Water Purifier – 10 After Sales Questions you should ask!

Having a water purifier in your house has become a necessity today. The state of the water resources warrants the use of water purifiers. Now, the RO water purifiers can be expensive.

Hence, it becomes imperative to take care of them so that they serve you for many years. On an average, a well-maintained RO water purifier can last for 10 to 15 years.

Maintenance of the water purifiers is essential. Hence, you should be aware of the aspects like warranty, AMC, and so on that can help enhance the life of your water purifier. Let us now look at the ‘After Sales Questions’ you should invariably ask when you buy water purifiers.

Most of the water purifier manufacturers provide excellent after-sales services. You get warranties on every product. Also, you have facilities like AMC that can be extremely helpful. You should make it a point to ask these following questions when you purchase a water purifier.

Q 1 – Is warranty available on the water purifier?

Yes, every water purifier comes with a warranty. Some of the appliances come with a 1-year warranty for all serviceable parts and an additional 3-year free service period.

There is a difference between a warranty and a free-service period. In a warranty, the company undertakes to replace specific defective parts free of charge.

On the other hand, you do not get this facility in a free-service period. You have to pay for the costs of the replaceable parts. The company would not charge any servicing charges repairing the water purifier.

Q 2 – What constitutes an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?

It is vital to have an AMC in place, especially in case of expensive consumer durables. It ensures that your water purifier remains in good working condition throughout the year.

Usually, the AMC for the water purifiers covers various essential parts such as pump, adaptor, UV lamp, and other mechanical parts. The companies replace these parts free of cost.

Remember that the filters such as the RO membrane and the carbon filters do not come under the AMC. You will have to pay the actual costs of these specific parts.

Q 3 – Are the spare parts for the water purifiers readily available?

You should ensure that you use genuine spare parts for replacement. It is a vital aspect of any after-sales service. You should inquire with the dealer about the easy availability of spare parts.

Every water purifier comes with specific measurements. The ‘O’ rings of a particular brand will differ in size with that of its peers.

Therefore, it becomes critical to insist on the original parts when entrusting the repairs of your water purifier to the technician. The AMC is handy because it guarantees the replacement of defective parts with original ones.

Q 4 – How do you place an after-sales repairs request?

Registering an after-sales request is crucial. Most of the manufacturers have helpline phone numbers that you can contact for help.

These phone numbers are usually open at all times. Also, you can place your requests through email. Some of the water purifier manufacturers have mobile apps. It is the easiest way to contact the manufacturer and put an after-sales service request.

Q 5 – How much do the technicians charge for their visits?

It depends on a lot of factors. Usually, in the AMC period, the technicians do not charge anything for their visits. It is because the AMC includes these charges. However, if your appliance is not under warranty or AMC, you would have to pay the charges for the technician’s visit.

The costs depend on the distance of your house from the location of the service provider. You should inquire about these charges in advance while lodging your service request.

Q 6 – What is the frequency of changing the filters and membranes?

Various factors determine the frequency of changing the filters and membranes. The quality of the water source is one of the principal factors. If the water source has high levels of TDS, it is better to change the filters every 6 to 9 months.

Otherwise, it is advisable to change the filters annually. Usually, the present-generation water purifiers come with a ‘Filter Change’ alarm. It indicates when to change the filter.

The latest water purifiers come with advanced features that shut the machine off in case the filters have outlived their existence. You have to replace the filters and membranes before switching on the appliance.

Q 7 – Can I change the membranes and filters on my own? Will I be able to clean and sanitize the filters?

As long as the water purifier is under the warranty period, you should not attempt to open the appliance and try any cleaning or repairs. You should also not contact any local mechanic to handle the situation.

The right approach is to contact the service centre for help. The manufacturing company ascertains these facts before proceeding with the servicing of the unit. In case you violate the terms of the warranty, it becomes void.

Similarly, you should avoid cleaning and sanitizing the appliance when it is under AMC. You are paying for the services of the AMC provider in advance. It is better to let them handle the issue.

Q 8 – What will happen if I use local spares available from the market?

The present-day water purifiers are like precision instruments. They function effectively only when you have genuine spare parts. Replacing the defective parts with local spares can affect the overall performance of the appliance.

The local spares can be inexpensive. However, they affect the efficiency of the appliance. Therefore, you should always insist on original spare parts and filters to replace the defective ones.

Q 9 – Is there any buy-back facility during the release of an upgraded version of your water purifier?

Usually, there are no buy-back arrangements. However, you do have the option of exchanging your existing water purifier for an upgraded version. You get a discount depending on the condition of the existing water purifying machine.

Q 10 – Are the RO membranes and other electrical parts covered under warranty?

Usually, the warranty covers all electrical parts and filters. It includes the RO membrane as well. However, it is subject to adherence to the terms of the warranty. If you violate the terms of the warranty in any way, it becomes void.

We have seen ten common ‘After Sales Questions’ that you should not forget to ask while purchasing your water purifier.

Follow the terms and conditions of the warranty and ensure to use genuine spares for replacement.  It can enhance the lifespan of your water purifier. After all, you are spending a lot of money on acquiring a high-quality water purifying system. You deserve the best after-sales service. Fortunately, almost all the reputed water purifier manufacturers offer excellent after-sales service.

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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