500W vs 750W vs 1000W Mixer Grinder | What’s the Difference?

The first aspect you notice when purchasing a mixer grinder is its wattage. The wattage determines the power consumption of the unit. So naturally, the higher the wattage, the more is the power consumption.

At the same time, a mixer grinder with a higher wattage comes with a more powerful motor and displays higher rpm speed. All these factors determine the grinding efficiency of your mixer grinder.

Generally, mixer grinders are available in the following three wattage ranges.

  • The entry-level appliances come equipped with a motor of less than 500W.
  • The mid-level mixer-grinders feature a motor in the range of 500W to 750W.
  • The high-end kitchen appliances are available with motors with power 750W or more, even up to 1000W.

We shall compare the 500W vs 750W vs 1000W mixer grinders t help you choose the ideal appliance for your home.

Particulars500W mixer750W mixer1000W mixer
Ideal forSmall families and less intensive grinding jobsPerfect for the average Indian family and its requirementsSuitable for large families and high-end requirements
Revolution SpeedAround 18000 to 20000rpmAround 18500rpm to 20000rpmAround 22000rpm
Noise levels80 to 85db80 to 85db85 to 100db
Number of jarsAverage of threeAverage of three to four jarsGenerally, three to four jars
Speed ControlThree-speed controlsThree-speed controlsThree-speed controls
Good forLiquidizing, wet/dry grinding, and chutney makingSuitable for wet grinding, chutneys, grating, mincing, blending, and dry grindingSuitable for all grinding jobs, juicing, grinding turmeric powder, chopping vegetables, blending, preparing idli, Dosa, Vada batter
Idli Batter grindingNot the ideal one for grinding idli batter, but it can cater to the requirements of small familiesCan prepare idli batter, but can take more time when compared to 1000W mixer grindersSuitable for preparing idli batter as the motors are capable of running for 30 minutes continuously
JuicingNot the ideal applianceUsually comes with centrifugal juicersCome with separate juicing and blending arrangements
PricingAverage Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 depending on the brand modelAverage around Rs 2000 to Rs 4000, depending on the brandAround Rs 5000 to Rs 6500 or even more, depending on the brand
Power ConsumptionLeast of the three categoriesMedium-level power consumptionThe highest power consumption
Motor running timeAround 20 minutes at a stretchBetween 20 to 30 minutesApproximately 30 minutes


The 500W mixer grinder is ideal for small families with low requirements. Such a kitchen appliance is ideal for dry grinding masala powders and preparing chutneys. These machines are not ideal for preparing idli or dosa batter because of their small jar size and less potent motor. However, small families can use the mixer jars to prepare idli batter in small quantities.

Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder

The 750W mixer grinder is the perfect machine for the Indian kitchen. It is helpful for all types of grinding, mincing, chopping, juicing, and blending. In addition, these machines come with larger jars than those available with the 500W mixer grinders.

Thus, you can use them for grinding your idli batter. These mixer grinders are also excellent for grinding spices, turmeric, coconuts, and other hard substances because of their sturdy motor and good revolution speeds.

Philips 750W Mixer Grinder

The 1000W mixers are for high-end use like food processing, preparing idli, Dosa, Vada batter, and other grinding jobs for large Indian families. The powerful motor ensures that the mixer works faster than the 750W or the 500W machines and does a better grinding job. However, the 1000W mixers consume more electricity because you generally use them for intensive grinding jobs.

Bosch 1000W Mixer Grinder

Tips for maintaining your mixer motor lifespan

  • It is advisable to switch off the machine after 20 minutes of continuous operation and give the motor rest for at least half an hour. It allows the motor to cool down sufficiently.
  • One should service the motor at regular intervals and clean the moving parts and the belts to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Just as it is not advisable to overload a mixer grinder, it is not good to use the powerful 1000W machines for your lighter jobs. Your 500W machine can do such jobs better, especially if the quantity is less.
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan, a retired homemaker, holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology From Anna University. She is a culinary and kitchen appliance expert with an impressive 30 years of experience in testing kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Food Processors, Air Fryers, and Ovens, Beyond appliances, she excels in kitchen organization, cleaning, and cooking, delighting family and friends with her culinary skills. At 55, her passion for all things culinary burns bright.


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