What is an Air wash in a Samsung washing machine?

Nowadays, everyone has suits and woolen sweaters that could require a dry wash to remove the unpleasant odor and microscopic allergens that could accumulate on such clothes. Generally, we give such clothes to the laundry for a dry wash. Samsung Air Wash system offers a similar dry washing cycle in selected washing machines.

Samsung Air Wash – The Technology

Samsung Air Wash is an innovative technology that does not use water or detergent to remove unpleasant odors, harmful bacteria, microbes, and microscopic allergens.

Instead, it uses hot air generated by heat coils provided in the machine. This hot air is blown inside the machine using a fan. The hot air penetrates odor particles to remove them from your clothes without using water or detergents.

Thus, you can dry wash clothes like sweaters, woolen garments, cotton jumpers, and suits that you do not normally wash using the conventional wash cycles. It is the equivalent of the dry cleaning done by laundries. Therefore, you can reduce the frequency of sending your clothes to the laundry for a dry-clean job.

Air Wash Technology – How to use it

The procedure for using air wash technology in Samsung machines is easy.

  • Open the wash drum door and place the clothes inside it and close the door.
  • Switch the Power On button.
  • Select ‘Air Wash’ from the wash selector controls. Generally, you have two options. The deodorization option can take 29 minutes, whereas the sterilization option, 59 minutes.

Once you select these options, you cannot select any other button other than the delay end time between three to 19 hours.

air wash controls
  • Press the Start button. The machine will start its air wash program.

However, you should ensure there is no water in the machine when selecting the air wash option. It will not work if there is water inside the machine. The best way is to drain the water completely and set the air wash program.

Besides, you can add fragrance to your dry-cleaned laundry by adding fragrance sheets when using the Air Wash program.

Samsung washing machine with air wash feature

Air Wash Technology – Points to note

The most critical aspect of Air Wash technology is that it does not work when there is water inside the machine. Besides, you should avoid the following clothes in the Air Wash cycle.

  • Sensitive and delicate clothing like silk, leather, mink, fur, etc
  • Laced garments, glued doll cushions
  • Clothes trimmed with buttons
  • Starchy clothes
  • Hard bedding clothes like wooden pillows, blankets with plastic, electric blankets, bulky bedsheets, latex pillows, and furry blankets and bedsheets
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
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