What is 3D Wash technology in IFB Washing Machine?

A common complaint with many washing machines is that you experience detergent residue on your clothes after washing and rinsing.

The primary reason is that the detergent does not dissolve completely in the water. Besides, your clothes do not come out completely clean.

IFB addresses this problem by introducing 3D wash technology that uses a unique system with a nozzle to circulate water through a 360-degree angle in the drum. This feature ensures that the detergent dissolves entirely in the water, and there are no traces left on your garments after the wash cycle.

The 3D wash system is similar to the 2D Shower system found in many IFB washing machines where the water enters the drum through specially placed nozzles and circulates the water 360 degrees in the drum. The only difference is that the 3D Wash system has more nozzles whereby the water enters the drum from three angles instead of two.

Benefits of 3D Wash Technology

  • This technology ensures the complete dissolving of detergent in the water, whereby detergent residue does not stick to the clothes.
  • As the detergent dissolves completely, the washing experience is thorough. First, the detergent penetrates the clothes and removes the dirt. Then, the fresh water that keeps flowing into the drum washes off the detergent completely.
  • The clothes come out cleaner and without soap residue to ensure against skin allergies that could crop up with exposure to detergent.
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan, a retired homemaker, holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology From Anna University. She is a culinary and kitchen appliance expert with an impressive 30 years of experience in testing kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Food Processors, Air Fryers, and Ovens, Beyond appliances, she excels in kitchen organization, cleaning, and cooking, delighting family and friends with her culinary skills. At 55, her passion for all things culinary burns bright.


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