strength of two screws. The company could have provided better mounting facilities.
  • The water can smell bad if it is left to stagnate in the geyser tank for considerable periods. The solution is to let out the stagnant water and refill the tank again before switching it on.
  • The A.O. Smith water heaters have LED indicators displaying switching and heating status. However, the lights tend to dim with usage, straining the eyes to ascertain whether it shows green or red.
  • The pricing is an issue because the models are priced higher than their immediate competitor brands offering similar water heating facilities.
  • The tankless geyser is available in Mumbai alone.


A.O. Smith is a reputed water heater brand employing one of the best anti-corrosion technologies in the Blue Diamond Glass Tank. The Incoloy glass heating element is of high quality. Hence, these appliances rank amongst the best in performance and energy efficiency. These geysers are ideal for installation in high-rise apartments because they can withstand water at eight bars of pressure. However, issues like pricing, customer service in mofussil areas, etc., persist. Overall, the product is suitable and recommended for domestic and commercial use.

AO Smith Air2heat geyser

A.O. Smith Geysers – Different models

A.O. Smith offers 20 geyser models, comprising one tankless model, five instant water heaters, and 14 storage geysers, including three horizontal storage tank models.

  • Storage Water Heater Models – The storage capacity ranges from 6L to 25L, comprising three horizontal tank models and 11 vertical tanks. The prominent storage water heaters from A.O. Smith include HeatBot, SDS Green, HAS X1, VAS, and Xpress.
  • Instant Water Heater Models – A.O. Smith offers five instant water heater models, including Minibot, Faston, and EWS. These instant geysers have either 3KW or 4.5KW heating elements. Usually, these geysers have a 3L capacity. They are also excellent for use in kitchens.
  • Tankless Geysers – The tankless geyser is an innovative model available in Mumbai alone. This water heater does not store any water. Instead, it dispenses hot water instantly using a superior heating process and a 5.5KW heating element. In addition, the ZIP water heater features a digital temperature display with touch button operational options.

A.O. Smith Geysers – Technologies

Smart Technology

Innovative technology is that which conveniences the user and promises maximum comfort with the minimum of effort. For example, smart A.O. Smith geyser models provide the three C’s: Convenience, Choice, and Conservation. So, this technology caters to different requirements according to the user’s preferences.

A.O. Smith offers the HeatBot WiFi model, enabling users to operate and control the appliance using a smartphone app. It also provides voice-enabled control options because of Alexa compatibility.

Models like Xpress and Finesse do not have WiFi compatibility but offer innovative technology using control knobs. For example, the user can select seven heating modes that heat water for specific purposes.

  1. Pedicure – This mode heats the water perfectly to enable an excellent pedicure.
  2. Bucket – This mode instantly lets the user get a bucket full of hot water.
  3. Shower – The user gets water at a temperature perfect for a quick hot shower.
  4. Washing – This mode provides hot water, perfect for washing clothes.
  5. Mopping – The water temperature is ideal for mopping the floors.
  6. Bucket x 2 – This option is available in the 25L geysers, where users can get up to two buckets of hot water in one go.
  7. Shower x 2 – Users preferring a long shower can enjoy twice the quantity required for a regular shower. This mode is available in the 25L geyser models. 

The HeatBot DG model offers the facility of a remote controller option for operating the appliance.

The latest A.O. Smith geysers feature digital displays for power and temperature options. It shows the water temperature inside the geyser and the number of units consumed. Users can set the temperature levels according to their preferences. The pre-set settings ensure they do not change in the case of a power cut or accidental unplugging of the appliance.

Corrosion Resistant Technology

A.O. Smith introduced glass-lined water heater tanks in India to protect against corrosion.

These appliances use Blue Diamond glass-lined technology with enhanced zircon levels to protect the inner tanks from corrosive elements. Generally, leakage in the geysers results in tank replacement which can be expensive.

Blue Diamond glass-lined technology with a single weld prevents corrosion and enhances the appliance’s lifespan. In addition, this proprietary technology produces a more robust, corrosion-resistant lining than any other contemporary technology.

A.O. Smith water heaters use an anode rod system with a stainless steel core to protect the inner container from corrosion. In addition, the system uses a cathodic action to fight corrosive elements and prolong the tank’s lifespan.

Geysers have to contend with hard water because of high TDS levels.

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Continuous exposure to hard water causes scaling due to mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium. The chalk-like deposits on the inner container surface and the heating element affects the heating capacity. As a result, it can lead to corrosion and leakage. The A.O. Smith geysers have Incoloy glass-coated heating elements that resist scaling. Hence, it enhances the appliance’s efficiency.

Some A.O. Smith water heaters feature dual heating elements. So, if one fails, the other heating element serves as a backup. Such a facility is ideal in regions having hard water.

Energy Efficiency Technology

AO Smith water heater star rating

Usually, A.O. Smith geysers have 4-star or 5-star BEE ratings. Thus, these appliances consume less energy. The energy saving is determined by the amount of heat retained by the inner container. So, much depends on the insulation between the inner container and the outer jacket. Choosing the right option minimizes standing losses. Usually, insulation is of two types, fiberglass wool, and PUF. Fiberglass wool is cheaper, but A.O. Smith water heaters use PUF. The dense PUF layer retains the heat generated by the heating element in the water in the container.

Safety Technology

Geysers contain hot water capable of causing grievous injuries like scalding. Besides, extreme heat can cause pressure to build up inside the geyser leading to an explosion. In addition, constant exposure to water can cause short circuits.

However, A.O. Smith water heaters come equipped with thermostats that shut off the power supply if the water gets too hot. Besides, these appliances have a safety valve that relieves pressure and discharges water if the pressure and temperature overshoot the pre-set limits.


Usually, A.O. Smith geysers come with a 2-year product warranty. The heating element also gets a 2-year warranty, whereas the inner container tank features a 5-year or 7-year warranty.

How to choose an ideal geyser for the home?

The geyser’s choice depends on usage, the climate, the number of people in the home, installation space, and the budget.

  • The instant geysers and tankless water heaters are ideal for kitchens and small families. In addition, they are excellent if you have space constraints.
  • The more people you have in the house, the more significant the geyser capacity. So, storage geysers are the best for homes with more than three people.
  • The geysers can take time to heat the water in colder climates. So, it is advisable to have larger capacity water heaters.
  • Vertical and horizontal geyser models are available from A.O. Smith. The vertical geysers are available in 6L to 25L capacities, whereas the horizontal tank models come in capacities 25L and above. In addition, a. O. Smith offers geysers up to 100L capacity for commercial purposes.

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Wrap it up

A.O. Smith water heaters are high-quality appliances that deliver excellent performances and conserve energy. These devices match your bathroom’s modern décor with their attractive looks. Features like intelligent app control, remote controllers, LED displays, 5-star efficiency rating, world-class heating elements, and the best corrosion-resistant technology make these A.O. Smith geysers the ideal device to have in your bathrooms.

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