Amazon Basics 1200W Vacuum Cleaner Review

Key takeaways

  • Two Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner models are available – 1200W and 1400W.
  • The pricing is reasonable, especially after the discounts on Amazon.
  • Performance-wise, this Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner is suitable for small and compact Indian homes.
  • Useful accessories are available with this model.
  • This machine has no blower function, but the suction power is decent.
  • Features like a retractable power cord, flexible hose, extension wand, etc., add to its utility value.
Amazon basics 1200 watt vacuum claner

Pros of Amazon Basics 1200W vacuum cleaner

  • The 1200W motor offers powerful suction to clean your rooms within no time.
  • The motor is durable, as you can run the machine continuously for 15 to 20 minutes without getting hot.
  • The washable filter and reusable dust collection bag are excellent features.
  • It is an ideal machine for small homes.
  • The pricing is reasonable.

Cons of Amazon Basics 1200W vacuum cleaner

  • Though dust bags are reusable, you cannot use them more than two or three times. Amazon could have provided some dustbags for free.
  • Emptying the dust bag can release dust back into the room if not done correctly.
  • This machine does not have a blower.
  • Amazon could have provided a control switch in the handle for more convenience.
  • The brush has a small nozzle. It could have been bigger.
  • Frequent dust bag replacement makes it expensive to maintain.

Amazon Basics 1200W Vacuum Cleaner Review

Let us discuss this vacuum cleaner’s features and performance to understand its utility better.


amazon basics vacuum claner reviews

This Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner has a compact design, with a red/black plastic body that makes it light and portable. So, carrying this vacuum cleaner around your house is convenient. It has large wheels, making it easily maneuverable. Besides, the design lets the machine stand on its sides.

It features a power on/off switch and offers facilities to retract the power cord inside the machine when not in use. The machine has one suction outlet to connect with the flexible hose. This vacuum cleaner does not have a blower, which would have made it more convenient.

While the vacuum cleaner is easy to operate, the design could have been tweaked to provide a controlling option on the handle. It would have added to the comfort factor. Since it is a corded vacuum cleaner, its mobility is restricted to a radius equivalent to the cord length. However, that should be fine because your rooms usually have multiple plug points.

The machine includes a 1.5L dustbag for collecting dust and debris. This bag is reusable; you can empty it and fit it into the machine again. Usually, users wait for the bag to get filled with dust before emptying it. However, we recommend you empty the bag when it becomes 3/4th full. Emptying the bag without worrying about spilling dust into the room becomes simpler.

Amazon basics 1200 watt compact vacuum

 This machine has washable HEPA air filters to ensure the dust does not recirculate inside the room. I advise cleaning the filters at least once every six months to prolong the filter’s lifespan.


Unlike handheld vacuum cleaners with 700W or 800W motors, this Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner has a 1200W motor. A model variant with a 1400W motor is also available.

While a 1200W motor consumes more power than a 700W engine, it offers better suction power to expedite the vacuum cleaning. Besides, the 1200W motor does not get hot quickly. You can use the vacuum cleaner continuously for 15 to 20 minutes.

The motor is enclosed in the plastic cabinet and must be connected to the power source to continue functioning. This heavy-duty motor considerably enhances the machine’s suction power to quickly remove dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris.


amazon basics vacuum

A vacuum cleaner’s performance is usually judged by how it cleans different surfaces.

  • Hard floors and tiles – The Amazon Basics 1200W vacuum cleaning machine is ideal for cleaning hard floors, like ceramic tiles, cement flooring, marble, and granite. We have tested the machine’s suction power with dry debris and found this machine powerful. The floor brush sucks the debris with one swipe. However, it is not suited for cleaning wet surfaces.
  • Carpets and upholstery – This machine performs well when cleaning carpets, rugs, mattresses, and upholstery. I found the suction power too strong for carpets, especially the fluffy models. Therefore, using the machine at its minimum speed is advisable when cleaning fluffy carpets. Thus, you prevent the fibers from getting sucked along with the dust. 
  • Car Interiors – The suction power is good enough to clean car interiors and upholstery. However, you must have a nearby power source because the cord is not long enough to provide more flexibility.


The Amazon Basics 1200W vacuum cleaner offers accessories like super absorbent floor brushes for cleaning floors, mattresses, and upholstery surfaces. Besides, it offers a crevice nozzle fettle with a soft brush, allowing you to remove dust from corners, upholstery joints, etc. The machine has an extension tube, allowing you to clean ceilings and fans. The flexible hose pipe can be attached to these accessories to make cleaning more convenient.

Amazon basics 1200 watt vacuum accessories

The floor brush has a floor switch that allows you to change the mode from hard floors to plush rugs. This switch controls the suction power, enabling you to clean fluffy carpets and rugs without affecting the delicate fibers. The crevice nozzle has a small brush attached, enabling you to clean window panes, railings, computer keyboards, etc., comfortably.

Overall, you get accessories like two hard floor brushes, one furniture nozzle, one suction nozzle, and a dusting brush for cleaning tiles, wooden floors, rugs, carpets, sofas, furniture, fabric upholstery, and more.   

The extension pipes are good compared to the poor plastic pipes from Eureka Forbes

Noise levels

We tested this machine with different suctioning powers and found the noise levels reasonable. Some of its competitor machines, like the Agaro Ace, make more noise.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Using a soft cloth to clean the exteriors, the hose pipe, the extension tune, and the accessories are ideal. The dust bag should be cleaned before it becomes full. I advise you to empty the dust bag at least once a month. Similarly, the HEPA filters must be washed at least once every six months.


The Amazon Basics 1200W vacuum cleaner is reasonably priced. Discount offers on Amazon make it an excellent investment for your home.

Amazon basics vacuum cleaner


Amazon Basics 1200W vacuum cleaner has a limited warranty of two years on manufacturing defects. It does not cover any damage caused by improper handling of the machine.

Suction Power
Ease of Use
Amazon Basics 1200W vacuum cleaner is one of the best appliances in its category for your home because of its budget-friendly pricing, quality performance, and ease of maintenance.
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Amazon Basics 1200W vacuum cleaner is one of the best appliances in its category for your home because of its budget-friendly pricing, quality performance, and ease of maintenance.Amazon Basics 1200W Vacuum Cleaner Review