Amazon Basics Washing Machines Review (2023)



Amazon Basics offers a decent range of washing machines, including semi-automatic, top-loading, and front-loading fully automatic washing appliances. While Amazon Basics washing machines are available at comparatively lower prices than the renowned brands like LG, Samsung, Bosch, IFB, etc., this brand offers decent technologies.

Amazon Basics washing machines are available in various sizes starting from 6 Kg to more than 8 Kg. Generally, the Midea Group, a Chinese manufacturer, produces Amazon Basics washing machines. Amazon Basics washing machines are available online only on the Amazon website.    

Here are the salient features of Amazon Basics washing machines.

Front-load washing machines

Conventional motor

Usually, Amazon Basics washing machines work on a conventional motor connecting the wash drum through pulleys and belts. Though these motors consume more power than inverter motors, they reduce the manufacturing costs to make these machines affordable.

However, the Amazon Basics washing machine engines deliver good performances. The manufacturer offers a three to a five-year warranty on these motors.

How users benefit – The conventional motors reduce the overall pricing of these Amazon Basics washing machines to make them affordable.

Models – Almost all Amazon Basics washing machines use these engines.

Low Vibration

While the conventional motor setting in the Amazon Basics washing machines involves pulleys and belts for connecting the wash drum to the engine, these machines feature advanced technologies that reduce vibrations. Hence, these machines are safe to use and do not make much noise compared to other similarly-equipped washing machines of different brands. However, the premium front-loading washing machine has a DD motor that vibrates less.

How users benefit – The low vibration feature reduces noise, and hence users benefit from noiseless operations.

Models – All the front-loaders come equipped with Low vibration technology.

Stainless Steel Drum

Amazon basics washing machine drum

All Amazon Basics top-loading and front-loading fully automatic washing machines feature stainless steel drums to deliver a better washing experience. The Amazon Basics stainless steel drums feature Diamond technology that enables smooth handling of high spin speeds and ensures better drying of your clothes. In addition, these drums come with strategically placed holes and grooves that allow a smooth movement of clothes without entangling. Thus, it protects your delicate garments from damage.

How users benefit – The clothes do not entangle and thus emerge undamaged after washing.

Models – All Amazon Basic top-loading and fully-automatic washing appliances have stainless steel drums.

Silent Wash

The Amazon Basics front-loading washing machines offer a unique mute washing function to enable you to enjoy an undisturbed and silent washing experience. This feature proves helpful when you have babies in the home. They can enjoy peaceful sleep even as you wash your clothes. Besides, you can use this feature at night conveniently.

How users benefit – The machine does not make any noise when washing, rinsing, or spinning. Hence, it is a convenience feature.

Models – All front-loading Amazon Basics washing machines offer this feature.

In-built heater

The Amazon Basics premium models feature an inbuilt heater to provide a hot water wash to your clothes. Thus, it enhances washing efficiency and ensures proper hygiene by eliminating disease-causing germs and bacteria. Besides, hot water penetrates the fibers better than cold water to provide high-quality washing.

How users benefit – Clothes are washed better and hygienically with the hot water wash facility.

Models – Usually, all Amazon Basics front-loading washing appliances have this feature.

Self-cleaning technology

Amazon Basics front loaders feature a self-cleaning technology, Drum Clean, that uses a robust flow of hot water at 90 degrees Celsius to remove detergent residue and dirt from the gaps between the inner and outer drums to clear every part of the washing machine. Thus, it reduces maintenance costs over the long term.

How users benefit – Besides cleaning the drum after every wash, users benefit from reduced maintenance costs.

Models – The front-loading washing machines exhibit this Drum Clean feature.

23 wash programs

Amazon Basics front-loading washing machines offer an exciting range of 23 wash programs at different temperature levels to deliver a high-quality washing experience. You can select your preferred washing program depending on the type of garments you wish to wash. For example, you can choose to wash cotton clothes exclusively or settle for a mixed wash involving all types of garments. In addition, you can select the water and heating levels to ensure the best wash possible.

How users benefit – Users get an extended range of wash options.

Models – All front-loading washing machines have similar features, depending on their capacities.

Air Dry

Some Amazon Basics front-loading and top-loading washing appliances feature an Air Dry option to ensure that your clothes are significantly dried when they emerge from the washing machine.

How users benefit – Users save time drying their clothes before ironing them.

Models – Various top-loading and front-loading models offer this facility. 

Fuzzy Logic

The Fuzzy Logic feature is convenient because it uses sensors to automatically measure the wash load and decide on the wash cycle programs. Thus, this feature saves time, power, and water.

How users benefit – Users are saved the trouble of programming their wash settings.

Models – The top-end front-loading and top-loading washing machines offer this feature.

Hassle-Free Wash

Amazon Basics washing machines offer excellent facilities to its users as convenience features to ensure a hassle-free washing experience.

  • Auto-Off – The machine turns off if it senses less water or high suds. Thus, it protects the device from damage.
  • Auto Restart – This feature saves users the trouble of reprogramming the washing cycles after a power cut. The machine stores the settings and restarts operations from where they stopped during the power cut.
  • Delay Start – The Delay Start feature enables users to schedule their washing operations according to their convenience. For example, users can automatically set the delay start and mute functions together to start washing operations at night.
  • Pre-Wash – The Pre-wash function allows the machine to soak soiled clothes for some time before starting the washing cycle. It ensures efficient cleaning performance.

How users benefit – Users can enjoy a hassle-free washing experience.

Models – Almost all front-loading Amazon Basics washing machines offer these facilities.

Voltage Fluctuation protection

Amazon Basics washing machine engines can work with voltage fluctuations. Hence, they do not require an external voltage stabilizer. The machines switch off if the input voltage is outside the motor’s permissible range.

How users benefit – It reduces maintenance costs and additional expenses on installing voltage stabilizers.

Models – Usually, all the front-loading washing machines offer voltage protection.

Top-load washing machines

Amazon Basics offers a decent range of top-loading washing machines with various convenience features. The best aspect of these machines is the reduced pricing that makes them a competitive brand.

Eight pre-set wash programs

Amazon Basics top-loading washing machines offer eight or ten pre-set wash programs that allow users to program their washing cycles comfortably. The water level selection is automatic, and so are the timings for the washing and rinsing cycles. Users can select their options from the LED panel and let the machine do the rest.

How users benefit – This feature saves the users the trouble of programming their washing cycles.

Models – The top-loading Amazon Basics washing machines offer this feature.


Amazon Basics top-loading washing appliances come equipped with specific sensors to ensure efficient and user-friendly operations.

  • Automatic water level – This sensor decides the water level for a specific wash depending on the cycle selected and the load. Thus, it saves water.
  • Cloth amount – The cloth level sensor senses the quality of the clothes and the dirt level to decide the appropriate washing cycle.
  • Imbalance sensor – The imbalance sensor judges if there is an imbalance in the machine due to an unbalanced load. It enables you to adjust the clothes and restart the device accordingly.

How users benefit – Sensors are convenience features that make it easy for users to operate the washing machine.

Models – The top-end top-loading washing machines offer these features.

Wash programs

The special features on Amazon Basics top-loading washing machines include convenient washing programs.

  • Quick wash – This wash program proves helpful if you have time constraints. It enables you to wash your clothes in double-quick time. However, this facility is generally available for small loads.
  • Waterfall technology – This technology is available in specific Amazon Basics top-loading fully automatic washing machines to ensure a perfect washing experience even when the water pressure is low. The waterfall technology allows detergent and water to penetrate each fiber and provide an efficient washing job.
  • Eco wash – The Eco wash option on Amazon Basics top-loaders enables the machines to save water and power. However, the cycle times can be a bit higher.

How users benefit – Users get a better washing experience.

Models – The top-loader Amazon Basics washing machines offer these facilities.

Magic filter

The magic lint filter traps the lint from your clothes to leave them sparklingly clean without any damage. You can remove the lint filter and clean it periodically to ensure better efficiency.

How users benefit – This feature protects their garments from damage.

Models – Generally, all top-loading washing machines offer a magic lint filter.

Child Lock

The Child Lock feature protects your washing machine from third-party tampering as you can lock the settings. However, you have to unlock the settings when you wish to operate the machine.

How users benefit – This feature protects their machine from damage to the washing and other settings.

Models – All Amazon Basics washing machines have this feature.  

Other features

Other protective features include the Automatic Foot that helps you balance the machine on uneven floors. Besides, these machines feature a rat mesh to prevent rodents from entering the engine and damaging the wires and other fittings. 

Pros and Cons of Amazon Basics Washing Machines

Amazon Basics washing machines have their pluses and minuses that users should know.

The Positives

  • Amazon Basics washing machines are priced comparatively lower than other branded washing machines.
  • These machines have a sleek look and a rust-free body that adds to your convenience.
  • Amazon Basics washing machines offer an exciting range of high-quality features for user convenience and comfort.

The Minuses

  • Amazon Basics washing machines are not available on the offline market. However, you can purchase these machines from the Amazon website alone.
  • Users have often complained of lousy customer service from Amazon concerning its washing machines.
  • Amazon Basics does not have an extensive range of models on offer. However, it offers semi and fully-automatic machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much warranty is available on the Amazon Basics washing machines?

The manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on the product and three years on the motor. In addition, Amazon provides a paperless and hassle-free warranty claim service.

2. Do Amazon Basics washing machines offer inverter motors?

Amazon Basics does not offer inverter technology in its motors. However, the manufacturers provide robust and highly efficient engines.

3. Are Amazon Basics washing machines Indian-made or Chinese?

Generally, Amazon Basics washing machines have a Chinese manufacturer, the Midea Group. However, most of these machines are manufactured/assembled in India by local SMEs.

4. Can the Amazon Basics washing machine work with hard water?

These machines do not have any specific hard water wash program. But, customers can install a water softener attachment before the water inlet that can help soften the hard water considerably.

5. Are there any installation fees for installing the Amazon Basics washing machines?

Users do not incur additional charges for installing the Amazon Basics washing machines.

6. Do Amazon Basics offer an extended warranty?

Users can avail of an extended warranty by paying an additional amount.

7. Do Amazon Basics offer a Direct Drive motor?

It offers a DD motor on its top-end front-loading washing machine.

8. Do Amazon Basics washing machines offer a Wi-Fi facility?

Amazon Basics washing machines do not offer Wi-Fi facilities.

9. Can I use the semi-automatic Amazon Basics washing machine like a dryer alone?

The Amazon Basics semi-automatic washing machine can work as a dryer if you use the spin feature alone.

10. Do Amazon Basics washing machines match the reputed manufacturers like LG, Bosch, etc.?

LG, Bosch, etc., are top-rated machines. But unfortunately, Amazon Basics machines cannot match them in features and technologies.

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