What is 6 Motion DD in LG Washing Machine?

Different types of clothes require different washing methods. For example, your heavily soiled denim jeans require a heavy wash cycle, whereas your silk dresses require a delicate wash.

Similarly, your teenage sport-loving son’s white clothes need a different wash than your baby’s gentle fabrics. It can be challenging to use different wash cycles for each of these clothes. LG’s 6-Motion DD provides a one-stop solution for this problem.

What is 6-Motion DD technology?

LG’s 6-Motion DD technology works on LG Direct Drive motors where the washing drum connects to the motor directly rather than using pulleys and belts. When it comes equipped with high-quality anti-vibration technology, your washing machine makes the least sound.

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LG’s 6-Motion DD technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions depending on the nature of your clothes and ensures a perfect wash by removing all dirt while protecting your fabrics.

The Tumble, Rolling, and Swing options are for your delicate clothes, whereas the powerful washing modes include Stepping, Filtration, and Scrubbing. All these different modes together constitute 6-Motion DD technology.

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How 6-Motion DD technology works?

The process is fully automatic.

Depending on your clothes and load, you select the appropriate wash cycle.

LG’s 6-Motion DD technology springs into action by moving the drum in different directions while dealing with the clothes accordingly.

Scrub – The scrub mode is for heavy washing where the wash drum moves in alternate directions (clockwise and anti-clockwise) while reversing your clothes up and down to give it a thorough wash.

Stepping – The drum moves in a single clockwise direction in a stuttering mode to throw the clothes upside down for a heavy wash cycle.

Tumble – This mode is ideal for your delicate fabrics where the drum rotates in the anti-clockwise direction while giving your clothes a gentle tumble inside it.

Filtration – It is a heavy-duty washing mode where the drum rotates in a clockwise direction while squeezing out the dirt from the clothes.

Swing – The swinging mode is for your delicate fabrics where the drum rotates alternatively in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to remove the dirt.

Rolling – The rolling mode has the drum rotating in a clockwise direction at a slower speed than filtration to roll the clothes upside down and ensure a thorough wash.

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Different Modes for different clothes

LG’s 6-motion DD technology does not use all six modes in a single wash cycle. The modes change depending on the type of clothes you wash,

  • Regular cotton clothes require five modes except for the Swing mode.
  • The Stain Care wash cycle uses three modes, tumble, filtration, and swing.
  • Clothes that require gentle care use only the swing mode for washing.

Thus, your clothes come out cleaner and last longer.  

Chaithanya Vanjari
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